Dominance of Color: Theory of Breeding Which is in Class of Bruce Lowe Figure System, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-28


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I . i t , ■ J 1 I | % , i , o d t ■ f f „ j, | m a j, a ,■ h v n t h by DOMINANCE OF COLOR Theory of Breeding Which Is in Class of Bruco Lowe Figure System. Referring to a suggestion that Lady James Douglas Gainsborough, t lie Knglish champion of 1P1K, wiaaer of the Derby, may possibly sire only bay, brown or black offspring, in other words, turn cut to be a pure dominant for bayncss. "Mankato" writes with fine directness in the Sporting Chronicle: "Now, granted that Gainsborough sires a suffi deal number of foals to test his capabilities in this direction, he is absolutely certain to get some chestnut foals from chestnut mares, and also a smaller proportion from impure dominant bay or brow n mates. No horse or mare can possibly be a pure dominant for bay or brown if one of its parents is chestnut, since approximately one-half of its reproductive cells must carry the factor for chestnut thai is. an absence of the meianistie markings which constitute bayness and browness. Gainsboroughs dam, Rosedrop, is a light chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, and has derived her chestnut factors one from each parent is necessary in the making of a chestnut t from St. Frusquins dam on the one hand, and from Bend Or. the sir; of Ito-edrops grand, lain, Rosalys, on the other. "There seems to be an erroneous notion that pure dominance lias something to do with prepotency in the sire, and may be handed from father to son. Such, however, is never the ease. Pure dominance for any character entails the presence in the filial generation of a factor for the dominant Character from each parent. Thus St. Angela was just as much con-ernid in rendering St. Simon a pure dominant for bay and brown as was Galopiu. which never sired a chestnut. "Inherited prepotency had nothing whatever to do with St. Simons ability to sire nothing but bays and browns, and iu like manner it is absolutely impossible for Bnyardo to have rendered any of Ids sons a pure dominant for bay or brown unless ., complementary factor for more or less melanism has been contained in the female germ cell nucleus, which fused with the nucleus of Bayardos spermatozoon, lutil these siuiidy elemental fails are thoroughly recognized and understood no student of heredity can be master of his subject."

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