Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-06-10

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Best of the Day WASHINGTON 5th SPANISH PLAY BAINBRIDGE 3rd ... COLORED ARTIST LONG BRANCH 4th . .DUCHS OF YORK AQUEDUCT 4th HA HA ! , " • i I 1 ; i " ; 3 i 1 r " " j j 2 • 1 3 e a i 1 » e . = j j j I I I f I | ! I j I I I j i j I j ! I WASHINGTON PARK Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO * * * * DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Primute Bonnie Cap After Dark Sizzling " Primute After Dark rimute 16 1 Latifolia Sizzling Esseff Plum Orchard Tangalo Latifolia After Dark 16 Ixnay Plum Orchard High Complexion Bonnie Cap Bonnie Cap Bonnie Cap Bonnie Cap 14 2Panchlo Gabbo Panchio Uncle Henry Panchio Panchio Panchio 36 Gabbo Trek Uncle Henry San Presto Uncle Henry Gabbo Uncle Henry 22 Uncle Henry Panchio San Presto Bunch of Lilies Gabbo Uncle Henry Gabbo 20 Sir Melton Tantivy Broad Meadows Tantivy Broad Meadows Tantivy Tantivy 32 Street Singer Surf Board Tantivy Flag Bearer Tantivy Surf Board Brd Meadows 22 Golden Prince Broad Meadows Flag Bearer Golden Prince Flag Bearer Broad Meadows Sir Melton 8 Mintogee Flying Fleet Mintogee Mintogee Mintogee Tiverton Mintogee40 4 Tiverton Mintogee Flying Fleet Tiverton Flying Fleet Mintogee Flying Fleet 20 Flying Fleet Tiverton Merovech Sweet Flag Tiverton Flying Fleet Tiverton 20 ■ _ _ , , — — — — — — _____________ - c Spanish Play Hillsborough Spanish Play Spanish Play Spanish Play Spanish Play Spanish Play 48 O Pittsburgher Spanish Play Prince Atheling Pittsburgher Pittsburgher Hillsborough Hillsborough 16 Prince Atheling Yonkel Pittsburgher Hillsborough Hillsborough Evergold Pittsburgher 14 — Chicon Pretty Penny Elizabeth Fox Wee Drop Wee Drop Wee Drop Wee Drop 34 Q Wee Drop Wee Drop Bay Leaf Princella Chicon Peace Lady Chicon 12 Princella Harum Scarum Harum Scarum Elizabeth Fox Black Jewel Elizabeth Fox Elizabeth Fox 12 _ Zida Zevar Tony Joe Zida Zida Zida Zida40 / Stop Gap Zida Zida Tony Joe El Puma Zevar Zevar 14 Zevar Englewood Big Business Big Business Judge Lueders Judge Lueders Tony Joe 12 BAINBRIDGE Trackman: F. H. SPROULE. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. " ■ - RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO j * * * * OICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS - l * _Kssssaccs_GssE__ss— :=================___= =====___; ============= — i My Beauty Liberty Ace Liberty Ace Busy Ven Knee Glader Liberty Ace Liberty Ace 32 Purple Robe Purple Robe Finir Knee Glader Liberty Ace My Beauty My Beauty 16 Finir My Beauty My Beauty Liberty Ace Purple Robe Purple Robe Knee Glader 12 Ninas Baby Princess Nancy Miss Mary Lou Tom Ward Princess Nancy Princess Nancy Princess Nncy 34 2 Princess Nancy Miss Mary Lou Princess Nancy The King Ninas Baby Monks Fox Ninas Baby 14 Virginia O. Ninas Baby Providence Lass Princess Nancy Esplanade Virginia O. Miss Mary Lou 12 _ Colored Artist Sunvala Colored Artist Colored Artist Modern Miss Colored Artist Colored Artist 38 3 Ada Wan Colored Artist Modern Miss Ada Wan Singleam Modern Miss Modern Miss 18 Spill Modern Miss Singleam Singleam Merry Queen Singleam Singleam 10 — — — — » King Pin Reverberate Reverberate Racketeer Who Win King Pin King Pin 18 4 Orloff Racketeer Prince Farthing Prince Farthing Racketeer Who Win Racketeer 18 Prince Farthing Orloff Orloff Orloff King Pin Racketeer Reverberate 16 Gold Step Perkins Gold Step Gold Step Leros Perkins Gold Step 38 5 Silver Cord Peggy J. Perkins Silver Cord Gold Step Gold Step Perkins 22 Perkins Leros Burgoo Burgoo Silver Cord Silver Cord Silver Cord 12 _______ _______________ __________ 1 - Kuvera Kuvera Dunes Drury Prince Tommy Graphite Kuvera 26 q Zembla Graphite Kuvera Kuvera Drury Drury Drury 18 Graphite Dunes Drury Dunes Dunes Kuvera Dunes 14 Flying Fantom Ed Reese Vacation Vacation Shonna Yarrow Yarrow 20 y Yarrow Nonenicer Yarrow Perfect Play Francock Perfect Play Vacation 18 Francock Perfect Play Francock Yarrow Yarrow Vacation Shonna 10 LONG BRANCH Trackman: R. N. CHARLTON. