Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-02-01

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gSjjjWLstjyr FAIR GROUNDS lst.. MISS CAREFUE 1 -Tl -iiyW. HIALEAII PARK 5th .MABLA Cstl? TTtfTWVW 8f RlKiSi HAVANA 3rd.. . ... 4... . .GURGEEH tfcJ M sf I A 11pJ f" AGUA CALIENTE 6th .MORHEAB3D FAIR GROUNDS For Monday Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for muddy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO : DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Miss Careful Miss Careful Miss Careful Regren Miss Careful Miss Careful Miss Careful 46 1 Regren- Regren Fair Image Miss Careful Marion "E. Marion E. Regren20 t x Marion E. Marion E. Steel Fair Image Regren Regren Marion E. 12 ChuChu Premeditate La Compere Adrian Dizzy Uma Umal8 J O Uma Dizzy TJma Bright Knot Premeditate ChuChu Dizzy 16 Q Dizzy La Compere Adrian Dizzy TJma Adrian Chu Chu 12 1 " Essare Old Bill Strongheart Old Bill Essare Old Bill Old Bill 34 3 Hold Hard Play Bird Old Bill Thomas Seth Old Bill Stop Gap Essare 20 j Master Ogden Sun Thorn Essare Strongheart Herendeen Strongheart Strongheart 12 Chimneysweep Fiddler Fiddler Silverdale Silverdale Chimneysweep Fiddler 28 A Silverdale Chimney Sweep Silverdale Burgoo Fiddler Burgoo Chimney Swp 26. Fiddler Burgoo Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Fiddler Silverdale 24 Colonial Belle Glidelia Plumage Glidelia Colonial Belle Plumage Colonial Belle 24 K Glidelia Plumage Colonial Belle Colonial Belle Glidelia Anne Arundel Glidelia 24 RealPardner Elizabeth Bolla Elizabeth Bolla Elizabeth Bolla Elizabeth Bolla Elizabeth Bolla Plumage 20 QuatreBrasH. Prose a. Poetry QuatreBrasH. Quatre Bras IL Bar Hunter GettinEven Quatre Bras IX 30 g Prince Pest Bar Hunter Blot GettinEven QutreBrasH. Prose and Poetry Prose and Pry 14 Prince Atheling Prince Pest GettinEven Prose and Poetry Prince Atheling Bar Hunter Bar Hunter 12 Claret Claret Bide a Wee Jeanne Wachs Jeanne Wachs Reverberate Jeanne Wachs 24 Bide a Wee Miss Onine Reverberate Sis Esther Claret Jeanne Wachs Claret 22 Jeanne Wachs Sis Esther Jeanne Wachs LadyMarsch Sis Esther Claret Reverberate 12 HIALEAH PARK For Monday Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. , Selections made for fast trackv RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Hamilton Hamilton Please Please Please Please Please 40 Please Please Hamilton " Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton 32 I Haramzada Bobs Play Bobs Play " Bobs Play Bobs Play Bobs Play Bobs Play 10 ! VennieH. Revonah Meany- Meany White Thorn Strait Jacket Meany 26 2 Meany Levaal Strait Jacket Strait Jacket Meany RomeVennie Strait Jacket 18 Gay Attire Meany RomeVennie Revonah Strait Jacket White Thorn Revonah 10 Clean Play Tombereau Tombereau Tombereau Clean Play Tombereau Tombereau42 i 3 Tombereau Cock Robin Clean Play Judge Direnzo Tombereau Clean Play Clean Play 28 I Bozo Clean Play Judge Direnzo Clean Play Judge Direnzo Scarlet Brigade Judge Direnzo 8 . Bacciocco Double Heart Bacciocco Bacciocco Bacciocco Bacciocco Bacciocco44 A Sun Memory Bacciocco Double Heart Double Heart Sun Memory Double Heart Double Heart 2i !. Double Heart Sun Memory General A. Sun Memory Double Heart Sun Memory Sun Memory 16 Mabla Single Star Mabla Mabla Mabla Mabla MablaSO i 5 Mareve Lullaby U. Lullaby U. Single Star Lullaby U. Single Star Single Star 24 1 Single Star Sobieha Single Star Sobieha Single Star Sobieha Lullaby H. 12 ? ; . . . -Ht Sunfire Jack Campbell Islam Gay Bird Islam Jack Campbell Islam 20 y Islam JohnF. JohnF. Sunfire Sunfire Gay Bird Sunfire 18 JohnF. Gay Bird Sunfire Meridian Queen JohnF. JohnF. Jack Campbell lg Ever Faithful DonTasker Fair Billows Fair Billows Fair Billows DonTasker Fair Billows 36 7 Fair Billows Fair Billows DonTasker Lucky Racket DonTasker Fair Billows DonTasker 24 Rubridge Spanfair Spanfair Spanfair Spanfair