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JOHN GOULD 1658 BROADWAY, ROOM 408, PHOtfE CIRCLE 8094-10232 MY NEW CONNECTIONS AEE SETTING A STARTLING PACE! . YESTERDAYS ONLY HORSE: RED PENNANT... 0.30, Won My service consists of one horse a day and absolutely no more, and positively no extra charge whatsoever. Every horse released is published regardless of the outcome. A trial will convince you that you need not look any farther for a square deal and winners. Positively no favorites. Fridays Ilorse. Tuesdays Horse: TUM OX 3.80, "Won DIGITUS 0.00, Won Thursdays Horse: Mondays Horse: CATTAIL APPLEJACK 0.80, 2nd PETER WHIFFLE 9.50, Won Wednesdays Horse: RAGS 0.30, Won On a 0 win bet on my releases this week my clients won over 50. My ads do not appear week after week. 1 want an established clientele of 230 people. All subscribers on my books for the past week will have to pay the same fee of 5 for a winning weeks service. This proposition I am making is for new clients only. READ THIS PROPOSITION yERT CAREFULLY IMPORTANT! 250 CLIENTS WANTED WnO WILL PAY FOR A WEEKS SERVICE 1 am positive I can make you a winner at the end of a weeks service. Give me a chance to prove my capabilities. Unless I produce the goods, I am a big loser, giving you a weeks service for . Unless you arc a man of your word, dont respond to this proposition. If I produce 0 to when the weeks crvice is over, on a flat play on any amount you play, you must remit the balance of 0, which will make you a weekly subscriber. If this proposition is satisfactory to you, then rush your by Western Union, Postal Telegraph or mail to JOHN GOULD, 1668 .Broadway New York City NO MONEY IN ADVANCE I want some honest, reliable men to Tet for me on the information I will have during the balance of the CHICAGO MEETINGS. My information is weU worth betting on and my obligations coma high. So, if you mean business and follow my instructions, I will put you on my list of regular clients who have been playing my one horse wires for years. My business of sending winners is strictly based on my own personal knowledge of every thoroughbred horse that runs. I clock them personally every morning and know, from association, the betting stables the stables that win now and then at good prices and the most important point is, I know the fit and ready horses. A trial is aU I ask. A square deal is all I am looking for and merely ask those taking advantage of this offer to promptly meet their obligations. My record for honesty and fair dealing is known the world over, wherever they are racing. I mako no rash promises. If you mean business and want to connect with a man who enjoys the best of hank references, simply agree to the following terms: Promise to bet for me on my one horse wires, and remit the winnings of a straight bet after the horse wins. REMEMBER You must win before I can gain, so yon can bet yonr last dollar I will send you the real information. All telegrams will bo tent at 10 oclock in -the morning on the day of the race. MY FIRST BIG SPECIAL GOES, RAIN OR SHINE, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 This horse has been working over the Washington Park track in sensational workout time. So, get busy, if you are reliable and mean business. WIRE OH WRITE IM3IEDIATELY! FRED HAYNES 63 WEST RANDOLPH ST. CHICAGO, ILL. YOU can safely bet. The boss has another boss in a real soft spot and is out to win, Monday, 27th, In with light weight, this horse looks like the surest winner of the day and I believe that the price will be better than our last winner, which paid plenty. This is an opportunity to win a good bet,, also to become associated with a man right at the track who can send you winners. The few men who answered my advertisement last Saturday, and those who were honest received five horses from me last week. FRIDAYS HORSE PAID .10 TO ; THURSDAYS HORSE. FROM THE ADJOINING STABLE, PAID .90 TO ; WEDNESDAYS BIG HORSE PAID .80; TUESDAYS WAS A nUMMEU, PAID .90 TO ; AND, LAST. BUT NOT LEAST, MONDAYS HORSE PAID .80. THATS REAL INFORMATION NOT ADVERTISING HOKUM. I can and will produce the original telegrams at any time. I would like to hear from eight or ten more players who will treat a man square, and to those kind of fellows, here is my proposition: I will end you this horse Monday, providing you promise to keep the information among ourselves and faithfully agree to wire me right after we win the winnings of only a five dollar play on this first one and, after you see that I am not a fakir and that I have good priced winners, then increase my play. This is a chance to win hundreds of dollars. If youre a square shooter and on the level, then wire me. Rush, tonight, and send your complete correct street address to WM. C. RICHARDS LINTON APARTMENTS COVINGTON, KY. ftMTURF WEEKLY kI Single Copy 35c 10 Weeks FOB. SALE EVERYWHERE New Issue out FOLLOW SYSTEM HORSES Page six Supreme Flash PREVIOUS THREE WEEKS SYSTEM HORSES: WON 45 PREVIOUS THREE WEEKS SYSTEM nORSES: WON 55.50 ON A 0 FLAT PLAY Supreme system horses are the best money makers yon can possibly obtain. Clients are cleaning up from coast to coast on these live horses. See for yourself; start following these horses immediately and reap the benefit of these weekly winnings. TODAYS 00 3 STAB FREE CODES: XATONIA MAY-21-5-3-8 Connections missed a chunk on this fast colt last outing. Has speed to bum and will surely step down In front today. So rush to your nearest newsstand and get a copy of the Supreme Flash for this sleeper. LAST ISSUES WINNERS: TTTM ON 5.80, Woa CTBIOOER 4.30, Won AGNES CALL .90. Won rtvat. 