Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-15

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Tusco Weisenheimer Silver Wind Azimuth Tusco Weisenheimer Weisenheimer 15 245 PM TuscoWeisenheimer Weisenheimer WeisenheimerTusco Tusco Due Sport AzimuthWeisenheimer WeisenheimerTusco Weisenheimer TuscoAzimuth AzimuthWeisenrteimer Azimuth TuscoAzimuth WeisenheimerTusco Tusco Tusco 12 12Azimuth JDue Sport TuscoAzimuth Azimuth JBetty Main Tusco Weisenrteimer Azimuth Azimuth 9 New Frontier FrontierTib New Frontier New Frontier New Frontier FrontierTib New Frontier FrontierTib New Frontier FrontierTib New Frontier 30 315 PM Tib Tib O Risky Tib Tib Tib Tib 10 10ORisky Elissa B TibJDriscoll JDriscoll June T TibORiskv ORiskv TibORisky ORisky June T ORisky 4 Wild Harp HarpSt St Jock JockHavaheart Active St Jock Havaheart Active ActiveSt Jock 15 3 345 PM St Jock Havaheart ActiveMighty Mighty Lucky Active Momentito St Jock Active 13 Active HavaheartMomentito Momentito Momentito ActiveJlayaheart Jlayaheart MomentitoSt St Jock Havaheart Havaheart 9 CABIN CREEK CREEKNod CABIN CREEK CABIN CREEK CABIN TJREEK TJREEKMarchon Cabin Creek CABIN CREEK CREEKNod CABIN CREEK 40 40Marchon 41 5 PM Nod Unknown Reward RewardMarchon Last Chick Marchon Marchon Nod Marchon 46 46Nod JKanopolis Marchon Marchon Nod Unknown Reward JJnknown Reward RewardOuizzle Nod 4 Super Justice JusticeJoan Dr Rush Ouizzle Ouizzle DR RUSH Ouizzle Quizzle f8 445 PM Joan T Ouizzle Dr Rush Proud Sister Proud Sister Dr Rush Dr Rush 17 17Super Prqud Sister SisterSweeping Proud Sister Super Justice Dr Rush Ouizzle Super Justice Super Justice 7 Sweeping Dream DreamFag Fas Sweeping Dream DreamCideam Philadelphia Philadelphia Sweeping Dream Sweeping Dream 20 j 515 PM Fag FasSweeping Sweeping Dream DreamPhiladelphia Cideam Iron Works Sweeping Dream Fag Philadelphia 13 Philadelphia Philadelphia Iron Works Sweeping Dream Iron Works Philadelphia Fag 9 Sweet Story StoryMillo Dr Bones BonesAnthology Jr Bones BonesMillo Sweet Story Bright Harvest HarvestMillo Dr Bones Dr Bones 18 545 PM Millo Anthology Millo Dr Bones Millo Sweet Story Sweet Story 13 13Millo Dn Bones AnthologyMillo Millo Sweet Story Millo MilloAnthology Anthology Anthology Millo 8 Dancing Light LightMiss His Highness Dancing Light LightBitter Dancing Light His Highness Dancing Light Dancing Light 24 I 615 PM Miss Brideaux BrideauxHis Dancing Light Bitter Ender EnderSilk His Highness Dancing Light His Highness His Highness 15 His Highness Silk Yarn Silk Yarn Bitter Ender Bitter Ender Bitter Ender Bitter Ender 5 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Miss Transit Miss Transit Ariel Image Miss Transit Miss Transit Three Roses Miss Transit 21 330 PM Ariel Image ImageThree Three Roses Equal Chance Eaual Chance Equal Chance Equal Chance Three Roses 9 Three Roses Contemplation Contemplation Three Roses Ariel Image Miss Transit Ariel Image 8 BULL WHIP Bull Whip Home Burning Concert Master Bull Whip Bull Whip Bull Whip 25 400 PM Concert Master Axelson Hard Blast Bull Whip Axelson Axelson Concert Master 9 Axelson Concert Master Bull Whip Axelson Home Burning AxelsonConcert Concert Master Axelson 8 Valdina Idol Gramps Image Hit Tune TuneBrave GRAMPS IMAGE Valdina Idol Gramps Image