Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-11-03

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i i i LATONIA 7th ......DR. PARRISH iWT lrir T7PTTATO tTI riMuco 5:. ...pilate JJJLlllljJI XJg TANFORAN 2nd WITEOX LATONIA Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for heavy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Playing On Playing On Playing On Flag Wave Lotus Bud Miss Kid Playing On 26 1 Miss Kid Lady of Grace Lotus Bud Lotus Bud Miss Kid Flag Wave Miss Kid 20 Flag Wave Miss Kid Miss Kid Kievette Flag Wave Playing On - Flag Wave 16 JazAge Justina JazAge Gibbys Choice Spud JazAge JazAge 28 2 Spud Town Limit Town Limit JazAge Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice 20 Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice Spud Town Limit Gunfire Justina Spud 14 Flying Dere Annie Ormont Flying Dere Mudraker Mudraker Mudraker Mudraker 38 3 Mudraker Mudraker Mudraker Annie Ormont Flying Dere Lutie Schuster Flying Dere 20 , Perfect Dream Perfect Dream Perfect Dream Migosh Annie Ormont Red Polly Anita Ormont 14 Charley O. Black Torch Charley O. Pre War Pre War Charley O. Charley 0. 30 4 Babiola Foolish Fellow Pre War Jacobs Ladder Black Torch Black Torch Pre War 22 Copley Square Hoosier Prince Jacobs Ladder Copley Square Charley O. Pre War Black Torch 16 Last Attempt Just Ormont Prince Reno Prince Reno Last Attempt Prince Reno Prince Reno 24 5 Just Ormont Sunny Bob Last Attempt Glynhurst Sunny Bob Just Ormont LastAttempt 20 "Gloria Diane BagoVGold Gloria Diane Sunny Bob Green Wave Gloria Diane Just Ormont 16 Loyal Louie Loyal Louie Lady Jay Storm Angel Lady Jay Zeus Prince Lady Jay 26 q Epidemic Manassas - Storm Angel Lady Jay Storm Angel Lady Jay Loyal Louie 20 Lady Jay Storm Angel Loyal Louie Zeus Prince Loyal Louie Storm Angel Storm Angel 20 Clasbys Choice Dr. Parrish Dr. Parrish Clasbys Choice Dr. Parrish Dr. Parrish Dr. Parrish 40 DrParrish North Vernon Clasbys Choice Lady Gibson Clasbys Choice- Lady Gibson Clasbys Chce 28 Lady Gibson Southland Lad Pretty Penny Southland Lad Lady Gibson Clasbys Choice Lady Gibson 12 0 Star Play Nisia Lady Dean Star Play Star Play Stop Gap Star Play 30 0 Stop Gap Star Play Stop Gap Plutarch Stop Gap Plutarch Stop Gap 20 Plutarch Plutarch Princess A. O. Lady Dean Dick Porter Star Play Plutarch 12 PIMLICO Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO " DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Reservist Judge Judy Bush Ranger Polar Brush Reservist Bush Ranger Reservist 22 2 Swinhaven Swinhaven Chatterfol Swinhaven Chatterfol Swinhaven Bush Ranger 16 Judge Judy Reservist Judge Judy Reservist Polar Brush Reservist Swinhaven 16 Band Wagon French Knight One Chance Band Wagon Band Wagon Band Wagon Band Wagon 38 2 Shapfell Band Wagon French Knight French Knight Gift Magic One Chance French Knight 22 French Knight Gift Magic Band Wagon Gift Magic French Knight French Knight One Chance 12 The Doctor The Doctor Colossal Colossal The Doctor Colossal Colossal 34 3 Colossal Purlie Prize Day Fair Bill Colossal The Doctor The Doctor 30 Black Princess Gay Party . Gay Party Tazewell Gay Party Prize Day Prize Day 6 Iseult Hell Diver Projectile Iseult Iseult The Pelican Iseult28 A OldBaldy Projectile OldBaldy Idealist Projectile Iseult Projectile 18 Projectile Knights Gal Iseult The Pelican Hell Diver OldBaldy Hell Diver 10 " Pilate Pilate Pilate Mate Pilate " Pilate Pilate 48 R Mate Mate Mate Pilate Mate Mate Mate 30 St. Brideaux Monel St. Brideaux Chief John Polonaise St. Brideaux St. Brideaux 6 Tetrarchal Celtic Prince Black Watch Home Work Black Watch Tetrarchal Tetrarchal24 C Allanah Dark Ayr Tetrarchal Allanah Tetrarchal Home Work Black Watch 18 u HomeWork The Point The Point Black Watch Brave and Bold Brave and Bold Homework 14 Sunvir Sunvir Sunvir Banderlog General Lejeune MissCorinne Sunvir28 7 Banderlog Renewed Miss Corinne Modern Times Sunvir Unencumbered Miss Corinne 18 Miss Corrine Modern Times Banderlog General Lejeune Banderlog Sunvir Banderlog 16 TANFORAN Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO , DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS ""Royal Chef Maryse SunK. Chiming Bells Red Comet Red Comet Red Comet 26 1 Red Comet Wanda D. Royal Chef Red Comet Royal Chef SunK. Royal Chef 20 .x Dupee Red Comet Charming Hills Royal Chef Wanda D. Royal Chef SunK. 12 Witeon Witeon ... Brillante Witeon Witeon Witeon Witeon 46 2 Brillante Sugar Pie Witeon Sugar Pie Asgo Brillante Brilliantel6 Miss Joan Isleton Sugar Pie Badger Face Sugar Pie Badger Face Sugar Pie 12 Ervast Bolodora Fairy Lass, Fairy Lass Straightaway Fairy Lass Fairy Lass 32 3 Straightaway Ervast . Ervast Ervast Gerard Ervast Ervast 24 Fairy Lass Gerard Straightaway Straitaway Barbara Lee Barbara Lee Straightaway 16 Calome . SarazenH... SarazenH. SarazenH. Eskimo SarazenH. SarazenH. 32 A . Mild Flag.Time Flagtime Flag-Time Calome Eskimo Eskimo 16 Suniday Mild Eskimo Eskimo Flag Time Flag Time Flag Time 16 Tap Dance Tap Dance TommieKirnan Tap Dance Burnam - Tap Dance Tap Dance 34 ; 5 Duplicity Duplicity Garnish Triassic Duplicity Triassic Duplicity "14 Tommie Kirnan Garnish Burnam Duplicity Tap Dance Burnam Tomie Kirnan 10 Ogygia Parn.ell.Bdy Christie Flanagn Christie Flanag"n Christie Flanagn Lieut. Kelly Chr. Flanagan 28 O Play Bird Christie Flanagn ParnellBby ParnellBoy Lieut. Kelly RufeMcClain ParnellBoyl6 Torch Torch Valley Queen Torch Dealer Torch Lieut. Kelly 12 Voyage June Moon Voyage June Moon Voyage Voyage Voyage 36 June Moon Dlggins June Moon Voyage Hec June Moon June Moon 30 Flying Somers Sure Hills Sure Hills Brown Thistle June Moon Missive Diggins 4

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