Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-13

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Abashed 5th Bel Aboyne 7th Bel Admiral Jim 2d Bel Ahamo 6th Bel Air Beauty 3d CD Albatross 4th Bel Alimony Kid 1st Suf Alley 7th Spt Anna Ballot 4th Spt Annanbob 4th Spt Antena 1st CD Apprehend 3d Suf Ardenell 6th Suf Ask Aunt Ada 5th Suf At Play 2d Bel Athens Maid 1st Spt Auld Lang Syne 8th Spt Autocrat 5th Bel Bagnell 4th Spt Bally Boy 6th Bel Baltimore Lass 1st Bel Bardia 4th Bel Barney H 4th Spt Barneys Gal 8th Spt Be Calm 6th CJD Bebeja 5th CJD Ben Gray 2d Bel Beth B 3d CJD Big Bubble 5th Spt Black Mark 1st Spt Black Thrush 8th Bel Black Time 8th Spt Blazing Heat 2d Bel Blue Booties 5th Suf Blue Garter 2d Spt Blue Lily 5th Suf Blue Sash 1st Bel Blue Stride 4th Bel Blue Velvet 4th CD Bluestring 6th Suf Bosley 2d Bel Bottle Top 8th CD Bright Gallant 6th Bel Bright Play 3d Spt Brown Dancer 3d Suf Buckle Down 7th Suf Burning Sands 6th CD Cacodemon 1st Suf Call to Colors 8th CJD Camille 8th Bel Camps First 6th CJD Captain Joe 4th Spt Catomar 8th Suf Centuple 2d Suf Chance Cross 4th Suf Chick Jackson 7th CD City Talk 7th Bel Claro 6th Suf Clean Swept 2d Spt Codoll 2d Spt Colite 1st CD Colleen M 4th Suf Colors Up 3d CJD Connecticut 2d CJD Copper Heels 1st Spt Cory don 6th Bel Count Cotton 3d Suf Creamy 1st Bel Creepy Mouse 1st Suf Crucibenna 7th Spt Cyclorama 6th CD Danny Deever 3d Bel Dans Choice 2d CJD Dauntless Gal 1st Bel Des Grieux 8th Spt Designator 4th Bel Dizzy B 8th Suf Dodge Me 3d Spt Doggone 1st Bel Door Yock 1st Bel Dora May 3d Spt Double Value 8th CD Dr Bones 8th Spt Dr Jim 6th CJD Dr Johnson 8th Bel Due Sport 5th Spt Dusty 6th CD CDE CDEarly E Early Delivery 2d Bel Easy Blend 5th Suf Easy Chair 2d Bel Ebony Edge 6th Spt El Osuna 1st CJD Eleventh Hour 8th Spt Enterprising 8th CD Epiget 5th Spt Epindel 3d Bel Eternal Peace 4th Bel Extend 8th CJD Fair Sand 4th CD Ferdinand 2d Spt Fiddlers Bit 3d CD Fire Engine 6th Spt Firing Pin 6th Suf Fisherville 7th CD Flagscot 2d Bel Flat Lance 3d Bel Float Away 5th Spt Flying Ned 4th Suf Foxhole 4th CJD Foxport 1st CJD Frances W 4th Spt Free Money 1st CJD Freelands Lad 4th Bel Full Cry 4th Bel Future Winning 2d Spt SptG SptGay G Gay Elf 2d Spfc Gayle F 2d Spt Girl Ruler 1st Bel Glennport 7th CJD Gold Mike 5th CJD Good Company 2d Bel Grand Appeal 1st Spt Grand Gay 2d Suf Gray Ethel 5th Spt Gummed Up 1st Spt SptH SptHappy H Happy Lark 4th Bel Hasty Heels 4th CD Hasty Kiss 2d CJD Hazel Lee 1st Spt Hazelgreen 3d CJD Hearts Entwine 2H Suf Helen Agnes 1st Spt Her Boy 8th Bel Hettie 3d CJD Hicks 4th pt High Legend 1st Bel High Plaid 8th Suf Highformation 1st CD His Shadow 6th Suf Hit It 3d CJD Honeyplay 3d Suf Hubbub 7th Bel Hugabit 3d CJD Hy Veil 1st Bel BelImpregnable Belr r Impregnable 8th Suf Iron Works 6th Spt Isaqueen 4th Spt SptJ SptJack J Jack Rubens 8th Suf SufJoans Joans Tip 7th Bel BelJois Jois 3d CJD CJDJoker Joker Wild 6th Spt SptJug Jug Head 1st CJD CJDJunco Junco 1st Suf SufJune June Seventh 7th Suf SufK SufKadelkee K Kadelkee 4th CJD Kellsboro 3d Bel Key Man 7th CJD Kimesha 6th Suf Kleig Light 2d Suf Ky