Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1933-07-27

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KeSAING- Best the y F0BM J iky SSltegMC; .ADVISING ANNA UHf ARLINGTON PK 5th 1 k Jy-XKfe? WWh. LATONIA 2nd.. LEGALITY rjTpT "ITTTfVKJQI "Til KENILWORTK-PARK 1st . .PASS SHjQX . wl-rfjLl-A 1 1 VfXM V3 EMPIRE CITY tb....?.. CHIPS ARLINGTON PARK Trackman: L. G. PLATJT. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO j j DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST X I- CONSENSUS Lamporte Lamporte Fighting Bob Lamporte Lamporte Lamporte 44 ILamporte Even Play Fighting Bob Even Play Lamporte Fighting Bob Even Play Fighting Bob 16 Long Bit Even Play Long Bit Legal Gamble Long Bit Stimulaw Even Play 14 Cotton Club Cotton Club Her Gold Cotton Club Drole Polly Cotton Club Cotton Club 38 2 Her Gold Grey Sash Grey Sash Her Gold Cotton Club Grey Sash Her Gold 18 Fairside Her Gold Cotton Club Peedeeque Grey Sash Drole Polly Grey Sash 14 Lerack Lerack Brave and Bold Votan Votan Lerack32 3Votan Lerack Brave and Bold Brave and Bold Lerack Lerack Lerack Votan 28 Brave and Bold Ladykin Ladykin Votan Brave and Bold Brave and Bold Bve and Bold 22 Eskimo Eskimo Eskimo Prose and Poetry Speedy Charlie Eskimo 34 4Printemps Prose and Poetry Very Well Speedy Charlie Speedy Charlie Eskimo Eskimo - Speedy Chrlie 20 John Mill Speedy Charlie Uforme Very Well Speedy Charlie Uforme Pr. a. Poetry 12 " Advising Anna Advising Anna Advising Anna Advising Anna Advising Anna Advising Anna Advisg Anna 54 5 Rush Hour Boilermaker Boilermaker Rush Hour Rush Hour Rush Hour Rush Hour 20 Boilermaker Rush Hour Rush Hour Boilermaker Boilermaker Boilermaker Boilermaker 16 Fingal Warren Jr. Fingal Fingal Fingal Fingal44 6Fingal Warren Jr. Dusky Devil Fingal French Knight Hernando Hernando Hernando 14 Hernando French Knight Hernando Hernando Dusky Devil Dusky Devil Warren Jr. 12 Mad Career Twisted Threads Mad Career Twisted Threads White Legs White Legs Mad Career 28 7 White Legs King Pin Twisted Threads King Pin Mad Career Mad Career Tw Threads 26 Twisted Threads Mad Career White Legs Mad Career Twisted Threads Twisted Threads White Legs 22 Ed Lark Ed Lark Dark Mist Good and Hot Brains Brains Ed Lark 30 8 Representative Peace Lady Ed Lark Dark Mist EdXark Ed Lark Brains.16 Jackknife Representative Good and Hot Ed Lark Representative Peace Lady Dark Mistl4 LATONIA Trackman: P. McCANN. . Ontstandlng selections appear in bold type. Weather cloudy; track muddy. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Weidel Auf Wiedersehn Roxie Weidel Lady Ebony Baggage Miss Baggage Miss Baggage Miss 26 IRoxie Jodie K. EaggageMiss Baggage Miss Roxie Weidel Lady Ebony Auf Wiedersehn Roxie Weidel 24 Baggage Miss Lady Ebony Lady Ebony Auf Weidersehn Roxie Weidel Roxie Weidel Lady Ebony 16 HtJ ?f Legality Legality Legality Legality Legality 52 2f Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady 24 Miss Overbrook Golden Ray Gracious Lady Miss Overbrook Hickory Lad Golden Ray Miss Overbrook 4 Contraband Princess Queen Contraband Princess Queen Contraband Contraband Contraband 36 3 Blithe Broad Bill Broad Bill Moppet Broad Bill Princess Queen Princess Qn 24 Princess Queen Contraband Pompatic Guidess Princess Queen Broad Bill Broad Bill 14 Legionary Legionary Legionary Busy Jay Secret Tryst Legionary Legionary 34 4 Secret Tryst luAsyJay Busy Jay Gilbert Elston Gilbert Elston Secret Tryst Secret Tryst 18 Gilbert Elston Bittybit Bittybit Secret Tryst Legionary Gilbert Elston Busy Jay 16 Nell Kuhlman Ellice Otherwise Pat C. Otherwise Ellice Otherwise 24 5 Sky Haven Otherwise Running Water Billy Jones Ellice Otherwise Ellice 22 Half Day PatC. Pat C. Ellice Running Water Nell Kuhlman Pat C. 12 Catherine Fox Catherine Fox Oh Dave General Cmpbell Panther Rock Catherine Fox Catherine Fox 26 6 Sambo Brown Pangloss Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice