Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-12

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Millo Al au Feu Al au Feu FeuMillo Afghanistan K Rounder RounderTenuous Constant Aim AlauFeu 15 I 245 PM Tenuous Constant Aim Millo MilloGourmet Al au Feu Tenuous Al au Feu Constant Aim 8 K Rounder Afghanistan Gourmet Constant Aim A1 au Feu K Rounder Millo 7 Quick Tool Quick Tool Quick Tool BEAMY Beth B BVery Quick Tool Quick Tool 22 315 PM PMj j Beth B Gay Youth Very True Quick Tool Very True Beth B BGay BethB 11 Nanny Beth B GayYputh Beth B JMonks Memo Gay Youth Beamy 7 LIMITATION Limitation Limitation Limitation Limitation Limitation LIMITATION 32 345 PM Marcella K Marcella K David B Jr David B Jr Marcella LimitationMarcella K KOrphan Marcella K KpavidB Marcella K 10 10David David B Jr Orphan Toy Marcella K Marcella K Orphan Toy pavidB Jr David BMr 6 Broadcloth Valdina Clown Holdall Zacapet Valdina Clown ClownZacapet Valdina Clown Valdina Clown 17 415 PM American Eagle Sammy Aneott Broadcloth Valdina Clown Zacapet Sammy Angott Zacapet 9 Sammy Angott Zacapet Sir Date Broadcloth Sir Date Zacapet Broadcloth 8 Harvard Sauare Burnt Cork Harvard Sauare Burnt Cork SALES TALK TALKBurnt HARVARD SQRE Harvard Sauare 22 445 P M Pie Tails Harvard Sauare Burnt Cork Harvard Sauare SauareSales Burnt Cork CorkHarvard Pig Tails Burnt Cork 16 Burnt Cork Aonbarr Pig Tails Sales Talk Harvard Square SquareValdina JBurntjCprk Sales Talk 8 Aletern AleternValdina VALDINA ORPHN Aletern Valdina Orphan Valdina Orphan OrphanBest Valdina Orphan Valdina Orphan 26 51 5 PM Valdina Orphan Aletern Valdina Orphan Best Seller Best Seller Aletern Aletern 16 Best Seller Shot Put Daily Trouble Aletern JUetern Daily Trouble Best Seller 5 Knightfors Moselem HE MAN HeMan HeMan HeMan He Man 24 MoselemKnightfors HeManKnightfors I 545 PM Moselem Knightfors KnightforsHeMan Moselem Moselem Knightfors HeManMoselem Moselem Moselem 13 He Man HeMan Yesteryear Basileus Uncle Mpse MoselemKnightfors Knightfors Knightfors 10 Pennsbure Perplex KaiHi KaiHi KaiHi KaiHi KaiHi 23 PennsbureEpiget 615 PM KaiHiManila EpigetKaiHi Epiget KaiHi Perplex Perplex Manila Bay BayPerplex Perplex Perplex 12 KaiHi Epiget Royal Risk Royal Risk Perplex Royal Risk Pennsburg 5 Book Plate Ticky Otis OtisKentown Trim Stepper Active ActiveTrim Kentown Ticky Otis Ticky Otis 14 Active KentownDiscussion Kentown Ticky Otis Trim Stepper Spring Drift Trim Stepper Trim Stepper 10 Trim Stepper Discussion Book Plate Ticky Otis Ticky Otis Discussion Active 7 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE PROB POST JTRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 115 PM Detroit Bull Detroit Bull Detroit Bull Magnetism Detroit Bull MAGNETISM Detroit Bull 24 I MagnetismKenneth Magnetism Magnetism Magnetism Detroit Bull Magnetism Detroit Bull Magnetism 20 Kenneth K My Porter Dennis F StemWinder Kenneth K Red Horizon Kenneth K 2 j 145 PM Chief Bud Chief Bud Hover HoverCall Isolde Isolde IsoldeCall Chief Bud Chief Bud 16 Call to Colors Call to Colors Call to Colors ColorsWilton Wilton Call to Colors ColorsWilton Call to Colors Call to Colors 10 JpBetty Jo Betty Wilton Chief Bud Wilton Jo Betty Isolde 10 21 5 PM Ocean Bound Ocean Bound DARBY DEAN Ocean Bound Ocean Bound Ocean Bound Ocean Bound 25 Joss Stick StickAckwell Bit o Brown BrownJoss Bit o Brown Bit o Brown Tower Maid Bit o Brown