Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trockmon, W A- Willig Lincoln Fields 0 1 Ha Wthome Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST ~~ P11AR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 *££and£ S Maihigh Mariorie S. Mariorie S. Mariorie S. Mariorie S "2 | Gold Fancy Mariorie S. Victory Feet Maihigh Maihigh Maihigh A Pamphlet Replication Suemae Inscovette Inscovette Gold Fancy 2 2F-?!d«ri?,ti- i* kib,ej"andFliBllt Liberty Flight Liberty Flight GOLD TINT Liberty Flight 19 Liberty Flight Gold Tint Gold Tint Gold Tint Liberty Flight Gold Tint 18 Pririas Cloe-Flight Gay Thorn Whosyourgal Bagnell Dridas 1 Spirsilla Spirsilla Spirsilla Spirsilla Spirsilla 2S 3Soirsilla RnPn11 Whatuknow Blue Grail Rule Easy Blue Grail B?ue Grail 6 Bean Pot Omanette Rule Easy Omanette Rule Easy Rule Easy 4 Juke Box Observer St. Jock St. Jock St. Jock " StTjock 15 4 inm Cooling Spring Observer Observer Observer Observer 11 Valdma ™ Clown Bolo Babe Vinum Cooling Spring Juke Box Juke Box 6 COBEGGO COBEGGO Roval Risk COBEGGO Cobeggo COBEGGO 28 5 ?SSiv l11"1?- JJ" £°beReo Royal Risk Roval Risk Royal Risk 10 Tideovei Royal Risk Tideover Brilliant Jr. Baby Gold Brilliant Jr. 3 Holdall Jfrolda" HARRIET SUE Harriet Sue Holdall Holdall 15 6 Harriet Sue Wise Moss Wise Moss Bring Me Home Wise Moss Harriet Sue 15 Believe Bring Me Home Signals Bloke Wise Moss Harriet Sue Wise Moss 7 Vanflag Vanflag Vanflag Vanflag Vanflag Vanflag 25 7 Cirio Random Breeze Cirio Valdina Vicar Cino Cirio 7 Passan Cirio Gainer Hickory Jim Random Breeze Random Breeze 3 Here Now aln0i7. , Here Goes Maurice K. Here Goes Here Goes 13 8 Maurice K Town Victory Maurice K. Here Goes Maurice K. Maurice K 11 Shoot First Here Goes Mr. Mais Valnor Valnor Valnor 7 Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ICalexico Sweepnack SWEEPNACK Calexico Sweepnack Sweepnack 21 Sweepnack Epaway El Osuna Sweepnack El Osuna Calexico 10 . El Osuna El Osuna Red Spirit Epaway Epaway El Osuna 6 PRETTY PLANE Pretty Plane Pretty Plane Myfirsttoday PrettvPlane Pretty Plane 24 2 Myfirsttoday Myfirsttoday Myfirsttoday Pretty Plane Play Easy Myfirsttoday BeaL. Funrow Bea L. Bea_L. Myfirsttoday BeaL. 3 Muzz Transong Miss OBlocky Muzz Vegas Pesty Muzz 13 3 Vegas Pesty Trudican Vegas Pesty Vegas Pesky Muzz Vegas Pesty 1 1 Waza walla Muzz Real Sweet Wazawalla Real Sweet Transong 5 Cherriko Cherriko Cherriko Cherriko cTlERRIKO 25 4Cherriko Restoration Foulard Foulard Restoration Bright Trace Restoration 6 Bright Trace Restoration Victory Play Bright Trace Restoration Bright Trace 4 Fly Off Fly Off Fly Off Fly Off Flv Off FlvOff 25 5 Calmara Calmara Calmara Calmara Larksnest Calmara 9 Tav Larksnest K. High Proof Larksnest Calmara Larksnest 4 Crack Reward CRACK REWARD Crack Reward Joes Choice Joes Choice Crack Reward 20 6 Bob Mann Fire Ahead Iron City Crack Reward Bob Mann Joes Choice 12 . Fire Ahead Joes Choice Joes Choice Bob Mann Crack Reward Bob Mann 5 Spare the Rod Sun By SUN BY Notforme Sun Bv 17 7Notforme Hit It SunBv Snare the Rod Spare the Rod Sun By Notforme 1° Sun By Mister Big Notforme Notforme Spare the Rod Spare the Rod 10 Flying Pigeon Bozie Bozie Bozie BOZIE Bozie 24 8 Bozie Mintack Saueezit Saueezit Saueezit Flying Pigeon 6 Baron Omar Baron Omar Mintack Flyin? Pigeon Baron Omar Saueezit 6 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSI S 1 5U?V , K- Doiko K. Dorko K. Dorko K. Dorko K Dorko ob | K. Dorko Ten to Ace Dusty Terse Dusty Dust? I Teise Terse Ten to Ace Bud Grey Ten to Ace Terse 7 2?Siu Xf,r£en Pollryarden Dolly Varden Ore-the-Lea New Weapon DoTlv Varden F9 Little Shifter Army March Army March Dolly Varden Dolly Varden New Weapon 1 New Weapon Brevithorn Ore-the-Lea Army March Army March Ore-the-L?a 6 Grey Hood Raylywn Raylwyn Raylvwn 3Raylywn Ravlvwn 20 Nordmeer Cosev Grey Hood Grey Hood Nordmeer Grey Hood 1 GalaReigh Nordmeer Nordmeer Cosev Gala Reigh Nordmeer 6 Skylighter Liberation Skylighter Skylighter Brack Skylighter" 16 4 Challenge Play Court Jest Liberation Court Jest Challenge Play Liberation 7 Commodore K. Skylighter School Man Challenge Play HaPpy C Brack 5 TWOSY Bertie S. Twosy Twosy Twosy Twosy 23 5 Silver Smoke Rovalong Silver Smoke Bertie S. Bertie S Bertie S 10 BertieS. Twosv__ Bellicose Subdued Silver Smoke Silver Smoke 5 Devil Diver DEVIL DIVER Devil Diver DEVIL DIVER DEVIL DIVER DEVIL DIVER 31 6 Flood Town Apache Apache Apache Apache Apache 1 MrsAmes Brownie Brownie Salto Brownie Brownie 3 7?P£ie Frere Jacques Frere Jacques Frere Jacques Frere Jacques Frere Jacaues 20 Jims Boy Manadru Red Pixie Red Pixie Baron Jack Red Pixie n Manadru RedPbde Baron Jack Baron Jack Re/pjx.