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2 LIVE I XXX SUPER TODAYS transactions are made to order ar Invariably successful, particularly at AURORA HEED, won ; QUIN CHIN, won ; BY GOSH, -n won, and several others. Ever cognizant of th demand we must furnish information of the H WE RECOMMEND TOD of the beat there is obtainable. Inspection invi you paid fifty times the price asked, it would PAY-OFF day for "RIXEY" FOLLOWERS. Terms: Daily. Probable Oc Out-of-town Clients, WIRE. CH As previously indicated, THIS IS A BUSI ■eckinR BONA FIDE KNOWLEDGE, not "tip BY ALL MEANS. Rush vour subscription NO todays are two genuine LIVE XXX SUPER £ . "The Ori GEORGE Suite 404, 64 W. Randolph Street All Phones REAr JACK WILSON Internationally Known as Parlay King J — TWO HORSES DAILY— 1142 Broadway, Suite 806, Mew York City - Look, Again I Walloped the Layers! YESTERDAYS TRANSACTIONS: HFCanberra . .Ran 2nd-"lK; IGLittle Cyn Scratched-!! MONDAYS TRANSACTIONS: BARBARA 5.94, Won 4EALOES Ran Second SATURDAYS TRANSACTIONS: ROYAL RUBY 4.04, Won VALENTINO $ 8.40, Won FRIDAYS TRANSACTIONS: CARIN 4.84, Won FIRE ON 4.36, Won THURSDAYS TRANSACTIONS: SUN RAJAH Lost 1 TIRZA $ .38, Won I WEDNESDAYS TRANSACTIONS: THEO. FAY Lost AlILECROSS $ 3.08, Won TUESDAYS TRANSACTIONS: MISSIONARY 9.10, Won SUN O CHEN 6.10, Won MONDAYS TRANSACTIONS: WILD ROSE FM ENTRY. $ 7.50, Won KINO CARTER $ 5.10, Won 1 SATURDAYS TRANSACTIONS: GRAND DAD 5.34, Won SUNFIRE 0.30, Won FRIDAYS TRANSACTIONS: LITTLE E 6.50, Won MIRAFEL $ 5.38, AVon » •3rDo Not Miss Todays-?! WW Parlay — 0- "TpE DONT MISS TODAYS TRANSACTIONS—EXPECT 0-. If out of town, wire daily, via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Please include correct name, address and phone number. Immediate service. Telegrams sent out Immediately. IfflPH MASTER EATINGS, OCCASICNALS, For Sale at All Newsstands. TODAYS FREE CODE CHURCHILL DOWNS: Memphis - Jewel - Latent - Lagoon-Nexus. And right here let me tell you that here 5s a colt placed right, and word has been received to I get DOWN STRONG, thats all. Todays "Soft Play" is cherry-ripe and. from word received, you simply cannot afford to miss this trick. For this one ask your newsdealer for the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER — AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. Todays Occasional Is a Smashing Mudlark thats going to be CUT LOOSE today. Under no consideration miss this chance for a t.RAND CLEAN -IT. For this one ask your newsdealer for the Master dockers Occasional FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS lORSES SPECIALS id comes to us from a source that has been l, where we released such transactions as ron; WOODFACE, won; PAUL BUNYAN. le fact that in order to keep our wares in IGHEST CALIBER, AYS AS A SAMPLE ted. My price is more than reasonable. If I be fair, for TODAY will be another BICS j Ids 8 to 1. Not a Favorite! ICAGOANS: Call in Person. IESS MANS SERVICE, for those who are I s." I strongly urge you to get TODAYS [ ! W and wager with absolute confidence, for j i SPECIALS. ginal" * V. RINEY Chicago, III. j born 2683-2684 j j j« WEEKLlT" RACING GUIDE WORLDS GREATEST RACING WEEKLY rWO GREAT FREE INFORMATION SERVICES CARMACS CODE HORSES Always Winner on a Flat Play. ne Horse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest Expert. CARMACS RELEASE FOR WEDNESDAY: AURORA: Three-Wlre-Break. CARMACS TUESDAY RELEASE: Miyme and Reason, 4-1, Won For Code Buy Issne of May 12. George Burkes Phone Specials LUESDAYS iEORCE BURKE PHONE SPECIAL: Dinner Dance, .94, Won Available in Chicago. Cincinnati, New York and New Orleans. See Weekly Racing Guide for Telephone Numbers and Code Words Weekly Racing Guide Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly On Sale at All Newsstands Price Twenty-Five Cents J06 SO. WABASH AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. ANDY IS COMING NAMED BY PEOILE: "HONEST OLD ANDY" My old friends have bogged me to come out of retirement, saying "Honest Winners are Needed." Important announcement tomorrow. SI RPWARfl Mail tl,is ad and 4o post" S *j nCVinnU age and you will be K B rewarded with a free copy of "TIIE SE- K I CRET OF BEATING TIIE RACES." a 16- I I page booklet of real inside information. No I I clia-pe. No obligation. 3 | J. K.WILLIS "andand I?/" § DONT GAMBLE ON THE RACES Play horses that FIGURE to win. Accurate handicapping is simple when you know how. There is no excuse for any one not knowing how to handicap. Full particulars FREE — no strings attached. Secure your free copy of "Pick Your Own Winners." Learn to handicap, and be a winner. Write TODAY. E J BELL 10407 Clifton Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio EHORMOLS WINNING POSSIBILITIES! FREE! There are Men who FREE! FREE! will tell you that the FREE! FREEi Racescanno.be beat FREE! Beat the Mutuels Every Day Let me show you what 1 have found — mail this ad for quick information. Possibilities simply wonderful to run a "shoestring" into a "roll." L. C. WOODS, "Gaston" URBANA, ILL. Dept. A. 865 CLOCKER N. ROGERS TODAYS FREE CODES: AURORA: France -Lot -Lead. CHURCHILL: Cuba-Rope-Peas. HMSI] "THE PARLAY KING" DAILY | JACK BATES MAKES GOOD AGAIN j j YESTERDAYS RELEASE: ? POLICEMAN DAY 4.60, WON I CHARMARTEN 6.04, WON j Winning information is what my clients expect from me, and that is exactly | what I have been giving, as the above release will show. I ANOTHER LIMIT PARLAY TODAY I have exceptional word on two good things for today and have the assurance - of my friends that nothing has been left undone to release another winning parlay | for my clients. ; You have yourself to blame if you are a loser when service such as this can I be had. . IF YOU WANT WINNERS— SEE JACK BATES j - Wire or call at my office. No waiting. Service rendered immediately ! j Office honrs: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. ! JACK BATES I 123 WEST MADISON STREET, ROOM 1120 CHICAGO, ILL. jj John McAuliffe and~CV DAILY— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY WE RELEASE STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. THESE TWO HOUSES ARE ADVEHT1SED IN THIS PUBLICATION. WIN OR LOSE. HONEST. LEGITIMATE TURF INFORMATION. WW DO NOT MISS WEDNESDAYS BIG PARLAY m TWO HORSES AT AURORA-TWO PROBABLE WINNERS POSITIVELY WIRED ALL WESTERN CLIENTS IMMEDIATELY YESTERDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Char marten, 6.04, Won Climax, $ 9.70, Won If vou want to subscribe to a legitimate concern, where you receive nONEST TURF INFORMATION. SUBSCRIBE TO JOHN McAULIFFE ft COMPANY. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED. HT Today — 0 to Probable Win Parlay — Today ~M DO NOT MISS THIS BIG PROBABLE WIN PARLAY Two probably good-priced winners. Subscribe today. Do not miss this big parlay. Under no consideration should anyone miss these two good things going at Aurora today. All old clients are advised to subscribe for todays two horses. TODAY IS THE DAY. This is your opportunity to cash on a limit probable win parlay. SUBSCRIBE TODAY. Do not miss these two horses under any consideration. SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! We have a special department to handle out-of-town subscriptions exclusively to Insure immediate service. Under no consideration should you miss our information. It makes no difference how small or how big a bettor you may be, you cannot afford to miss our two-horse parlays. SUBSCRIBE TO A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. HONEST TURF INFORMATION. AN HONEST. FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL IS ASSURED TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. EVERYBODY IS TREATED ALIKE. NO PARTIA LITY— NO DISCRIMINATION. BONA FIDE. LEGITIMATE TURF INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses within an hour. - JOHN McAULIFFE and CO., 200 Broadway, New York City j. j. desmond" DAILY— TWO HORSES DAILY J You Have Subscribed to the Rest — Now Subscribe FOR THE BEST1 1 "DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE ON THE SQUARE-RACING PUBLIC BEWARE— IMITATORS I HAVE PLENTY. BUT COMPETITORS NONE TO THOSE WHO MERELY READ MY AD. READ AND WEEP ! ! YESTERDAYS TRANSACTIONS: WW BRAZEN 2.14, WON -« iT POLICEMAN DAY 4.60, WON ~JM NOTICE: The above two were the only ones released. I dont give three or four horses, advertise two. I give two and only two horses. TODAY— 50-1 PROBABLE WIN PARLAY— TODAY W REPRESENTATION AT ALL .MAJOR TRACKS "WB The two horses that you receive are the horses that are advertised — win or lose. If you are seeking bona fide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One days trial will convince you. Once a client, always a client. Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money is received. No waiting for my service. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED EVERYBODY LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK Wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses immediately. Service six days a week. J. J. DESMOND. 1123 BROADWAY, SUITE 361, NEW YORK CITY Billy Kellys OH, BOY! 7 Code Book No. 351 KELLYS CODES FOR WEDNESDAY: W§K FAIRLY BEGGED YOU sAiU7Ri2H7A33. TO GET ON CHURCHILL DOWNS: - ■. :._._ ..... -, . . esterday s Jockey Special E 1 37 12 41 : "KSandS" Welcome, 0.88, Won T * JAMAICA: B-25-2-44-43. Yesterdays Daily: SMITHVILLE: — . . i™..,, r™,,™ n„»s„ Rejoice, $ 7.62, Won Paul Bunyan $ 5.78, Won Here n »■ chance; Tuesdays Mwwwwub, TODAY— BARGAIN Hot Time $ 5.86, Won TUESDAYS JAMAICA CODE HORSE: WT* FREE "PE Rhyme and Reason, 4-1, Won jockey special A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, two dollars. Ea h l"rson Kettinc our daily service will get todays fl00- probable winner. Sold by your dealer, or direct from William Burke Kelly »-only-« 2."i EAST CONGRESS STREET , . wj»«i. NOIRE: w We must have .%00 people wire CHICAGO, ILL. in for this horse to pay our trackman, who Paid for jt- EVEKY WIRE AT ONCE. _______________ . -— Wire early. Will reach you in one -half hour. ™lllPiP!l™ FINAL WORD SERVICE CHURCHILL: Club-24-5. 200 Hudson Street New York City AURORA: King-4-5. __ _ ______

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