Bit o Brown 8 Ackwell Joss Stick Tower Maid Tower Maid Joss Stick Joss Stick Darby Dean 7 245 PM Good Daughter Good Daughter Good Daughter Cowlan The Duck Good Daughter Good Daughter 23 1 Cowlan The Duck Cowlan The Duck Good Daughter The Duck The Duck 13 i The Duck Cowlan The Duck Good Daughter Time Was Cowlan Cowlan 10 315 PM Miss Valor Miss Valor Scots Bill Miss Valor Miss Valor Miss Valor Miss Valor 26 Valdina Senora Jo Agnes Jo Agnes Jo Agnes Scots Bill BillJp Valdina Senora Scots Bill 9 JoAgnes Valdina Senora Miss Valor Scots Bill Jp Agnes Scots Bill Jo Agnes 8 345 PM OverdrawnDefense Overdrawn Overdrawn DefenseBy Defense Wise Moss Overdrawn Overdrawn Overdrawn 22 DefenseBy Defense Defense DefenseWiseMpss By Conscript ConscriptOverdrawn By Conscript ConscriptO By Conscript ConscriptDefense Defense Defense 12 By Conscript WiseMpss Overdrawn O yerdrawn Defense Wise Moss By Conscript 7 415 PM Hysterical HYSTERICAL Hysterical HYSTERICAL HYSTERICAL Hysterical HYSTERICAL 36 Sweep Swinger Dispose Sweep Swinger Bonnie Andrew Sweep Swinger SwingerJDispqse Sweep Swinger Sweep Swinger 10 JTrelawny Sweep Swinger SwingerAbrupt Panbroom Sweep Swinger JDispqse Trelawny Dispose 3 445 PM PARI KING AbruptPaircais Abrupt Traumelus Abrupt Abrupt Traumelus Abrupt 16 Paircais Paircais PaircaisTraumelus Pari King Paircais Pari King Paircais Traumelus 12 Abrupt Traumelus Paircais Traumelus Pete Jr Top Sergeant Pari King 11 515 PM Symmetry Symmetry Arjac Arjac Bosky Dell Arjac Arjac 16 Albino Bosky Dell Scrooge Symmetry Albino Bosky Dell Symmetry 13 Bosky Dell Arjac Bosky Dell Bosky Dell Season Call Symmetry Bosky Dell 12 Trackman G J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM Stymie More Wine Smolensko More Wine More Vine VineStymie More Wine WineStymie More Wine 24 More Wine Metropolitan More Wine Stymie Stymie Stymie Stymie 12 Metropolitan Mad Anthony Stymie StymieMetropolitan Metropolitan StymieMetropolitan Metropolitan StymieMetropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan 6 100 PM Elimar Dawn Attack Grand Party PartyElimar Dawn Attack AttackElimar Elimar Dawn Attack AttackElimar Elimar 16 Wildebeest Grand Partv Elimar Elimar Boiled Shirt Elimar Dawn Attack 15 15Grand Grand Partv Scotch Trap ElimarMarogav Marogav ElimarWildebeest Wildebeest Wildebeest ElimarWildebeest Wildebeest Grand Party 8 130 PM Cupid Ossabaw Corrigan Boojum TJ Corrigan AdLib Ossabaw 13 AdLib Boojum II Ossabaw Ossabaw Boojum II AdLibOssabaw Ossabaw Corrigan 10 10Boojum Ossabaw Cupid Frederic n Frederic H Ossabaw Cupid OssabawCupid Boojum II 9 200 P M Ravenala Ravenala Brave Marine MarineRavenala Ravenala Ravenala Autocrat Ravenala 24 RavenalaGalactic RavenalaGalactic Abashed Autocrat Ravenala Galactic Galactic Ravenala Autocrat 10 10Galactic Bull Dandv Galactic Autocrat RavenalaAutocrat GalacticAutocrat Autocrat GalacticAutocrat Autocrat RavenalaGalactic Galactic Galactic 6 230 PM POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK POPS PICK 42 Bankrupt Royal Nap Royal Nap Royal Nap Royal Nap Bankrupt Royal Nap 10 10Bankrupt Royal Nap TOP Reward TOP Reward Bankrupt Bankrupt Royal Nap Bankrupt 6 300 PM Wait a Bit Devil Diver Market Wise Devil Diver Devil Diver Devil Diver Devil Diver 22 Vain Prince Vain Prince Devil Diver Riyerland Riverland Attention Wait a Bit 6 6MarketWise Market Wise With Regards With Regards With Regards With