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Clocker Leslie Blair THE BELL , Two-Horse Wire Last-Minute Information by Telephone One Horse Daily Direct Track Connections, DAILY— AT ALL NEWSSTANDS SATURDAYS INVESTMENT Big Players Pay 00 a Day WON for th* same information that Clocker Leslie Blair has arranged to release through the ™»™«™«».«— — 1 Central News Company at daily. Blairs big private clientele has paid more than the AT rinn nnnQ above amount for his information during the last twenty years. Can you afford to miss M I uUUU UUL/O this opportunity to cash in on real information at nominal cost? making three winners out of four received from cur new connection, and again proving that Remember, this is direct track information— not cold-dope handicapping or hocus-pocus The Bell deals in first hand information only. Again we are informed that picking. Blair is clocking the horses himself every morning. He is reporting to the trainers MAMHAVC DCI I I WX/CCTMFMT who employ him and knows when the stable means business. IVHJIMUMT O DLLL I IN V CO I IY1IL1N I He never releases a horse until every angle has been covered. He makes no mistakes. f the source as furnished Saturdays winner and, from advance word Bad racing luck may beat some of his releases but, day after day and week after week, received the outcome should never be in doubt. Tonf/rTnrKFH ¥ f4t Clients of The Bell are urged to send in their subscription early. Our connections Tm 4TR TtTTTX-q ptttw WTfl TWO TTOTjmrq a DAY ThT«* MUTTON AS 5 PFRT tf|t *ms haVe hit their Stride- and the reSUltS ShOUld be bettPI" than Whtn The BeU released 8Uch TVTTH PTK OF THE UV QLALITY mTY OP OF HIS INFOR- KFOR. MOffimttwRKraNVWrm a ,arge gtring of consecutIve winners that astonished the turf players. MA I ION. WATCH TUB KibULib AJL BE CON VINCJS.U. old know the kind of information they It is not necessary to urge our clients, as they ;o newsdealer members of the Central Suites Newsdealers Group today and to your receive New n have to subscribe to prove to themselves that winning information ask him for the Weekly Bulletin giving full details of Clocker L.eshe Blair s Two-Horse b . d w * r Wire and the method ly which this information will reach you. _ This office is now accepting weekly subscriptions at 5. Wire your remittance today. SubscriOG Personally " at Office, Or by Telegraph CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY 5 DAILY 25 WEEKLY Exclusive Agents for ciocker Leslie Biair __ -_ randB"I 1 10 North Clark Street Suite 1102 180 WeGt Washington Street Chicago, III. | B-i B4 rr*! I Telephones: RANdoIph 6228 and 6220 Phones: si Vic 3182-3163 A JL ALJ MmmWM il di 4 CHICAGO ILL. J- J- p esmond" TlMiyCI®€Ulllli Yen Have Subscribed to tho Rest— Now Subscribe FOH 1HE BEST! I I EM — Sr jtJtjffiSand* jikand.CTand*9andS ggl ■DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE ON IKE SQUARE" BHI ff—UMzZffiS, g JLLJMyBafg5$ 2xand±2T*Z.d Bl g RACING PUBLIC BEWARE— IMITATORS I HAVE PLENTY. BUT COMPETITORS NONE MSK~ -C/fo r~-* j4*jandandB fHaf JandL* J ± N JBkW TO THOSE WHO MERELY READ MY AD, READ AND WEEP ! ! rif r J* K* ,7 ~* ji _J5v STELLA.L.KD.A.Y.S. F f * »*STURDY r.,. ....... 