Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1953-06-12

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS1 SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigure Figure in Consensus Shew CMiyarative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points 2 Points for 2d 1 Point for 3d Todays Best to Black Type Trackman J J Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS AT HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS IP CONSENSUS R U There Goluptious R U There R U There Goluptious What A Peach Goluptious Goluptious Staggering In RU There First Verse Staggering In Altruistic WhirlHome Victoria Cross CrossAltruistic Sailors Delite Victoria Cross Altruistic Altruistic AltruisticWoodside Victoria Cross Woodside Woodside Strike Out Queen Apache SCAIRT RABBIT RABBITAmerican Scairt Rabbit Queen Apache Third Division American Plan Uncle John Scairt Rabbit American Plan Queen Apache Queen Apache Uncle John Mi Amante Agitate First Shannon Russell TS First Shannon Barbara L Russell TS Mi Amante Russell TS Golden Doll Mi Amante First Shannon Ace Captain Boomer Rocky Sir Boomer Shane Battle H Ace Captain Ace Captain Battle H Irish Flare Irish Flare Irish Flare ALBEMARLE Cullerton Sky Maid MaidAlbemarle Cullerton ALBEMARLETorch Torch of Iran Albemarle Albemarle AlbemarleCullerton Albemarle Our Beauty Sky Maid Cullerton Sky Maid Dads Degree Midwest Dads Degree Dads Degree Breadwinner Breadwinner Breadwinner Breadwinner Virginia Oaks Virginia Oaks Mr Bob Virginia Oaks The Flier FlierAdaptation The Flier THE FLIER FLIERAdaptation THE FLIER FLIERAdaptation Adaptation Mescara Adaptation Adaptation AdaptationZinc Zinc Adaptation Zinc Zinc Trackman D S Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI EP CONSENSUS Mister Mac Nifty Leavemealone Donauest Medley Maid MaidLeavemealone Nifty I Donauest NiftyMedley Medley Maid Nifty Nifty LeavemealoneBimover Leavemealone lealone Leavemealone Leavemealoner Trancer Leavemealone Medley Maid Mister Mac Bimover r Medley Maid Big Pop Lucky Chips Lucky Chips Big Pop Big Pop o Big Pop 1 1Chips Mill Boy Big Pop Big Pop Lucky Chips Lucky Chips Lucky Chips 1 1rland Lucky Chips Slumberland Sun Halo Vaparena Slumberland rland Slumberland Treada Boy Execution Treada Boy Treada Boy TREADA A BOY BOYEmerald TREADA BOY 34 34d Emerald Belle Treada Boy Execution Mio Lips Emerald d Belle Execution n Execution Hals Chick Hals Chick Daring King Execution on Emerald Belle Top Pretty PRAIRIE KID KIDAscent Short Tint Prairie Kid Top Pretty etty Prairie Kid li liKid Ascent Ascent Top Pretty Moon Love Prairie Kid Top Pretty i innt I Prairie Kid Top Pretty Prairie Kid Ascent Short Tint Short Tint i Broad Cross Foxy Adeline Broad Cross Broad Cross Foxy Adeline deline Broad Cross Foxy Adeline Broad Cross Foxy Adeline Foxy Adeline Broad Cross Foxy Adeline i Hera Lot John Alden John Alden John Alden Hera Lot ot John Alden SWEET PATOOTIEBallydam Ballydam SWEET PATOOTIESweet Patootie Sweet Fatpotie 21 Hot Penny McGrathiana Sweet Patootie Hot Penny Ballydam m Ballydam 13 13ails Ballvdam Vixen Fixit Shag Tails Shag Tails Shag Tails ails Hot Penny 4 Lotoftown Phantom Heels HeelsDealer Phantom Heels Lotoftown Sir Lionel nel Phantom Heels 16 16m Phantom Heels Dealer Lotoftown Phantom Heels Phantom m Heels Lotoftown 1 1Sir Interfere DealerInterfere Interfere Cross Bones Dealer Dealer Sir Lionel i B Minor Hi Bob HI BOB BOBJustMadeIt JustMadeIt Hi Bob B Minor Steamboat Bill B Minor JustMadeIt B Minor B Minor ar Hi Bob JustMadeIt Steamboat Bill Grand Evening Steamboat Bill JustMadeIt adeIt JustMadeIt Trackman J S Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST EP CONSENSUS Top Attraction Top Attraction Chased Again Clear Sweep SweepBruce OccupyPass 15traction Pass Top Attraction 15 i Clear Sweep Our Topper Top Attraction Bruce BruceTop Top Attraction traction Clear Sweep 7 7ance 1 Our Topper Her Chance OccupyPass Top Attraction Her Chance ance OccupyPass 6 Straight Wire Sweet Wendy G Gangland Straight Wire Sweet Wendy G Sweet Wendy G 14 Aconite Dare to Hope Sweet Wendy G Sweet Wendy G Straight Wire Straight Wire Eocene Aconite Straight Wire Justa Break Aconite Aconite Roman Way War Rhodes Roman Way Roll Call H HWar CoupDeVite War Rhodes War Rhodes Roman Way Roll Call H Black Beauty Black Beauty BeautyFenity Black Beauty Fenity To the Front FrontTo To