Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-03-12

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, . " PAIRAGING- F0RM Best of the Day J7 j ; j j --TStn BBSS- FAIR GROUNDS 4th . CHIMNEY SWEEP. ! gpsj! j TROPICAL PK 4th . .PRINCE TOKALON t, j JKfTll C JpRandV HAVANA 3rd LITTLE TURTLE I AGUA CALIENTE 8th . . . .SONNYS GIKL FAIR GROUNDS Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES j SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Kimbalton Dim Ray Mai San Mutual Friend Trudgeon Dick Porter Mai San 16 Nervator Santa Sophia Santa Sophia Santa Sophia MaiSah Mai San Trudgeon 14 Trudgeon Tommy Trudgeon Sis Esther Santa Sophia Trudgeon Santa Sophia 14 LaFeria Wayfarer LaFeria Make Believe Make Believe Half Day LaFeria28 2 Half Day LaFeria Make Believe LaFeria LaFeria Make Believe Make Believe 24 Wayfarer Uncle Charley Luck Piece Wayfarer Wayfarer Luck Piece Wayfarer 14 Nituma Nituma Nituma Miss Careful Miss Careful Miss Careful Nituma36 3 Justice Logan Miss Careful Miss Careful Nituma Nituma Nituma Miss Careful 32 Modern Ace Boston Waters Justice Logan Justice Logan Justice Logan Justice Logan Justice Logan 12 ChimneySweep Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep Chiney Sweep 54 4 Broad Meadows Dick Morris Abdel... Abdel Abdel Dick-Morris Adsuml2 Abdel Uncommon Gold Dick Moris Broad Meadows Dick Morris Broad Meadows Dick Morris 12 Jimmy Mo ran Bar Hunter Spanish Play Jimmy Moran Jimmy Mo ran Jimmy Moran Jimmy Moran 40 : 5 Spanish Play Spanish Play Jimmy Moran Spanish Play Spanish Play Spanish Play Spanish Play 28 i Prince Atheling Jimmy Moran Prince Atheling Playtime Prince Atheling Bar Hunter Bar Hunter 10 Springsteel Hoops Hoops Hoops Springsteel Springsteel Hoops 38 0 Hoops Battering Ram Renaissance Springsteel Hoops Hoops Springsteel 28 Renaissance Renaissance Crystal Prince Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance 14 Tombereau Reproof Tombereau Burgoo Burgoo Burgoo Burgoo 32 Squeaky Burgoo , Green Wave Tombereau Tombereau Tombereau Tombereau 30 Burgoo Tombereau Squeaky Reproof Squeaky Reproof Reproof 12 Lady Bienville Golf lex FeuFollet Blue Law Lady Bienville Blue Law Feu Follet 22 O Ormontime Feu Follet Blue Law Feu Follet Ormontime Golflex Blue Law 20 FeuFollet Ormontime Golflex Bottled Bourbon FeuFollet FeuFollet Lady Bienville 16 All Columbia Crowned Head Agapanthus Black Fool Princess Crsader Princess Csader Prinss Crsder 20 9 Prince Reno Catalans Idol Pncess Crusader High Storm Prince Reno Crowned Head All Columbia 12 . Black Fool Prince Reno All Columbia Erin Go Bragh All Columbia Prince Reno Crowned Head 12 TROPICAL PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. c RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO . DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Pass in Review Lawyer Lawyer Donny Johnny Medicine Bow Donny Johnny Lawyer 28 Donny Johnny Brooksie Brooksie Lawyer Lawyer Medicine Bow Donny Johnny 24 Lawyer Mortime Pass in Review Bogan Donny Johnny Lawyer Medicine Bow 12 Morden . Morden The Heathen Morden The Heathen Morden Morden42 2 Princeton Princeton Morden Jack Howe Morden The Heathen The Heathen 24 The Heathen Dedicate Dedicate The Heathen Princeton Jack Howe Princeton 10 Meany Ipral Meany Meany Meany Meany Meany 42 3 Modesto Modesto Modesto Ipral Ipral Lady Moon Ipral 18 Swagger Stick Screen Idol Ipral Modesto Modesto Newsreel Modesto 16 Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon Prince Tokalon 50 4 James River My Dandy Full Dress Full Dress Full Dress Full Dress Full Dress 16 BayAngon James River My Dandy Chatford Chatford James River James River 8 General A. Polygamous General A. General A. Jack Collins General A. General A. 44 K Jack Collins General A. Jack Collins Fervid General A. PopGaffney Jack Collins 20 1 Fervid Fervid PopGaffney Jack Collins Southco Jack Collins Polygamous 8 Inferno Lad Vacation Sand Fiddler Sand.Fiddler Sand Fiddler MissChilla Sand Fiddler 26 j Wandering Gold Pretty Penny Crystal Domino Wandering Gold Vacation Marabou Vacation 12 