Kentucky Derby Nominations: Champion Morvich and Other Star Two-Year-Olds of Last Year Among the Ninety-Two Entries for the Famous Race, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-12


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! ! I i j I i I , i | I i j I I I j | j | j , . J J I I I j | I KENTUCKY DERBY NOMINATIONS] CHAMPION MORVICH AND OTHER STAR TWO-YEAR-OLDS OF LAST YEAR AMONG THE NINETY-TWO ENTRIES FOR THE FAMOUS RACE After an unaccustomed and. to the eager ones, a trying delay, the nominations to the Kentucky Derby of 1922 have been released for publication, and here they are. They are ninety two in number, which is a falling off from the corresponding record of 1921. This falling off was to be expected. It was announced early that Morvich would be entered and be sure to go if all went well with him. That this would have its effect with some owners could be easily anticipated. Had a similar pronouncement in behalf of Man o War been made in 1920 a similar shrinkage in the total of entries would have followed. But it was made known :n advance then that Man o War would not be entered, hence the freedom with which owners took their chances in nominating to the Derby of that year. However, the number of entries in a great race is of no great value. The important thing is- that the entries made should include all the really desirable names. This years nominations meet that requirement admirably, with the exception that the name of the champion filly Miss Joy docs not appear, Montfort Jones electing to be represented by the two colts Rock-minister and St. Henry. Her absence* will disappoint many. Benjamn Block has entered his star Morvich and his sturdy colt Mawrcoron. H. P. Whitney is now a regular annual fighter for Kentucky Derby honors and has Bunting, Rocket, Whiskaway, Broomster, Brainstorm, Olympus and Cherry Tree to pick from, a pretty strong hand. For the Rancocas Stable Sam Hihireth has put in Kai-Sang and William A., both of which may prove hard to beat. Other stars of eastern racing in are Runstar, Runautell. Good Times, Surf Rider, Mercutio, Missionary, Modo. the J. K. L. Ross hopes, Marble and Spanish Maize; Oil Man, Sidereal. E. R. Bradley likes the sensation of leading Kentucky Derby winners hack and, to essay a repetition of his success of last year, has put in ten of his best. Then there are such as Startle, Gpntility, Horologe, Irish Brigadier, Lucky Hour, Violinist, Llewellyn, Bigheart and Tom Hare Jr. to call for more than passing attention. In fact, all the elements of a great race are in plain view in the names of the splendid young thoroughbreds named, without going farther. Horse. Col. and Sex. Pedigree. Owner. Wgt. shland h. c. Honey wood -Busy Bee. by First Tenor C. Wiedemann 120 Autocrat • c. Voicala — Ariaton, by Ayrshire H. H. Hewitt 120 Ballot Mark b. C. Ncgofol—Ballot Bred, by Meddler I. L. Holland 120 Banker Brown ....It. g. Helmet — Vaila. by Farucar. K. R. Bradley 120 Bemoreca reful h. g. North Star III. — Stumpy, hy Handsome E. R. Bradley 126 Bel Mosie b. c. North Star III. -Santa Anna II.. by Martagon . . . K. R. Bradley MM Bigheart h. g. Sweep — Highflown. by Peat "Day J. S. Cosden 1211 Bill and Coo br. f. IIclnict--Padula. by i.avcno B. R. Bradley 121 Bilv Brush b. c. Ben Brush — Sweetheart Sue. by Peter Quince R. L. Hubble 120 Billy Dunn ......... h. c. Atheling II.