Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-26

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Air Warden 2d Bel Allergic 8th Suf Alpine King 5th Suf Ancipital 5th Bel Anibras 2d Bel Anonymous 8th Suf Argella 3d Suf Arrow Rock 7th Suf Ask Me 1st Suf Askmenow 6th Bel Assailant 1st Bel Athens Maid 2d LF LFB LFBaby B Baby Darling 5th Suf Barbara Childs 6th Suf Believe 5th Suf Belmike 3d Suf Big Raid 1st Bel Big Ripple 4th Suf Bladen 3d Bel Blenheim Lad 5th Bel Blenhour 2d Bel Bloodhound 8th Bel Blue Flight 8th Bel Border Battle 7th Suf Boston Victory 2d Suf Boy Soldier 5th Suf Brass Tower 1st Suf Bright Acre 3d Suf Bright Novet 2d LJF1 British Flyer 5th Bel Brother Dear 1st Suf SufC SufCaddie C Caddie 3d Bel Calvert 7th Suf Camille 4th Bel Canfield 1st LF Canto Gallo 5th Bel Catapult 1st Suf Chain Miss 3d Suf Challedonna 5th Bel Cherry Crush 2d Bel Chevalet 1st Bel Clamor Girl 3d Suf Claro 1st Suf Colleen M 4th Suf Compass Rose 3d Bel Conejo 6th LF Corrigan 3d Bel Corydon 7th Bel Count dOr 8th Suf Coupon 5th LF Crab Apple 1st Suf Crest o War 3d LF LFD LFDads D Dads 7th Suf Dandy Jim 1st Bel Derivative 2d Bel Devils Crag 8th Bel Don Bingo 7th Bel Door Yock 2d Suf Drollon 6th LJF Due Sport 5th LF Earliana 8th Bel Ecomint 4th Suf Edmar Jojan 2d Suf Eight Rolls 8th Suf Equinox 7th Bel Escolar 8th LJP Evaporate 6th Bel BelF BelFair F Fair Call 6th Suf Fairy Trace 5th Suf Fealty 3d LF Firebroom 6th Suf Firing Pin 1st Suf First Water 3d Suf Fishers Pet 2d LF Flange 7th Suf Flashalong 8th Suf Fly the Coop 1st LJP Flying Torpedo 8th Bel Four Eyes 1st Suf Frederic n 3d Bel Gay Youth 5th LF Gold Bill 8th Suf Goober Lad 3d Suf Good Ante 1st Bel Gray Ethel 2d LJ Greenocks Coin 3d LF Guest Master 4th Suf Gun Bearer 8th Bel Gun Site 8th Suf SufH SufHada H Hada Fortune 2d Bel Half Crown 7th Bel Happy Pilot 7th LF Hardship 3d Suf JIasty Kiss 6th LF Hasty Message 4th LJP Hobbys First 4th LF Hillfilly 3d LJP Hydate 2d LJP Ibex 8th Bel Icystream 5th Suf Imperial Impy 3d Suf Irish Nora 2d Bel Islams Islam 3d Suf Itabo 6th Suf SufJ SufJames J James Acre 2d Suf James Quest 1st LF Jaquita 4tl Bel Jim Lipscomb 2d LF Jimjoe 5th Bel Johnny Jr 7th LF June Seventh 4th Suf Just for Fun 1st LF LFK LFKanlast K Kanlast 7th Suf Kansas 6th Suf Ksar of Audley 6th Suf SufL SufLa L La Reigh 6th Bel Lactose 8th LJP Lady Flares 4th Bel Late Alice 2d Suf Leicester 7th Suf Lit Up 3d Suf Little Hoops 7th Suf Llanero 8th Bel BelM BelNaniLeonai M NaniLeonai 5th LF Markmowd 3d LJP Marquest 2d Suf Mason Dixon 8th Suf Minotira 1st LJP Miss Nebraska 5th Suf Mistrella 4th Bel Mobcap 1st Suf My Crestr2d LF LFN N JNavy 6th Suf Neb 5th Bel New Frontier 4th LF New Glory 8th LJP No Count 3d Suf November 4th Suf 0 0OHurryi4th OHurryi4th LJP One Dollar 5th Bel Opening Bid 8th Bel Optimism 4th Suf Orange Leaves 4th Bel Ossabaw 3d Bel Ovando 1st Suf SufP SufPapamoo P Papamoo 2d Bel Pat OSee 5th Suf Patch Party 2d Suf Paul Lee 5th LF Pearl Alma 1st LJP Perfect Rhyme 8th Bel Pittistraw 6th LJP Polymelior 3d Suf Pomrose 6th Bel Portsmouth 8th LF Powdered Milk 1st BeV Praetorian 8th LJP Pure Briar 3d LF LFR LFRackatack R Rackatack 8th Bel Random Brejeze 2d LF Recognize 8th Bel Red Chip 8th Suf Rex 3d Suf Rio Grande 4th Bel River Wolf 2d Bel Roadmaster 2d LJP Robert T 1st Bel Roman Glory 5th Bel Roman Nymph 4th Suf Rush Act 5th Suf Rusty Steel 4th Bel BelSack Bels s Sack 3d Suf Safe Bid 3d LF Sal Old Pal 5th LJP Samhar 6th Suf Saros 5th Bel Savings Bank 1st Suf Say Nomore 6th LF Scotch Abbot 7th Sin Sebenoa 5th Bel Shasta Man 6th LF Show House 1st Suf Sickle T 8th Bel Sir Kid 1st Suf Sonny Casey 6th LJP South Drive 4th Suf Spanish Way 1st Suf Spin Along 2d Bel Star Boarder 8th Suf Star Kan lst LJP Stargoo 5th Bel Stephie 1st LF Stymie 1st Bel Susitna 2d Suf Swoosh 8th LJP LJPT LJPTack T Tack Room 6th Bel Tenebrose 8th Bel Tennessee Maid 1st Bel Thin Air 2d Bel Tides In 3d Suf To Town James 2d Bel Too Timelyr6th Bel Tracelette 2d Bel Tracer Bullet 2d Suf Transfran 4th LF Triplane 1st Suf SufV SufValdina V Valdina Pledge 5th Suf Valdina Secret 4th Suf Valdina Valona 2d Suf Valdivia 5th Bel Victory Drive 5th Suf Vinum 7th LJP Wanna Hygro 1st Suf War Hazard 7th Bel Winged Hoofs 3d Bel Wise Step 1st Bel BelY BelYar Y Yar 7th LJP LJPYes Yes or No 8th Bel BelYukon Yukon 5th Bel BelZacalina Belz z Zacalina 2d Bel Zacamazuma 1st Bel Zacapet 4th LF

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