Calumet Duo Overwhelming Choice: Turfmen of Opinion Race Is Between Citation, Coaltown; some of Belief Latter Is One of Fastest Horses Seen In America in Late Years, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-01


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Kecne Dalngcrfield BEN A JONES Is out to He H J Thompsons record of four Derby win ¬ ners saddling the favored team of Cita ¬ tion and Coaltown He sent out Lawrin Whirlaway and Pensive to score in the Run for the Roses v 1 x v v t + ci i i H jv c rrTf Calumet Duo Overwhelming Choici Turfmen of Opinion Race is Between Citation Coaltown Some of Belief Latter Is One of Fastest Horses Seen In America in Late Years YearsThe The Calumet Farm team of Citation and Coaltown is an overwhelming favorite to capture todays seventyfourth running of the Kentucky Derby in the opinion of prominent horsemen throughout the coun ¬ try However they are fairly well divided when it comes to a choice between the typ Warren Wright stars Their selections follow DAN E STEWART Trainer Calumet CalumetFarms Farms Citation and Coaltown appear appearto to have this Kentucky Derby at their theirmercy mercy B C GILLEM Trainer Coaltowns CoaltownsKeeneland Keeneland races were tops and he is the thecolt colt to beat in the Derby FIELD Trainer Coaltowns trial Wednesday morning convinced me that Calumet has two outstanding colts ready to run JACK HANOVER Trainer Coal t o w ns races at Keeneland and his works here make me like him over Cita ¬ tion HARRY TROTSEK Trainer I have liked Coaltowns Derby chances ever since I saw him work early in the spring springJ J P KEEZEK Owner and Trainer Coaltown has been trained perfectly lor the Derby and he is an easy going colt with plenty of speed He may be another Man o War WarKENNETH KENNETH NOE Trainer I do not be ¬ lieve that there is a threeyearold in the country capable of beating Citation CitationTHOMAS THOMAS PATRICK FLEMING Trainer Citation is the one to whip here Saturday but I am pulling a bit for My Request DAVE SHAW Trainer Citation is the one I like for the Derby and I believe that he is one of the best prospects in several seasons seasonsROBERT ROBERT TRYON Trainer Coaltown is the one to beat if he races back to his Keeneland form formBOB BOB McGARVEY Trainer I want the Derby to be a real good one and I am not making any selection may the bestj colt win winJ J D MIKEL Owner Trainer and Breeder Coaltown has shown me that he can run and if he can go the Derby distance he will win winLEO LEO WAGNER Owner and Trainer I watched Coaltowns work on Wednes ¬ day morning and he is the colt to beat in the Kentucky Derby DerbyR R HAROLD RAINES Trainer Citation is a standout horse and he certainly has a classy runningmate in Coaltown I have to go with Jones JonesHAROLD HAROLD WHITE Trainer Coaltowns work on Wednesday was one of the most impressive I have witnessed at Churchill Downs He is my Derby choice QDIE CLELLAND Owner and Trainer Calumet may run onetwo with the entry of Coaltown and Citation two grand colts coltsEUAL EUAL WYATT Trainer Citation was certainly one of the best twoyearolds in training last year and he has done about everything they have asked of him during his three year old campaign HENRY FORREST Trainer Ben Jones will tie Dick Thompsons record for saddling Derby winners and either Coal town or Citation is good enough to win it C HYDE SMITH Trainer Coaltown not only has shown gootl speed but he is a well made individual I believe ne will beat Citation CitationL L J KEATING Trainer Coaltown can really fly and I like his looks the one to beat in the Kentucky Derby this year yearC C A COPE Trainer I will string along with the old plaster Ben Jones and his powerful pair7 Coaltown and Citation CitationE E C DOBSON Trainer Coaltown and Citation are home free in the 1948 Ken ¬ tucky Derby top colts and well trained trainedJAKE JAKE GLENN Trainer Coaltown is the best horse at this time and I look for him to win Saturday One of the fast ¬ est thoroughbreds I have ever watched run runARTHUR