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I offer genuine track information i devoid of camouflage and deception. I never misrepresent. There is never any delay. The horses advertised are given promptly. No excuses or alibis. "I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH" 3 Daily TWOr-HOKSE PARLAY Daily ; SATURDAYS PARLAY RELEASED: FORTUNE 6.40, WON STONE MARTIN ;40,WON The above horses were released to all my clients with the advice to go the absolute limit to win. All clients who were with me for the .past two weeks will vouch for every statement I make in this advertisement. Office open all day Sunday. New clients subscribing Sunday will receive absolutely free a win parlay going Sunday at Agua Caliente, in addition to Mondays advertised parlay. Rush your subscription immediately. MONDAY 50 TO LIMIT WIN PARLAY MONDAY W DO NOT MISS MONDAYS WIN W PARLAY 1 Play horses intelligently. Subscribe and receive real race track information. Out-of-town subscribers, wire your by Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive Mondays advertised parlay by return telegram. Same as advertised. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO COL. C. JAMES WHITE 153 WEST 42ND ST. Suite 612 NEW YORK CITY Office Open 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. WINNING OVER 5 DAILY PLAY FILED EVERY NOON WITH RACING FORM No Charge for New Salary System Rush your name and address for FREE copy of this clever, practical System that really wins. Amazing new angle. All plays to win only; at or away from track. Three to five horses daily; never more than one in same race. Small or large capital. No wires, keys or improvements needed. You get the COMPLETE SALARY SYSTEM by return mail. Start play at once If you wish. With this ideal just-like-a-salary System is mailed a successful race operators advice, "Triple Stop-Loss Caution" Contains sensational advice that should save thousands for. race fans. Avoid pitfalls that defeat 14 out. of 15. Send no money. Both System and Stop-Loss Caution are FREE for limited time. RITEWAY PUBLISHING CO. 433 SOUTH DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. NOTE: Positively not connected, directly or indirectly, with any other concern, magazine or paper. . r K j Phil Blair i - BOOKMAKERS HARD HIT RIGAUD ..... ....4.60, WON SKIDMORE ..... .... .4.20, WON SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: ADSUM ...........20, .60, 2nd COCKRILL . .00, .00, 3rd j Sunday Caliente Parlay Monday New Orleans Parlay BOTH DAYS TRANSACTIONS are being HANDLED BY SMART HORSEMEN. Prices will be 10 OR 12 i TO 1 EACH. Terms Daily CALL IN PERSON or PHONE HARRISON 8528. We will send messenger. OUT-OF-TOWN CLIENTS, wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. 20 W. JACKSON Suite 1414 CHICAGO, ILL. NEW SYSTEM wH 5 PER WEEK net profit on 81 flat bets; Will send it to you for free trial. Pay Jater if satisfied. r CHICAGO SYSTEM EXCHANGE P.O.Box 466, ,-yDcpt. 55 Chicago. IllinoU : Subscribe for Daily Pacing Form1 I i ; T. M. Ferguson RELEASING BONA FIDE, LEGITIMATE TURF INFORMATION Strictly Two Horses a Day Prompt and Courteous Service to All Out-of-Town Subscribers No Waiting Sr DAILY STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY-W8 The two horses you receive are the horses advertised. Everybody receives the same two horses. SATURDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: 6.40, WON FORTUNE . ...... ..: STONE MARTIN. .., $ 7.40.WON WIN OR LOSE, PRICES BIG OR SMALL, MY TWO HORSES ARE ADVERTISED EVERY DAY. Everybody positively re ceives the same two horses the very, same day they subscribe. No waiting. No delay. . EPF-BIG 50 TO 1 WIN PARLAY GOES MONDAYEPF" Subscribe Today Receive These Two Good Things Subscribe! Subscribe! "61 V We have a special department to handle western subscribers exclusively, securing prompt attention. Out-of-town subscriber receive the advertised two horses the very same day their money is received. Subscribe today. Dont wait for tomorrow. The day you miss is the day you lose. SUBSCRIBE FOR MONDAYS BIG PARLAY 0 TO -SPH 1 W DQNT LET STOP YOU FROM WINNING A BIG BET MONDAY Out-of-town clients, remit by Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised parlay within an hour. No waiting, T. M. FERGUSON, 1452 Broadway, New York, N. Y. j NEW WEEKLY OUT 35 CENTS FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS MONDAYS FREE CODES: FAIR GROUNDS: Chicago-Lament-Might-Flow-Might. 