Regards Vain Prince MarketWise 6 6Bolingbroke 330 PM Princeauillo PrinceauilloCaduceus Great Rush Haile Haile Bolingbroke Bolingbroke Bolingbroke 16 HaileBolingbroke HaileGreat BolingbrokeHaile CaduceusBolingbroke Caduceus Bolingbroke Bolingbroke Great Rush Haile Haile Haile 15 15GreatRush Bolingbroke Haile Caduceus Bolingbroke HaileCaduceus Caduceus HaileCaduceus Caduceus GreatRush 7 400 PM Bull Reigh ReighPlantagenet Bull Reigh Bull Reigh Bull Reigh Birch Rod Bull Reigh Bull Reigh 27 Plantagenet PlantagenetMark Redthorn Singing Torch Birch Rod Bull Reigh Plantagenet Birch Rod 9 Mark Birch Rod Mark Sir War Belle dAmour Birch Rod Plantagenet 4 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 130 PM Argella Argella ArgellaRiver Guy Fawkes Argella Guy Fawkes Argella Argella 20 20GuyFawkes GuyFawkes River Shannon ShannonGuyJPawkes Smoky Snyder Guy Fawkes Ho Hung Guy Fawkes GuyFawkes 17 17River Circus Wings GuyJPawkes River Shannon River Shannon River Shannon Circus Wings River Shannon 5 200 PM Clamor Girl Tetra Rock Two Kick Tetra Rock Tetra Rock Tetra Rock Tetra Rock 22 22Clamor Tetra Rock RockBit Easy Blend Lou ONeill Two Kick Balmy Spring SpringBitO Easy Blend Clamor Girl 8 8Two Bit OGreen Clamor Girl Clamor Girl jClamprGirl BitO Green Two Kick 7V 230 PM Tracer Bullet Portage Trail TrailTracer Tracer Bullet BulletPortage Portage Trail Tracer Bullet Tracer Bullet Tracer Bullet 24 24Portage Boston Victory VictoryPortage Tracer Bullet Portage Trail Tracer Bullet Portage Trail TrailHippomenes Portage Trail TrailJHippomenes Portage Trail 17 17Hippomenes Portage Trail Hippomenes JHippomenes HippjDmenes Hippomenes JHippomenes Hippomenes 5 I 300 PM Bud Grey Dog Day DayRockwall CAVATORTA CAVATORTABud Bud GreyDog Grey Bud Grey Bud Grey Bud Grey 23 23Cavatorta RockwalljCavatorta Rockwall Rockwall Bud Grey Dog Day Cavatorta CavatortaDog Cavatorta Cavatorta 12 12Dog jCavatorta BudGrey DpgDay Rpckwall Dog Day Dog Day Dog Day 10 10QUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWNSelmalad Strolling Easy EasySelmalad QUAKERTOWN Par Avion AvionTwinkippy QUAKERTOWN QUAKERTOWN 29 330 PM QUAKERTOWNPar QUAKERTOWNSelmalad i TwinkippyJSelnialad Twinkippy SelmaladTwinkippy Selmalad Selmalad Par Avion Twinkippy TwinkippyStrolling SelmaladPar Selmalad Selmalad 8 8Par JSelnialad Twinkippy Quakertown JSelmalad Strolling Easy EasyVALDINA Par Avion Par Avion 8 Some Chance Some Chance ChanceKingfisher Some Chance Kingfisher VALDINA ALPHA ALPHASollure Some Chance Some Chance 22 P M KingfisherSome 400 Valdina Alpha Kingfisher KingfisherValdina Valdina Alpha Some Chance ChanceValdina Sollure Valdina Alpha Valdina Alpha 15 First Son Valdina Alpha First Son Valdina Alpha Mixer SollureMixer First Son Kingfisher 7 7Bettys 430 PM Pathfinder Mr Secretary Mr Secretary Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Connachta Bettys Bobby 14 ConnachtaJRussia Connachta Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Connachta Mr Secretary Russia RussiaConradMann Mr Secretary 13 13Connachta JRussia Connachta Conrad Mann Mr Secretary SecretaryA pizzyB ConradMann Connachta 10 I 500 PM Dodge City Bell Tower Pharatheen A One A One Bell Tower A One 14 Pharatheen A One Mokablue Pharatheen Pharatheen A One Pharatheen 12 Paul Pry Dodge City Bell Tower Paul Pry Dodge City Pharatheen Bell Tower 11

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