Oh Dave Panther Rock Oh Dave 16 Panther Rock Oh Dave Catherine Fox Panther Rock General Cmpbell Genral Campbell Panther Rock 16 7 Syil?SJ?adet Sister Electa Flying Cadet Judge Judy Flying Cadet Flying Cadet Flying Cadet 34 BjackNose abee 2udgJuy Star Brook Flag Wave Sister Electa Judge Judy 16 Flag Wave Flag Wave Star Brook Flag Wave Judge Judy Judge Judy Sister Electa 14 Stop Gap Double Shuffle Double Shuffle Sada 0 Double Shuffle Double Shuffle Double Shuffle 38 A Sada Sada Stop Gap Double Shuffle Sada Ston Gan StonGfmlR Double Shuffle George Webre Sada Stop Gap Darkest Hour Sada Safe 14 KENILWORTH PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track slow. 1 RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO j DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Shot Pass Shot Pass Shot Beau Kilrane Pass Shot Beau Kilrane Pass Shot 38 IPass Beau Kilrane Svelte Peace Treaty Svelte Kieva Pass Shot Beau Kilrane 24 Kieva Beau Kilrane Bungle Bungle Svelte Kieva Svelte 10 Cotton Time Uppity Princeton Cotton Time Uppity Cotton Time Cotton Time 24 2 Princeton Screech Charlie Uppity Highest Point Heart Break Umritv20 Toy Town Blighter Polyp Charlie Toy Town Charlie Prmceton l2 Vacillate Vacillate Protractor Hell Diver Protractor Vacillate Vacillate 34 Hell Diver Hokuao Vacillate Protractor 3 Vacillate Hell Diver Protractor 24 Protractor Georgia Lily Hokuao Georgia Lily Hell Diver Protractor Hell Diver 18 Song Hit Song Hit Higher Guardrail Higher Song Hit Sontr Hit 4 Guardrail Higher Song Hit Song Hit Song Hit Guardrail Higher 20 Tractable Wise Anne Wise Anne Menifee Lady Golden Fate Lady Menifee Guardrail 16 Help Yourself Battle Plane Easter Hatter Help Yourself Battle Plane Help Yourself Hpln YnnrPif r 5 BattlePlane Easter Hatter Help Yourself Battle Plane Help Yourself Battle Plane Battle Flint 28 Spey Crest Help Yourself Syndic Spey Crest Spey Crest Spey Crest Easter Hatterl2 At Sunrise Fair Dawn Gay Parisian Fair Dawn At Sunrise Gay Parisian Gav Parisian 28 6 Gay Parisian Faux Pas At Sunrise Faux Pas Faux Pas At Sunrise At Sunrise 24 Faux Pas Gay Parisian Glee Club Gay Parisian Gay Parisian Faux Pas Fair Dawn 16 Pan Pan Lindsay Lommern Pan Make Believe Fan 22 7 Make Believe Proud Hills Pan Pacheco Make Believe Pan Make BpUpvp 1R Homelike The Tout Pacheco Lindsay Lindsay Pacheco Lindsaylj EMPIRE CITY Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Ontstandlng selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track slow. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Goofus Goof us Moiras Chief Chipmunk Prince Star Chipmunk Goofus 24 World Traveller Chipmunk Goofus Goofus World Traveller AgaRay Chimrmnk 19 AgaRay World Traveller World Traveller -World Traveller AgaRay Hoursend World Travelr 12 St. Omer Axentea St. Omer Malimpu Little Lad St Omer 26 2Malimou Blarney Castle Malimou Blarney Castle Little Lad St. Omer St. Omer Malimou 22 StOmer Little Lad Malimou Axentea , Axentea Blarney Castle Little Lad 14 Big Dipper Biddy Gal Canana Nancy C. Canana Canana 36 3Canana Biddy Gal Canana Canana Big Dipper Canana Walda Biddy Gal 16 Nancy C. Biddy Gal Nancy C. Biddy Gal Infilee Hogans Folly Big Dipper 12 Rapscallion Rapscallion Rapscallion Timely Rapscallion Seb - Rapscallion 38 4 Bel Tempo Timely Seb Bel Tempo Seb Wedding Ring Seb 20 Wedding Ring Wedding Ring Bel Tempo Seb Wedding Ring Bel Tempo Timely 12 Chips Chips Chips Coming Back Chips Chips Chips 44 5 Lady Tabasco Coming Back Tody West Tody West Tody West Lady Tabasco Tody West 14 ScaraGlen Lady Tabasco Bungalow Chips Lady Tabasco Tody West Coming Back 12 BunD. Negopoli BunD. Negopoli True Sweep Negopoli 30 6Negopoli BunD. Lacquer True Sweep Negopoli Enchanter BunD. BunD. 24 True Sweep Negopoli Enchanter Lacquer True Sweep Moon Blink True Sweep 16

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