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NOTICE! NOTICE! A Ten -Dollar Flat Bet on my ONE-HORSE WIRE since May 5 shows a net profit of 88 88 The week coining will see some large doings at LAT0NIA LAT0NIA TOMORROW TOMORROW 1 will hand out one that will be a good price and barring an accident will win in a gallop. I will advise a plunge bet to win. This horse goes in the Fourth Race WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY The winner of the Fourth of July Handicap. Tills horse has worked fast enough to lieat the best and will he at least 5 to 1 and barring accidents will win in a gallop. This horse I have had a line on the past month and my man informs me is in the pink of condition. SATURDAY SATURDAY A Big Killing will lie made on one that is as good as in already. Tills horse will be played in the Poolrooms throughout the United States and not a dollar will be let at the racetrack. This horse has been raced into condition and will be in a soft sKt and we expect as good as 10 to 1 for our money. Turlites here is another Dod Anderson for you. Dont fail to get In on these three good things. Turfites, thjs is advance information that I get, and you can bet with the utmost confidence. F.very horse I wire away is fit and ready and trvlng and with an even break will get the money. My New York Wire I give away Free with my Latonia One-Horse Wire. Special One-Horse Wire from my man at the track. Wiied In Code. Under receipt of your order for wires 1 will send Code by return -of mall. Phone Main 1293. .00 FOR SIX RACING DAYS NO SINGLE WIRES SENT. I handle One Track only and . wire One Horse only each day. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL, FUam 609, 66 Fifth Avenue, Chicago Initials R. J. Sl, 490849084908490849084908490849084908 . j? 490849084908490849084908490849084908 Is what a ?20.00 straight bet won since June 1 on THE TURF REPORTER SPECIALS 15 out of 73 OUT OF THE MONEY. Can you afford to miss. info, like this when its cost Is so small? Its price Is .00 per month. y KEMEMREIt The Turf lteporter is a weekly publication, giving the condition of the horses in training at all principal tracks and makes a complete report Of the sleepers that are coming to iife suddenly, lives the-distance each horse wants; also gives you a line on the mudders, besides the Free Specials which are given under code to all readers of the Iti-IMirter throtign our ad which appears daily in this paper. Think it over. Send your .subscription to T. C. Wood and Co., Room 32, 59 Dearborn Street, Telephone Central 5825. Chicago. Saturdays Special was: THE BELLE Withdrawn. Mondays Special: 20-79-78-10-82-12-61. Entry List: 71 0-3-10-15-724-742-714-7 iri-747-7."2-71 -7."..".-7.S-7.-!t-7fil-7;r,. REYNOLDS and CO. Harxc Owner and Kxperl Iluudlcapiicru, ROOM 510, lit DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO. Established 1890. M Atl A 7 C BeraVn.bl,c iUUIIUay and best bet will be AT LEAST tone 6-1 . and is an absolute certainty 20 - 1 shot for We Never MUrep- WEDNESDAY 1 that is also ready money 60 per cent, winners it the New York tracks this year Terinn, imluiliiiir one best bet, .00 DAILY .00 WEEKLY SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM. THE NOXALL SYSTEM Greatest Winner on Earth for the Noxall System players. Winning Steadily at liulTalo, Sheepshead and Lutonia. Stop losing you can win every week as many others do. Dont be skeptical thinking you cannot beat them. Let improve it for you. Remember only a limited number of plays each week and you are. always a winner. Following are some of the recent winners the system gave: AT SIIEEPSIIKA.D: KNTKHE 1 5-1 AVON IBDCE HAMIiUKG -5 AVON RIAXNAK -l AVON OK AN 8-5 AVON GEO. S. DAVIS 4-1 AVON ARK MKT A S-5 AVON JACK MKEOX 8-1 AVON SIIOI GUN 3-1 AVON VAN NKSS B-l AVON ltEO FRIAK 0-1 AVON It AT MASTKRSON 3-1 AVON AT LATONIA: BKDFOItD 5 1 AVON LITTLE ELK IN 35-1 AVN OASIS 13-1 AVON IlAKltY SCOTT 5-1 AVON AIILDKENE 3-1 AVON HAIMV JACK II !