Tourists Swell Havana Attendance.: Polo Playing a Sport Growing in Popularity, with Several Teams in Training., Daily Racing Form, 1917-01-27


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TOURISTS SWELL HAVANA ATTENDANCE. Polo Playing a Sport Growing in Popularity, with Several Teams in Training. Py T. K. Lynch. Havana. Cuba. January 20. — Now that the tourist** si-.-i-.nii has set in, the crowds that turn out to mi f ness the racing at Oriental Park are of record proportions. The early part of the meeting Was, however, most successful, especially for the layer*. During the past two weeks the backers have more than evened up matters ami the public has i i-r-tainly been getting the money of late. The volume of betting has increased Wonderfully OVST previous meetings. The Cubans have already become strict adherents of the "dope" book and many of them nr- clever handieappers. BUI Torpey the globe trotter, who got in on Friday last, was much impressed with the improvement here. During the early part of the winter season tie was at Tijuana anil later on went to New Orleans. He reports that several handieappers at presi nt at New Orleans, contemplate coming over within the next week, owing to the good reports that have beta sent out from here by some of the bettors. The filiating bt re is well conducted. C. J. Fitz Oerald. the presiding steward, is certainly a hard worker and is on the job all of the rime. James F. Milton, who has been managing the meeting in the absence of II. D. Brown, has been of great assistance to the stewards in keeping things straight. On some ecca-sioiis hi, place in the starters stand has ht en taken by Frank McCinty. who. by the way. has shown himself to be a first-class man at the barrier. There has been a lot of work done on the grounds during the past couple of weeks, in completing the baseball diamond ami building a polo field. The former is located directly in front of the grand stand while the polo field is opposite the club htuise. Polo has taken quite a hold ami in a few years promises to be a big thing, den. Barry introduced the game down lure in ISM. Colonel Treat, who was at the head of the intervention forces, formed three teams; a cavalry team composed of Captains Parker. Yidtin. Stringer ami Lieutenant Parker; also an infantry team anil a team made up of some American players in Havana. In 1910 Jeneral Montoagudo. assisted by Central Comez. who was president of the republic at the time, formed four teams, which comprised the following players: Cavalry team — Captain Perdomo. Lieutenant Novat. Lieutenant Soyer and lilf aliaaat Piadn. The Artillery team was made up of Captain Silva. Captain Tevol. Lieutenant Tavio and Lieutenant Gomez. The following composed the Infantry team — Captain Linea. Lieutenant Pucassc. Captain Cartlemas anil Captain Sau-guily. The others team was made up of members of the exclusive Yedado Tennis Club and comprised — Bensr P. Franca, S«nor E. Fram-a. Senor P. Aguina and Senor A. Fernandez. The Yatlailo Tennis Club is to Havana what the Cnioii Leagne Club is to New York. There was also a machine gun team ami many tournaments were held under tlie auspices of the Cuban Polo Association. Three Teams Active Now. At pr sent they have in Havana three teams, the Cavalry. Infantry and Yedatlo Club teams. The member, of the latter are all young millionaires. big sugar planters on the island. There is also a team in Mai.tazas. another in Santa lira and two in Camaguay. There is to be a polo tournament to be held here beginning February 19 and a team is coming down from Chicago, also several players from other points in the Halted States. The Cuban government has promised to provide mounts for all the American players. With this end in view the government recently closed a deal with G. M. Preece in which they purchased the entire hand of ten high-class pol i ponies that Mr. Prccco brought over from the states in November. Mr. Herbert of the American Polo Association is expected here for the horse show, which will be held at Oriental Park the bitter part of February, and it is the intention of the different polo clubs on the island to Join the American Polo Associati n. Major Silva is the moving spirit in polo down here and Captain Yorke. an America n. is secretary of the Cuban Polo Association. They have two polo fields in Havana in sides others iii Csaaagnay, Bamta Clara and Man 4 tanzas. C. M. Preece has played quite a bit of polo at Camp Columbia and he will probably captain the team that goes from litre to Camaguay next week to [day a match game. Camaguay is the Kentucky of Cuba. It is a great stock raising country and they breed some fine horses and cattle in that section of the island. Dunn Towns Imperater, which made bis first appearance of the season on Saturday last, has developed into a splendid-looking horse, lb- is uoing sound again and still possesses that keen tain of speetl that he Shewed so often last winter. In his race on Saturday he ran his first three-eighths in better than 3." . One hundred and thirty-six horses have won one or more races here. Of this number, eighty-one won one race: thirty-two. won two races: eleven, won three races: three, four races, ami foBT, five races. In the latter division are Pefugee, Liberator. Silver P.ill and King Tuscan. Jockey T. McCullough has anniuiiieed his retirement from the saddle for the remainder of tlie winter. He will, however, train a few horses and already has taken over the filly Welga. ifo Cullough was presented with a handsome young daughter, who was born in Marianao last week.

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