Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-20

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Ha Wthome Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST~ PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Anxiety Anxiety ANXIETY Anxiety Anxiety ANXIETY 27 1 Purp Mordecai Mordecai Say Nomore Swift Action Mordecai 6 Vero Lumen Swift Action American Bride Mordecai Mordecai Swift Action 3 Relantago Double Duty Madill Relantago Relantago 19 2RELANTAGO Madill Madill Madill Relantago Madill Madill 13 Valdina Gino What Night Port Wine What Night What Night Double Duty 5 Needles Eye Needles Eye Billies Choice Needles Eye Needles Eye Needles Eye 22 3 Why Me Billies Choice Needles Eye Cousin Mamie Cousin Mamie Billies Choice 10 Billies Choice Rose Exhibit Cousin Mamie Billies Choice Billies Choice Cousin Mamie 5 Epizar Dridas Epizar Dridas Dridas Dridas 15 4 Little Minx Epizar Plavante Little Minx Playante Epizar 14 Fergies Maid Little Minx Little Minx Epizar Epizar Little Minx 6 King Epithet Observer Vinum Juke Box OBSERVER Observer 16 5 Observer Vinum Jamerica Observer Juke Box Juke Box 8 Vinum King Epithet Juke Box King Epithet Margaret T. Vinum 8 Two Tigers TWO TIGERS St. Jock HARRIET SUE Harriet Sue Harriet Sue 15 6 Harriet Sue St. Jock Two Tigers Two Tigers St. Jock Two Tigers 12 St. Jock Bright Willie Harriet Sue Ruditaurus Two Tigers St. Jock 10 Long Ago Hills Palm Broadhead Long Ago Long Ago Long Ago 17 7 Hills Palm Long Ago Which Glint Broadhead Hills Palm Hills Palm 9 Which Glint Broadhead Ste. Frances Which Glint Which Glint Broadhead 8 Santonian Giant Star Pamphlet Doug Brashear Santonian 15 8Santonian Pamphlet Giant Star Santonian Doug Brashear Santonian Doug Brashear Toy Top Replication Doug Brashear Santonian Giant Star Giant Star 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Paper Knife Chance Nick Darby Dunstan Paper Knife Paper Knife 10 IBridon Flight Deck Military Man Bridon Dagger Military Man Darby Dunstan 7 Darby Dunstan Dagger Darby Dunstan Military Man Dagger Bridon 7 Allessandro Allessandro Allessandro Automaton Allessandro 18 2Honfleur Black Business Automaton Honfleur Automaton Allessandro Honfleur 10 Allessandro Honfleur Troon Honfleur Honfleur Automaton 9 0ssabaw Rougemont Sussex Rougemont Rougemont Rougemont 10 3 Rougemont West Haddon Rougemont Sussex Sussex Sussex 10 West Haddon Sussex Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw 8 Axiom Run Lady Mush Mush Run Lady Run Lady 12 4Rvtina* Axiom Mush Mush Foxglove Axiom Rytina Axiom 10 Lamme Run Lady Rytina Run Lady Axiom Rytina 8 Alison Peters Ellis Tiger Call Spartan Noble Tiger Call 10 5Maransart War Date Maransart Tiger Call Alison Peters War Date Maransart 7 Tiger Call Tiger Call Concordian Ellis Tiger Call Alison Peters 7 Recce RECCE RECCE MONSOON MONSOON RECCE 23 6 Monsoon Monsoon Monsoon Recce Recce Monsoon 20 Brides Biscuit Brides Biscuit Brides Biscuit Elpis Elpis Brides Biscuit 3 Chaldon Heath Art of War Grandpal Grandpal Grandpal 21 7GRANDPAL Art of War Grandpal Grandpal Chaldon Heath Chaldon Heath Chaldon Heath 1 1 Chaldon Heath Art of War Chaldon Heath Art of War Art of War Art of War 10 Samhar Oatmeal Bold Dan Minefinder Bold Dan 10 8Bell-the-Cat Fire Sticky Bold Dan Rath Ronan Gabe Paul Bold Dan Bell-the-Cat 6 Zanzibar Gabe Paul Bold Dan Minefinder Bell-the-Cat Minefinder 6 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS~ Sir Echo Sir Echo Beggar Sir Echo Sir Echo Sir Echo T2 1 Voyageur Hercules Sir Echo Beggar Voyaseur Beggar 8 Beggar Voyageur Hercules Voyageur Hercules Voyageur 6 Knights Quest Boo.ium II. Bill Cof fman BillCoffman Bill Coffman 15 2BillCoffman Boo.ium II. Boo.ium II. Picture Prince Knights Quest Boo.ium II. Boo.ium II. 10 Knights Quest Abidale Knights Quest Boo.ium II. Knights Quest Knights Quest 1 0 Laurentia LAURENTIA Gallies Gallies Laurentia 17 3Gallies Laurentia Happy Buckie Happy Buckie Laurentia RiarRed Gallies 15 Wee Ossie Riar Red Riar Red East Laurentia Happy Buckie 4 Gorget Gorget Gorget Gorget GORGET GORGET 27 4 Tetra Rock Abrasion Pompion Tetra Rock Pompion Pompion 6 Pompion Pompion Abrasion