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mmm jack wilson J_________U_a___Li-_ LB-k_fl_aaMULU Internationally Known as Parlay Kin* 1 ■ saa — TWO HOUSES DAILY— 1928.sh 1142 Broadway, Suite 806, New York CHty MASTER RATINGS, OCCASIONAL, FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Look, Again I Walloped the Layers! YESTERDAYS TRANSACTIONS: A • Ilf 117 III HTCross Play Lost A 03.11 VfP W All HI lRoclcy Cliff.... 7th CD. IjLJiLUlll ft * ft VII ••• SATURDAYS TRANSACTIONS: —* ALTIMETER Lost YESTERDAYS ADV. FREE 0 SPECIAL: PERCENTAGE Lost ■ /hr-* nrk ¥¥T FRIDAYS TRANSACTIONS: lJ-~..»J- L / MM UIam fRISPIE SETH 6.54, Won |£*Tflll Ji I // If fill ROBINA SETH 3 8.76, Won llVlVI It U/|«|__4 IT VII THURSDAYS TRANSACTIONS: — ■ -./. . , - , . . . QUEEN OF SHEBA Lost We begged you in yesterdays advertisement f. to x IlillNI *""* T liUSl nut set this one, as we had the 0. K. Also, the Master Ratings said he should win. WEDNESDAYS TRANSACTIONS: GEO. GROOM S10.36, Won YESTERDAYS MASTER RATINGS SOFT PLAY: FRENCH LANE 813.91, Won *■ C% 11T TUESDAYS TRANSACTIONS: M/hrfc *L IV lA/stt CANBERRA Ran Second , tjHJ. .11 ■ 1 1/ L,J WW If VII. fill LITTLE MONDAYS CYN TRANSACTIONS: Scratched Every day the MASTER RATINGS give winners. JJSwfiStf . .V. . V.V;. . . . . . . Ran"9 Second" nri / TV A J Saturdays transactions: 9 I II 1/1 1/ ROYAL KCBY 814.04, Won 8111*4 ¥ VALENTINO 8 8.40, Won R J_ JmJ£ JL FRIDAYS TRANSACTIONS: CARIN 4.84, Won EIRE ON 1.36, Won A Lightning Fast Colt .p will be sent to the post at Churchill and this one DONT MISS TODAYS TRANS- is AL GERNS FREE 0 SPECIAL. This is a ArTimvr« PYPrfT ton S» SMASHING CHANCE for you, and they told us to mywrnvmu HArui »su-»_. If out of town, wire daily, via Western /" il l/yv«» I * *!■ Union or Postal Telegraph. Please include flfi I TIP V rl V I llTIll correct name, address and phone number. IV UlV I VlJ UI11111 Immediate service. Telegrams sent out on this colt today. For this one and the MASTER immediately. RATINGS, ask your newsdealer for the i M~~aaB_Ba__________B_______________]_i DAILY MASTER CLOCKER -..„ — AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. B J — I I w T ¥, f „ f I-.A , iWBig Bargain Offer-*! Dmy JVeily S Both Occasional and Sheet, sent one week, 0. • _-» , •. . r-4 _. __ Remit to MASTER CLOCKER lOd© _-», jtSOOK INO. 00and 440 S. DEARBORN STREET CHICAGO , ILL. _________________________________________ KELLYS CODES FOR TUESDAY: — — — — — — — — — — AURORA— L-l-41-31-49. I——————— CHURCHILL DOWNS— Y-45-41-31-33. 1 fl I I1T I DA 1_P 1 1 BELMONT— C-49-39-41 -47. AllASil 1/illlVI II A I ill ■ WOODBINE PARK— W-21-12-17-7. **Wl.lll • •• HAMILTON OHIO— N-50-17-45-41. Yesterdays Only Two Horses: MOUNT ROYAL PARK-N-50-52-33-45. _v.k ... SMITHVILLE— N-29-39-10-41. BIG _■■•—— CHIEF 8.14, a-Ar-.** Won HOWARD LEE. .$ 8.44, Won Mondays aurora code horse: COSTS YOU ONLY DAILY _eiia M S3.48, WOIl TODAY PROBABLY 00- MONDAYS HAMILTON CODE HORSE: We tell it to you as strong as we got 1 . 1 J» i f»A 117 it from the big boss to parlay todays AfSlflAr u. /I I VfAII two horses to win and say, boys, it xllUUVl, «|PT.£ V7 iIUll you ever walloped your favorite bookmaker, this will be another day. a new hook with new code published every | • | «» • | Thursday. Price, two dollars. iFIPPl/11 liflllf*P Sold by yo"r doalor °r diroct fr°m freHockey £ec£ Wi,,iam Burke Kelly _ ... . . 25 EAST CONGRESS STREET Positively no extra charge for any- , thing. CHICAGO, ILL. PARLAY PROBABLY 00- ■ Wire your remittances early and re« w * vnm*v« w y ceive a hot wire from us within one Mil/ %4 Crf Wk m W FINAL WORD SERVICE . 200 Hudson Street Now York City i Q /| B B ll § § o.jmn f / f f 1 f* WORLDS GREATEST RACING WEEKLY GREEN SHEET TURF WEEKLY TW0 sceY0™*" U Oi_KVIOtO NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY PRICE, Published every week, sold on all newsstands. CARMACS CODE HORSES TODAYS CODE: Always Winner on a Flat Play. Grape-Cotton-Cot-Sun. 0ne norse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest This "good tiling" is fit and ready to WIN, so Expert, make it your business to get yours. Carmacs Release for Tuesday: Green Sheet Turf Weekly is for the horse player, CHURCHILL DOWNS the same as R. G. DUNS and DRADSTREET is to Two-Course-Spsed. the mercantile world. Go to your nearest newsdealer and get todays For Code Buy Issue of May 19. issue and you will be well advised. This organiza- ion has in its employ, the best men of the turf, GeOTge BtirkeS Phone SpSCidls ~ the men most influential in the racing circles, the ■ shrewdest manipulators of odds, the most skilled Available in Chicago. Cincinnati, New York and wire men and the best handicappers In the country. New Orleans. Salary, fees and commissions are absolutely no See Weekly Racing Guide for Telephone object. Green Sheet Turf Weekly obtains only the Numbers and Code Words best. The Tiiuana Method Weekly RacinS Gnwfc ■ " * «J **«*««- ATAH*vrv* Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly For students and smart players. Easy to operate On Sale at AH Newsstands and is not a weight, consensus, or high index: sys- Price Twenty-Five Cents tem. Price, 5. No propositions. 506 SO. WABASH AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. HARRY DUDLEY ___________ __=_________===_. 377 Jefferson Avenue Brooklyn. N. Y. " Or UK 1 OMeJN SUPREME FLASH FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Am desirous of getting in touch with two or TODAYS FREE CODE: three bettors willing to share cost of consistent, AURORA: Aug. -8-1-24-22. money-making information which I am receiving ii in .■ j.i .mi in. ii i i.ii n i "ii mi i ii i;i . J. Ills UUUSUUl opportunity is seldom offered through the medium of Turf Publications, and only bona fide answers will be considered. Professional or business men answering on their .own stationery will be glvea preference. To those interested I will identify myself fully and satisfactorily and will furnish credentials from principals with whom I am identified. Terms, winnings of a 0 play. J. E. STEVENS 6239 GREENWOOD AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. "The Secret of | rilLC Beating the Races" | Irprr lr.-page booklet of real inside information I by a retired turf speculator. No charge. I Simply mail this ad and 4e postage to fl| DAILY RACING Gtf:DE I HAS THE WINNERS

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