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llYiTERIfiU? T" H 4r I irlpl Acclaimed By Evert Niwspape mtheCoww raw Success, MMU m- mr SULLIVAN ci ii i hiaki Ill m NOWKMTMMM -I V ?and..... mlM An0 BOOKIES dont like it Jl ""J WATCH MY "SMOKE" YESTERDAYS PARLAY: SIS AGNES 2.58, LOST BROWN WISDOM .26, .64, 2ND The foundation of MY SUCCESS is that I advertise LOSERS as well as WINNERS, and IM ON THE GROUNDS ALWAYS AND GET "THE BEST." Thats why my large army of followers are CLEANING UP$. "LOOK," Saturdays Aurora PARLAY Paid 0-: MISS PERFECTION, $ 9.26, WON SUN! DAY, 2.54, WON "MR. PLAYER," DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU fcandV ZEandXM SULLIVANS WSl WA 1 wOyLDNT BE Jwl 7 6ROKE NOWl TOnt LET THIS HAPPEN TO VOU "Remember," PARLAYS PAY MONEYS and only a small capital is needed to play MY PARLAYS every day. . er-"Mit. p;layer," would you give""b B TODAY TO GET 00-82 "Wl W "WIN PARLAY?" If you wouldnt, then DONT READ THIS AD. But if you want to make some REAL MONEY today, then DONT MISS MY PARLAY TODAY "NUFF SED." EW TERMS, S3 A DAY "W SW CHICAGO PLAYERS - STOP! LOOK! READ! -m Come to my office and I will show YOU PROOF that I HAVE THE "GOODS." IF YOU CANT COME, PHONE ME - RANDOLPH 9196-9195 and I will send you my PARLAY with messenger. NO EXTRA CHARGE for messenger service. OUT-OF-TOWN players, telegraph and you will get my parlay by fast wire. "Mysterious" SULLIVAN 127 N. DEARBORN ST., RM. 1327 CHICAGO, ILL. For Years a "Menace" to the "Bookies" -Ask Any "Old Timer" Hell Tell You 1 Just Read Em and Weep! ir WE DID IT AGAIN -W MONDAYS LINCOLN FIELDS PARLAY: WAYLAYER 4.84, WON LITTLE AMERICA .52, WON DID YOU GET SATURDAYS PARLAY? EASY, .08, WON MAD CAREER, .94, WON Mad Career was backed from 8 to 1 to 8 to 5 AND HOW DID YOU LIKE FRIDAYS PARLAY? COME ON, .48, WON STROLL ALONG, .06, WON Three Win Parlays in a Row! BUT THIS DOES NOT SURPRISE MY FOLLOWERS, THEYVE BEEN USED TO WINNERS, AND PLENTY OF THEM. LET ME DO THE SAME FOR YOU. W TUESDAY -WB SW ANOTHER "CLEANUP" Im going to make it four straight win parlays. So dont let S3 stop you. It will prove the best money you ever invested. DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS DAILY TERMS CHICAGO CLIENTS, Call in Person or W TELEPHONE Wm FRANKLIN 0596 "W for messenger service no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Service sent by fast telegram. JACK FIELD 35 South Dearborn, Room 708, Chicago, III. CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH THE "PINK SHEET" PRICE, 15 CENTS TUESDAYS FREE CODE HORSES: LINCOLN FIELDS Lou-21-5-25. BELMONT PARK Chas.-18-24-19. To Decipher Free Codes Buy a Telegraph CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 14 per Mont!i by First Class Mail per Month by Air Mail IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! PAXONS INTRODUCTORY OFFER EXTENDED ONE MORE WEEK TODAYS TWO HORSES: LINCOLN FIELDS Dorothy-9-2-20-15. LINCOLN FIELDS Florence-3-9-17-7. MAIL FIFTY CENTS TODAY TO RAY PAXON 220 Esf4 Tbitd St. Suite 401 Cincinnati Ohio TWENTY-SIX YEARS OF ACTUAL TURF EXPERIENCE "DARKY" BOB WILLIAMS "ACCLAIMED" THE GREATEST TURF ADVISER BY ALL 11th Hour Parlays Sold Direct from the Office Only Terms, Daily, Payable Strictly in Advance FOR LEGITIMATE WIN PARLAYS THAT YOU RECEIVE DAILY WITHOUT DELAY YOU MUST TURN TO ME YESTERDAYS 11TII HOUR PARLAY: KENSINGTON, .82, .88, 2ND TIMOROUS, .52, WON IF YOUR BOOKMAKER OWES YOU ANYTHING, "GET EVEN" Discard your dope books and use my K-N-O-W-L-E-D-GE NOW. You must admit that I know when horses are ready to win. I have been affiliated with the turf for the past 26 years and know practically every owner, trainer and jockey racing horses on the American continent. My innermost relationship