Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-27

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points. 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS That Aint Hay ThatAintHav ThatAintHav Ormes Town ThatAintHav That Aint Hav 22 1 Non-Ferro Ormes Town Jammu That Aint Hay Marabout Ormes Town 10 Ormes Town Marabout Ormes Town H00.? Ormes Town Marabout 3 Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Obstinate Si 25 2 Raider LaRue Raider LaRue Raider LaRue Raider LaRue Raider LaRue Raider LaRue 10 Miss Deductive Miss Deductive Top Choice Miss Deductive Top Choice Miss Deductive 3 John Storm On Foxy Poise Storm On Foxy Poise Foxy Poise 14 3Jarrin Foxy Poise Prairie Imp Storm On Foxy Poise Jarrin John Storm On 12 Rendezvous Storm Hour Jarrin John Kardj ar Prairie Imp Jarrin John 8 Gin Champ Hoop Haven Hard Hack Hoop Haven Panache Hoop Haven 12 4 News Again Mello Jack Hoop Haven Panache News Again Panache 8 Ilk Panache Judge Beam Outlaw Gin Champ Gin Champ 6 Georgia G. La Mothe Doctors Dandv La Mothe Rosemere Chick Georgia G. 12 5 Cousin Clara Georgia G. Georgia G. Georgia G. Doctors Dandy La Mothe 10 Tama jewel Rosemere Chick Cousin Clara Rosemere Chick Georgia G. Doctors Dandy 7 Fightin Rare Bid Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Montayr Fine,Fettle 13 6Feudin Fine Fettle Rusty Brown Rare Bid Rusty Brown Rare Bid Rare Bid 11 Rare Bid Feudin Fightin Just Eight Rare Bid Fine Fettle Feudin Fightin 6 For Rent Plunger Plunger Plunger For Rent Plunger 17 7 Heutel For Rent Isomur Isomur Heutel For Rent 13 Plunger Bernrough For Rent Bernrough Plunger Isomur 4 Mr. Briar More Cheers Mr. Briar More Cheers Mr. Briar Mr. Briar 19 8 Bold Knot Mr. Briar More Cheers Mr. Briar More Cheers More Cheers 14 Fighting Cloud Bold Knot Bold Knot Bold Knot Bold Knot Bold Knot 6 VOLCANIC VOLCANIC VOLCANIC VOLCANIC VOLCANIC VOLCANIC 35 9 Chicle II. Cuore Cuore Cuore Chicle H. Cuore 7 Cuore Chicle II. Chicle II. Chicle II. The Gink Chicle n. 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANPJCAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Camille Pixie Pat Jerky Pixie Pat Pixie Pat Pixie Pat 19 ILadv Pixie Pat Captain Fin Pixie Pat Advance Cross Lady Camille Lady Camille 8 Captain Fin Jerky Lady Camille Lils Gadget Jerky Jerky 7 Eli Cookie WilksLoss Eli Cookie WilksLoss WilksLoss 17 2WilksLoss Eli Cookie WilksLoss Eli Cookie Busy Lad Old Rugged Eli Cookie 15 Apache Buck Old Rugged Court Shannon Apache Pass Eli Cookie Old Rugged 3 Lilac Blue Sickle Lilac Lilac Blue Sickle Lilac 16 3 Bold Bandit Chic Wave Blue Sickle Bold Bandit Reigh Canter Blue Sickle 13 Blue Sickle Reigh Canter Reigh Canter Chic Wave Lilac Reigh Canter 4 Sale Price Flashy Kay FLASHY KAY Airdrome Flashy Kay Flashy Kay 18 4 Cub Bamboozler Sir Cobo East Hill Bamboozler Airdrome 6 Airdrome Bendanear Bamboozler Flashy Kay Sale Price Sale Price 6 Dream Hill Count Hill Count Thistle War HILL COUNT Hill Count 21 5Pharos Hill Count . Pharos Dream Sun Tiger Hill Count Sun Tiger Pharos Dream 8 Thistle War Sun Tiger Pharos Dream Sun Tiger Battle Hero Thistle War 6 WITCH WAY WITCH WAY Bee Lee Tee WITCH WAY Will You Dance Witch Way 22 5 Badger Will You Dance Will You Dance Traveler Traveler Will You Dance 9 Traveler Traveler Traveler Badger Witch Way Traveler 7 Far Son Far Son Point Up Far Son Far Son FAR SON 22 7 Swyndor Tramore Bay Far Son Tramore Bay Ray Count Miss Point Up 7 Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand Point Up Point Up Traymore Bay 4 Onward March Athlete Monte s Ace Athlete Fleetridge Athlete 13 8 Fleetridge Fleetridge Fleetridge Fleetridge Monte s Ace Fleetridge 13 Athlete Mystery Man Athlete Sultanpepper Athlete Monte s Ace 7 Trackman, J. R. Batty AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS . Wavesab Balan Bay Star Balan Balan Balan 15 I Kontinu Bay Star Cisaua Best Punch Bay Star Bay Star 9 Best Punch Les Abeilles Wavesab Kontinu Wavesab Wavesab 7 Thoris Flitaround Flitaround Thoris Flitaround 19 2Flitaround Anukita Flitaround Smock Smock Flitaround Thoris 12 Smock Smock Thoris Thoris Smock Smock _7 Sandy Alan Sandy Alan Sandy Alan Sandy Alan Sandy Alan Sandy Alan 25 3 Apache Trail Disconsolate Our Jester Disconsolate Apache Trail Apache Trail 5 Blue W. Blue W. Blue W. Apache