ARTHUR PEROSSIER Trainer The way Citation won the Derby Trial makes me think he will be hard to beat in the Derby DerbyJOHN JOHN GOODE Trainer I look for Calu ¬ met to win with either of the two They are the best bestS S B OTT Owner and Trainer My Re ¬ quest is my pick He had to be good to win five stakes last year and look what he has done this year yearIVAN IVAN PARKE Trainer No stable ever had a stronger Derby entry than Calu ¬ mets two twoFREDERICK FREDERICK W HOOPER Owner Looks like Citation and Coaltown one two twoJACK JACK L CHAMBERS Owner My Derby selections Citation Ben Jones and Eddie Arcaro ArcaroJAKE JAKE LOWENSTEIN Owner and Trainer My choice is Citation He could prove the best in many years JACK yearsJACK HODGINS Trainer Its going to take a super horse to beat Coaltown CoaltownJACK JACK CARTER Trainer I am confident Citation is the best horse horseWILLIAM WILLIAM CRUMP Trainer Citation should come through Was the best two Continued on Page Seven Derbys Effect offAmerican Etanomy Calumet Entry Is Practically Unanimous Choice of Turfmen any noa i not Coaltown Will Prove Superior to His Stablemate Citation CitationContinued Continued from Page Four Fouryearold yearold last year and is just as good this season seasonCHESTER CHESTER HALL Trainer Escadru off his race in the Derbv Trial DIMITRI DJORD JADZE Owner and Master of Plain Deal ¬ ing Farm Orange Va The superior ¬ ity of the Calumet entry is so over ¬ whelming that it is highly improbable that they will not finish first and sec ¬ ond ondTHOMAS THOMAS M WAL Dlmitri Djordadzc LER Trainer It appears unlikely that Citation will be beatenW beaten W V Buddy RAINES Trainer of Bran Brandywine dywine Stable Citation is my choice choiceJAKE JAKE LOWENSTEIN Trainer Citation CitationIs Is my Derby choice and I think he stands standsout out He passed the acid test when he hebeat FebruaryLEE beat top threeyearolds in February LEE NITiES Trainer Coaltown raced so sowell well at Keeneland and has worked so sofast fast here that I think he is the colt to tobeat beat in the Derby DerbyALBERT ALBERT SABATH Owner arid Breeder Citation is a freerunning horse and one of the best in a long time MILTON RIESER Owner and Trainer Coaltown is a running colt and catch him in the Derby if you can JOHN McSHANE Owner and Trainer Citations record speaks for itself and I like his Derby chances over Coaltown and the others WALTER COLEMAN Owner Coaltown is one of the fastest horses in the coun ¬ try tryJOSEPH JOSEPH LURDING Owner Coaltown can win the Kentucky Derby and his Keeneland races convinced me that he is ready for the big test RALPH W SHAW Owner and Trainer Coaltown s impressive victory in the Blue Grass Stakes was a top perform ¬ ance E C DODSON Trainer Nothing to it itbut but Citation T H STEVENS Trainer Citation has done everything that they Jhave asked of him and he is my Derby choice FREDERICK SHARPS Trainer Cita ¬ tion is the best horse I have seen the last ten years yearsRAY RAY METCALF trainer of large public stable Coaltown is a cinch and I thought so from the first time I saw him break from the gate one morning at Hialeah HialeahHERB HERB FISHER rider of Head Play in the historic 1933 Derby and presently train ¬ ing for Irving Gushen I have to like Citation He is the most seasoned horse in the race raceJAKE JAKE FREEDMAN prominent Texan and owner of a large stable You ask who J like in the Derby I think Ben Jones is a living cinch ED HAUGHTON veteran trainer of a pub ¬ lic stable Mr Wright has a strong hand with his pair of Citation am Coaltown but the one that has shown me he is capable of going the gruelling distance is Mr Branns Escadru MORRIS H DIXON trainer lor Elmen dorf Farm It would appear that Cita ¬ tion is unbeatable unbeatableDON DON YATES trainer of a public stable In consideration of the way he Tan in Florida I m of the opinion that Coal town is the horse to catch JERRY MCCARTHY Detroit owner I Ilike like the Calumet entry MERRITT HAPPY BUXTON trainer I have to go along with Ben Jones whatever he runs runsCLAY CLAY