Marabou Sand Fiddler Hazel Gumberts Inferno Lad MissChilla Francock Inferno Lad 10 Sun Shado t. Morocco , Sun Shadow Morocco Sun Shadow War Saint Sun Shadow 24 War Saint WarSaintj Fetish Our Pal War Saint Fetish War Saint 22 Morocco Gold Mint War Saint Druggist Morocco Plutarch Morocco 20 . HAVANA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for heavy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Column Right Column Right Column Right Column Right Espoir Principality Column Right 38 1 Flying Vote Espoir Espoir Espoir Column Right Espoir Espoir 26 Espoir Ezella Hydro Light - Flying Vote Flying Vote Column Right Principality 8 WestysLad WestysLad WestysLad WestysLad Keswick Brown Mole WestysLad36 2 Flying Sixty Barston Brown Mole Keswick WestysLad Keswick Keswick 22 Keswick Keswick Keswick Brown Mole Brown Mole Dolesia Brown Mole 16 Little Turtle Rita Lee Little Turtle Regusted Little Turtle Little Turtle Little Turtle 40 0 Rita Lee Little Turtle Rita Lee Justa Shade Regusted Mueller Rita Lee 20 Justa Shade Thunder Speed Justa Shade Little Turtle Rita Lee RitaLee Regusted 12 Prince Bulbo Darkayress Sam Sweeney Prince Bulbo Prince Bulbo Carloman Prince Bulbo 28 4 Silver Scepter Carloman Darkayress Darkayress Sam Sweeney Prince Bulbo Darkayress 18 Brick Kiln Crossbones Carloman . j Sam Sweeney Silver Scepter Darkayress Sam Sweeney 14 Hypoluxo Hypoluxo Alcove Netie Pebbles Everytime Hypoluxo Hypoluxo 38 5 Preferred Alcove Hypoluxo Film Hypoluxo Black Vim Alcove 14 Netie Pebbles Little Gyp Little Gyp Nelson Preferred Netie Pebbles Netie Pebbles 12. Campeador Campeador Campeador Campeador John Mill John Mill Campeador 40 6 John Mill Thistle Dee Night Tears John Mill Campeador Thistle D ee John Mill 26 Night Tears Silver Canopy John Mill Night Tears Night Tears Campeador Night Tears 10 - Abstain - - June Bride Consummation Rough Rider Consummation Rough Rider Rough Rider 26 " 7 Rough Rider Rough Rider Abstain Cuban Pete Abstain Patangon Consummtion 22 Consummation Abstain Rough Rider Consummation JWottaLife Consummation- Abstain 18 AGUA CALIENTE Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Occurrence Fleeting Firo Fleeting Fire Occurrence DukePohl Star Boat Occurrence 26 " 1 SirArgo Occurrence . Occurrence Fleeting Fire Star Boat DukePohl Fleeting Fire 24 Baby Blue Country Belle Baby Blue Star Boat Baby Blue Occurrence Star Boat 14 Snorky Snorky Snorky Squak Snorky Snorky Snorky44 2 Squak Campdore Sorcery Snorky Campdore Squak Squak 18 Sorcery Squak Elko Campdore Elko Sorcery . Campdore 10 Dealer Tecolote Sparkling Star Altavar Perriehon Fair Bob Spkling Star 14 3 Sparkling Star Friars Choice Perriehon Big Bill Tpson Fair Bob Friars Choice Perriehon 14 Thats It Sparkling Star Friars Choice Friars Choice Judge Murphy Perriehon Fair Bob 12 TontoRock Fort Worth The Dago Bag Smasher Tommie Kirnan Fort Worth Fort Worth 22 4 Bag Smasher Shasta Broom Shasta Broom TontoRock Bag Smasher Wirt Bag Smasher 16 Fort Worth Irfaneh Fort Worth ForfWorth Red Chili . Shasta Broom TontoRock 12 . Pandosto Graydale Pandosto Old Times Royal Yeoman Pandosto Pandpsto30 t 5 Graydale Westys Broom Jeu de Bar Jeu de Bar Madam Queen Mirvin Louise Graydale 14 Westys Broom Pandosto Graceland Chiclero Graydale Graceland Old Times 8 , . . Shasta Monk Claude C. Jotiva. Jotiva Shasta Monk Jotiva Jotiva 26 6 Billy Doran Billy Doran Korax Billy Doran Marengo Billy Doran Shasta Monk 16 Consent Jotiva Claude C. Korax Claude C. Concordia Billy Doran 16 Dominant Star Runanwin Dominant Star Kathryn Dominant Star Dominant Star Doinant Star 36 Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn Dominant Star Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn 30 Runanwin Peenzie Belle Runanwin Runanwin Miss Fountain Runanwin Runanwin 16 Sonnys Girl Sonnys Girl Ruth C. Sonnys Girl Sonnys Girl Sonnys Girl Sonnys Girl 44. Q Galvanic Parisette Sonnys Girl Parisette Galvanic Parisette Parisette 14 I . Leoden Ragtime Parisette Ragtime Ruth C. Patina Ruth C. 10

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