Vancouver Salmon Fishing: Two Specimens Readily Take the Hook and Abound in the Rivers., Daily Racing Form, 1919-07-23


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VANCOUVER SALMON FISHING Two Specimens Readily Take tho Hook and Abound in the Rivers There are two kinds of salmon In the Pacific Coast waters that will take the hook and arc therefore available to sportsmen These are the Spring Tyee and the Cohoc CohocThe The Spring salmon sometime attain a great size At Campbell River Vancouver Island I think the record is fiftysix pounds caught on rod and line The Cohoe rarely weigh more than twelve pounds but though small they are game and therefore fur ¬ nish excellent sport sportMost Most of us are aware that the Pacific Coast salmon may pnly he caught on hooks during certain seasons and at the mouths uf rivers The salmon after coming from the open sea pause a few days in their migration at the mouths of rivers up which they run It is during this pause they may be caught Tlie exact limits of the seasons vary in different rivers and I will not pretend to give the limits I will say however that August and September are the best months monthsTwo Two of the best known rivers in Vancouver Island are the Campbell and Cowitchan Rivers both of these are easy of access and have good hotel ac ¬ commodation boats and boatmen also neither of these rivers is near the canneries canneriesThe The Campbell River is probably the best salmon river on the Pacific though I must say that fishing there te no poor mans hobby hobbyThe The itert that makes fishing oh the Campbell expensive is the absolute necessity of an exiwricnccd boatman I remember in 1912 the services of a boatman cost 500 per day including boat for about five hours fishing two and onehalf hours twice a day during slack water The necessity of a boatman may be realized when it is known that the tides sweep between Vancouver and Vaidez Island at ten to twelve miles per hour Without a boatman one is looking for trouble but with one safety and good fishing are sure to be enjoyed enjoyedOn On the Campbell River fish of forty pounds are caught and landed on light tackle every season while catching fish of twentyfive to thirty pounds is almost a daily occurrence occurrenceCampbell Campbell River is at the end of tne island high ¬ way an excellent automobile road to Victoria there is also a good steamboat service to all coast points pointsNot Not only is the salmon fishing not to be sur ¬ passed anywhere on the Pacific but there is In the immediate neighborhood trout fjsliihg that I main ¬ tain cannot be equaled anywhere in the world beautiful lakes amid a primeval forest and over fehadowed by Alpine mountains capped with perpetual snow these lakes teem with fish fishBIG BIG SALMON ON SEVERAL RIVERS RIVERSCowitchan Cowitchan River about two hours run in the train from Victoria empties into Cowitchan Bay a lovely seaside resort where fishing may be en ¬ joyed along with the pleasures of a family summer holiday Bathing boating and fishing within this lovely landlocked bay are pleasures which can be taken at all hours with perfect safety safetyThe The hoteL accommodation is good and cottages may be rented Again no boatman is needed and one has merely to follow tlie crowd to catch fish At Cowit ¬ chan Bay fishing may be carried on all dayr though as usual dawn and dusk are the best However the sweet tasting silvery sea trout seem to have but little preference for time of day dayAt At Cowitchan Type and Spring salmon are not often caught lieaviqr than twentyfive pounds and the Colipes average about ten pounds poundsThere There are tvo schools of fishermen the one use about one hundred yards of young rope and a Number 7 Stuart spoon or wabbler the other using the same bait but substitute a trolling rod and about three hundred yards of light line The tackle used were a Bristol steel trolling rod three hundred yard of Cuttyhuuk linen line and a Number 7 Stuart bait baitSuch Such catches are hardly representative We stayed at the bay four mouths and had the bent catches of the season Taken as a whole our average daily catch was bout one fish per day I Itmay be asked Is this not being a game IiogV 1 reply no It must be remembered that all these fish are destined to die in a few weeks We dis ¬ posed of our fish by giving them to the Indians who smoke them and use them as a staple article of diet The Indians having found that the white men will fish for love of it and are willing yes anxious to giv their catch away fish themselves little and only when their potlatch gift supply falls short of needs Thus do we cater to tlie lazi ¬ ness of the Sivash SivashLastly Lastly I can promise a good summer of health giving pleasures and sport to any who wish to spend Angustr or September on either of the described or on the hundreds of other beautiful B C Rivers E D Sismey in Rod and Gun in Canada

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