The Unsparing Reaper Takes His Inevitable Harvest of Death Among Those Identified with the Turf, Daily Racing Form, 1919-01-10


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THE UNSPARING REAPER TAKES HIS INEVITABLE HARVEST OF DEATH AMONG THOSE IDENTIFIED WITH THE TURF The unsparing reaper took his inqvitable harvest of extinguished life in 191S from the ranks of men connected with racing in various lines of endeavor. Venerable in years, James W. Guest was probably the senior of all the owners who went on their last way. Long ago he was the breeder and owner of the grand race horse Terra Cotta. Another who had lived many years and bulked largely in breeding and racing was Col. Milton Young, long owner of the McGrathiana Stud near Lexington, Ky. Two men who for years "raced good horses east and west under the name of Turney Bros, and were of good repute on the turf died late in the year at their homes in Kentucky. Another decedent well known was William F. Schulte, who. besides being a breeder and owner, was at one time president of the New Louisville Jockey Club. William O. Scully, known east and west as a man of infinite wit; Louis A. Cella. extensively interested in his time as part owner of many race tracks and many useful racers; Capt. R. R. Rice of Arkansas, prominent in the racing over western tracks twenty years back; H. C. Hallenbeck, owner of the Kentucky Derby winner Wortli and other good racers; Grover C. Baker, W. Hundley Baker and Jesse Lewisohn were others of prominence in the affairs of the turf who answered the last call. Of the trainers who died, Jacob Pincus was the veteran and high in f:yne and esteem in England as well as in this country. Matthew S. Allen and Charles T. Patterson also ranked high as trainers and in their days prepared some of our greatest race horses for their careers on the track. 1 Xo jockey of the first rank is in the years mortuary list, out among those who paid the great debt were several who gave their lives doing the part of true men in the Great War across the seas. Unto them all honor. In England Lord Falmouth and Sir John A. Miller, the latter owner of Rock Sand when he won the. Triple Crown and the former owner of Clarissimus when he won the Two Thousand Guineas in 1910. were the most prominent owners who died. Fred Ricknby, a masterly jockey, along with such riders of less fame as Bara, Griffin, Holdsworth, Loader, Markham, Tarr, Tate and Watts, died gallantly in battle. The death list of the year is as follows: Owners and Breeders.. GROVKR C. BAKER Owner, St. Loins, Mo., .July S. W. HUNDLEY BAKER Owner, Cincinnati, 0., December. 0; influenza. WILLIAM BROWN Owner, France, November; injuries received in war. W. C. CAPPS Owner, Baltimore, Md., October 23. LOUIS A. CELLA Race track owner and former owner of racing stable, St. Louis, Mo., April 29: typhoid and pneumonia. MANUEL LUCIANO DIAZ Horse owner and member Cuba-American Jockey Club,-Havana, Cuba, January 2. J. L. DESTRAMPES Owner, Havana, Cuba, July killed by shooting. RICHARD C. "CAD D0GGETT Former owner and trainer. New. York, October 10;, influenza. "JAMES""" W7"GtKST Former ownerarid -"breeder, Stanford. Ky., May 1. HARRY C. HALLENBECK Owner, Shrewsbury, X. J., April 11; acute indigestion. J. O., HOLDER Former owner and trainer, Jacksonville. Fla.. October 21 ; heart failure. B. BLAKEMAN LEWIS Owner and amateur rider, France, January; killed in war. JESSE LEWISOHN Owner, Xew York, November 30; pneumonia. L. MALOXEY Owner, Havre de Grace, Md., October 5; influenza. TERRY McGOVERX Former owner. Brooklyn. X. V.. February 22; pneumonia and kidney trouble. JAMES W. McGUE Owner and trainer, Zanesville, .. October. IL MEISE Owner, New York, September 21; heart failure. E. MINTER Owner, Havre dc Grace, Md., October 7; influenza. V LIEUT. -COL. BARTLETT McLENNAN Canadian owner, France, August 3; killed in war. GEORGE MORGAN Former owner, Cincinnati, O., May 28. GUS A. MULLER Owner, Atlantic City, X. J., June 17. JAMES PALMER Former owner, Nashville, Tenij., January 23. 