with these horsemen puts me in a position to serve you to the utmost degree of S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N. IF YOU WERE NOT WITH ME IN THE PAST IT IS TIME THAT YOU GOT ACQUAINTED AND YOU, TOO, WILL BE TRAVELING ON THE WINNING ROAD TO 14571SUCCESS14571 DO YOU KNOW YOU "CANNOT WIN" doping them out or guessing at them? Horses dont run that way. You must get the right information, and I am the man who deals in bona fide, inside information only. Now, if you are wise you would not hesitate to follow my 11th Hour Parlays, because they show a $ profit $. This is without a doubt the most sensational information ever offered to the racing public. Subscribe today and let me convince you 1 Dont hesitate I Do it now, as time lost means money lost ! ,000 FOR 0 ON TODAYS 11TH HOUR PARLAY TWO CINCHES TODAY AT LIMIT ODDS Thats just what all BOB WILLIAMS followers should get today. Two real speed marvels that are sent to me by my connectons, who have a world of confidence in each one. These two horses are well educated and respond to the word of their trainers. Today is the day that both trainers are leveling. Sorry I cannot say any more in the public press about these two horses. Just make it your business to get todays 11th Hour Parlay and wager the limit to win only, and you have my word to collect the above amount. TERMS FOR TODAYS 11TH HOUR PARLAY, , IN ADVANCE, and no other proposition accepted. Upon receipt of your subscription I will wire you my parlay. My information starts at once. No waiting. All out-of-town clients, wire your subscriptions by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. City clients, call in person. Make all communications to BOB WILLIAMS, 123 West Madison St., Chicago, III. Suite 600 T. RILEY, President J. CANNON, Secretary T. McPHERSON, Treasurer ; General Turf Agency k Authorized Turf Commissioners, Established 1918 The racing game cannot be beaten by guesswork. You must have legitimate information. Stop being fooled. Protect your money. Dont be misled. We are affiliated with a number of horsemen who are furnishing us with the most sensational turf information ever released to the public. Our terms are within the reach of the smallest as well as biggest player. DAILY STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY PSS Everybody positively receives the same two horses no exceptions. You receive exactly what you pay for when you subscribe to this office. YESTERDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Monks Dude, 2.50, Won Waylayer, 4.84, Won r- TWO BIG WINNERS TODAY SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! iWT DO NOT FAIL TO GET TUESDAYS TWO BIG WINNERS AT LINCOLN FIELDS 19 We want all subscribers to this parlay to play each horse separately to win and also to make a win parlay. Dont let these two good priced winners get way from you. Our connections at Lincoln Fields are without equal. We honestly expect to break all records for releasing winners at this track. Dont wait for results to be published. Subscribe today and receive two big winners. Remit three dollars immediately for todays two" advertised horses. The minute your three dollars is received a telegram is on its way with the advertised horses. Our office open every day from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. GENERAL TURF AGENCY 145 WEST 41ST STREET, SUITE 509 NEW YORK, N. Y. Weekly Racing Guide DAILY CODE Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly Two Great Free Information Services One Horse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest Experts CARMACS RELEASE FOR TUESDAY: LINCOLN FIELDS Six-40-30. ASA POWELLS RELEASE FOR TUESDAY: LINCOLN FIELDS Four-51-42. FOR CODE BUY ISSUE OF