Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-05-29

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE; TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, L S. Meen Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , LuckvAnn LuckvAnn Lucky Ann Liberator LuckvAnn LuckvAnn 22 Flo Nell Gooseberry Liberator LuckvAnn Liberator Liberator 9 Flirty RidgeRate ™jty Maihigh Gooseberry Gooseberry 3 Hasten Jason Wise Tiaer Wise Ticer Wise Tieer . Wise Tieer Wise Tiger 22 2 Wise Tiger Hasten Jason Hasten Jason Chance Dance Bronze Medal Hasten Jason 10 Chance Dance Bronze Medal Chance Dance Bronze Medal Hasten Jason Bronze Medal 4 Manneauin Memohian Manneouin Manneauin Manneauin 20 3Manneauin Sable Star Memohian Whats Yours Whats Yours Memohian Memohian 10 Memohian Whats Yours , Queen Jodv Overseas Whats Yours Whats Yours 6 Cooling Soring Cooling Soring CakeGraw Cooling Soring String Band Cooling Soring 16 4 CakeGravv CakeGraw String Band CakeGraw CakeGraw CakeGraw 13 Stars at Night String Band Bettq Van Free Speech Cooling Soring String Band 8 Luxembourger Luxembourger Luxembourger Luxembourger Luxembourger 21 5LazvShoes K. High Proof Big Burlv Lazv Shoes Lazv Shoes Lazy Shoes Lazy Shoes 11 Luxembourger Instanter Dove O Night K. High Proof Instanter K. High Proof 3 FIGHTING DON FIGHTING DON FIGHTING DON FIGHTING DON FIGHTING DON FIGHTING DON 35 6 Naw Cross Duauesne Daily Trouble Naw Cross Naw Cross Naw Cross 7 Jacks Jill Naw Cross Naw Cross Duauesne Jacks Jill Daily Trouble 2 Rosemere Chief Little Millv Huri Horn Hari Rosemere Chief Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari 14 7 Little Millv Huri Horn Hari Little Millv Huri Horn Hari Little Millv Rosemere Chief 12 Marchon Rosemere Chief Rosemere Chief Little Millv Smolensko Little Millv 12 Time Ud Code Mentor Code Mentor Guv Hottel Code Mpntor Code Mentor 17 8 GuvHottel TimeUo Guv Hottel Code Mentor Guv Hottel Guv Hottel 12 Soring Dun Guy Hottel Soring Dun Rose Cave Time Up Time Up 8 Trackman, D. S. Fair Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track ~~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS SKIPORR Tetramore SkipOrr SkipOrr SkipOrr 18 ITetramore Up Grade GvpsvLea GvpsvLea GypsvLea GypsvLea Tetramore 12 River Jack River Jack Skip Orr Tetramore Tetramore GypsvLea, 8 V Z. Earl V. Z. Cashier CindvLee CindvLee EarlV. Z. 14 2Earl Cashier Cindv Lee Earl V. Z. Cashier Cashier Cindv Lee 14 Cindy Lee Cashier Cindy Lee Earl V. Z. Earl V. z. Cashier 12 ArtillervBob Carry Mea Riskaire Riskaire Riskaire 19 3Riskaire Just FliD Riskaire Riskaire Artillery Bob Just Flip Artillery Bob 9 Carry Mea Alanav Artillery Bob Carry Mea Artillery Bob Carry Mea 7 Old Bet Beau Sweep Beau Sweeo Beau Sweeo Sunawana Beau Sweep 16 4 Sunawana Ace ODav Old Bet Old Bet Hemhoo Old Bet 9 Hemhop Brogden Hemhoo Hemhoo Beau Sweep Sunawana 7 Brave Bid Brave Bid BRAVE BID Buz OSullivan BRAVE BID BRAVE BID 24 5 On Board On Board On Board Distant Isle Shoeless Lass Buz OSullivan 7 Buz OSullivan Wood Angel Distant Isle On Board Buz OSullivan On Board 7 Senate FlvingHero Senate Bright Trace Bright Trace Bright Trace 14 6 Bright Trace Abrazo Flying Hero Flving Hero Senate Senate 12 Trimden Bright Trace Bright Trace Abrazo Flying Hero Flying Hero 10 Senora Wilma Van History Maker VALDINA SNORA Valdina Senora Valdina Senora 19 7Valdina Wilma Van Valdina Senora Sweeo Swinger History Maker History Maker Wilma