Gramps Image 19 430 PM Brave Commando Fort Ben Brave Commando CommandoFort Brave Commando Gramps Image Fort Ben Valdina Idol 11 Hit Tune Valdina Idol Fort Ben Hit Tune Hit Tune Hit Tune Hit Tune 9 Manda Fiery Justice HiGrip Fiery Justice Manda HIGRIP HiGrin 17 500 PM Kabo Lea HiGrip Kabo Lea Manda HiGrip Kabo Lea Manda 11 11FieryJustice HiGrip Kabo Lea Fred Havecker Kabo Lea Kabp HiGripKabp Lea Fred Havecker FieryJustice 10 Mabe Monday MABE MONDAY Jois Mabe Monday MABE MONDAY Mabe Monday Mabe Monday 31 31Jois 530 PM Camp town townFlying Bold Caotain JoisMabe Mabe Monday MondayFlving Bayborough Bayborough Bold Captain Jois 5 Flying King Flying King Flving King All Good Flving King Camptown Bold Captain 4 CamptownBill Black Raider Bill G GBlack Bill G BillG Billie G Bill G Bill G 25 25Black 600 PM Loango Black Raider One Only BillGMeggy Meggy Boom On One Only Black Raider 8 8One Many Lands Meggy Many Lands Eugene One Onlv BlackjRaider One Only 5 630 PM Must Go One Link One Link One Link Must Go Must Go Must Go 20 20One Prospect Bov BovOne Must Go Principal One OneMust Must Go GoPrincipalOnej Principal One OneOne One Link One Link 19 One Link Prospect Bov Must Go PrincipalOnej One Link PrincipaL One Principal One 6 Exploded Exploded EXPLODED Exploded Exploded Exploded EXPLODED 32 32Golden 700 PM j OK Sugar Chiclette HiCarl Golden Lea Chiclette Golden Lea Golden Lea 7 7OK Golden Lea Golden Lea Golden Lea Betrothed OK Sugar OK Sugar OK Sugar 4 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS TRACKMANPowdered Powdered Milk Docdonough Tennessee Maid Santa Stefana Tennessee Maid Docdonough Docdonough 12 12Tennessee 1230 PM Belle Basque BasqueOmaloo Santa Stefana Powdered Milk Powdered Milk Docdonough Belle Basque Tennessee Maid 12 Omaloo Powdered Milk Belle Basque Tennessee Maid Dauntless Gal Tennessee Maid J owdered Milk 10 10Windward Royal Army ArmyMagdala Windward Isle IsleMagdala Windward Isle Stargoo Magdala Windward Isle IsleStargoo Windward Isle 17 17Magdala 100 PM Magdala Magdala Royal Army Windward Isle Stargoo Stargoo Magdala 12 12Stargoo MagdalaStargoo MagdalaStargoo StargooMagdala Stargoo Stargoo Magdala Magdala Royal Army Magdala Stargoo 11 FiftyFiftv Silver Birch BirchFiftyFiftv FiftyFiftv FiftyFiftv FiftvFiftv Silver Birch Fifty Fifty 24 24Silver 130 PM Bavarian FiftyFiftv Silver Birch Silver Birch Silver Birch FiftyFiftv Silver Birch 17 BavarianSilverBirch FiftyFiftvKennebunk SilverBirch Kennebunk Mercator Kennebunk Kennebunk JKennebunk Kennebunk4 Sticky Kitty KittyHeadoverheels Diggie Diggie The Watch WatchHeadoverheels Sticky Kitty Diggie Diggie 16 200 PM Headoverheels HeadoverheelsFlak The Watch DiggieFlak Flak Headoverheels Headoverheels Meneither Sticky Kitty 11 11The FlakThe HeadoverheelsDiggie Flak Sticky Kittv The Watch Diggie Liaud Lunch The Watch The Watch 9 ARIEL LAD Ariel Lad LadColchis Ariel Lad Ariel Lad Ariel Lad Pompion Ariel Lad 29 230 PM Pompion Colchis Pompion Pompion Pompion Ariel Lad Pompion 13 Rascal ColchisMettlesome Mettlesome Minnelusa Mettlesome Zaca Rosa Zaca Rosa Zaca Rosa 2 Trierarch Corydon CORYDON CORYDON CORYDON CORYDON CORYDON 35 35Trierarch 300 PM Corydon CorydonPaperbov Trierarch Trierarch Trierarch Trierarch Trierarch Trierarch 15 15Full