Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1946-05-29

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Alphabetical Index to Entries . . A Abrazo — 6th Det Ace ODay — 4th Det Agrarian Son — 4tn LJP Air Beauty— 6th Suf Air Gee— 3d Det Alanay— 3d Det Allpulch— 7th Suf Ann Mac — 1st Bel Artillery Bob — 3d Det Atlantic City— 4th LJP Aunt Lucy — 6th Det Aunt Patsy— 4th Suf Ayahs Boy— 2d Bel B Baby Joanne — 4th Suf Balladry— 8th Bel Bar Willow— 4th L.F Battle o Wits— 2d Suf Baumbach — 8th Det Bay Acre — 1st Suf Bayern— 2d Bel Be a Bee— 3d L.P Beau Sweep — 4th Det Belco— 1st Suf Bert G.— 7th Det Betty Van— 4th L J? Big Bozo — 5th Det Big Burly— 5th L.P Big Thicket— 2d Suf Bitter Quill— 1st L.F Black Africa — 1st Suf Blenco — 8th Bel Blenweed— 7th Suf Blue Wise— 4th Suf Bohol— 7th Bel Bolo Tie — 8th Det Bonalita— 7th Det Boy Angler — 2d Bel Brabancon — 4th Bel Brave Bid— 5th Det Bright Trace — 6th Det Bright Willie— 2d Bel Brogden — 4th Det Broke Even— 7th Suf Bronze Medal — 2d L.F Brown Mate — 4th L.F Busy Edith A.— 8th Bel Buy and Sell — 7th Bel Buz O Sullivan — 5th Det c Caduceus — 8th Bel Cake Gravy — 4th LJ? Camera Man — 8th Suf Captains Aide — 3d Bel Carry Mea — 3d Det Cashier— 2d Det Challarker — 1st Bel Chance Dance — 2d L.F Cinda B. — 4th LJ? Cindy Lee — 2d Det City Hall— 2d L.F Co Chance — 2d L.F Code Mentor— 8th LF Col. Steve— 8th Bel Colonel Don — 7th L.F Colonel Read — 8th Det Colonial Rose — 7th Bel Comanche Peak — 5th Bel Cooling Spring — 4th L.F Croesus — 3d Bel Cut the Cards — 2d L.F D Daily Trouble— 6th LF Damos — 2d Bel Darby Delilah — 5th Bel Darby Delilah — 6th Bel Darby Duluth— 8th L.F Darby Dunedin — 6th Bel Datso — 4th Det Deby — 1st Bel Dell Maid— 1st Bel Delorah— 2d L.F Dibber— 1st Suf Diesel Sand — 4th L J? Dimout — 3d Bel Distant Isle — 5th Det Dog Trot — 6th Suf Dolly Zac — 1st Bel Dorothy Brown — 6th Bel Dove ONight— 5th L.F Duquesne — 6th LJ? Duskily— 2d Suf E Earl V. Z.— 2d Det Earshot — 6th Bel Echo Beach— 8th L.F Eileencita — 5th L.P Enaj — 1st L.F Epistar— 2d Suf Esposita — 8th Bel Even Stitch— 7th L.F F Fashion Play— 2d Det Fiddlers Three— 4th Bel Fighting Don — 6th L F Fire Warden — 2d Bel Fire Works — 7th L.F First Pebble— 7th Bel First Stage — 3d Bel Flash Anna — 1st Bel Flemingsburg — 8th Bel Flirty— 1st LJ? Flo Nell— 1st L.F Flying Hero — 6th Det Flying Tartar — 5th Bel Fogoso — 1st Suf Forfar— 7th Bel Franabe — 1st Bel Free Speech — 4th L.F G Gaga— 6th Bel Gallant Bull— 2d Bel Gallorette— 6th Bel Gay Pet — 3d Suf Gemet— 3d Suf George Corn — 3d Bel Geranium — 1st Det Glacial Run— 3d Det Go Chicago — 5th Bel Golden Man — 8th Det Gooseberry — 1st L.F Grado Primero — 2d L.F Great Beyond — 4th Suf Great Plains — 3d LF Green Log — 1st Suf Guy Hottel— 8th L.F Gypsy Actress — 4th Det Gypsy Lea — 1st Det H H Hour— 3d Bel Hadrian — 7th Bel Hagar— 2d Suf Hasten Jason — 2d L.F Hasty Daisy — 1st Bel Heel Up— 8th Bel Hemhop — 4th Det Hemlock— 3d Suf Herbie G.— 3d Suf Hi Gallant— 8th Det Hiccup — 1st Suf History Maker — 7th Det Ho Hum— 8th Suf Hot Night— 1st Suf Huri Horn Hari — 7th L.F I In Vogue— 5th Suf Incoming — 7th Suf Indian Ruler— 3d L.F Instanter — 5th L.F Isatin — 8th Bel J Jack Madigan — 2d Bel Jackamine — 7th Bel Jacks Jill — 6th L.F Jacobian — 7th Bel Jen Jen — 1st L.F Jimmys Rose — 2d L.F Jims Jeanie — 1st Suf Joe M. Jr.