Trail Blue W. Disconsolate 4 Marsh Tiger Khan Count Cain Social Outcast Count Cain Count Cain 10 4 Dr. Stanley Marsh Tiger Country Coz Marsh Tiger Country Coz Marsh Tiger 10 Country Coz Social Outcast Dr. Stanley Blue Shocker Marsh Tiger Social Outcast 6 Hadassah OurDorie Hadassah Star-Enfin Hadassah 19 5HADASSAH OurDorie Lancaster Lady Level Sands OurDorie OurDorie OurDorie 11 Level Sands Star-Enfin Hadassah Star-Enfin Hadassah Star-Enfin 7 Saxony Blue Hills Saxony Saxony SAXONY Saxony 22 6 High Bracket Nullify Blue Hills Blue Hills High Bracket Blue Hills 10 Hull Down High Bracket High Bracket Hull Down Blue Hills High Bracket 6 Practise PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE Practise PRACTISE 31 7 Ceremonious Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Harlem Maid 8 Noble Sun Noble Sun Ceremonious Noble Sun Noble Sun Noble Sun 4 First Whirl Striker Pilot Artist Life Striker Pilot Striker Pilot Striker Pilot Ts 8 Striker Pilot Flying Boots First Whirl First Whirl Flying Boots First Whirl 10 Artist Life First Whirl Striker Pilot Flying Boots Artist Life Artist Life 7 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP " CONSENSUS - Hankie Bolo Runaway Under the Rug Hankie Zagging Hankie 13 I Bolo Runaway Hankie Crew-Cut Bolo Runaway Crew-Cut Bolo Runaway 10 Crew-Cut Under the Rug Hankie Coyote Bolo Runaway Under the Rug 6 Curtain Time CURTAIN TIME Curtain Time Dark Pigeon Curtain Time Curtain Time 22 2 Corinth Dark Pigeon Dark Pigeon Emergencv Hour Corinth Dark Pigeon 9 Rozs Folly Emergency Hour Flying Weather Great Whirl Ash Tray Corinth 4 Miss Shadow Her Chance Pussy Cat Her Chance Her Chance Her Chance 17 3 Slam Thru Pussy Cat Her Chance Miss Shadow Slam Thru Miss Shadow 8 Witch Doctor Slam Thru Slam Thru Jeepmond Miss Shadow Pussy Cat 7 Lions Share Even Risk Even Risk Speranzo Even Risk Even Risk 17 4 Calico Cat Star Shooter Calico Cat Even Risk Speranzo Speranzo 10 Speranzo Speranzo Speranzo Lions Share Calico Cat Lions Share 6 LITTLE GREG G.R.Petersen G.R.Petersen G. R. PETERSEN Bobs Alibi G R Petersen 20 5 Saddle Tramp Bobs Alibi Harangue Conty Bay G. R. Petersen Bobs Alibi 7 G. R. Petersen Conty Bay Cobber Harangue Conty Bay Little Greg 7 Isasmoothie Game Gene ISASMOOTHIE Isasmoothie Isasmoothie ISASMOOTHIE 23 Ari Gold Dinner Winner Game Gene - If I Game Gene Game Gene 9 Selective Isasmoothie White Cliff White Cliff ~~ White Cliff White Cliff 3 Supreme Rebut Rebut Rebut Rebut Rebut 20 7 Menippus Reinstate Supreme Martha Paula Supreme Supreme 11 Martha Paula Supreme " Martha Paula Supreme Reinstate Martha Paula 4 Relic Gold Oriole Oriole Oriole ORIOLE Oriole 22 8 Paddys Hat Paddys Hat Wise Mike Paddys Hat Wise Mike Wise Mike 6 Timus Wise Mike Daylight Time Wise Mike Daylight Time Paddys Hat 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS War Colleen War Colleen Jaconora Jaconora Jaconora 18 IJaconora Gatewoods Gal Jaconora Fair Bit War Colleen War Colleen War College 14 Beautiful Lass Dream a Bit Jaconora Fair Bit Fair Bit Fair Bit 4 Ballyneety Ruche Lucky Lick Merrymaker Ruche 10 2Ballyneety Ruche Merrymaker Adrastus Ruche Blue Nancy Ballyneety 10 Adrastus Adrastus Merrymaker Merrymaker Ruche Merrymaker 9 ~~ ~~ Gahoe GAHOE GAHOE Gahoe GAHOE 29 3Gahoe Phant Pliant Pliant Pliant Pliant Pliant 10 Alamanda Quentin Quentin Quentin Alamanda Quentin 3 Canton Soft Pedal Souffle CarysHope Canton Canton 12 4 Souffle CarysHope Blenwick Canton Blenwick Souffle 8 Monacoan Blenwick Soft Pedal Blenwick Souffle Carys Hope 7 RECLUSE Burts Reward Butler Reproduction Recluse Recluse 15 5 Reproduction Recluse Reproduction Burts Reward Reproduction Reproduction 12 Prince Consort Reproduction Burts Reward Recluse Burts Reward Burts Reward 9 The Mast The Mast The Mast The Mast THE MAST The Mast 27 6 Navy Gun Jam Navy Gun Jam Navy Gun Navy Gun 7 American Way Cherwell Jam Navy Gun Jam Jam 6 Top Luck Straight Top Luck Straight Top Luck Top Luck 18 7 Copier Top Luck Debs Daughter Zunis * Zunis Straight 11 Zunis Zunis Zunis Top Luck Straight Zunis 7 KANDILLI Kandilli Kandilli Kandilli TCanriiiii 27 8Kandilli Special Nurse Marked Game Blue Crown Blue Crown Blue Crown Blue Crown 6 Soa Special Nurse Marked Game Marked Game Imphal Marked Game 4

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