Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-13

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Queen Toke Helen Agnes Helen Agnes Valtite ValtiteGrand Gummed UP Queen Toke Queen Toke 12 I 245 PM Black Mark Grand Appeal Black Mark Grand Appeal Valtite Valtite Helen Agnes 11 Grand Appeal Oueen Toke Grand Appeal Oueen Toke Grand Appeal Helen Agnes Valtite 9 Gayle F Gayle F Gayle F FFuture Gayle F Gayle F FFuture Gayle F Gayle F 30 315 PM Padra Girl Padra Girl Future Winning Future Winning Future Winning Padra Girl Padra Girl 8 Southern Jane JaneRemarkable Southern Jane JPadra Girl GirlREMARKABLE Southern Jane Padra Girl JPutureWinning JPutureWinningREMARKABLE Future Winning 7 Remarkable Remarkable REMARKABLE Remarkable REMARKABLE REMARKABLE REMARKABLE 3 6 345 PM Bright Play Paul Lee Paul REMARKABLEPaul Lee LeePearl Paul Lee LeeDora Dora REMARKABLEDora May REMARKABLEPaul Paul Lee Paul Lee 10 Paul Lee Dora May Pearl Alma Dora May PaulLee Dora May Dora May 5 Sunny Ceres Phalanger Frances W WValdina Valdina Kovia KoviaSirLo Valdina Kovia KoviaSirLo SirLo Valdina Kovia 15 415 PM Isaaueen SirL Valdina Kovia SirLoIsaaueen SirLo SirLo SirLoValdina Valdina Kovia SirLo 11 Frances W Bagnell Isaaueen Bagnell Bagnell JPrances W 6 FLOAT AWAY AWAYEpiget BIG BUBBLE Due Sport SportFloat Float Away Float Away AwayBig Float Away Float Away 24 445 PM Epiget Due Sport Float Away AwayBig Big Bubble Big Bubble BubbleDue Big Bubble Big Bubble 14 EpigetDue Due Snort Eoieet Big Bubble Epiget Due Sport Due Sport Due Sport 10 Philadelphia Real Sad Ebony Edge Night Shadow Night Shadow Night Shadow Night Shadow 16 515 PM Ebony Edee Philadelphia Night Shadow Real Sad Real Sad Ebony Edge Real Sad 12 Real Sad Iron Works Real Sad Fire Engine Philadelphia Real Sad Ebony Edge 8 Alley Alley Alley Alley Alley Alley Alley 30 AlleySylvan 545 PM AlleyTuleyries Tuleyries Lin AlleySylvan Sylvan Dell AlleySylvan Sylvan Dell Sylvan Dell Sylvan Dell Sylvan Dell DellTuleyries Sylvan Dell 10 7 Swan Tuleyries Lin Tuleyries Lin Prince Sador Misty Quest Tuleyries Lin Tuleyries Lin 5 Dr Bones Black Time TomsLadd BARNEYS GAL GALBlack Black Time Barneys Gal Barneys Gal 17 I 61 5 PM Black Time Barneys Gal Barneys Gal Black Time TimeDr Dr Bones Dr Bones Black Time 15 Barneys Gal Toms Ladd Dr Bones Dr Bones Toms Ladd Black Time Dr Bones 10 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICKWELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Free Money Highformation HighformationMismark Highformation Mismark Highformation 21 200 P M Highformation Mismark Mismark Highformation Mismark 17 Mismark E1 Osuna Royal Martha El Osuna Free Money 5 Zorro Hasty Kiss KissZorro Zorro Unquote Zorro 24 230 P M ZorroUnquote Unquote Zorro Hasty Kiss Zorro Unquote 12 Hasty UnquoteHasty Kiss Perhobo Unauote Hasty Kiss Hastv Kiss 9 Colors UP UPLetter Lucky B BLetter Jois Beth B Lucky B 15 300 P M Letter V VLucky Letter V VUnhampered JoisUnhampered Unhampered Lucky B Unhampered 9 Lucky B Unhampered Hugabit Letter V BethB 6 Miss Valor MISS VALOR Miss Valor MISS VALOR MISS VALOR 38 330P M Say Miss Blue Velvet Say Miss Blue Velvet Blue Velvet 6 Blue Velvet Sav Miss Foxhole Sav Miss Say Miss 6 VALDINA DUDE Miss Militant MISS MILITANT Valdina Dude Valdina Dude 19 400 P M Mothers Girl Gold Mike Gold Mike Gold Mike Miss Militant 13 Bebeia Wise Dean Bebeja Miss Militant Bebeja 8 Be Calm CalmSun Sun Flower Sun Flower Sun Flower Sun Flower 24 430 P M Sun Flower Be Calm Be Calm Be Calm Be Calm 18 jCamps First Okabena Burning Sands Okabena Okabena 3 Fisherville Fisherville Tippity Tippity Tippity 21 500 P M FishervilleTippitv Tippitv Tippitv Fisherville Fisherville Fisherville 21 KevMan Kev Man Yank Bomber Kev Man Key Man 3 Call to Colors ColorsDouble Call to Colors Call to Colors ColorsScrooge Call to Colors Call to Colors 30 530 PM Double Value ValueScrooge Scroosre Scrooge ScroogeEnterprising OK Sugar Scrooge 10 Scrooge Double Value Enterprising Scrooge Double Value 6 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Dauntless Gal Doggone Doggone Doggone Saucy Song Door Yock Doggone 19 Door Yock Lady Janice DoggoneDoor Door Yock YockSaucy Door Yock Door Yock