— 7th Det Johnstown Boy — 8th Bel Just Flip— 3d Det K K. High Proof— 5th LF Kathy— 5th Suf Khayyams Kid— 6th Det Kings Feast — 8th Suf L Lady Apple — 8th Bel Lady Boswell— 6th Suf Lady Eli— 4th L.F Lady Gremlin — 6th Suf Lady Welch— 5th L.F Lantern — 2d Det Last — 3d Bel Late City— 2d Bel Lazy Shoes — 5th L.F Leida — 5th L.F Letmenow — 6th Bel Liberator — 1st L.F Light Donna — 1st Suf Likeasnot — 8th Det Links Boy — 3d Bel Little Hare— 5th LF Little Milly— 7th LF Loachapoka — 3d L.F Lucky Ann — 1st L.F Lucky Aunt — 2d Bel Lunch Quest — 1st Bel Luxembourger — 5th L.F M Mae Bright— 2d LJ? Magdala— 6th Suf Magellan— 2d Bel Maihigh — 1st L.F Mannequin — 3d L.F Many Lands — 8th Det Marchon — 7th L.F Master Carl— 2d L.F Medley — 1st Bel Memphian — 3d LJ? Merry Sunshine — 5th Suf Miguelito — 5th Suf Miss H.— 2d L.F Miss Puritan — 5th Suf Mr. X— 6th Det Mush Mush— 6th Bel My Scott— 4th L.F N Nairatam — 4th Det Navy Cross — 6th LF Nell A.— 6th Suf Nonyaw — 4th Suf Noteworthy — 1st Bel 0 O. G. Kelley— 3d Suf Oh La La— 3d Bel Old Bet— 4th Det On Board — 5th Det Our Style — 4th Det Ovala— 1st Suf Over— 8th Suf Overseas — 3d L.F Oxford Blue — 8th Suf Oxie— 7th Suf P Paloma Linda — 2d Det Patruska — 4th L.F Patsy T.— 8th Suf Phantom Peggy — 2d Suf Picket Line — 8th Bel Pickpocket— 7th Bel Pilates Dream — 4th Suf Play Hands— 8th Det Port Marly— 3d Bel Praetorian — 1st LJ1 Psychic Gal— 8th Bel Punchn Judy — 1st Det Putitthere — 8th Det Q Queen Jody— 3d L J? Quonset — 3d Bel R Rampart — 6th Bel Rarif ied— 8th Bel Ration — 1st L.F Recce— 6th Bel Ridgegate — 1st L.F Right Happy— 2d Bel Ring Curtain — 2d Suf Ringoes — 7th Bel Riskaire — 3d Det River Jack — 1st Det Roi Rouge— 8th Det Roman Abbot — 4th Suf Romulus — 8th Det Rose Cave — 8th LJ? Rosemere Chief — 7th L.F Ruling Time— 5th Bel S Sable Star— 3d L.F Salsnod— 1st L.F Sandalwood — 2d Det Saranac — 3d Bel Scarf ace — 3d Det Scotch Abbot — 7th Suf Sea Convoy — 8th Bel Seebeebee — 6th Det Segula — 6th Bel Senate — 6th Det Shoeless Lass — 5th Det Sicily— 6th Bel Siganar — 1st Suf Silee— 3d Suf Silver Mile — 4th L.F Sir Alfred— 5th Suf Sir Kid— 8th Suf Sister Fox — 5th Det Skip Orr— 1st Det Smolensko — 7th L.F Soapsuds — 4th Suf Sobre Todos— 7th Bel Sonny Haynes — 1st Det Sorisky — 5th Bel Southern Boy — 1st L.F Speed Mil— 2d L.F Speeding Home — 3d Bel Speedy Lee — 2d Det Spring Dun — 8th L.F Staging — 1st Bel Star Thome— 7th L.F Stars at Night— 4th L F Stellas Sun— 8th Bel Stepping Miss — 6th Suf Stipulation— 3d L.F String Band — 4th L.F Sugar Lump — 2d L.F Sunawana— 4th Det Surosa— 6th Bel Swag— 2d Suf Sweep Swinger — 7th Det Sweet Comet — 5th L.F Swing Sister — 4th L.F Suribachi — 4th Bel T Tee Beau— 1st L.F Teton— 3d Bel Tetragino — 1st Bel Tetramore — 1st Det Thunder Hoof— 3d L.F Tiger War— 4th Bel Time Up — 8th L.F Transair — 4th Bel Trimdem — 6th Det Triumphal— 2d L.F Trixie— 5th LF1 Troopship — 1st L.F Tuey Toy— 7th Det Turnplate — 6th Bel U Up Front — 4th L.F Up Grade — 1st Det Useless — 4th Bel V Valdina Clown — 2d Bel Valdina Greedy — 1st Suf Valdina Senora — 7th Det Valdina Singer — 1st L.F Victim— 8th Det Vitamin Dee — 2d Bel W War Agent — 5th Suf War Date— 6th Bel Wee Wee Marie — 3d LF Whats Yours— 3d L.F Wilma Van— 7th Det Windf ields— 7th Bel Winsome Lad — 7th Suf Wise Brunette — 3d Suf Wise Tiger— 2d L.F Wood Angel — 5th Det Woodford Annie — 5th Suf Woolery — 1st L.F Z Zaca Man — 5th Suf Zaca Wac— 2d L.F Zadoc— 3d Bel Zestful— 2dL.F

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