Deserve Ever Faithful 8 HAVANA For Sunday Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Arrogant Perfect Alibi Jean Roger Arrogant Imperial Air Arrogant 22 1 Baked Alaska Dick Weidel Captain J. S. Captain J.S. Imperial Air Arrogant Imperial Air 14 Captain J. S. Jean Imperial Air Arrogant Marshall Seth Baked Alaska Jean 10 Swarm Dodie Leighton Shasta Charm Ournah Morning Beams Shasta Charm Shasta Charm 2J 2 Ronald Grey Shasta Charm Dodie Leighton Swarm Ronald Grey F.E. Compton Swarm 14 Thunder Nymph Grey Belle Morning Beams Ronald Grey Swarm Morning Beams Dodie Lghton 1 Gurgler Gurgler Gurgler Gurgler Gurgler Little Turtle Gurgler44 3 Inarage Polycron Bob Up Little Turtle Bob Up Bob Up Little Turtle 16 . Bob Up Little Turtle Inarage Bob Up Little Turtle Polycron Bob Up 16 1 Film Infinitus Film Infinitus Film Film Film 36 A 4 Infinitus Fairyman JoanK. . Film Fairyman Solus Infinitus 28 j Fairyman JoanK. Infinitus Nelson Infinitus Infinitus Fairyman 10 Blue Day Merry Windsor Justina Estin , Justina Estin Justina26 O Merry Windsor Justina Blue Day Merry Windsor Merry Windsor Little Gyp Merry Wdsor 22 Justina Estin Merry Windsor Tamerlane Blue Day Justina Estin 18 Hogans Dance Marsala Hogans Dance The Doctor Night Tears Night Tears Night Tears 32 q Night Tears Night Tears Hold On Night Tears Hogans Dance Marsala Hogans Dance 22 Letalone The Doctor Night Tears Marsala Marsala Hogans Dance Marsala 16 Pomfret Evening Sky -Eveline F. Eveline F. Fair Avis Evening Sky Eveline F. 22 Joe Adams Pomfret Silver Canopy Mozart Eveline F. Silver Canopy Evening Sky 20 Evening Sky Joe Adams Evening Sky Silver Canopy Cabama Eveline F. Pomfret 12 AGUA CALIENTE For Sunday Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO HdICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Double Chin Bright Comet Gleaming Star Golden Oriole Released Facsimile Golden Oriole 18 Gene Oliver Golden Oriole Released Bright Comet Gleaming Star Golden Oriole Gleaming Star 14 Released Facsimile Golden Oriole Gene Oliver Southern Beauty Gleaming Star Released 14 HuonJoy HuonJoy HuonJoy HuonJoy Royal Doulton HuonJoy HuonJoy44 2t Swansea Kings Own Muskogee Kings Own Huon Joy Muskogee Muskogee 12 Owlet Muskogee Owlet Muskogee Swansea Kings Own Kings Own 10 0 Voltear Graceland Voltear Graydale Voltear Graceland Voltear36 i O Judge Austin Voltear Graceland Vowed Vngeance Graceland Voltear Graceland 26 SamClemente Vowed Vgeance Chiclero Voltear SanClemente Judge Austin Graydale 10 , ; H SethsHope McGonigle Reveille Boy McGonigle Reveille Boy Good and Hot Reveille Boy 34 4 Reveille Boy Reveille Boy McGonigle Reveille Boy SethsHope McGonigle McGonigle 28 1 McGonigle SethsHope SethsHope SethsHope McGonigle Reveille Boy SethsHope 18 Claude C. Jack Alexander Shift Nihil Nihil Captain Gilbert Captain Gilbt 5 Captain Gilbert Navy Girl Madam Queen Captain Gilbert Captain Gilbert Madam Queen Nihil 18 Jack Alexander Claude C. Jack Alexander Jack Alexander Book Ends Nihil Jack Alexder 1 Morheart Morheart Morheart Morheart By Wire Morheart Morheart 44 j Starference Long Run Lord Algy Starference Choice Caller LordAlgy By Wire 8 Bag Smasher Sister Mary Bag Smasher Bowcroft Morheart Bag Smasher Starference 8 Black Majesty Black Majesty Black Majesty Black Majesty Hot Shot Mild Black Majesty 3 Sharp Thoughts Mild Mild Mild Peggy J. Black Majesty Mild 22 Morshion Morshion Morshion Peggy J. Mild Morshion Hot Shot 8 Gareth Gareth Betfandot Ahpet Wooly Meteor Betfandot Gareth26 O Salona Queen Ann Sun Thrills Gareth Amour Gareth Betfandot 18 $ Asgo Senator Seth Gareth Sun Thrills Betfandot Salona Ahpet 8 Montferrat Front Man Montferrat Montferrat Animator Front Man Montferrat34 9 Front Man Baptiste Front Man Baptiste Montferrat Montferrat Front Man 26 i Cassada Montferrat Cassada Front Man Moane Keala JackEnarc Animator 8

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