the Front To the Front Fenity Fenity PRINCE CHARLIEHoodwink FlyLo FlyLoPrince C O Dorsett FlyLo Prince Charlie FlvLo Prince Charlie Tall Tree Case Goods THE PRINCE PRINCEBlenfly CASE GOODS The Prince Blenfly Westover Westover Donna jack The Prince Gleaned Gleaned Harlem Fresh Tonic Fresh Tonic Correct Blue Shocker Don Quixote Don Quixote Orfero Sailing Trim Sailing Trim Bottle OrferoBottle of Ink Bottle of Ink Bottle of Ink Bethsabe Bethsabe Orfero Trackman E P Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Guanahani Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo Guanahani Guanahani I King For All Mr Benton Guanahani King For All Maracabo Maracabo Maracabo Blue Copper King For All Guanahani Small Package King For All Bobsled Tod Manley John Law Gracies Lark Gracies Lark Gracies Lark Black Widow Bonsoir Alice Gracies Lark John Law Music Maestro John Law John Law Oracles Lark Logic Black Widow Black Widow Bobsled Doll Foot Irony Unattached Unattached Tempting Unattached Irony IronyUnattached Unattached Doll Foot Doll Foot Happy Rabbit Doll Foot IronyUnattached Unattached Doll Foot Irony Irony Doll Foot Irony MIDST MIDSTFleet Blue Josie Fleet Argo Fleet Argo Blue Josie Fleet Argo Fleet Argo Smasher Blue Josie Blue Josie Fleet Argo Blue Josie Puppet Fleet Argo Espantoon Midst Midst Midst Ros Clag Ros Clag STONE COLD COLDBlonde Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold 1 1Ros i Play Ball With Respect Blonde Persian Ros Clag Ros Clag Ros Clag 1 Stone Cold Lovely League Ros Clag Blue Penny Blue Penny Blonde 1Blonde Persian 2 Star of Persia Resilient Marked Game Star of Persia Marked Game Star of Persia I Brian Boru Appease Not Star of Persia Resilient Espedeco Marked Game Resilient Marked Game Espedeco Brian Boru Star of Persia Resilient Merrymaker GO A BIT BITGreat Merrymaker Great Mogul Merrymaker Merrymaker i Go a Bit BitGreat Great Mogul Hailstone Big Fib Great Mogul Great Mogul Great Mogul Merrymaker Scarlet Clover Verna Lee Scarlet Clover Go a Bit i Rough Cookie Whatdouno Rough Cookie ROUGH COOKIE COOKIEErnie ROUGH COOKIE COOKIESizzle ROUGH COKIE 24 Angry Thoughts Angry Thoughts Sizzle Thru Ernie O Sizzle Thru Whatdouno 24Whatdouno 6 6Angry Whatdouno Mickeys Jack Bougent Angry Thoughts Bougent Angry Thoughts R Trackman A E Brown SUFFOLKDOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Eternal Way Dandy Foot Dandy Foot Dandy Foot Dandy Foot Dandy Foot Dandy Foot War toro Sir Walter R Sir Walter R SLv Walter R Sir Walter R Sir Walter R Sir Walter R Eternal Way Ferro Fox Eternal Way Eternal Way My Ruthie U S Bound James B Floor Boss U S Bound U S Bound Coruscate Printers Gold Floor Boss James B Printers vGold Floor Boss Floor Boss James B Printers Gold Printers Gold Descentive James B Red Mountain Sir Country Red Red Robin Red Red Robin Red Red Robin Red Red Robin 18 Bluie West Red Red Robin Bluie West Red Mountain WalDotO Red Mountain 8 Red Red Robin WalDotO Admiral Chaney WalDotO Red Mountain Sir Country R Finery FineryCoral Dandy Wag Dandy Wag Dandy Wag Dandy Wag Dandy Wag WagFinery Coral Princess Tenn Tommy Finery Tenn Tommy U Call Finery Tenn Tommy Off We Go Tenn Tommy U Call Off We Go FineryTenn Tenn Tommy i VALPAMWatch VALPAM VALPAM VALPAMColonel Valpam Valpam Valpam Valpam Watch Union Colonel Seven Watch Union Watch Union Watch Union Watch ValpamWatch Union i iOld Hotrock Old Sol Old Sol Old Sol Old Sol Old Sol Special Nurse Special Nurse SPECIAL NURSE NURSEMartha SPECIAL NURSE NURSEBig SPECIAL NURSE NURSEMartha SPECIL NURSE 31 I Martha P Big Oak Martha P Big Oak Martha P Martha 31Martha P 7 Nothing Yet Martha P Eauihaze Equihaze Fine Art Big 7Big Oak I Andre Little Imp Sailed Away Andre Little Imp ImpAndre Andre Little Imp Andre Andre Good Shot Andre Little AndreLittle Imp Good Shot Good Shot Little Imp Little Imp AndreGood Good Sh Good Shot i Red Design Mill Point Mill Point Mill Point Safe at Home MillPoint i Main Strength Miss Meliss Safe at Home Safe at Home Mill Point Safe at Home Hatter War Main Strength Red Design Red Design Miss Meliss Red Design Young Romance E Awiwi AwiwiSupernova Blue Dandy E Awiwi AwiwiLaverne Laverne E Awiwi L E Awiwi SupernovaLaverne Supernova Newton High Laverne LaverneSupernova E Awiwi Laverne LLaverne Supernova Laverne E Awiwi Supernova Supernova Young Romance

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