-5 AVON THE GADFLY - 3-1 AVON BELLE SCOTT 5-3 AVON AT BUFFALO: ELLICOTT 3-1 AVON TRIUMPHANT .....i :-l AVON CUOMO ISO I 9-5 AVON NJiOOESHA i 3-3 AVON MISS IIAWLKY 3-1 AVON IlLENNENWOKTII.., 8-5 AVON .Tust think of a system, that you know that you are going to beat them. The wonderful copyrighted Noxall system can be operated with a small capital and it will earn big profits. With the aid of the system you can pick your own winning lets. It is the only guaranteed system that is sold. We send you this system for thirty days trial and refund your money if a loss can be shown. TRACK, POOLROOM, OR HANDBOOK with eijual results. It can be applied to any track and Is simple to operate. It gives an average of about nine plays a week at any one track. It is entirely different, from any other system, and is published in book form, containing racing charts, with demonstration, etc. SEND FOR FREE BOOKLET and Investigate tills wonderful system and stop losing. The NOXALL SYSTEM requires no tips, selections, handicap .figures, and the plays are based on an entirely new theory. The success of this system tells you how beating the races has been solved. Address NOXALL SYSTEM - 6RAVESEND, N. Y. orU THE ILLINOIS WK,K3koo llootn 38. aa Dearborn St. Tel. Uarrlnon 87 PLUNGEON MONDAYS SPECIALS Two corkers you can bank on winning. IMIOltTANT Fair, square Rnd l oaitive winnirg proposition. Absolutely the ure.itest acd purest moneymaker in existence. Mondays offer will ruaraotee G winners or our two hoisi daily wiro. If w fail, following weeks info, free." Glance at record judge for yourself. No chance to lose. Wins 62 weeks in the year can prove it. JuneSO ?Ir Huon...... lost, Harding. and June 9 Orly 8-5 won. Kdith M..,. ...... scratched Juno SS Harding. 6-5 won, Halifax 0-1 3rd June 27 Col. J. Douglas 3rd, Heaslip 2nd June 26 Rye 4-5 won, Lena... .scratched June 25 Logiptilla 6-5 won, Kiintculalro, It. declared on June 23 Nannie Hodge 6-1 won, AccoiiLtaut....... 1 5 won JunelB McKittredge .. 41 2nd, Okenite.. 3-1 2nd Juno 21 Go Between... 8-1 wen, Heaslip scratched June 20 Dishabille 11-5 won, Grenade... 1-2 won JunolJ Ho Between ... 5-2 won, Harding... scratched June 18 CoL J. Douglas 7 1 won, Cadichon last June 10 Sir Huon 3-1 won, Kye. 4-5 won June 15 Boserrian 3-1 won. Little Elkin 3-1 2nd June It Bragg 12 1 3rd, Silver Wedding.. 6-5 won June 13 Accountant... 7-5 won, Harding scratched June 12 Minnehaha 7-1 won, Glenecho 5-2 2nd Juno 11 Kn. of Klway.. 5-1 won, Kcator 9-5 2nd 2 SPECIFIED SPECIALS GUARANTEED Mondays Cinch Wednesdays Whirlwind io-l s to ia-1 Good blood norse out to win do wiD Count". , One Horse-One Race la what onr SPECIALS consist of. On the 26th THE SCOLD, 3-1, Won On the 27th PYTH1A . . .7-1, Won Neither of the above had started for many months, and we gave them for a heavy plunge bet. This should convince you we are selling INFORMATION. Our Saturdays Longshot Special Scratched. MONDAY, TUESDAY and every day for the next ten days, we have one good let a lay. Send in your subscription at once, as von cannot afford to MISS any ONE of these GOOD THINGS. ALL TRACK WIRES ON FILE FOR INSPECTION. Terms, for one clay; 0 for six days. MAIN OFFICE, 315, 107 DEARBORN ST. Phont Central IlSt D D INCd Pfl OoL J.C.WOOTERS AutoSUl. 0. D. liirll UU. Manager. The Business Method Is making new friends every day and they all Etick. If you want to make some easy money, write at once for full explanation, ubaolutely free, of the only system that not only makes its own .selections, but instructs y u exactly how to play them. We also have a Npetlul lifer which will pay you to writo for. O. B. JOHNSTONE, Room 101. 79 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. NATIONAL RACING REVIEWS SPECIAITnO. 147 Koom 37, 71 Dearborn St., Chicago. III. Yenterdaj Special, FUN1CULAIKK, 5-3. 2nd SO Winners out of St! Starter. .00 PER MONTH. 25 CENTS PER COPY. THE ART OF WiMNCT book for raio-goers. Contains new handicapping methods now systems. Makes betting safo ami sure Small capital easily wins Circular free. CALL lltESS, CO Dept 47 Wt st 13th Strret. New York. GITY OF TRAVERSE Daily Excursion on Lake Michigan. Leave Barry Dock, foot of Michigan Street North Side at 1:15 p.m. ROUND TRIP, 50 Cents. Steamer Lena Kuoblock leaves fifitli Street Pier, Hyde Park, at 2 p.m. and transfers passengers tc City -of Traverse. Steamer will return at 4:30 p.m., immediately after last race, and laud passengers at C5th Street Pier. BUS SERVICE DISCONTINUED. fl. Peatioflu and Sons Draw your attention to the following, which will be of interest to you providing yon can avail yourself of an exceptional