SUTPHIN trainer of the Glen Rid ¬ dle Farm If anything beats Citation it will be his stablemate DANNY SHEA trainer of a public stable I cannot goagaihst Citation O L HOPPER Trainer Citation is un ¬ doubtedly the best horse although J am pulling for B F WhitakerTs My Request B 1RANK CHRISTMAS ownertrainer 111 take My Request Hes a muchrim proved horse horseWILLIAM WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN trainer of the JeffLin Stable rHow can any one go against Citation Cicero Hi May 1 LARRY H THOMPSON Trainer I do not think Citation can beat Coaltown it is strictly a twohorse race BENJAMIN FOGELSON Owner I saw Citation run and do not think he will be beaten W T WESTROPE I think Calumet P rm will run onetwo ALPHONSE French SCHWARTZ Train 4 er lifyRequest from out otltoe clouds For every champion of the day a new one has to take his place and Whitakers colt is ready for the top topC C RALPH WEST trainer of the Jaclyn Stable Ill try and knock down the choice by selecting Escadijt He might turn out to be a real tough horse horsePAUL PAUL L KELLEY Owner and trainer Calumets Citation should take the roses without a contest The only one to beat is his stablemate Either one the Joneses decide upon should be the victor victorWILLIAM WILLIAM H BISHOP Owner arid Train ¬ er Coaltown is the greatest horse of the day dayJOHN JOHN A NERUD Trainer Coaltown is the fastest horse running today todayR R W BOYENS Trainer If they beat the entry everything is all wrong wrongFRANK FRANK P AIME Owner and Trainer Coaltown all the way wayFRANK FRANK J NUGENT Owner and Trainer Coaltown will set the pace as far as asContinued Continued on Page Sixteen Calumet Entry OadsOn Kentucky Derby Favorite FavoriteHorsemen Horsemen Believe Race Will Be All Citation and Coaltown CoaltownContinued Continued from Page Seven Sevenhe he can but I believe Citation will come on and win winALEX ALEX M Country Jacobus Trainer Citation is the horse I do not believe Coaltown will start startWTLLARD WTLLARD T BEEZLEY Owner and Trainer Citation Apparently he be ¬ lieves that is enough said WILLIE MOLTER Naturally Im root Ing for Grandpere GrandpereSHERMAN SHERMAN RINGE Put me down for Coaltown CoaltownOSCAR OSCAR WHiTJbf Trainer Im going to string along with Coaltown until he is beaten I believe he can get away from Citation and the others early and retain top speed speedEDDIE EDDIE ROCHESTER ANDERSON My choice is Coaltown CoaltownM M W BRESHNEN They cant beat the Calumet Farm entry entryNEIL NEIL SULLIVAN First and second money to Calumet Farm FarmBASIL BASIL SMITH My Request is my se ¬ lection lectionE E E RUSSELL Trainer Theres but one horse iri the race in my book and thats Citation CLAUDE FELTNER Trainer You got to take Citation CitationDAN DAN CHAMBLIN Trainer Citation of course courseC C RALPH WEST Trainer Ill try and knock down the heavy favorite Citation by selecting Escadru EscadruWILLIAM WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN Trainer Cita ¬ tion is the best horse I have ever seen in competition He is my choice choiceB B FRANK CHRISTMAS Owner and Trainer My Request stands a good chance of beating Citation ROSS BRINSON Calumet entry onetwo with Coaltown on top topCHARLES CHARLES SHAW JR Trainer Citation has raced too well around me for my selection to go againsj him himJAMES JAMES McGEE Trainer Citation has shown enough early lick to indicate he is capable of staying close to Coaltown then wear him down in the final furlongr furlongrALBERT ALBERT DUNNE Trainer Quite a few races appear a tossup between two horses but seldom that they are coupled in such a powerful entry Why attempt to separate them themGEORGE GEORGE ALEXANDRA Trainer Im not a gambling man but 111 take even money on the Calumet elitry with the proviso that My Request is scratched scratchedHUBERT HUBERT KERR Owner and Trainer A true Marylander would be deserting his favorite state to select against Esca ¬ dru The colt proved in the Trial that he is a definite threat

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