SEPTEMBER 3 WEEKLY RACING GUIDE 421 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. IV IV TV DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR TUESDAY: AURORA B-22-9-9-12. LINCOLN FIELDS X-16-17-24-13. WM. BURKE KELLY 423 Plymouth Court, Chicago. III. MEW WONDER SYSTEM II WINS ON FLAT BET Should average 50 per week net profit on flat bets. Will send this new system to you for free trial. Pay later if satisfied. THE SECOR PUBLISHING CO. AURORA, ILLINOIS CLOCKERS REVIEW 35 Cents a Copy Sold at All Newsstands Todays Free Code: LINC Blue-17-15-40-49. Todays Brady Special: LINC Pod-8-13. For Col. Matt Bradys Specials, see page 11, Clockers Review. CLOCKERS REVIEW PUBLISHING CO. 1674 Broadway Suite 914 New York City SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY 35 CENTS ON ALL NEWSSTANDS 35 CENTS Todays Free Code: LINC June-13-19-18-10. TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: LINC. Troy-1-2. AURORA York-25-22. THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TURF BULLETIN AND SPORTS RECORD Prlco, 35c On Salo Everywhere Price 35o TODAYS TUESDAYS FREE CODE: LINCOLN FIELDS April-Newark-Chicago-Albany. "Americas Premier Turf Ace" JtUfS JOCKEY fill PARTINGTON fKct m.nf"S?s $ 118 WEST 44th ST. Vp;lJies J NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. BELOW ARE A FEW OF THE MANY WINNERS I HAVE RIDDEN: FEU DE J0IE, S197.60. Won; ROCK SUGAR, 40.40, Won; MANDY, S89.00, Won; DANDYBRUSH, S60.60, Won; SYMPATHY, S62.20, Won; CERES. S28.90, Won; JEAN CREST, 1.20, Wont MERULINA, S45.30, Won YESTERDAYS PARLAY: WAYLAYER, 4.84, WON GARRICK, 4.32, WON STRICTLY THE ONLY TWO HORSES RELEASED YESTERDAY TWO SMART THINGS GO TODAY. BOTH HORSES ARE READY AND THEIR CONNECTIONS ARE DOWN FOR A HATFUL. Parlay them with a plunge. I know that these people dont send their checks in unless they have at least 95 per cent the best of it. I cant guarantee that both horses will win, but I can assure you both that they will be trying, because both will be backed by the hard cash to win only. The odds should be 15 to 1 and 6 to 1. I play every horse I send out I never made a promise that I didnt make good ask your racing associates about my ridins record. Do you need further proof of my reliability? Ill prove to the most skeptical that I never misrepresent or resort to subterfuce. If you want to get in on the ground floor if you want real inside information if you want to join hands with a reliable turf connection dont hesitate. RUSH YOUR ORDER TODAY. TERMS- A DAY JUDGE THE FUTURE BY THE PAST. My record is an open book investigate it. My office Is open every day between 10 and 4. Come in with mo today and convince yourself. Send your subscription by Western Union" or Postal Telegraph to JOCKEY PARTINGTON, 118 W. 44th Street, New York, N. Y. Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. WON AT ODDS OF 11 TO 1 Above Was tho Besult of the One and Only Horse Advised Monday Exceptional transaction Tuesday. Same connections have promised another long odds winner. We are advised once again to ignore past performance. Expense means nothing. Results must be assured. SUBSCRIPTION, 00, IN ADVANCE, BY TELEGRAPH OR IN PERSON TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428, 5-2422, 5-2415, 5-6760, 5-0995 SDo You Want "Winning Info" Direct fromthe Scene of Action? 7 Am onTheT W Grounds FREE TODAY JUST TO BE CONVINCED FREE "W Is Get aboard my release today with the utmost confidence and rest easy. BLESSED EVENT, 5tH Belmont I I ajn placing you in with the "inside man" of tho smartest turf operators on the grounds. After j you arc convinced by the above result wire for one day. ROY EDWARDS, Jamaica, Long Island.

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