opportunity. We know of a horse with which n tremendous killing is planned at KENILWORTH. WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, The large money will be bet away from the track so as not to affect the local market. We are not accustomed to promising impossibilities and have more than a passing interest In this horse. With ordinary racing luck the result will never be in doubt after the barrier rises and the horse will show In front from the start. We feel as certain in this regard as we did a year ago July 4th, when we advertised in the same manner. THE CRICKET, 15-1 WON, GALLOPING, as predicted in our wire said morning strictly one horse advised. We expeet the odds to be about S to 1 anil it is the first time in over two months that we are able to speak with enough confidence to advise our clients to put a plunge liet on the horse, .which starts at lluffnlo on July 4th. Our standing is too well established to go into details as to responsibility of the information. The name of the horse will be wired, giving the first two letters of the horses name, also mentioning the race. guarantee: Unless tills horse wins we will send you all "Occasionals" which may come during the month of July, free. They average about one weekly. terms: Five dollars. .f.".00, payable strictly in advance. Remit by money order, speeial delivery- or registered letter. - If subscription is in our hands by Tuesday night, wire will be sent by night message, otherwise by first telegraphic service on Wednesday morning. This is a rare opportunity, and the reason this horse starts at a foreign track should be apparent to you. The entry list will reveal nothing as to the connections. Advise us today or tomorrow to insure prompt attention. This ad. will not appear again. Play occasionally and follow our Instructions. You will always be following the right money then, and this is the only way to demonstrate the value of inside Information. If a loser during the Meeting, Subscribe. 22 West 33rd Street, New York City. Directly Opposite Waldorf-Astoria, V. J THE THREE STAR RACEHORSES hermis y STALWART I - A N b ADVANCE GUARD Will be Sold for Breeding - Purposes at FASIG-TIPTONS GOS PADDOCKS, SHEEPSHEAD BAY, N. Y., ON SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1906, To settle the Partnership between Messrs. E, R. Thomas and Alexander Shields. HFPItIIQ ls a chestnut horse, foaled 3S99." by. Imp. Hermence, dam Katy of the West, bv Spend- ILIXITIIO thrift: lid dam lerdita, by imp. Prince Charlie; :!d dam Persia, by Planet. Ilermis was a winner at two, a brilliant stake winner at three, four and five, when lie captured the Suburban Handicap, aild winner at six. He won 110 races, was S times second and G times third, earning 2,520. 5TAI VlART ls a chestnut horse, foaled 1001, by imp. Meddler the leading sire of lfiOfi. dam " ilelba. by imp. Mortcnier; 2d dam Trill, by Uncus; .Id dam Cadence, by Iniu. Maca roon. Stalwart won ?!S,t75 at two and three years of age and is a full brother to Perverse, a stake winner in lOOo arid 1!05. . AniAIMPF fillARn is a chestnut horse, foaled 1S07, by imp. Great Tom. dam Nellie Van, bv HlKHllVL uuhiU Empiirer; 2d dam Orpiia.ii Girl, by Muggins: :hl dam by the great four-mller Wagner. Advance Guard won 47 races In four seasons, was its times second and 29 times third. He belongs to the family of Irish Lad, ?101,S25; Yankee Consul, Proctor Knott, General Harding, Vulcalu, Bootjack, etc. WILLIAM EASTON, HOIO TIDTflM Pfl MADISON SQ. GARDEN, AUCTIONEER. rnulU" I II I UN UU. NEW YORK. OUR SPECIAL OFFER HOLDS GOOD THURSDAY, JULY, INCLUSIVE. IT WILL POSITIVELY EXPIRE ON THIS DAY. This is our Special Offer! We will send you a copy of the " New Theory " on these terms: 5 to accompany your order and 0 to be paid when your capital doubles itself, which should be in about fifteen days after beginning application of the System. SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE IF INTERESTED. Beware of Fake Copies! Same will prove ail expensive experiment. A. PEABOBY and SONS, 22 West 33xd Street, New York City. Directly opposite Waldorf-Astoria. J THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL gS Sknxs Ekathek. DAILY HACINO FORM PUBLISHING CO., 124 Fifth Ave., Chicago. k

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