Work-Outs From East And West, Daily Racing Form, 1921-05-13

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WORKOUTS FROM EAST AND WEST 580 PIMLICO I IBALTIMORE BALTIMORE Mtl May 11 Todays training gal ¬ lops at Pinilico included the following Weather rainy track sloppy ThreeEighths Mile 57SAlva 38 5IOKcho 574Careful 35 574Step Lightly 578Good Hope 41 578Sagamore Half Mile 579Billy Kelly 51 570The Archer 573Mock Oningc 50 578Warlike 575Star Voter 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths Kilo Kilo573Pirate 573Pirate McGeel07 57SSt Allan 107 107574Spearlcne 574Spearlcne 109 109Three Three Quarters Mile Mile572Court 572Court Fool 124 57 Motor Cop 1 577Dairynian 120 nHQiiecu Isabel 11 11577Josephine 577Josephine Fl20 578Registrar 119 119578King 578King George 122 577Sister Kniblcnil23 One Mile Mile578Anstral 578Anstral 150 Sunny Jim 144 144578Deckmate 578Deckmate 149 149Step Step Lightly appeared to like the sloppy going Careful showed that she was at home in the mud Alva and Sagamore both liked the going Mock Orange was under restraint and could have gone faster The Archer appeared to run well in the going Sister Emblem seemed to tire and did not favor the mud Queen Isabel seemed to favor the going and finished under restraint Austral and Ueckmate went together Sunny Jim seems to be a superior mud runner as he went a half mile ill 48 48BELMONT BELMONT PARK PARKNEW NEW YOUIC N Y May 12 Todays training gallops over the local courses were as follows Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile 578Peter Coombs 35 57SScotland Yet 38 385781iHory 5781iHory 30 571 V of the Moon37 Moon37578rolyuntliii 578rolyuntliii 33 33Half Half Mile 578Arrow of Gold 51 51571Hocswaw 574TNeddam 54 54578Old 571Hocswaw 50 50578liomedcs 578Old lad 53 53445Orcus 578liomedcs 51 445Orcus 50 = t Promenade 50fc 50fc579Good 579Good Times 52 57GSportins Blood 53 5357f 57f IIasten On 48 57STcnLec 55 55578IIalu 578IIalu 49 Tw S Divisionr0 Divisionr0571K 571K of the Ilthr49 578Utah 51 51Lucky Lucky Antone 53 393 Valor 51 51rMonastcry rMonastcry 53 Vendor 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile578Carpenter 578Carpenter 103 578Kirklevington 105 105575Fantoche 575Fantoche 104 571Mandalay 102 102571Jhnmie 571Jhnmie B 102 102ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile395RrigrGciicrl 395RrigrGciicrl 118 57SLKclaire 118 118578Ciim 578Ciim Sail 118 578Mile Cadeau 120 12057SIinna 57SIinna Care 11816 578Maidcns Ball18 5781 of the Vall18 578Occasion 119 119Galeta Galeta 121 578Royce Rools 115 11557Kiunoul 57Kiunoul 110 578Topaz 119 578Rockland 144 144Haiti Haiti showed good speed Fantoche worked well Hasten On seems fit and ready Kinnoul could have gone faster Jimmy 1 went well Royce Rools is training well Carpenter was not extended Dirnu Care and Dream of the Valley were both under restraint Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile578Daisy 578Daisy Field 3CVf 578Plialaris 5Cr Lloyd George 30 573Wellfinder 4S9Miss Kankiu 37 37Half Half Mile 5VlI51ack Tliong 53 Manhcem 50 5 SCrystal Ford 50 573Radical 51 51578Com 578Com Eishman50 Runstar 50 50Florisant Florisant 51 573Sailing Along 54 54530Grace 530Grace K 54 IWiOTippity Witchet52 Witchet52Leghorn Leghorn 48 504Uranium 51 51578Mastcr 578Mastcr Jack 51 579Wishbone 52 52Five Five Eighths Mile 470Dorolhys Petl05 578Santa Glaus 103 103578Klias 578Klias 103 418Stepson 108 108573Mawrcoron 573Mawrcoron 101 578Toss Up 102 102ThrceQuartcrs ThrceQuartcrs Mile 579Amcrn Boy 121 571Irish Dream 114 Itreckna l17 j 490Keeii Jane 117 117579Electioii 579Electioii 118 338Nancy 123 123SevenEighths SevenEighths Mile Round Robin 133 133Ona Ona Mile Mile571Iantry 571Iantry 153 578Shillelagh 11147 11147520Mose 520Mose 147 573White Socks 142 142578Night 578Night ltaiderl4 Leghorn went well with light weight Round Robin sliowed improvement Santa Claus and Elias O worked together Night Raider galloped an easy mile Broomster showed a good work White Socks as usual worked well Mawrcoron and Irish Ireim are in fine condition Rrcckiiu was under restraint Election is training well Mose seems in good condition conditionCHURCHILL CHURCHILL DOWNS DOWNSLOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE Ky May 12 Todays training gallops over the local courses include the follow ¬ ing Weather cloudy track muddy ThreeEighths Mile Mile500Coeur 500Coeur do Feu 38 575 Mar j McKay 39 Columbia Tunn3 Pindar Peel 39 0Dr Carmen 37 570Royal Duck 39 39574Fair 574Fair Orient 37 570Sandy Mac 40 40508IIarry 508IIarry I 39 571Wild Flower 38 38Hullabaloo Hullabaloo 35 575 Win Oldt 33 33527Mdarins 527Mdarins Coat 39 39Half Half Mile 574Brilish Liner f 578Carline S 52 578T Pennybker 51 51Cherry Cherry Tree 52 575Jim Daisy 50 50573Clicwink 573Clicwink 50 578John Finn 51 51572lona 572lona Loriotte 54 578John P Grier 50 50570Doric 570Doric 53 573 Whirling Dun 52 52FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile 578Billy Connor 105 570Old Chap 103 10357SKinburu 57SKinburu 104 104ThreoQuarters ThreoQuarters Mile 574Amazc 120 570Mr Kruter 12 578 Aunt Sue 119 509Ray Atkin 122 122Col Col Taylor 121 574SWay 121 195Capt Burns 123 574White Star 119 321Gr America 120 578Yol Blossoml23 Mile and an Eighth Eighth570Aphic 570Aphic Dear 201 578Prudery 150 150578Crocus 578Crocus 205 578Upset 200 200Mile Mile and a Quarter Quarter574Broomspun 574Broomspun 215 57STrystcr 212 21257JLady 57JLady Madcap212 Madcap212DOUGLAS DOUGLAS PARK Weather cloudy track muddy Three Eighths Mile Mile57ftArravan 57ftArravan 39 575Ras 40 40Black Black Pat 40 579War Spirit 40 40FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile4S9Apple 4S9Apple Jack 107 575TitIe 105 105Half Half Mile Mile578Aecelerate 578Aecelerate 53 Inquisition 54 5457SA1 57SA1 Thomas 53 414 Judge Bndrow 54 5 UBlaiso 55 575Lady Britain 53 53377Bud 377Bud McDougall 53 57SMonaco 53 5377Dixic 77Dixic Girl 51 578Master Bill 52 52Duccs Duccs Wild 53 571Nonskid 53 53ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile530Barry 530Barry Shanonl20 57SFifi II 124 124528Corkey 528Corkey W 122 571Newel W 120 120573Cotton 573Cotton Blosml20 578Owosso 125 125One One Mile Mile575Balancc 575Balancc Whll48 570Lady Rachel 155 070Uuuramjd 100 078Srch Lt 111151

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