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. i RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO * * * • DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS - - — ===================== =================== ■ - i ===== ===== a -i Caryldon Blighter Golden Storm Tryon Blighter " Golden Storm Blighter 24 1 Siberia Dizzy Blighter Caryldon Golden Storm Blighter Golden Storm 20 Tryon Tea Gown Tryon Grand Acre Grand Acre Grand Acre Caryldon 14 Skipsea Seemego Seemego Lucy Menifee Seemego Seemego Seemego32 2 Dark War Dark War Dark War Skipsea Skipsea Dark War Skipsea 22 Busy Ike Skipsea Skipsea Dark War Dark War Skipsea Dark War 20 Boscobel Gerard Boscobel Gerard Boscobel Boscobel Boscobel34 3 Gerard Cupboard Gerard The Point The Point Gerard Gerard 32 Common The Point The Point Boscobel Gerard Common The Point 12 Duchess of York Duchess of York Duchess of York Kirkland Post Kirkland Post Duchess of York Duchs of York 40 4 Kirkland Post Marie Gaiety Marie Gaiety Lord Cardigan Marie Gaiety Lindsay Kirkland Post 20 Marie Gaiety Lindsay Lord Cardigan Duchess of York Duchess of York Lord Cardigan Marie Gaiety 14 __ Broadway Lights Spanfair Broadway Lights Broadway Lights Gay Party Broadway Lights Broadway Lits 38 5 Gay Party Happen Happen Spanfair General Lejeune Happen Gay Party 16 General Lejeune Broadway Lights General Lejeune Happen Broadway Lights Gay Party Happen 14 Scot Free Top Hattie Sir Byron Scot Free Sir Byron TopHattie Sir Byron 26 6 Sir Byron Grand Duchess Watergap Upset Lad Watergap Upset Lad Scot Free 16 Watergap Sir Byron Camp Parole Sir Byron Upset Lad Sir Byron Top Hattie 16 _ Popcorn Byproduct Popcorn Strongheart Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn 34 / Cabama Hold On Leave On Leave The Marquise The Marquise Strongheart 12 Strongheart Isostasy Strongheart Popcorn Cabama On Leave On Leave 10 AQUEDUCT Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. "iRACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO * * * * DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Miney Myerson Yankaway Miney Myerson Miney Myerson Balios Balios Miney Myerson 34 1 Balios Miney Myerson Balios Bolilee Bolilee Miney Myerson Balios 26 Yankaway Revonah Yankaway Balios Miney Myerson Yankaway Yankaway 14 Oesel Trieste King of the River Trieste What Have You Kg of the River Oesel 26 2 Trieste Oesel Oesel Oesel King of the River Oesel Trieste 20 Hurry Bye Stellaris What Have You Winnipeg II. Oesel Golden Buck King o. t. River 20 ~~ Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Happy Scot Blind Bowboy Happy Scot 44 3 Blind Bowboy Morsel Morsel Blind Bowboy Blind Bowboy Happy Scot Blind Bowboy 20 Morsel Colossal TheBeasel The Beasel The Beasel Morsel Morsel 12 " " Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha HaHa56 4 Uncanny Commuter Commuter Commuter Blind Bowboy Blind Bowboy Commuter 16 Blind Bowboy Uncanny Condescend Blind Bowboy Commuter Commuter Blind Bowboy 12 Kerry Patch Eisenberg Cattail Cattail Kerry Patch Kerry Patch Kerry Patch 36 ty Eisenberg Kerry Patch Kerry Patch Eisenberg Cattail Cattail Cattail 26 Lucky Chance Cattail Mahomet Kerry Patch Mahomet Eisenberg Eisenberg 18 AINeiman Honey Grove AINeiman AINeiman Al Neiman Al Neiman AlNeiman46 f% Gloria Maris AINeiman Gloria Maris Honey Grove Gloria Maris Gloria Maris Gloris Maris 16 Peacock Alley Peacock Alley Honey Grove Genial Host Peacock Alley Peacock Alley Honey Grove 14 OVAR KNIGHTS SELECTIONS ARE LISTED ON THE LAST PAGE

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