5.80, Won « §pp-HEDEMORA $ 9.80, Won-m The "Pink Sheet" Price, Fifteen Cents W TODAY— 50-1 PROBADLE WIN PARLAY— TODAY ""TO tm-representation at all major tracks -*B Harry Bassetts X Special: The two horses that you receive are the horses that ore advertised — win or lose. , . If yon are seeking bona tide, legitimate turf information, subscribe. One days trial will q oillUrGciy . convince you. Once a client, always a client. BLACK DARLING . $ 6.40 WON Out-of-town clients receive the advertised two horses within an hour after their money ia v " received. No waiting for my service. Friday! A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL ASSURED EVERYBODY LEADING LADY SCRATCHED LEGITIMATE INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK Thlirsdav* Wire Tia Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses *" Immediately. Service six days a week. ISOARD $ 4.94, ,...-.»■ WON j. j. desmond, 1123 Broadway, suite 301, new york city Wednesday: _ZZIZZIZIIZZZZZ!ZI PAUL BUNYAN $ 6.34, WON Tuesday: tviww mr-rvurr2rvr"nrr3-v fl/ETIF V MISS chiniquy lost WthKLY " ■ KFitlliIflMiiaN W1LDRAKE L0ST yyiMii.tiwuk! mafic guide*™ saturday.: •■* 2ND Friday: MASTER RATINGS. OCCASIONAL, WORLDS GREATEST RACING WEEKLY «" AV/iATriD K AO VA/OM FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS A V I A I UK ? O.OU, VVUNI TiVYRCHiLTEDowN: TWO GREAT FREE INFORMA- Thursday: Brffalo-Flow.Lea.e-I.agcon.Lewl. -i-.ai ernv/t-e LITTLE COLONEL $ 6.78, WON FAIRMOUNT PARK: TION SERVICES mSim!TfS!!iSfSf Eight Davs — 5 Winners — 1 Second — 2 Losers PARLAY SHOII.D PAY 10-1 CARMACS CODE HORSES and So pet the NEW WEEKLY, 35 eents at news- _ . ; . , — , etands. Always winner on a Fiat piay. Buy Daily Racing Guide for These Winners and Call .».«.-« WABash 7007 for W m. M.W J % 0n* Horse " Day Seected by Americas Greatest Free PhOlie Specials LixJrxs/Je* carmacs R°ieas€ f,r M°nday at chur hi" D°wns: © r5i-cT *o #-* ,?%£ *** **£ in -Iaq, ™~~ Uglily KaClFIS 111106 rorr FREE rnnr CODE u/nu WON AGAIN kckw — ««. «* — « *** *■ % . _ . . 2S rTICe, ID r UeiltS at Ail AM IeVVSStanaS + * SATIRDAYS FREE CODE: SATURDAYS CARMAC RELEASE: ROUS RoyCC 1.10, Wen PETER SNOW. . . $ 3.95, WON «" Plymouth Court Chicago, III. We certainly arc HITTING IT NOW on these ,-, . -,. 0 . , I ™ free conn? George Burke s Phone Specials i Wlam T"" llfl.74 Won "b" " c"k -/=»."■ - ~ "a Q - 1 PAR,!AY 1 O - 1 Nothing wronsith these Trices, are there? So See Weekly Bacin* Guide for Telephone A -». By WIRE "*• ■*" Numbers and Code Words ■■■ejiilii .md BR HI rush riKht mi to vour NEw wkkkly 3 , WtMf Racing GbWc Goes June 2 Dont Miss It o/aJf jfV| fr tfTfB I "" ■111* -ml un-xt Saturdav, we will have another rpo. i:il wire parhn nlii.h h..ould t-c a |? If It iaZT illS Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly TWO-HORSE "WIN" parlay, which will be wired to nil ml.s, riUrs. Our price for this inforniat:ou I I Vll A ACAfiflfi • 0„ Sale at Au cwsstands is on!* 52 and we believe that the parlay SATURDAYS -soft TLAY : Price Twcnty-FiTe Cents SHOULD WIN AND PAY AT LEAST 10-1 ■n a i a i nj £Qg §q WABASH ATE CHIC4G0 ILL. n act- ■■ snre are we that we will have two winners at fair odds, that, if the parlay we wire * * I amnact Sk A tyA VfAn " vou does not prove a winner and PAY 10 to 1 at least, we will mail yon OALI.OlS WKEKI.Y. with I lCUIUCSly t|/ ««/j 1 1 Vfil ================================= CALLOPS PARLAY PAGE and instriu tions, for six weeks, and wire yuu .Al.l.Ui .S regular Saturday FRIDAYS 0 FRF.E SPECIAL: *2 DOUBLE WIRE PARLAYS for Saturday, June Hth, FKEK. ___ •—mwmm—mmm** Act qujr.ij]y get your subscription to us in time. Dont miss this spec ial parlay. You can send l — l— NAiTflOif . 7 Aw Waii your subscription to us either by mail or wire but. in either case, SEND YOUR ADDRESS. Just Bend vOHli uclgtma, p I.HrU, liUIl « IW 1 / i W 9 *2 and say: "For yonr "Special 101 VaTh*- by wire.