0.30, Won XTSI O gHOP 1.20, Won and 18 other good priced winners. Clock er" i service two horses a day wired to you. Terms for six days service. Wire money West-era Union or Postal Telegrap. SUPREME TVV. CO. 799 S roadway New York City HARE OPPORTUNITY To gentlemen of integrity and extensive operators a lifetime chance to participate in one of the best betting propositions ever put before you BVON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29M a certain horse should win from flagfall to finish. Here is the race HTSIXTH RACE, CLAIMLNG-g for four-year-olds and upward, which have not won two races at the meeting; ,000 added, of which 70 per cent to the winner; 20 per cent to second, and 10 per cent to third. Weight, 115 lbs.; non-winners since May 27 allowed 4 lbs.; in 1927, 7 lbs. Entered price, 00. One mile and a sixteenth. Send name, address and to guarantee explanation of race and Western Union message on day. Should this particular horse pay less than 3 to 1, you owe me nothing more, but if it pays over that price you will owe roe the winnings of a 0 wager wired me promptly zter you cash. Can anything be fairer? Answer. R. H. STEWART, Fairmount Hotel, Collinsville, 111. YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES Write TODAY for a copy of "How to Pick the Horse That Carries the Cash" It is FREE. It tells you all about the game and explains the New Superior Method of Handicapping, which will show you how to pick winners with surprising regularity. Write for it TODAY. SUPERIOR PUBLISHING CO. 551 Munsey Building Washington, D. C. BALDWIN WINNING METHOD A betting method that wins on strictly flat bet basis. No progressing. Wins whether you bet or ,000. Requires simply enough for 10 bets, never more. Won nearly ,000 this month, ,400 last month, won last five years. Dont hesitate, subscribe now. I-earn what it means to win. Send 0, receive system; balance 0. due 0 monthly. Open Sunday. Monday 10 a. in. to 8 p. m. J. F. BALDWIN, 1303 Lexington Ave. near 88th St., New York City. Phone Lenox 0752. WANTED Twenty-five reliable men who would be interested in unusual information from one stable. This information comes from an unquestionable source, therefore it must be treated with utmost confidence. Address JOSEPH THOMAS 214 53th Street Brooklyn, N. Y, THE BELL ONE HORSE : 5 DAILY Yesterdays Bell Investment: RAN SECOND. As usual, this office has no excuses to offer for the failure of this horse to make good. THE BELL DEALS IN FIRST-HAND INFORMATION ONLY a virtual guarantee of a continuance of the steady profits that hav6 come to our clients from the inception of this service, June 4. This is the reason that The Bell has scores of imitators but no competitors. MONDAYS BELL INVESTMENT offers an excellent medium for profitable speculation. Our representative, personally on the grounds at Latonia, advised us late Saturday by long distance telephone that only a sudden change in track conditions can interfere with". carefully laid plans. The quality of our connections and a liberal expenditure of money are the factors which make such information as this available only to The Bell. Warning! The Bell has no agents or branch offices anywhere. The gen-nine Bell Investments can he obtained only from this office at the standard rate of 5 daily. SUBSCRIPTION 5 By Wire or in Person. City subscribers who cannot call in person should telephone our office and we will arrange free messenger service. THE BELL 10 N. CLARK ST., SUITE 1102 CHICAGO, ILL Phones: Randolph 5228-5229 OFFICE HOUKS 9 A. 31. to 5 P. M. Dally. PARLAY SAM A POPULAR TURFMAN AMONGST TURFMEN PAST 22 TEARS. THE KING OF THEM ALL THATS ALL "BAR NONE." 1140 BROAD WAT SUITE 1406 NEW TORK CITT 5 DAILY TWO HORSE PARLAT 25 WEEKLY Again for the benefit of small players, who cannot pay my daily fee and players who were tied up with other tipsters, I am going to extend my extraordinary special offer one additional week so that all players will baYe the opportunity to subscribe to my service and test the value of my bona fide turf information. EXTRAORDINARY SPECIAL OFFER 0 WEEK OF JUNE 27 -JULY 5, THREE WEEKS SERVICE. TWO-HORSE PARLAT DAILY 0. WIN 00 WEEKLY BY FOLLOWING JIY INSTRUCTIONS ON DAILY WIN PARLAY. I will wire you my information, two horses daily, for three weeks, and give you the opportunity to make an average of 00 