0. G. PARKE Breeder and owner, Kyle, Tex., August 19. RICHARD PURYEAR Former owner. Cincinnati, O., March 31; injuries received from a fall. CAPT. It. R. RICE Former owner, Varner, Ark.. January 9; dropped dead. W. J. RILEY Owner, New Orleans, La., December 25. J. CLAUDE RODGERS Breeder and owner, Lexington, Ky., August 15; killed in automobile accident. WILLIAM F. SCnULTE Owner and breeder, Louisville. Ky.. April 24; dropsy. G. W. SCOTT Owner, Dallas, Tex., February; dropped dead. WM. OWENS SCULLY" Owner and trainer, New York, May 2. W. H. SHADLEY Former owner, Louisville, Ky., June 3. ? JOHN TODD, Owner and breeder. Eminence, Ky., October 11. AMOS TURNEY Breeder and owner, Paris, Ky., October 14; iieart failure. CLELL TURNEY Owner; Paris, Ky., November 3; influenza. T. AMP.BOSE WOODS Owner and member of Ontario Jockey Club, Toronto, Out., May 14. COL. MILTON YOUNG Owner and breeder. Lexington, Ky., May 5; uraemic poisoning. Trainers, MATTHEW S. ALLEN Brooklyn, X. 1.. June 2fi. CLIFF HAMMON Saratoga, X. Y., July 2S; ap-pedicitis. W. F. MARTIN Havana, Cuba. December 11. CHARLES T. PATTERSON Hollis, Xew York, X. Y., March 27; acute indigestion. JACOB PIXCUS Mt- Vernon, X. Y., January 23. FRED SMITH Drowned at sea. JOHN" A. SYKES Havre de Grace, Md., September 27; Brights disease. Jockeys. WILLIAM ALLEX Former steeplechase jockey, October 9. Laurel, Md.; suicide. HEXRY ALEX Jockey, October 21, Brooklyn, X. Y. ; influenza. . J. RAKER Steeplechase jockey, February 2v ew York. X. Y. DAVID BISPHAX Gentleman rider, 1918, France; killed in -war. BOOTH BRYANT Steeplechase jockey, October 15, Laurel, Md.; buliet wound. JOHN CLARK Steeplechase jockey, October 20, Camp Mead, Mdl; influerxa. J. CRAIG Steeplechase jockey, October 13, Laurel, Md.; from injuries received in a fall. HARDY B. DURHAM Former jockey, January 0, Hendersonville, N. C. PETER HAGAN Former steeplechase jockey, October 15, Baltimore, Md.; influenza. STANLEY HOLLIS Former Steeplechase jockey, June 3, France; killed in war. C. II YAMS Former jockey, June 3, Cincinnati. FRANK JACKSOX October 27, Covington, Ky.; influenza. GEORGE LO MAS October 29, Baltimore, Md.; influenza. W. McCREERY Former American jockey, October 9, Hoppegarten, Germany. FRANK MERCHANT Former jockey, October 21, New York, N. Y.; pneumonia. R. MORTIMER Gentleman rider, 1918, France; killed in war. JAMES MULRENAX Former Jockey, October, France; killed in war. WILLIAM XUTT rFormcr jockey, February 8, Buffalo. X. Y. JOHN OBRIEN former trainer, and Jockey, October 2, New York, N. Y.; influenza. PATRICK ONEILL Steeplechase jockev, Mav 17, Baltimore. Md.; result of fall at Pimiico Mav 10. PHILIP J. OTIS Former jockey, February 20, San Francisco, Cal. J. PARKER Former jockey, France; killed in war. HERMAN SCHWEBIG Former jockey, November 21, San Francisco, Cal.; killed in automobile accident; GEORGE SEAMAN Former jockey, May 17, El Paso, Tex.; cancer of the stomach. "MICKEY" SHANNON Former jockey, November 0. Lexington. Ky. HENRY "MOOSE" J. TAYLOR April 2, Denver, Colo.; pneumonia. M. TIGHE American steeplechase jockey, May 4, France; killed in Avar. THOMAS TUCKEY Steeplechase jockey. March 3, Woodhaven, I. I., New York; Tuberculosis.. JOSEPH W-AaSOX Xvembr2? -Pimlico. Mfi, from injuries received in street car accident. ARTHUR WRISPEN January 11, Havana, Cuba; following an operation for appendicitis. Deaths Others Connected with the Turf. II. M. AYERS Turf correspondent, Reno, Nov., June. JOHN BOLES Former bookmaker, Greenwich, Conn. ; pleuro-pneumonia. RICHARD "HYDER A LI" L. CAREY. JR. Former turf writer, . Montgomery, Ala., March 1; ncci-. dently severely