— Thistle Belle, by Knight of the Thistle. W. Knebolkanip. . . .126 Boy From Home g. Helmet— May Bird, by Thrush W. It. Bradley 126 Br ledelbine c. lack Atkin -Princess Pat. l.y Stalwart 1. Breckenridge 12C. Brainstorm br. g. Peter Pan— Bubble, by All CMd H. P. Whitney li »; Brilliant Star br. f. North Star 111. -Diamond Grain, by Fowling-piece E. R. Bradley 121 Rrooatster h. g. Broomstick — Spun Class, by Rock Sand H. P. Whitney 191 Bnntinz ..". h. c Pennant- -Frlllery. by Broomstick 11. P. Whitney 12« Bn-v mericau h. c. North Star III. Breathing Soell, by Dark Ronald. E. it. Bradley 12fi By Cosh br. e. Black T—ey— At ■llaahwa, hy Forfar-hire 10. R. Bradley 12 S :|.S1,. . ,-,. g. Stedfast-Kitty Fraser. by Littleton I. W. P.ingle PJd apt Clover ch. c. Qeaacal Roberts Rav»ria. by Raveiston Dr. R. K. LVavafl 12ti Cmmt ..... b. c. Vulcain--Incendiary, by Lamplighter Q. F. and C. D. Baker. .120 Clntterton ".. eh. e. Fair Play— Chit Chat, by Bock Sand F. .!. Kelley 12f. Cherry Tree b. c. Broomstick Cerise, by Voter H. P. Whitney 12lt Colonel Winn . ..b. c. Sue. o Droll, hy Dlcfe Welles B. J. Braiinon 12R colored B*y hr. c. Black Toney Melton Mowbray, by Melton J. S. Ownhey 120 oinman g. Peter Quince Fallal. I y Best Brush L. F. Marshall 120 ostigau br. g. Colin-Saniciil: by Santry W. Daniel 191 I,,,] " ch. c. Vandcrgrift -eetah. by Ornament Hal Price Headley ... 191 Deadlock "...."."."."!!!. n." C. Sir Wilfred Horten-e II.. by Troutbeck B. H. Shannon 13f Dexterous b g. Peter Pan — Adroit by B.oomsticB W. L. Oliver 120 Diiiahnieiir .. h. f. Alli.meur -White Dinah, by The White Knight ...Willis Sharpe Kilmer. .121 Fifty Fiftv .blk. c. Loit-.-h Foyle Haveisiok. by Martinet J. J. Hertz 1 — *■" Finn Friend eh, P. Friar Rock Bold Cirl. by Ogden.... Foreign Stable 1-0 Oatllitjr ch. f. Light Brigade BaadBarra, by Handsel C L. Blackford 121 Cod Times b. g. The*. Cook Bounty, by Celt I. S. Cosdeu 120 Horoloxe .hr. c. St. Amant Hour Hand, by F.thelbert W. M. Wallace 120 Dish Bricadler hr. e. Light Bricadt .Magic Umtera 1L. by 1a- BagitUlreaUlraae BtaMc 191 .limes B Brown c. Master Robert Marbles, by Lissak Kohn and Theisen 120 f w, Ki„n ch. c. Dick Finnell— Coruscate, by Chorister O. F. Baker 120 Kii-San- hr. c. The Finn— Kiluna. by Colden Maxim Rancocas Stable 120 I idv Baltimore f. Did; Finnell Federal t;irl. by tltimus J. S. Csden 1-1 Lettersaaa •*. ••. Superman— Arlette. by Robert le Diable Creentree Stable 120 rj-hter b- "- Neofol- Link Stone, by R.-k Sand W. Daniel 120 Ilewellvn" h. c. Luke McLuke-Agnes Virginia, by Sir Dixon I. 0. and G. H. Keene..l20 Least Onaa ch. c. siu.rt Oiaaa Qweeas Loch, by Laehnraa B. Herz 120 Uaul Island ch. e. Friar Rock— Smoothbore, by Ogden Max Hirsch 12« lucknow h. c. Luke McLiike— Catene, by Grey I-eg I. O. and G. H. Keene.,120 I u.kv Hour b. c. Ferole or Hourless Lucky Catch, by Trap Rock. . . lxington Stable 120 Macduff eh. c. McCee— Stolen Momeu.s. by Kingstow W. M. Jeffords 126 Marble ........ «h. e. Ballot — Tiffany Blend, by Ces.irion I. K. L. Ross 126 Miwrcoron • c. Brvn Mawv — Cotonis. by Voter B. Block 120 vJjtJumic . *** br. c. GolCen Maxim Lily Ala.-, by ri.iudit G. L. Blackford 120 V,„.nl blk. f. Hessian— Met Mexican, by The Mexican Kohn and Theisen 121 Mercutio* ."...".." e. Friar Rock Mercadel, by The Commoner J. K. L. Ross p_ 0 Missionary".* *■• • Hornless — Mission, hy Rock Sand I-ex.ngton Stable 120 Modo ch. c. Brtimmel— Panella. by Peter Pan R. L. Gerry 126 Morvich hr. c. Rnnnymede Hymir. by Dr. I/eggo P.enjamin Block 120 mv Play ***. h- c- i"-"r f ,H-v — •Mahiibah. by Meek Sand I .xington Stable 126 Northcliff ..... ch. c. Sea King- Doria. by Ogden Oak Ridge Stable 126 j,:. ||__ ch. c. North Star III. -Bandello. by Kingston Pelican Stable 126 olvmpus hr. g. Royal Eagle Paradise II., by Adam H. P. Whitney 120 oiyatliaa b- g- Naaaavtaa- KBdaaaa, by ltdas w. Daniel 126 Opperman Jp. g. Iataiid — Dancing Wave, by Top Gallant Triple Springs Farm. .120 Philosopher hr. g. Fairy King — Preluka. by Polynielus J. a Widener 126 Princess Palatine ....b. f. Piince Palatine Frizette, by Hamburg J. L. Replogle 121 Proclamation h. c. Jim Gaffney Royal Message, by Star Shoot K. A. Kibler 120 Biinbow Boy h. c Wrack — Aurine. by Eon a». J. Farrell 126 I;, kah hr. c. Mefc Finmll- Sandringhani Belle, by Sandringham. ;. F. Baker 120 Koh ch. c. Orb — Panlita. by Pamnure C. Wiedemann 126 Bocket b. K BriHimstick — First Flight, by Thrush H. P. Whitney 120 Bockminister «h. e. Friar Rock— Mallard, by Star Shoot Montfort Jones 126 Kotilette br. f. Celt— Toots, by Top Gallant J. S. Cosden 121 Riin.-ititell h. c Broomstick — Seota, by St. Catieu j. e. Widener 126 Run-tar ch. e. Runny mede— Salvatrix. by Salvation A. B. Spreckels 126 sidereal ch. c. Star Shoot- OH S.piaw, by Adam M. Hirsch .......191 Singaitore ch. c. Friar Rock -Dameiess, by Ogden J. H. Rosseter 120 Spanish Maize ch. c. Spanish Mac* II. -ear. by St. Fruso.uin. . . J. K. L. Ross 126 Spats ch. c. Sain- -Levia. by Falsetto D. Lahaa 126 Startle ch. f. star Hawk-In -pi ration, by Ayishire H. H. Hewitt 121 1st. Henry ch. c. The Finn —Lady Sterling, by Hanover Montfort Jones 126 St. Maurice ch. c. Zeus— Even Break, by Hamburg Pelican Stable 126 Sunreigh ch. c. Sundridge- -Sweet Briar II.. by St. Frusipiin W. S. Kilmer 126 Supercargo h. c. Friar Rock- Sweet Mai.ioram. by Dinna Forget ...J. H. Rosseter 120 Sim f Rider b. g. Si pcinian Sea Spray, by Star Shoot J. E. Madden 120 Iliibodatix ch. c. Cunard — Electro, by Electioneer W. L. Lewis 126 Tom Hare Jr br. c. Vulcain — Moonet. by Donald A C. W. Clark 126 Tomalioi b. c. Atheling II. Cariea, by Rey el Sierras M. Goldblatt 126 Violinist br. c. I i k Finnell Viola Vail, by Jean B.reaud H. C. Fisher 120 Washington ch. c. Ballot Hazzaza. by Cunard H. H. Hewitt 126 Whiskaway Ch. c. Whisk Broom II. Inaugural, by Voter H. P. Whitney 126 William A blk. c. Jack Atkin Tehera. b Nasturtium Ranco ns Stable 120 Voshimi b. c. Ballot Gold I-idy, by tioldcrest T. C. Bradley...: 120

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