Doggone Door Yock 13 Doggone Dauntless Gal Saucy Song Saucy Song Doggone Saucy Song Saucy Son 8 Good Company Bpsley Blazing Heat HeatNote Single Bosley BosleyEarly Bpsley Bosley 16 16Single 1255 PM Old Rosebush Single Note Ben Gray Early Delivery DeliveryStraight Single Single 9 9Good Note Ben Gray NoteBoslev Boslev Early Delivery Straight Lead Ben Grav Good Company 5 Pico Blanco TJ Epindel Epindel Kellsboro Epindel Epindel Epindel 22 120 PM Flat Lance Kellsboro Kellsboro Epindel i Kellsboro Kellsboro Kellsboro 14 Kellsboro Pico Blanco U Never Surprised Pico Blanco TJ Danny Deever Never Surprised Pico Blanco n 7 Scotch Trap Sicyon Designator Sicyon Sicyon Sicyon Sicyon 17 145 PM Eternal Peace Happy Lark Sicyon Ky Flash Happy Lark Song o War Scotch Trap 6 Zacatine Scotch Trap Song o War Full Cry Albatross Skin Deep Designator 5 VIM MOUSE HOLE HOLEVim Omaloo Mouse Hole HoleVim Autocrat Vim VimMouse Vim 19 210 PM VIMAutocrat Autocrat Vim Mouse Hole Vim Vim Mouse Hole Mouse Hole 17 AutocratOmaloo Omaloo VimAutocrat Autocrat Vim VimAutocrat Autocrat Mouse Hole Autocrat Autocrat 6 Welcome Pass PassCorydon Welcome Pass Bright Gallant Ahamo CORYDON Bright Gallant Welcome Pass 16 235 PM Corydon Ahamo Welcome Pass AhamoBright Bright Gallant Ahamo Ahamo Bright Gallant 13 Ahamo CorydonAhamo Bright Gallant Corydon Welcome Pass Welcome Pass Welcome Pass Ahamo 9 Transformer Sickle T TAboyne Tedious Aboyne Tedious Aboyne Aboyne 15 300 PM Tedious Aboyne Sickle T Sickle T Aboyne Transformer Sickle T 11 Joans Tip AboyneTransformer Transformer Abovne Tedious Sickle T Sickle T Transformer 8 Valdina Dust Stylus STYLUS STYLUS I Camille STYLUS STYLUS 30 325 PM Stylus Black StylusBlack Thrush Black Thrush Black Thrush Stylus Black Thrush JBlack Thrush 8 Black Thrush Camille Camille Camille Black Thrush Valdina Dust Camille 8 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Junco Junco Mill Tower TowerJunco Cacodemon Junco Cacodemon Junco 19 130 PM Mill Tower Mill Tower Junco JuncoMaupeace Mill Tower Cacodemon Mill Tower Mill Tower 14 Creepy Mouse Cacodemon Maupeace Junco Mill Tower Junco Cacodemon 13 Speed to Spare SpareRoman Speed to Spare Grand Gay Speed to Spare SPEED TO SPARE SPEED TO SPARE SPED TO SPARE 31 200 P M Roman Descent Kleig Light LightGrand Speed to Spare Red Meadow Kleig Light Kleig Light Kleig Light 8 J3rand Gay Grand Gay Kleig Light Kleig Light Roman Descent Red Meadow Grand Gay 7 La Scala ScalaSizzling Sizzling Pan LA SCALA La Scala Sizzling Pan La Scala La Scala 23 230 PM Sizzling Pan La Scala Sizzling Pan Sizzling Pan Sargazo Sizzling Pan Sizzling Pan 18 Jijargazp Brown Dancer Sargazo Sargazo La Scala Snarleyow Sargazo 5 Chance Cross CrossManipulate Chance Cross Miss Vogue Chance Cross Colleen M Chance Cross Chance Cross 22 300 PM Manipulate Miss Vogue Chance Cross Manipulate Chance Cross Manipulate Manipulate 9 FlyingNed Manipulate Manipulate Colleen M Manipulate Miss Vogue Miss Vogue 9 Ask Aunt Ada AdaBlue TETRA ROCK Ask Aunt Ada Tetra Rock Tetra Rock Ask Aunt Ada Tetra Rock 21 330 PM Blue Lily LilySilver Ask Aunt Ada Tetra Rock Ask Aunt Ada Ask Aunt Ada Tetra Rock Ask Aunt Ada 21 Silver Tower Silver Tower Easy Blend Easv Blend Silver Tower Blue Booties Silver Tower 3 His Shadow Firing Pin PinArdenell Ardenell Ardenell Firing Pin Firing Pin Firing in 19 400 P M Tanganyika Ardenell Firing Pin Firing Pin Ardenell Ardenell Ardenell 16 Kimesha Undo ArdenellUndo Updo His Shadow Tanganyika Kimesha His Shadow 6 JUNE SEVENTH June Seventh Take a Letter June Seventh Little HOOPS June Seventh June Seventh 26 430PM Mr MacGurrin Little HOOPS Buckle Down Buckle Down Mokananne Little HOOPS Little HOOPS 10 Mokananne Mr MacGurrin June Seventh Little HOOPS June Seventh Mr MacGurrin Mr MacGurrin 4 Jack Rubens Yannie Sid Yarihie Sid YANNIE SID Jack Rubens Yannie Sid Yannie Sid 22 500 PM High Plaid Pari Call High Plaid Dizzy B Lady Orchid Dizzy B Jack Rubens 11 Supreme Ideal Jack Rubens Pari Call Supreme Ideal Dizzy B Supreme Ideal Dizzy B 5

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1943051301/drf1943051301_5_1
Local Identifier: drf1943051301_5_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800