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J I MfKRiTTCli I A. Chester Winley VNfJLI/lI II I If II I *yKL# ONE HORSE— 0 DAILY I "THE PARLAY KING- DAILY TTVfl tTWWT 21 f I YESTERDAYS HORSE: JL CjrtandCAf 1.T % lAji f P V I ilSlt S it, tpHLO, W Oil ! . J MONDAYS WINLEY HORSE: I Everlasting, tbe other horse advised, led into the stretch. * IfffiEflPTI Q IjilOfCC n4ll i 11 W OH I My many followers realize that I am giving: them the kind of information they ! 9 T 9 V«» I want — horses ready and meant to win. Since the beginning of my service, I have | SATURDAYS WINLEY HORSE ■ 1 averaged seventy-five per cent winners. Being personally on the grounds and in ! _ ! touch with those "in the know." you may rest assured that I will continue giving jj _ I a • #tfc f % A S TL j the best kind of information that money 1 an buy. Ji you paid me a hundred dollars wA J 1 VH" f *%± J "£ frsfc/l «/*/ /VM I a. day, instead ,, only five dollars, you could not ?• t better information. I I jK I fl k II Wm tDj_inJ±Vf D W W €Jli 1 — w"-»»»»-w # x * W WAA I SATURDAYS RELEASE: = J T "*7 t SUNSARD $ 4.74, WON ! Fridays winley horse : , LORETTA BROOKS LOST T « CMl I-/ WT racus ™ s.R™: $ 9.66, won Downcast, $ 1 1 .50, Won I EVERLASTING Withdrawn Tne aD0Ve record is ■ further demonstration of the riuality of my information. I am I j personally on the ground at the track keeping in close touch with connections at all times. 1 THURSDAYS RELEASE: I do not entrust this all-important work to subordinates. ROXIE WEIDEL 3.50, WON j |T TODAYS WINLEY HORSE ~M 1 WELL TURNED 5.82, WON | " •■ another from the same source that gave me Fridays winner. In order to introduce the I "Winley Horse to a larger public, I have decided to extend my bargain offer and release — -— .——-—-»—---———---—-— ——i.— — =_ — ____«— _«_ j this horse for * TODAY— LIMIT PARLAY j 17777771 I I * ONLY 0 i: «v *At-n° time !2 my iSfvSPS. WaTS * *£2 e luiPKd to andive »iy c,Lents a Parlay , WORTH MANY TIMES THE PRICE— no question about that— this horse will win, that will and the limit than I | win pay am today. These horses have been prepared barring accidents and a price of at leit I days in advance and should win easily, at splendid odds. , My advice to you today is for you not to overlook this opportunity. | j It is your loss and the bookies gain if you dont get on them. CrJl or wire ?5. . -1 C TQ -y ■■ Then make your bet with confidence and rest easy as to the result. ♦ Wire or call at my office. No waiting. Service rendered immediately! I Is confidently expected. EARLY SUBSCRIPTION IS ADVISED. I ..u _._.__ i . Wire me ?10 at once to be sure of getting this wonderful release. Chicago clients may i JACK BATES I cal] ! Office hoars: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. S A Pf-TFCTFP W/TIViT ¥7W I 123 WEST MADISON STREET, ROOM 1120 CHICAGO, ILL. . JT* V-/JH iflLO J. ill IX. W M.l JLiHl I »-i ■ in ■ — »o-«H«-««.«»«MIMMM_MraM_«K — , — _ .j Room 607, 35 South Dearborn Street Chicago, III. uocKer Leslie oiair KhBfwf Two-Horse Wire Last-Minute Information by Telephone SP*»y625Z" andCyl TiYW * JSs DAILY—AT ALL NEWSSTANDS f / "*2andf f ,f •* V Something New Under the Sun! ThePlnkSheet p-e ."»*■ cent. The Central News Company has obtained the agency for my in- ¥ fmm %1 A T 7T ¥ ¥ A IV formation. I am not offering any night-before picks or cold dope EjlllIK W H./V li W H A I 3 " VAm, ¥ ¥ A **» * V ¥ M-a m M. JLzTLJl-t handicapping. I am on the ground clocking horses every morning, and I do not release anything until I am sure of my ground. FRIDAY AWFfc QATIIRHA V My daily sheet will contain coded entries and phone numbers, to F-IUUA I JlLJ %jJ 1 kJmlJ/ I be called for my two last-minute specials. NO RELEASES ON THE m,,,, f„„„ • , , . . . , . . .- . , The „. followmS lonS shots were P°,nted out m the "Pink Sheet": SHEET. I telephone the Central News Company each day when I have obtained the final O. K. from connections. Then, and not until RHINOCK 6.94, WON then, my two horses are released to clients over the telephone. LITTLE COLONEL " 7 68 WON Ask anybody who has been following my advice with profit dur- ,nY RAi i C17" „trt-. ing the last twenty years whether CLOCKER LESLIE BLAIR knows _. DTV /"3b VN his stuff. Theres only one answer— HE DOES. EARL POOL 7.20, WON CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY ROBINA SETH $ 8.76, WON Exclusive Agents lor Clocker Leslie Blair AVIATOR * C « firt A/i"MVI WU 180 West Washington Street Chicago, III. Harry Bacsetts X Specials, Last Three Days: ___«!