Van 10 Bert G. TuevTov Wilma Van Wilma Van Wilma Van History Maker 9 MANY LANDS Victim Likeasnot Manv Lands Likeasnot Many Lands 16 8 Golden Man Manv Lands Manv Lands Likeasnot Victim Likeasnot 14 Likeasnot Likeasnot Bolo Tie Victim Golden Man Victim 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , Medlev Dolly Zac DollvZac Dolly Zac Dolly Zac DollvZac 20 j Dell Maid Dell Maid Dell Maid Dell Maid Dell Maid Dell Maid 10 FlashAnna Medlev Noteworthy Lunch Quest Noteworthy Medlev 6 Valdina Clown Fire Warden Ayahs Bov Fire Warden Fire Warden Fire Warden 15 2 Bright Willie Gallant Bull Valdina Clown Gallant Bull Bright Willie Valdina Clown 7 GallanBull Boy Angler Bright Willie Magellan Ayahs Bov Ayahs Bov 6 H Hour HHour HHour Teton HHour HHour 21 3 SoeedingHome Teton Teton Last Last Teton 11 Dimout Speeding Home Last HHour Teton Last 5 Useless Useless Suribachi Useless Brabancon Useless 17 4 Transair Brabancon Transair Tiger War Useless Brabancon 8 Fiddlers Three Fiddlers Three Brabancon Transair Transair Transair 6 Comanche Peak DARBY DELILAH DARBY DELILAH DARBY DELILAH DARBY DELILAH DARBY DLILAH 30 5 Darbv Delilah Comanche Peak Comanche Peak Comanche Peak Comanche Peak Commanche Pk 13 Ruling Time Flying Tartar Soriskv Flying Tartar Flying Tartar Flying Tartar 3 WAR DATE Gallorette War Date Gallorette Gallorette War Date 18 6 Recce War Date Recce War Date War Date Gallorette 16 Letmenow Earshot Gallorette Darby Dunedin Recce Recce 4 Todos Jackamine Jackamine Buy and Sell Jackamine Jackamine 17 7Sobre Bohol Colonial Rose Sobre Todos Jackamine Windfields So"bre Todos 7 Jacooian Pickpocket Jacopian Windfields Forfar Windfields 7 Flemingsburg Johnstown Bov Flemingsburg Flemingsburg Flemingsburg 22 8Flemingsburg Johnstown Bov Johnstown Bov Flemingsburg Picket Line Johnstown Bov Johnstown Bov 11 Picket Line Busv Edith A. Picket Line Busy Edith A. Picket Line Picket Line 5 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS"" Hiccuo Hiccup Hiccup JimsJeanie Hiccup 17 IFogoso Black Africa Fogoso Siganar Fogoso Hiccuo Fogoso 10 Jims Jeanie Siganar Fogoso Black Africa Siganar Jims Jeanie 6 Eoistar Duskilv Duskilv Swag Swag 15 2Eoistar Swag Swag Swag Eoistar Duskilv Duskilv 14 Duskilv Duskily H a ga r Swag Eoistar Eoistar 1 3 " Silee Silee Silee Silee Silee 25 3Silee O.G. Kellev Gemet GavPet GavPet GavPet GavPet 8 Herbie G. Gav Pet O. G. Kellev O.G. Kellev Gemet Q.G. Kellev 4 Soapsuds Soaosuds Blue Wise Soaosuds SoaDsuds 22 4Soaosuds Blue Wise Roman Abbot Roman Abbot Soaosuds Roman Abbot Blue Wise 9 Roman Abbot Blue Wise Baby Joanne Roman Abbot Blue Wise Roman Abbot 8 In Vogue In Vogue Woodford Annie Merrv Sunshine In Vogue 13 5Miguelito Woodford Annie Migueiito Miguelito Merrv Sunshine In Vogue Miguelito 10 Merrv Sunshine Woodford Annie ZacaMan In Vogue Miguelito Merry Sunshine 8 Nell A Magdala Nell A. MAGDALA Magdala Magdala 21 6 Magdala Nell A. Magdala Nell A. Nell A. Nell A 16 Ladv Gremlin Ladv Gremlin Dog Trot Lady Gremlin Lady Gremlin LadyJSremlin _4 WINSOME LAD WINSOME LAD WINSOME LAD Winsome Lad Winsome Lad WINSOME LAD~~Tl 7 Broke Even Broke Even Broke Even Broke Even Broke Even Broke Even 10 Alloulch Allpulch Blenweed Incoming Scotch Abbot Alloulch 2 Over Over Over Over OVER Over 27 27 8 Ho Hum Ho Hum Kings Feast Camera Man Camera Man Ho Hum 6 Kings Feast Sir Kid Camera Man Ho Hum Ho Hum Camera Man 5

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