- anV rr nay1!K:7.;hI,A;T!;,:Y A N 1 1 A I, A I N ! GALLOPS, 2 1 9 S. Dearborn St Chicago, 111. MASTER ULOUKERS 1 SHEET. JTaill/ flUlilil • Same name, same address for years. We do not issue daily sheets nor "tips" of any kind _-/m * «j.m for sale through newsdealers. WE RECEI E MAIL. I V SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: I ElS ft V Sl?3IAl ifl Badger Face.... 4.93, Won AVAXandA V Sturdy Stella... 5.88, Won T*ll T 11 f ATI %1 W 0 Free Special -ZTZ* Billy Kelly s AProspective Winner PAY AFTER YOU WIN A 10.1 SHOT They Are Home Code Book No. 353 i-. I 1 ■■■ ■ . ji II I I _,. .. , -. , . .. . Wire me your name and address lmmedi- JL m, M, .J JL KA A M, That s how confident tho boss Is. . , . . . liCQ and I feel confident *■-,-. I can win you a; .,„TT.t. ™™, ™ mm~m.*-m PIAY WIN ANN PIAfF V LIMIT PARLAY « IWnOOWmMQUim: Bood bet on a hrrse which wll be a sure! ** * iLrll nill illlU ILfltL ATTRORA- V-2-10-22.38 starter at Louisville The winning service in this eountry-- This is a SMASHING COLT that theyre coins h. CHURCHILL: R-40-16-7-S6. TMCrCnAV M A V OQ BAU to CUT LCOSE today. Ycu CANT afford to ■!■ "«»» UbbUAY. WIA Y dj I WIiMWT. BELMONT- V V -4H-W-iO-3. 4fl 52 40 2T it. so rush rijrht now to juur newsdealer and ask _ _ - for the CP7 1 flr*9 §■ r" FAIRICOTJNT: R-17-54-22-21. This is a real opportunity to win a good. / " *iVI*117 THORNCLIFFE: 1-2-14-52-16. b«t and I want all reading this advertisement 1 k II 7 M I PTrn n Ari/Tn TV F r DAILI mAblEK ILUlMiK JJI J"Ja I dfluY ■««■ *-«-m-ml to Eet m touch with me at once. _AT ALl NEWSSTANDS. ■ ■ SMITHVLLLE: J-39-54-48. I am not asking a penny in advance. This n- w* . rv. M||B Please wire early and cet your two horses SATURDAYS Mil I III II I ■ CODE HORSE: horse must win for me to profit and, if you WTm bargain Offer andk l" ;ou C4N T mi „, balefull $ 4.60, won izi ss: SffiTui TSJSTJi Both |2 Occasional and Sheet, sent one week, 0. FRIDAYS SM1THV1LLE CODE nORSE: the Louisville meeting. 440 8. USandS rfE ""SB**, ILL. ZTJS ,.. LEMON SETH .... $ 6.00, WON MY OFKKP IS_Bet |S to win for me. tele- : » ,rc r mu.an ts 7 eany. uniy uauy. graphing me the winnings after you coilect. = SATURDAYS CHURCHILL CODE HORSE: , j final word service wm «*«*«a*bi¥ »•» wmmwmm. FAIRMOUNT TEMPEST " 94 WON *" MAY 26 TO JULY 7 200 HUDSON STREET NEW YORK CITY JAMES J. BAKER I will get real information from dependable A new book with new code published every mmm winin mm n people which will enable me to furnish one probable — — — — — — — — — — — — _ . __ *■*• •»»•» wai.ui »i., i,uusui,i,r., Tnrumir ai. Thursday- Prlce. two dollars. w.nner each day at Faim.ount. ================r=== —————— =======——-==-—- My terms are: You remit promptly by wire the winnings of a $•" straight play, less cost of wire. .■.■-J.----»-------- Sold by your dealer, or direct from H. /ffT"1 ftT 1 T 7T* M~** /T1 IT Wire or write if yuu want tins service, giving your |/j E-« IXJ Gv/r4 I . I | PI IVlI-lllj 1 V 1-i VlV-f 1 11 Mreet address • * 1 .. .. TN «1 Y* ««* •*.«••■ Kay AVontaek. »»:. Third St.. Madison, 111. [JailV KaClllg tiUlCe WllKTTI RlIlLp If flllv " roU VP f ™P al y" an at "- -** ■ ■■■■■jfcl IWiIllll ■"■lM wir i «-«r Tf 1111011 1 1/Ul 1C lVCllY handbooks and poolrooms. Iist ten days eapital ilfldlal Hl ] Ilia I— r* t-r £x hf fnnai*c matI i1: May *■ to ,a,• *17 "i"-1 m«de *XT 0¥8Al5 AT AU, NE-PTANDS.-* llClb llie VV IllllClb 25 EAST CONGItESS STBEET It twelve months 4 capital made f 1.180. Special thirty day trial, w rlte me. MONDAY S IHKE ODES: ChnrehiU: Jack-4-«3. Thorncliffe: Spade-23-14. - --»- J CHICAGO, ILL. RICH WILLIS - • • ft Dayton, Ky.

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