Overlin Abrasion Abrasion 4 Lanlast Noonday Sun Goodrob Goodrob Goodrob 16 5Goodrob Noonday Sun Layaway Goodrob Noonday Sun Layaway Noonday Sun 9 Mae Case Sundial Lanlast Layaway Lanlast Layaway 8 Black Object PRESSURE Black Object PRESSURE Pressure Pressure 22 6 Friend or Foe Black Object Pressure Black Object Black Object Black Obiect 16 Pressure Friend or Foe Friend or Foe Bright Argosy Friend or Foe Friend or Foe 5 GALRisanda Wickcliffe Gal Wickcliffe Gal Risanda Wickclif fe Gal 17 7WICKCLIFFE Speedy Josie Good Odds Bobtown Bobtown Winning Smile Risanda 11 Bobtown Winning Smile Anne Again Risanda Bobtown Bobtown 6 Hy Rickey Woodbuck Hy Rickey Misrule Misrule Hy Rickey 11 8 Star Back Saxonian Star Back Star Back Star Back Misrule 11 Dizzy Heights Misrule Woodbuck Hy Rickey Woodbuck Star Back 8 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Celtics Celtics PHANATAM Celtics Sunsho Celtics 18 1 JohnArrc Phanatam Sunsho JohnArrc Celtics Phanatam 12 Phanatam Sunsho Celtics Phanatam Phanatam Sunsho 8 Buck Thirteen Sangone Blenban Sangone Sangone Sangone » 18 2 High East Relheub Sis Sangone Buck Thirteen Light Count Buck Thirteen 8 Sangone Buck Thirteen Light Count Relheub Sis Relheub Sis Blenban 5 Helen of Paris Bull Play Bull Play Bull Play Bull Play Bull Play 22 3 Bull Play Lazy Bones Y Gun Helen of Paris Foxwise Helen of Paris 8 Hex Foxwise Helen of Paris Lazy Bones Lazy Bones Lazy Bones 4 Salvo Salvo Salvo Salvo Blue Line Salvo 22 4 Santa Elisa Easy Chance Santa Elisa Santa Elisa Salvo Santa Elisa 7 Augustina Blue Line North Fire Easy Chance Santa Elisa Blue Line 6 0NEOBILL Cyclorama Onecbill Onecbill Can Double Onecbill 17 5 Zacabrand Countess Wise Cyclorama Zacabrand Countess Wise Cyclorama 8 Cyclorama Zacabrand Tidy Reward Countess Wise Zacabrand Zacabrand 6 Weatherite Son OHal Weatherite WEATHERITE WEATHERITE 24 6Weatherite Amazed Amazed Weatherite Amazed Son OHal Son OHal 8 Son OHal Connachta Topsy Sue Hy-Gato Amazed Amazed 7 TOOLMAKER Boy Soldier Toolmaker Toolmaker Toolmaker 24 7Toolmaker Cant. Caution Boy Soldier Toolmaker Capt. Caution Capt. Caution Capt. Caution 7 Chance Yen Chance Yen Capt. Caution Clansman Chance Yen Boy Soldier 7 Listing Listing Fair Call LISTING Listing Listing 24 8 Fair Call Fair Call Listing Fair Call Queens Reward Fair Call 12 First Girl Queens Reward First Girl First Girl Fair Call First Girl 3 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Good Bobby Sin Lee Space Park Avenue Park Avenue 8 IBaltimorean Park Avenue Cadet Dick Monighan Monighan Squadron Girl Good Bobby 6 Angle Bar Park Avenue Good Bobby Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Baltimorean 5 Bright Trace EdM. Lady Stardust Bright Trace Bright Trace Bright Trace 15 2 Spare the Rod Spare the Rod Ed M. Alchanc Furenuf Ed M. 8 EdM. Furenuf Furenuf Furenuf Spare the Rod Lady Stardust 5 Wee Admiral Mel McCready Pene WEE ADMIRAL Pene Wee Admiral 15 3 Mel McCready Pene Mel McCready High Hope Wee Admiral Pene 14 Pene High Hope Wee Admiral Pene Mel McCready Mel McCready 10 Ask Me One Link Ask Me IDLE SUN Ask Me 15 4Mistucky Ask Me Idle Sun Ask Me Idle Sun » Mistucky Idle Sun 13 Idle Sun Mistucky Idle Sun One Link Ask Me Mistucky 8 Golden Man Bert VICTIM Bert Nod Bert 12 5 Crack Reward Royat My Tet Rambler Crack Reward Bert Victim 8 Royat My Tet Rambler Mono Miller Golden Man Victim Golden Man 6 JIMMIE Ben Gray Jimmie Jimmie JIMMIE 24 6JIMMIE Pearl Harbor Play Hands Jimmie Grey Days Grey Days Ben Gray 6 Play Hands Be Brief Grey Days Play Hands Ben Gray Grey Days 5 Hi Neighbor W.H.Kelly Goober Lad Hi Neighbor One Only Hi Neighbor 12 7 Meneither One Only By Conscript W.H.Kelly W.H.Kelly W.H.Kelly 11 W. H. Kelly Hi Neighbor W. H. Kelly Sweep Swinger Hi Neighbor One Only 7 Quarto Quarto Dissension Sir Ambranded Quarto Quarto 17 8 High One Dissension Sir Quarto Dissension Sir Dissension Sir Dissension Sir 13 Dissension Sir Grouchers Boy Grouchers Boy High One High One Ambranded 5

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1945062001/drf1945062001_4_2
Local Identifier: drf1945062001_4_2
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800