burnt. LIBERTY BASCOM FIELDS Former judge at Latonia track. New Orleans, La., Mav 24. DAVE HOLLAND Builder of Aqueduct track, Atlantic City, N. J., January 5. DAVEY JOHNSON Bookmakers clerk, Philadelphia, Pa.; April 15. RICHARD A. JOHNSON President Maryland State Fair Association, Laurel, Md., November 24; apoplexy. SOL LICHTENSTEIN Bookmaker, New York, N. Y., June 5; killed by fall from window. JOHN LYSAGHT Turf follower, Buffalo, N. Y., May 7. JERRY MAIIONEY Stable foreman, Xew York, X. Y., December 21; apoplexy. LAWRENCE "MOBILE LARRY" OTOOLE MCDONALD Turf follower, New Orleans, La., April 15. ROD McMAHOX Bookmaker, Buffalo, X. Y.. March 24. I. M. MEYERS Former bookmaker, Xew York, X. Y.. February 7. VAL MILEY Turf follower, Xew York, X. Y., May 13; heart disease. CHARLES MILLER Stable foreman, Xew York, X. Y.. December 20: influenza. S. R. "STOXEY" MOXTGOMERY Former president New Memphis Jockey Club and turf official. Hammond, La., February 25; consumption. GEORGE NORTH Former bookmaker, Asheville, N. C, Xovember 1. DOXALI POXS Gentleman rider, France; killed in war. WM. QUIXLAX" Former bookmaker, San Francisco, Cal.. September 24. J. MORTON SCHNEIDER Caretaker of the Churchill Downs track. Louisville, Ky., June 21. J. F. SCIIOLKS Turf follower, Toronto, Out., March 4. WESLEY -SH I MEALL Former Iwokmaker, Hollywood. Cal., February 2. E. S. SKEAD Official of the Connaught Park Jockey Club. JOHN J. SULLIVAN Race track employe, Cincinnati. O.. October 25. B. J. "KID" WELLER Bookmaker, San Francisco, Cal., October, Foreign Deaths Owners, Breeders, Trainers, Jockeys and Others, JACQUES BARA Frencli, jockey, France; killed in war. CAPT. G. B. BLACK English gentleman rider, France; killed in war. II. E. BRIDGLAND Former French jockey. France, July. THOMAS CARTER French trainer, Chantilly, France, April. JOHN CASEY Irish bookmaker, Dublin, Ireland. J. R. COOIER Irish owner and breeder, Drinagh, Ireland, January. WILLIAM DELANEY Australian jockey, Sydney, N. S. W. i JAMES EAST English trainer, England, September 10. LORD FALMOUTH English owner and breeder, Merewortli Castle, England, October 1. W. J. GRIFFIN Former jockey, France; killed in war. LIEUT. G. H. HEASMAN English amateur rider, Salisbury Plain, England, January; fall from aeroplane. JOHN H. HILL South Australian trainer. South Australia, August 15. MAJOR W. HOLDSWORTH English steeplechase jockey, France; killed in war. T. LANE English jockey, Ireland. J. LISTER English jockey, Ruhleben, Germany, January. TOM "DARBY" LOADER English jockey, France, January; died of injuries received in war. HARRY LUKE Former English jockey, England, December. 1917; heart disease. JAMES LYNCH Australian trainer, Sydney, X. S. W., September 19. MICHAEL LYNCH Former English jockey, Newmarket, England, September. WILLIAM C. MANNING Clerk of scales at Newmarket, England, August. GEORGE MARKHAM English jockey, France; killed in war. D. MKAY New Zealand jockey, France; killed in war. Continued on second page. UNSPARING REAPER TAKES HARVEST FROM THOSE IDENTIFIED WITH TURF Continued from first page. PERCY MENARD Irish owner, Ireland, March 13. SIR JOHN A. MILLER English owner, Newmarket, England, February 10. SAM MORDAN Former English jockey, Fordham, -England.! VI line .14. W. AGNEW MURPHY Irish breeder and owner, Osberstown, County Kildare, Ireland, January 2G. G. M. REED Australian trainer, New Zealand, April. FREDERICK RICKABY, JR. English jockey, France; killed in war. THOMAS SMITH- French trainer, St. Germain, France, May. CLAUD TARR South African jockey, France; killed lu war. JOHN TATE English jockey, France, May; killed in war. I L. .WATTS English jockey, France, January; killed in, war. E. V. WILSON Former English steeplechase jockey, Llanternam, Stratford-on-Avon, Eng., January 29. " -

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