weekly or ,500 in three weeks, if you will pay me 00 a weekly, strictly in advance, thereafter. Every small player can pay 00 a week for information after winning plenty of money and being shown the value of my information. The above- offer is only for one week. Take advantage of it immediately. The reason for this ad is to increase my clientele and to show the racing public that there are still racing informants who can produce left in this world and to give the small player a chance to give me a trial. The information released by me is absolutely bona fide and comes from the smartest and shrewdest men in the racing business. Information will be wired the day .before the race or the morning of the race. This should prove to you that I get real information days in advance and dont hare to wait for inferior scratch sheets to come ont in order to wire my clients as my imitators and not my competitors do. Wire me 0, with guarantee to wire me 00 strictly in advance, after the third week is up, by Western Union or Postal, with correct name and address and phone number and I will put you on my telegraph list for three weeks. The above money, which yon send, is to help cover expenses and show good faith and, remember, after showing you a profit of ,500 for three weeks, I expect 00 in advance from all clients for one weeks service. The following is my past record: Saturdays parlay: Thursdays parlay: REJUVENATION .$ 8.80, Won LADY BRAXTED 1.60, Won OLD KID , 4.40, Won SPANISH LAY $ 7.70, Won Fridays parlay: Wednesdays parlay: EXILE 0.20, Won JOHN WILLIAMS 4.00, Won BROWN ROCK 2.80, Won LORETTA BROOKS $ 7.60, Won Saturdays parlay: Tuesdays parlay: MOHAMED JAMAL 1.60, Won SEA DRIFT $ 9.00, Won QUEENSTON $ 6.80, Won PINDAR PEEL $ 5.10, Won Fridays parlay: Mondays parlay: BRIGHT SHAWL 6.00, Won MART HUME. 2.20, Won GREENOCK $ 5.00, Won GREEN BLAZES $ 5.70, Won Do not miss my extraordinary special offer. If in city call at office. Hours 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. If out of town wire your subscription of ten dollars via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Immediate service. No waiting. Beware of imitators. Deal with an established firm. Absolutely no connections with any person or service using these columns. I have no competitors, but have imitators. PARLAY SAM 1140 BR0ADWAT SUITE 1406 TELEPHONE ASHLAND 2038 NEW YORK CITT YOU PAY ONLY FIRST Just to cover the expense of six parlays. Being a long established publishing company, you will find that our method of doing business is very fair. First we want to show you just what we can do by wiring you a two-horse parlay every day. You will receive the wire by 10 a. m. every day for six daya. " t liWTWf HlMHi We have our own employes at all tracks, whom we pay very large salaries, constantly making arrangements with men at the tracks who are in a position to know what is doing. In order for us to get in on these good transactions every day we have to expend a lot of money. Besides we have our own dockers at every track checking up on the information we get to make certain. Provided you are ahead at least 50 on the first six wires we send you by just playing a win parlay each day, telegraph us 0 and we will continue wiring you for another six days and so on. We want you fellows to shoot square with us and telegraph us the 0 when the six day are up. From past experiences we regret to say there are a great many men who will not. After all they are only cutting their own throats by not continuing with us. We have a large following, and if you will live up to bur terms we will be glad to add your name to it. Telegraph and we will wire you six parlays beginning immediately. Officers open to callers. LAST WEEKS HORSES: Saturday: June 22nd: KNOW-ME-GNOME 8 to 1, Won NAT EVENS $ 8.40, Won PASSPORT $ 5.80, Won WATFAIR 3 to 1, Won June 24th: June 21st: COLONEL WINN 7.80, Won RESOURCEFUL 5 to 1, Won TUM ON 3.80, Won WILLIAM T $ 9.49, y0n June 23rd: June 20th: ICE 5 to 1, Won PRINCE RONALD 0.00, Won NARVA 6.80, Won I HOPE SO 8 to 1, Won BRIGHTON PUBLISHING CO., 4 West 15th St., New Tork City. BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 303 KELLYS CODES FOR MONDAY: WASHINGTON PARK Bud-17-17-6-26-19-6 LATONIA Lud-16-15-17-15-28 FAIRMOUNT PARK Bud-22-24-26-22-4-13-9 HAMILTON Bud-1-26-2-26-6 AQUEDUCT Joe-2-15-25-26-6 A new book .with new code published every Thursday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO MASTER CLOCKER TODAYS FREE CODE: Latosia Dnnkirk-Toil-NIche-Xeney-Hasty BOYS HERES YOUR CHANCE to cash in on probable winner at Hamilton, Ont., Wednesday, June 29. Everything has been taken care of and expect it to be the easiest winner of the meeting and pay a good price. Just send your name and address and agree to send me the winnings of bet straight next day after horse wins. W. NEAL 616 Masten St. Buffalo, N. Y. LATONIA Kiag-20-26. WASHUfGTON PARK King-S-28.

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