_r AVIATOR $ 8.60, WON J. J. DESMOND ™ «»"*«■• ;;.;;;;■;;;.;-;;;:;;;;;;;;;;■;;.;;;;• %* ™Z | ts daily-two houses daily | Saturday, when most of the handicappers were all at sea at you Hasubbedto |l,lttl Churchill Downs, RcgNB picked three winners, as follows: HACING PUBLIC BE"W ARE— IMITATORS I HAVE PLENTY. BUT COMPETITORS NONE RHINOCK 6.94 WON TO THOSE WHO MERELY KBAB MY AD, READ AND WEEP ! I POST HORN C 8 84 WON YESTERDAY S TRANSACTIONS: CI % ...L. IMCADn SUNSARD - -i« W JEAN JUEL LOST **| $ 4.74, WON S CHARLIE BERGIN LOST "VI To get winners you must first get Daily Racing Guide. After that BT TODAY-50-1 PROBABLE WIN PA RLAY— TODAY -B :*o «oL--.t t0 t, K« beat the tu~ /-win i BT REPRESENTATION AT ALL MAJOR TRACKS -*T laCeS 0n Sandle andt and11 "eWSStandS. The two borsrs that you receive are the horses that are advertised — wiu or lose. II you are seeking bona fide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One days trial will * Tl * £ * M convince you. Once a client, always a client. B H *3l "H nVT BPC *l 4T YL B" t"tf S V "■ TI MT*vi jTh. »i:t-of-town -licnt« receive the advertised two horses within nn hour after their money is S B jM. B 1 m/ 9k M. @ B R S Tt S, 3 B E W" received. No waiting for my service. Mmm w «- C»Jl*jr iand, k s$» JL M. M J *""" J W£liVlv/ A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED EVERYBODY . LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK Price 15 Cents Wire ?5 via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses 441 Plymouth Court Chica.O III. Immediately. Service six days a week. «■* J. J. DESMOND. 1123 BROADWAY, SUITE 301, NEW YORK CITY - .._ . ; _ _~ m~ andy ~m John McAulif f e and Co. RECOGNIZED AND RESPECIKD TlItF KINi — _ ~— , « : = SUBSCRIBE! LETS BEAT THE BOOKS TOGETHER! DAILY— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY YESTERDAYS FAMOUS OCCASIONAL: I HONEYFISH .9.92, WON Wl release strictly two uoksks KACll day jo all our ci iems tiiee DARKNF 7 1 IA/OM TW0 1I u:sL;s AI:E advertised in this publication, win or lose, jionesi L/MIMNIMCOO /-I, WUlM LE01T1.MATE TURF INFORMATION. SATURDAYS FREE HORSE, TO CONVINCE SKEPTICS: HIU LIMIT PARLAY GOES TODAY —— — — — — — _— p— _.u— _ _ Two proljable winners wired all out-of-town clients iinmediatil.v. Inder no consideration ,.,.., should you miss tod;ijs bi« iiarlav. a mit a r i o~a c tzr AIMIIA M., 5. o2, WON yesteudays strictly two horses- «. RACUS LOST mr FIRST TIME IN HISTORY ~M CHARLIE BERGIN LOST ?2LT,? l AILY-OCCASIONALS FREE RATI HDAY S STKICTLY TWO ilOKSLS m- This is ._,.«_■ the first m time that I ever daily and famous gave my super -special my occasional for ANITY M. 5 6° AVON SlNSMill -i « l w iv only m. There are so many small players who kjN me to pet them st:,rted that I granted them Jf JOu uant to subsJribe to a legVtimate concern, vllere m n.-ene lioNEST TCKF INK i? W- TODAYS 0- PROBABLE WIN PARLAY ~W g Today— 0- Probable Win Parlav— Today -k GHT BOTH nORSES TODAY AND PARLAY TO WIN AND. GENTLEMEN, YOl SHOULD ,,.,1,,/ DO NOT MISS TIMS RIP pim.ua in m tv.v * GET ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU SITTING ON TOD OF THE WORLD. FOLLOW ME DAILY. Two probably good pric" winners S U,H wl UN, AUL,AY . A ROUND INVESTMENT IS WOKTH MANY YEAKS OF HARD LAI.OK. WIRE YOUR We have ■ J, SS denartment ta h.nil- « ? «f 1 *" "" n , " . "" 8 f ", P V- REMITTANCES AND RE-CEIVE MY TELEGRAM BEFORE NOON. immedfate strvlcc L ?ido ns.dor. TiV Cr,,,,?n" "H"SMV;,y to, "18,:re jnimeuiate strMce. Under no consideration ri should miss i our information. It • .lnu /- »/ • i r». t» -a AtfA m / t ki / you makes no ANDY, 6 VariCK St., Suite 1004, New York, N. Y. difference how small or how big a bettor you may be, you cannot afford to miss our two -torn parlays. - — — ™— «™ SUBSCIURB TO A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. nONEST TURF INFORMATION AN ______________ __________«™___— __________„._ HONEST, TA1R AND SQUARE DEAL IS ASSURED TO ALL OUR CLIENTS EVERYBODY — - — — IS TREATED ALIKE. NO PARTIALITY— NO DISCRIMINATION. BONA FIDE LCU1T1MAT1 "B™ TCHF INFORMATION-NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING. - ,JJjrrr-rjrjrjrj.J.JJ.ri-J.fJJJJrrrr JJ JJJ JJ----JJ----~-~~-*-- -»--— Remit via Western Union or Tostal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERBUY .T EVERY DAY ""jHN McAULIFFE A CO., 200 Broadway, New York City

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