Paperbov Sir Alfred Full Cry Full Cry Full Crv Full Crv Full Cry 4 Ballotant PONY EXPRESS Blazing Heat Pony Express Pony Express Pony Express Pony Express 23 330 PM One Shen One Shen Ballotant Blazing Heat Blazing Heat Thorino Blazing Heat 9 Pony Express Thorino One Shen Thorino Ballotant One Shen Ballotant 8 Prima Donna Pnma Donna Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify 22 400 PM Cairngorm Exemplify Prima Donna Prima Donna Prima Donna Prima Donna Prima Donna 18 Starry Hope Foe OWoe Isolation Starry Hope Rise Above It Rise Above It Cairngorm 2 Trackman R N Cfiarlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST JTRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Santa Rosa RosaNo Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Santa Rosa RosaCape Santa Rosa RosaNo Santa Rosa RosaCape Santa Rosa 30 30Cape 130 PM No Keys Cape May Cape May MayElizabeth Cape May MayIlefetchit No Keys KeysCape Cape May Cape May 10 10No Cape May No Keys Elizabeth K Ilefetchit Cape May Nb Keys No Keys 5 War Tower TowerLou War Tower Lou ONeill Rockaway Boy BoyLou War Tower TowerSorgho War Tower War Tower 20 20Lou 200 PM Lou ONeill Polymelior Poeed to Spare SpareJSorgho Lou ONeill Sorgho AckAck x Lou ONeill 9 9Rockaway JRockaway Bov BovDoor Rockaway Bov JSorgho Range Dust Speed to Spare SpareDoor JPolymelior Rockaway Boy 7 Door Yock YockAnizgoce Door Yock Door Yock Door Yock YockUncle Door Yock YockAnizgoce Door Yock YockUncle Door Yock 30 30Uncle 230 PM Anizgoce Idle Fool FoolJJncleJBud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Anizgoce Uncle Bud Uncle Bud 8 8Anizgoce JJncle Bud JJncleJBud Cab Sir Jab 5ir JValdina Valona ValonaAtaman CabSir Anizgoce 4 Ataman Ataman Ataman Ataman Ataman Ataman Ataman ° 0 0Middle AtamanMiddle AtamanMiddle AtamanMiddle AtamanMiddle 300 PM Middle River Middle River RiverNorth Middle River Middle River Middle River Middle River Middle River 12 12North Open Fire North Fire North Fire Open Fire North Fire JtforthFire North Fire 4 Cavalcadia Cavalcadia Xam Tilting Tilting Cavalcadia Cavalcadia 18 18Tilting CavalcadiaTilting CavalcadiaTilting XamLightf TiltingBective CavalcadiaTilting TiltingCavalcadia 330 PM Tilting Tilting Lightf oot Lee LeeBective Cavalcadia Bective Tilting Tilting 16 16Xam TiltingXam BectiveCavalcadia TiltingXam Xam Xam Bective Bectiye Cavalcadia Xam Xam 8 VALDINA ALPHA VALDINA ALPHA VALDINA ALPHA ALPHABlue VALDINA ALPHA ALPHAVisiting VALDINA ALPHA ALPHAVisiting VALDINA ALPHA ALPHABlue VAXDINA ALPHA 42 42Blue 400 PM Blue Booties Visiting Nurse Blue Booties Visiting Nurse NurseBlue Visiting Nurse Blue Booties BootiesVisiting Blue Booties 9 Visiting Nurse Blue Booties Taking Ways Blue Booties Blue Booties Visiting Nurse Visiting Nurse 8 Halcyon Boy Wire Me Bulwark Topee Bulwark Topee Bulwark 16 16Topee 430 PM Topee Bulwark Topee TopeeWire Bulwark Halcyon Boy Bulwark Topee 15 Wire Me Show House Wire Me Sho w House Topee Wire Me JWireMe 8 Texalite Bonzar Jelwell Clingendaal Bonzar Texalite Texalite 14 500 PM Jack Rubens BonzarPanthorn Panthorn Creek Texalite Bonzar ClingendaalBonzar Jack Rubens Panther Creek Bonzar 14 Bonzar Texalite Sir Kid BonzarTexalite Texalite Clingendaal Bonzar

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