20-1 shot. Play win and show. HIALEAH: Utica-Flora-Nexus-Toil-Honor. Will TOWROPE all the way, as easily as Saturdays Free Code: Line of Fire .20, Won So dont fail to get the New Issue of the Weekly Master Clocker. NOTE: Mondays Occasional Comes to us extremely strong and they said: "GO EXTRA STRONG." For this one ask your newsdealer for the Master dockers Occasional FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS WW Big Bargain Offer "91 Both Occasional and Special, sent one week, 0 Remit to MASTER CLOCKER 440 S. DEARBORN STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. My old friends know my famous policy of reaching out among my horsemen friends and digging up those live LONG SHOT babies. I will send you TWO REAL LIVE LONG SHOTS without any obligation, with expectation of obtaining your confidence for your future business. Extraordinary Opportunities do not "BOB UP" every day. Are you going to MISS THIS ONE? ITS YOURS. Just write RIGHT NOW your name and address. VIC BRITTON 6 North Clark St., Room 1005 Chicago, HI. j i Weekly Racing Guide DAILY CODE Two Great Free Information Services Ona Horse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest Expert CARMACS RELEASE FOR MONDAY: HIALEAH Four-16-38. CARMACS SATURDAY RELEASE: LUCKY TOM .80, WON ASA POWELLS RELEASE FOR MONDAY: HIALEAH Two-17-19. ASA POWELLS -SATURDAY RELEASE: OUR GRIEF. .,... Scratched FOR CODE .BUY ISSUE OF JANUARY 30 WEEKLY RACING GUIDE Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly 421 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL : I WE CHALLENGE ANY SYSTEM TO BETTER RESULTS OF "HAINES PRIVATE METHOD OF PLAYING" Capital of S42 at Jefferson wins 400 per cent net profit. Largest investment, 5 made once. Ten-year search for secret of Haines Private System discovers same hidden in attic. It was never before printed. Full details FREE if you write quick. KROY WEN 697 E. 219TH STREET. NEW. .YORK Mondays Kelly Releases: 1 FAIR GROUNDS D-6-13-6-11. FAIR GROUND S F-8-1 7-1 4-9. USE CARD FOR WEEK BEGINNING SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 OFFER EXTENDED INTRODUCTORY OFFEREE KELLY KODE KAEDS will be priced at EACH, and every card will be good for one week. However, as an introduction to new clients and a good will offer to old friends, Billy Kelly will sell Kelly Kode Kards for a limited time for each. Persons wishing to take advantage of offer may send subscription to cover as many weeks in advance as they desire ; and cards will be mailed to them at the price regardless of advance in price in the meantime. Kelly Kode Kards Are Not for Sale by Newsdealers or Agents Mail Orders to WILLIAM BURKE KELLY, , 423 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. The "Pink Sheet" Price, 15 Cents RIGAUD Regren Fair Grounds Tip v.: . . . . . . .4.60, WON SKIDMORE Regren Fair Grounds Tip ...... .-.T.:. r uxk 14.20, WON STARCH Regren Fair Grounds Pay-Off Horse ,aTE 9.00, WON RUSTY Regren Fair Grounds Tip : 4.80, WON FRIDAY WAS ANOTHER GOOD DAY for the Weekly Winner forecasts. Some oi those given at different times were PRINCE FARTHING, 4.40; RIGAUD, 4.60; HONEY GROVE, .20; BEAU ASPLN, .20; MY OWN LAD, .20; WAR SAINT, .60, CLIP. THESE FORECASTS for future reference. MONDAYS FREE CODES: FAIR GROUNDS Jim-22-9-18. HTATYRAH PARK Jim-12-5-18. . TO DECIPHER FREE CODES BUY A TELEGRAPH CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, Dili per Month by First Class Mail per Month by Air Mall 1 -i 145 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N. and MORTY MAHONY ON THE TOTE NEXT ISSUE IS IN OPERATION AT HIALEAH What does the tote mean to the future of American racing? Is it a cumbersome contraption, unmanageable, unreliable, inacurate or is it the reverse? What advantages if any, does it possess over the old style mutuel betting? Is it here to stay? If so why? And how does it aid racing, if at all? Dont miss Morty Mahonys brilliant anal ysis of this intricate machine in next weeks issue of THE NEW YORK PRESS, all stands, everywhere, 15 cents. No man in America is better equipped to impartially analyze the Australian totalizer than Mr. Mahony, under whose, skillful guidance the machine is now being operated at Mr. Wideners reconstructed Hialeah. Will the tote stop the "build up" boys who have been on the rampage all winter long ORDER YOUR COPY IN ADVANCE FROM YOUR NEWSDEALER NOW FREE 100 TO 1 I prove it to you.- Beat the mntuels every day. Mention "Double Keys." Let me show you what I have found. ITS HEW. X. O. WOODS, Sept. 865, TJroana, HI. 1 1 A PROSPERITY SYSTEM that shows the results; 3,040 during 1931 with 0 starting capital. J932 repeating tight back with ?4Q starting capital. Write for proof. RICH WILLIS. I as tan. Kb.

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