Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-03-11

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- MBMSSSl Best of Day 1 I I TZn ftBSr- FAIR GROUNDS 2nd PANSHALA f" TROPICAL PARK 6th .... SINGLE KAY .-ywrfr JrVfcT j SKIJAj I If j- tLjsSS HAVANA 7th MURMURING TINES . I AGUA CALIENTE 4th PANDA FAIR GROUNDS Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO A A A A DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Graphite Babble Graphite Beau Wrack Beau Wrack Hidden Thoughts Beau Wrack 24 1 Beau Wrack Mylnver Noon Play Hden Thoughts Graphite Beau Wrack Graphite 22 Hidden Thoughts Noon Play Polyfon Graphite Agnes Sorel Beauty Bride Hen Thghts 14 Panshala Panshala Panshala Panshala Panshala RealPardner Panshala 42 2 Firade Firade RealPardner Firade RealPardner Firade Real Pardner 22 RealPardner RealPardner Firade RealPardner Tweeney Panshala Firade 18 Paint Box Merovech Paint Box Merovech Merovech Paint Box Paint Box 36 3 Merovech Paint Box Merovech Paint Box Paint Box Merovech Merovech 36 Michigan Lad Catwalk Baldy Tinker Baldy Tinker Baldy Tinker Gay World Baldy Tinker 6 Honeyman Honeyman Black Tyrone Black Tyrone Honeyman GettinEveri Honeyman34 A Black Tyrone GettinEven Tony Joe Honeyman Black Tyrone Black Tyrone Black Tyrone 30 Laughing Boy Blimp Honeyman Tony Joe Tony Joe Honeyman GettinEven 14 Walter D. Princess Camelia Walter D. Espinaca Princess Camelia Mexico Pess Camelia 28 5 Pcess Camelia Busted Espinaca Walter D. Mexico Prince Hotspur Walter D. 24 Prince Hotspur Espinaca Princess Camelia Leiter entry Espinaca Princess Camelia Espinaca 16 Orloff LadyCouvin Our Grief Adsum Orloff Our Grief Orloff24 fi Worldly Lad Orloff Orloff NellKuhlman . Our Grief NellKuhlman Our Grief 22 Adsum Worldly Lad NellKuhlman Our Grief LadyCouvin Worldly Lad LadyCouvin 10 - Stop Gap Rave Stop Gap Lillian T. Sun Friar Sun Friar Sun Friar 20 Black Patricia Albazano Eager Play Albazano Rave Rave Stop Gap 18 Sun Friar Crowned Head Sun Friar Stop Gap Black Patricia Lillian T. Rave 16 TROPICAL PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. e RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO A A A A DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Laura Clay Dark War Laura Clay Dark War Dark War Dark War Dark War 36 Social Bee JaneBoggess Dark War Laura Clay Jesting Laura Clay Laura Clay 24 Jesting Gden Princess Jane Boggess All Play Toy Town Toy Town Jane Boggess 6 Tuskegee Black Watch Black Watch Tuskegee Black Watch Tuskegee Tuskegee40 2 Dunnellen Tuskegee Tuskegee Black Watch Tuskegee Black Watch Black Watch 36 Black Watch Kavanaugh Dunnellen Dunnellen Dunnellen Dunnellen Dunnellen 12 Jillion Stretcher Tiger Prince Orkin Tiger Prince Orkin Orkin24 3 Stretcher Orkin Jillion Jillion Jillion Stretcher Jillion 22 Fauquiers Pride Prince Toy Orkin Tiger Prince Orkin Jillion Tiger Prince 18 . " DonRomiro DonRomiro My Purchase My Purchase My Purchase DonRomiro DonRomiro36 A My Purchase Jambalaya Jambalaya DonRomiro Jambalaya Jambalaya My Purchase 30 Jambalaya Prince Fox DonRomiro Jambalaya DonRomiro My Purchase Jambalaya 20 . Miss Ida Celtic Prince Celtic Prince Celtic Prince JimmieL. Wave Top Celtic Prince 32 K Bi Bi Miss Ida Wave Top Wave Top Celtic Prince Enro Miss Ida 16 Celtic Prince . Enro Bi Bi Miss Ida Miss Ida Celtic Prince Wave Top 16 Single Kay Single Kay Single Kay Single Kay Single Kay Single Kay Single Kay 48 R HomeWork Home Work Lapidary Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work 22 Bo Ballot Lapidary HomeWork Lapidary Bo Ballot Afridi Lapidary 8 , Sancroft Sancroft Winnie C. Winnie C. Ultramarine Ultramarine , Ultramarine 28 Winnie C. Montgomery Md Ultramarine Ultramarine Winnie C. Winnie C. Winnie C. 28 Ultramarine f Pal to Pal Harum Scarum Sancroft Sancroft Sancroft Sancroft 22 : HAVANA T Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for muddy track. : RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO A A A A DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS : Adelaide A. Victorious . Lerack Lerack Wooly West Lucy Menifee Lerack 24 Lerack Lucy Menifee Adelaide A. Adelaide A. Lerack Adelaide A. Adelaide A. 22 Victorious Wooly West Victorious Victorious Adelaide A. Victorious Victorious 18 Bachelor Prince Meal Money Morvion Bachelor Prince Bachelor Prince Morvion Bachelor Prce 34 2 Morvion Silver Wave Bachelor Prince Morvion - Morvion Bachelor Prince Morvion 28 Lucky Nancy Golden Sweep Master Durbar Arrogant Master Durbar Silver Wave Meal Money 8 " Stylish Mack Darkayress Darkayress Darkayress Darkayress Flying Plume Darkayress 34 Q Xylophone Xylophone Stylish Mack Stylish Mack Water Fowl Clearance Stylish Mack 18 Clearance Finnath Xylophone Xylophone Stylish Mack Xylophone Xylophone 14 Excursion Singing Kid Rough Rider Excursion Golden Title Rough Rider . Excursion 28 4 Singing Kid Excursion Golden Title Golden Title Excursion Excursion Rough Rider 18 Rough Rider Staracene Singing Kid Singing Kid Singing Kid Chilly Gal Golden Title 18 m Little Gyp Joan K. Little Gyp Sun Worship LaGolondrina Sun Worship Sun Worship 32 5 Sun Worship Patangon Sun Worship AdaEpinard Sun Worship Fifia Little Gyp 22 La Golondrina Sun Worship Ada Epinard Little Gyp Little Gyp Donday La Golondrina 10 Host HerbAshby HerbAshby Host HerbAshby Misnomer HerbAshby34 q HerbAshby Host Winnie Jo HerbAshby Host Sandals Host 24 Winnie Jo Confidential Misnomer Misnomer Misnomer HerbAshby Misnomer 14 Murmuring Pines Star Murmuring Pines Murmuring Pines Murmuring Pines Chill Wind Murmg Pins 38 7 Elmer H. Murmuring Pines Star Star Star West Point Star 20 , West Point Chill Wind Chill Wind Chill Wind Chill Wind Murmuring Pines Chill Wind 16 AGUA CALIENTE Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO A A A A DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Segunda Panganath Segunda Segunda Bonsilla Bonsilla Segunda32 1 Chief Almgren Segunda Panganath Bonsilla Panganath Panganath Bonsilla 26 Bonsilla Bonsilla Bonsilla Panganath Segunda Segunda Panganath 22 0 Miss Zelpha Princess Ceuta Purple Light Purple Light Experiment First Purple Light Purple Light 28 Material Lady Aggie Master Toney Material Hawes Bill Henry Miss Zelpha 12 Purple Light Miss Zelpha Material Master Toney SayerM. Miss Zelpha Material 10 n Carilina Martinas Starkist Don Jr. Don Jr. Starkist Starkist28 O Don Jr. Starkist Don Jr. Starkist Chilly Flight Martinas Don Jr. 24 Starkist Bonnie Betty Martinas Martinas Martinas Decline Martinas 18 Panda Panda Panda Panda TommieKirnan Panda Panda 42 4 Ono Judge Austin Ono Sir Dean Judge Austin Ono Onol2 Judge Austin Gallop Along Sir Dean Gallop Along Gallop Along Gallop Along Judge Austin 10 Bellarion Bellarion Argue Athens Athens Bellarion . Bellarion24 5 Ella May Argue Kansas Hope Argue Kansas Hope Argue Argue 22 The Lone Trail Umbrian Pncess Athens Kansas Hope Argue Athens Athens 20 Captain Fried Front Man Graceland Silver Man Silver Man Mardie Silver Man 22 Q Bertrand Mardie Shasta Bullet Front Man Royal Carlaris Graceland Mardie 14 Silver Man Silver Man Captain Fried Graceland Bertrand Front Man Front Man 14 Lakeland Facchina Facchina Facchina Scotch Made Cuevas Facchina32 7 Facchina Cuevas Cuevas Lakeland Cuevas Facchina Cuevas 24 Cuevas Toto Dapper Cuevas Star Mistress Toto . Lakeland 14 Jack Enarc Kings X. Jack Enarc Jack Enarc Black Velvet Gabbo Jack Enarc 26 O Gabbo Cordon Bleu Gabbo Kings X. Cordon Bleu Buddy M. Gabbo 20 Cordon Bleu Jack Enarc Cordon Bleu Gabbo Gabbo Black Velvet Kings X. 12 Anchor Light Runshot Anchor Light Facsimile Early Anchor Light Anchor Light 28 y Alma Borland Facsimile Facsimile Anchor Light Moane Keala Moane Keala Facsimile 16 Bafflorette Alma Borland Moane Keala Alma Borland Alma Borland Early Early 10

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