Many Foals At Woodlands Farm.: Barney Schreiber Writes About Miss Marion and Her Splendid Yearling., Daily Racing Form, 1907-05-19

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MANY FOALS AT WOODLANDS FARM. Barney Schreiber Writes About Miss Marion and Her Splendid Yearlinq. In n letter tress Oakland dated May IS Barney Schreiber sa. s: "I am getting matter* in shape here to go east Bf June l. in. sport here la still moat healthy. I note what P.iib Racing Form had to say about Mis... Marlon. She foaled :i mil brother to Joe Carey this sprint and her present yearling is by Sir Heresies, ah thai hare seen him claim him to M the raciest looking foal she has given me. it looks rerj much that she j!1 be one or the moat noted brood mares In the American stud Book. One thing yon au feel assured no mare is setting aau better care ind attention than she is getting." In the letter Mr. Schreiber sent the following list ol foals which have come this year at his oodland ■ Fai do in Missouri : l "• • bj Bannockburn -Devona, by Hanorer Mares first foal. Oolt, I.. Bannockburn Belle Ward. Brother to Bannock Belle. Filly, Jjy Sain Caroline Hamilton. Bister to i: M. Fry. Iilh. by Bannock burn — Amelia May. Sister to May Amelia. Lilly, by Sir Hercules kmeUana. Mother sister to 1 1 it I 1 1 1 | Colt, by Balgowan — Kennesaw Belle. Brother to Siefc Abrams. Filly, by Sir Hercules St Bone. Half sister to T.-in Faust. "It. by Bannockbun Tendl Mares first foal. Filly, by Balgi ran Sebastlana. Halt sister to Suln II. 1 .!iy, by Bannockburn Hoffnung. Almost a sister in blood ih Horace B. Fillj . Iiy Sir Hen ules Yokohama. Filly, by Otis Slsfc r Ella Filly, by Sn Hen ales Log Aim. First f.,;i| 1 illy, by Sain Innocence. Sister t.i Plcquart. II.. hi Banockbnrn Sinfi. Half-sister to Marios Ros • Colt, by Bannock burn Schwalbe. Marea second foal. Tilly, by Mindor* Rthel Root Marea first toaL Half-sister to Kspionage. HUy, by Sain Teresa. Fall si tn- to Gehetm-■ias. Lilly, by si Hercules Ellen. SMcr to Karen-nina. Colt, by sain Yantic. Han-brother to Mrs Mat then • Gait, bj Bain Nan., iiN.ii. Half-brother to T BTora. Colt, by sir Hercules Ravalette. Half-brother to Bnrnoli I ti Filly, by sir Hercules- Sunrise. Mare a half -1--:. ;,, Mnrin !. • oil. bg Sir llercnles rr;m,.r. Mares second toal WHy. by Bannockburn Chaminade. Half-sister to Balnade. toil, by Bannockburn Lissie II. Half-brother to 1ii Kit ion. Lilly, by Sain Liberty Star. Second fort. folt. by sir Hercules -Ohio BeUe. Half-brother to Inxpo to Hatpin. Filly, bj Bannockburn BoreUa. Mare l - Brntus Colt by Bannockburn- Lady Helena. Marcs sec end foal. Colt by Bannockburn Canagnes. Half-brother to Otto Pr ic bj Sain Revoke. Marea -. id foal. «..ii. by Bannockburn Ida Carney. .Man.- first foal. Lilly, by Sain Melodious. Mares Ind foal. FJIly, i.., Sir Hercules Free Pass. II. ill sister to Edwin 11. • oil. by Bannockburn Miss Marion. Brother to Joe Carey; hall brother to Woodlands, Tom McGratb and Minnie G. This i- Miss Marlons siih foal Lilly, by Bannockburn Modwena Second toil Lilly, by Balgowan Instar. Half-sister to 11,1 ninth. Colt, by Sir Hercules Appollonia. Half-brother i . Oar Am: i Lilly, by Sir Hercules sistor to Uncle Bob. Half-sistor to lowo . Earl Rogers At rleta. Colt, by Picqnarl ifaggh Felix. olr. by Sir Hercules-j-Testiniouy. Mares second Lilly, by Sain— Malaise. Bister to Blanche C. Colt, by l.a ekburn i arda. Lull brother to Dr. Gardner. Colt, by Bannockburn— Sum. Marcs fust foaL i !i. by Bannockburn— Wlnyah. Full brother to Ban] ah. Colt, by Sir Hercules — Lucille Bramble. Marea so I foal. Colt, by orsiui S.- lintoiai. Mares first foal. Half-sister t, Mist Marlon. tolt. by Osaarj Slgnorina. Mare ■ full sister to lorn si,, Uey and Mini- , Loll, by orsiui Snindora. Marea tiisl foaL These are tbe foals up to the present time May 15 There nill he between twenty-fire and thirtj more. Most of tin- mar.-, are overdue and should .it uy time.

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