™ Ba?on5ack 4 Oatmeal Moon Maiden MOON MAIDEN Moon Maiden Moon Maiden Moon Maiden 23 8 Flaught Flaught Oatmeal Flaught Oatmeal OatrnVal to Moon Maiden Bold Dan Flaught Oatmeal Flaught Flaught J Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAI1_LAP_,_ SWEEP CONSENSUS Curler Phoness Curler Curler Famine " Curler n 1 WE?, Lost Mate Famine Lost Mate Curler Famine II _LpstMate Fernlet Fernlet Famine Lost Mate lS Mate 2 Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room No Quota Tack Room TackRoom 21 2 Caesar B. Tyrone Caesar B. Caesar B. Caesar a Caesar B 9 NoOuota Caesar B. First Looie Tack Room Tyrone NoQuota 6 Pressure The Demander Pressure Pressure Pressure prf«jVitrit m 3 Hand Wave Pressure The Demander V.olturno The Demander ThDemander in - The Demander Volturno Handwave Handwave VoSurno Handwave 4 Chancegain High Boss HIGH BOSS Brides Biscuit HIGH BOSS HighBoss 19 4 Foxwise Foxwise Chancegain Chancegain Foxwise ChancVgain lfl Bndes Biscuit Zax Brides Biscuit Selectee Chancegain Brid?sBf4uit 7 BLACK OBJECT JOHNNIE J. Johnnie J. BLACK OBJECT Johnnie J Johnnie J is 5 Sandy Trail WiseTimmie Black Object Top Sergeant VViseTimmie B°ack Object 7 Johnnie J- Grey Prince WiseTimmie Grey Prince Black Object WiseTimmie 5 Viva Teddy Viva Teddy Viva Teddy Dancing Archie Viva Teddy Viva Teddv 21 6 Smiling Lass Idle Fool Smiling Lass Idle Fool Idle Fool Idle Fool ? Dancing Archie BabyDarling Idle Fool Smiling Lass Dancing Archie Dancing Archie 7 Lost and Found Lost and Found Lost and Found Valdina Brave Lost and Found Lost and Found 20 7 Valdma Brave Lady Divine Phantom Player Lady Divine Phantom Plaver Vldfrla Brave 7 Phantom Plaafer Air Power Sea Command Sea Command Sea Command Phantom Player 5 Justice Nao Son of Heels Son of Heels Good Odds Son of Heels Son of Heels l 8 Good Odds Justice Nap Justice Nap Time Play Justice Nap j2sti?ceNaD 11 Son of Heels Razor Sharp Good Odds Son of Heels Guerrilla Good Odds J Trackman, D. S. Fair Narragansett Park Selections Made for Fast Track KACE_TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 ?/.riuShWarm SOTS,kY° British Warm British Warm British Warm British Warm 2 j Multi Quest British Warm Multi Quest Hop Skip Hop Skip Hop Skip 10 PlayGreenock _ Prince Hal Hop Skip Poker Dice MultiQuest MuUiQuest 5 2 Turkey Feather Black San Black San Turkey Feather Black San Black San 18 Unouitable Roman Abbot Turkey Feather Black San Turkey Feather Tuikev Feather 4 Black San _ Prince Tick Roman Abbot John Aire Century Roman Abbot 3 3GREATDtvivE Great Divide Great Divide Great Divide Great Divide Great Divide 97 Mb™2Ja"Re Memphis Dave Memphis Dave Able Marine . Memnhis Dave Memnhis Dave 8 Memphis Dave Two Dowii Able Marine Memphis Dave Able Marine AbleMarine 5 5?ilsn-nh WFL, Mill Gay Lighter Mil El Mil El 12 4 t n£?E2Lu Rolls High Gay Lighter Gav Moonbeam Gay Lighter Gav Lighter 10 Gay_Moonbeam Gay Ligh ter Gay Moonbeam Zaca Bill Ships Capta in Rolls High 7 5J0"V0G-. Sorgho Over Ice Bills Sister Sorgho Sorgho" 12 B ils Sister Kalamazoo Sorgho Telescope Over Ice Tony G i Overlce TomrQ. Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Tony G. 8Erand I 6Sronhnirea,v Poion Valdina Punch VALDINA PUNCH Weatherite Weatherlte 14 RvrnmfrHntV eGraDVV . Weatherite Weatherite Strolling Easy Valdina Punch 14 ByjConsci ipt Valdma Punch Henry Knight Zacabrand Dansation Dansantion 6 •j Ground Play PUMPGUN PUMPGUN Pumpgun PUMPGU J PUMPGUN 0 KmV£nn°Wer ground Play Ground Play War Communioue Ground Play Sound Play 11 Pumpgun Pomiva Brown Flower Arestino War Communioue Brown Flower 3 War Glenn A. One Boris N. Boris N. A~One A One b 8 DiSSr-aed HiihPl6 War Glenn Dans Choice DiSSSraaed BoitoN. 0 iJlscouragefl High Plaid Discouraged Defense Bond Valdina Joe War Glenn 7

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