Flash 4th Bel BelL BelLa L La Scala 3d Suf Lady Eli 1st Bel Lady Janice 1st Bel Lady Orchid 8th Suf Letter V 3d CJD Liberty Sand 2d Bel Little Hoops 7th Suf Little Steve 4th Spt Loretta Rice 5th CD Lovely Sister 3d Spt Lucky B 3d CJD CJDM CJDMaechic M Maechic 7th Bel Manipulate 4th Suf Mans Man 4th Bel Marcharl 2d CJD Markmowd 3d Spt Marogay 4th Bel Martlet 2d CJD Materialize 3d CJD Maupeace 1st Suf Maydig 3d Suf Mention 1st CJD Mill Tower 1st Suf Mismark 1st CJD Miss B B 2d Bel Miss Lovable 1st Bel Miss Militant 5th CJD Miss OBannon 4th CD Miss Top Row 1st Bel Miss Valor 4th CJD Miss Vogue 4th Suf Missy Miss 4th CJD Misty Quest 7th Spt Mokananne 7th Suf Molasses Jo 7th Suf Mothers Girl 5th CD Mountkala 3d Spt Mouse Hole 5th Bel Mr MacGurrin 7th Suf Multi Quest 4th Suf SufN SufNever N Never Surprised 3d Bel Night Crawler 3d CD Night Shadow 6thSpt Ninety Days 1st CJD Note 2d Bel 0 0Octobre Octobre Onze 1st Suf OK Sugar 8th CJD Okabena 6th CJD Old Rosebush 2d Bel Omaloo 5th Bel Opening Bid 4th Bel Orenco 2d Suf Our Blen 1st Suf Padra Girl 2d Spt Pari Call 8th Suf Paul Lee 3d Spt Pearl Alma 3d Spt Peppy Miss 1st Bel Perhobo 2d CJD Phalanger 4th Spt Philadelphia 6th Spt Pico Blanco 3d Bel Point High 2d CJD Pomcal 2d CJD Prima Donna 2d Bel Prince Sador 7th Spt Princely Gift 8th Spt Puritan 5th Bel BelQ BelQueen Q Queen Toke 1st Spt Quiz Baby 4th Suf SufR SufRadio R Radio Wave 8th Suf Real Sad 6th Spt Reckless Saxon 2d Suf Red Meadow 2d Suf Remarkable 3d Spt River Port 4th CJD Robert Morris 6th Bel Rock Mart 1st Bel Roman Descent 2d Suf Rose R 1st CD Royal Martha 1st CJD Royal Shawl 7th CJD CJDS CJDSalf S Salf ord II 4th Bel Sanders 8th CJD Sargazo 3d Suf Saucy Song 1st Bel Say Miss 4th CJD Scenic 4th Bel Scotch Mound 1st Bel Scotch Trap 4th Bel Scrooge 8th CJD Senorita Leona 1st Spt Skin Deep 4th Bel Sickle T 7th Bel Sicyon 4th Bel Silver Tower 5th Suf Silverlyn 2d CJD Singing Torch 7th Bel Single 2d Bel Sir Lo 4th Spt Sizzling Pan 3d Suf Smoky Snyder 2d Bel Snarleyow 3d Suf Song o War 4th Bel South Border 2d Spt Southern Jane 2d Spt Speed to Spare 2d Suf Spring Cheer 6th Spt Stephie 5th Spt Straight Lead 2d Bel Stylus 8th Bel Styx 4th Suf Sun Flower 6th CJD Sun Ginger 2d Bel Sun Victory 1st Bel Sundodger 4th Bel Sunny Ceres 4th Spt Supreme Ideal 8th Suf Swan 7th Spt Sylvan Dell 7th Spt T TTake Take a Letter 7th Suf Tanganyika 6th Suf Tatu 7th Bel Tedious 7th Bel Tetra Rock 5th Suf Texstar 1st Spt This Freedom 7th Bel Tippity 7th CJD Toms Ladd 8th Spt Transformer 7th Bel Tuleyries Lin 7th Spt SptUnhampered Sptu u Unhampered 3d CJD Unquote 2d CD Updo 6th Suf SufV SufValdina V Valdina Cutup 4th Spt Valdina Dude 5th CJD Valdina Dust 8th Bel Valdina Kovia 4th Spt Valdina Secret 4th Suf Valtite 1st Spt Vesuvius 2d CJD Vim 5th Bel BelWawfield W BelW Wawfield 8th Spt Weatherburn 7th Spt Welcome Pass 6th Bel Wessex 4th Suf White Ford 7th Suf White Time 2d Bel Wild Harp 6th CJD Wilful Hattie 3d Spt Wise Dean 5th CJD Wise Niece 2d Bel Wolf Creek 3d CJD CJDY CJDYank Y Yank Bomber 7th CJD Yannie Sid 8th Suf Zacatine 4th Bel Zorro 2d CJD

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