Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1923-03-16

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Daily Racing y Form Handicaps XT JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem beat in Fridays races are Jefferson Part ffovr Orleans La March 15 1923 1 A J Buja Ink Castilla 2 Sea Mint Archie Alexander Grayson 3 Lady nose Bemorecareful Tender Seth j 4 NEDDAM Gondolier Ralco 5 Irish Pat Reel Foot Hillhouse G Little Ed Exhorter Devonite DevoniteJ J L Demosey DemoseyNew New Yorlc Uniullcnp 1 A J Buja Kiwanah Ink Anna Chestnut 2 Archie Alexander Ogarite Grayson I Spring Vale 3 LADY ROSE Tender Seth Glenlivet Pan Panasain asain 4 Neddam Hermis Kemble Crack o Dawn DawnFannie Fannie Bean BeanS S Hillhouse Irish Pat Minnie B Little Ann 6 Devonite Exhorter White Haven Ber Bermont montChicasro mont Chicasro and Buffalo Handicap 1 A J Buja Ink Gladys V Kiwanah 2 Minute Man Fast Trial Spring Vale Ru ¬ pee 3 Waywassamo Tender Seth Bemorecareful Lady Rose 4 NEDDAM Hermis Kemble Gondolier Fannie Bean 5 Hillhouse Irish Pat Macbeth Little Ann AnnC C Jacobina Bennont Devonite Exhorter ExhorterObservers Observers Handicap 1 A J Buja Castilla Ink Homer 2 Minute Man Sea Mint Spring Vale Gray son 3 Tender Seth Bemorecareful Waywas samo Panasain 1 NEDDAM Ralco Hermis Kemble Fannie Bean 5 Macbeth Hillhouse Irish Pat Little Ann AnnC C Blazonry Burgoyne Jacobina Exhorter ExhorterConsensus Consensus of Handicaps 1 A J Buja Ink Kiwanah Castilla 2 Minute Man Sea Mint Archie Alexander AlexanderSpring Spring Vale 3 Lady Rose Waywassamo Tender Seth SethBemorecareful Bemorecareful 1 NEDDAM Hermis Kemble Gondolier GondolierFannie i Fannie Bean 5 Hillhouse Irish Pat Macbeth Little Ann C Little Ed Devonite Jacobina Blazonry HAVANA HAVANAThe The horses which seem best in Fridays races are Oriental Park Ilarana Cuba March 15 1923 1 Mumbo Jumbo American Eagle Mambi 2 Midday Gonwithim Queen Mazonia 3 Cuba Encanto Redmon Assumption 4 Chile The Wag Toe the Mark Tan II Johnny OConnell Whippoorwill U THE ROLL CALL Cromwell Salvo SalvoT T K Lynch LynchNew New Yorlc Handicap 1 Mumbo Jumbo American Eagle Colossus Mambi 2 Rosie H Queen Mazonia Gonwithim Bob Prater 3 WAR MAP Salamander Spods Confed ¬ eracy 4 The Wag Mary Reigal Hazel W May rose 5 Blazing Fire Jno R Roche First Pullet Ray Atkin AtkinC C Watereo Roseate Cromwell The Roll CallChicago Call Chicago and Buffalo Handicap 1 Bloomington American Eagle Mumbo MumboJumbo Jumbo Colossus 2 Rosie H Midday Queen Mazonia Charles CharlesWhitney Whitney 3 Cuba Encanto Big Son Confederacy j Spods 4 FOREWARN Chile Mary Reigel Hazel HazelW W 5 Hush First Pullet Whippoorwill Jno R RRoche Roche C Cromwell Watereo Salvo Roseate LL LLObservers Observers Handicap 1 Mumbo Jumbo American Eagle Bloom ¬ ington Carrie Baker 2 Rosie II Midday Queen Mazonia Gon ¬ withim 3 Cuba Encanto Redmon Big Son San Diego 4 Toe the Mark Chile Forewarn Miry Reigel 5 TAN II Cromwell Whippoorwill Johnny OConnell OConnellC C Cromwell The Roll Call Roseate IL Wa ¬ tereo tereoCoiiscnNtii CoiiscnNtii of Handicaps 1 MUMBO JUMBO Bloomington American Eagle Colcssus 2 Rosie H Midday Queen Mazonia Gon wiUiim 3 Cuba Encanto War Map Redmon Big Son 4 Chile The Wag Forewarn Toe the Mark 5 Tan IL Blazing Fire Hush Whippoor ¬ will 6 Cromwell The Roll Call Watereo Rose ¬ ate II TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are Tijuana 3fcx March 15 1823 1 Tom Brooks Steve Wilton Arrow 2 Jay Mac Dora T Lava 3 Nellie Harper Tennilee Phyllis K 4 Charmant High Heels Onwa 5 Pud Scraps Ruth G Feylance Krewer Georgie 7 ROMANY Reap Coffield S Brilliant Bauer Kinglike KinglikeG G W Schilling SchillingXevr Xevr YorJk Handicap 1 Tom Brooks Steve Cork Dalwood 2 Counsel Yorkshire Maid Dancing Star Emclda 3 James G Kahani Nellie Harper Book ¬ worm 4 Onwa Charmant Marion Fluke Ruth Harrigan 5 El Roble Pud Royal Maid Lady Leonid 6 Georgie Krewer Feylance Supercargo 7 ROMANY Reap Coffield Capt Clover CloverS S Kinglike Phrone Ward Jack Bauer Harry D DChicago Chicago and Dnflnlo Handicap 1 Tom Brooks Shenandoah Cork Dehra 2 Jay Mac Dora T Lava Chattan Court 3 Phyllis K Tempy Duncan Freddie Fear Kahani 4 Charmant MaxSne Ruth Harrigan Ma ¬ rion Fluke 5 El Roble Pud Lady Leonid Brown Belle 6 KREWER Jim Daisy Feylance Georgie 7 Coffield Romany Doubtful Reap ReapS S Kinglike Harry D Jack Bauer Phrone Ward WardObservers Observers Handicap 1 TOM BROOKS Cork Shenandoah Wilton WiltonArrow Arrow 2 Dora T Lava Jay Mac Counsel 3 Tcnnilee Phyllis K Tempy Duncan DuncanJames James G 4 Onwa Charmant Striker Ruth Harrigan 5 Peter Pierson Pud Babe Ruth Scraps G Supercargo Krewer Feylance Georgie 7 Reap Romany Doubtful Coffield S Phrone Ward Jack Bauer Kinglike Harry HarryConsensus HarryD D Consensus of Handicaps 1 TOM BROOKS Cork Steve Shenandoah 2 Jay Mac Counsel Dora T Lava 3 Nellie Harper James G Phyllis K Ten ¬ nilee 4 Charmant Onwa Ruth Harrigan Marion Fluke 5 El Roble Pud Peter Pierson Scraps ScrapsG G Feylance Georgie Krewer Supercargo 7 Romany Coffield Reap Doubtful 8 Kinglike Brilliant Ray Phrone Ward Jack Bauer

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