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TIJUANA FORM CHART TIJUANA, MFX.. SUNDAY. MARCH SC, 1922. One mild. One hundred :in l sith day. Tijuana Jockey lull. Winter Meeting of UTi or mftt days. Weather clear: temperature 85 . Presiding steward. Francis Nelson. Associate Steward*, t. W. Coffroth and Leon Wing. Starter. Harry Morrfisey. Racing Secretary. Leon Wing. Racing start* at 1:53 p. in. Chicago time 3:" p. m.t. W indicates whin. S spurs. M blinkers. Figures in parentheses following the distance of each race indicate date, track record, age of horse and Weight carried. •Indicates apprentice allowance. f*-» fkrTrST FIRST RACE— 5 1-2 Furlongs. June 28. 1916— l:06/s— 3— 113. Purse 00. 3-year -WXvF«Je_t olds and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50; second, 00: third. 0. Index Horses AWtPPSt A % % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odd* Strt fOtrDSSlROSA ATKIN w 4 H" I 1 -" PJ*»li» C Btaftar ll Walters .L0-P.M ftlftl«*THIRTY sF.VEX vim A :. P P P rj H Long Heebe and Frazier 100-100 «.U»70 MAYFLOWER wsii 4 10» .". 7 P :: P P M Fator " U Irwin I cmiM 1i.n THE v.v ws 5 lM t; i : 5l 5" t; p Hum :.i Dority 13M-1M tlftftt**PRGGY MARTIN w ." lid :: I I o:i 03 57 T Wilson M .1 Barrons 70-1CO MfJM*MI88 DUNBAR w t MJ 7 Z 4-. 1 I P .1 Thomas W H Moore MM Ml :t »3 KKMITANA w 7 M t "■ 7, 7" 7- 7* K Taylor .1 Kern 11. S0-100 pMMft*TILL0T8ON iNOS I I «, IS! W Organ V. ■ McGregor 15GO-100 tfotiplcd in betting as H. Walters and Ci B. Irwin entry. Time. 23S. 48. 141%, 1:03. Track fast. £•_ mutiiels paid. H. Walters .md C. li. Irwin entry. .4o straight. fj 40 place. J4/J0 show: Thirty Seven. .9$ place, S3.M sh.,,v. Equivalent boohing odd. H. Walter, and C. B. Irwin entry. CM to 110 straiuht. 70 to 100 place. 110 re Km show; Thirtj seven. :;o t.. tW place, SO t" KM rWw. Winner— Br. f. bv Jack Alkin- tteatroea, by Plaudit trained by II. Walters: bred by Mr. Richard T Wil—ni. Went to post at 1:56. At post 7 minutes. Strut goad and slow. Won driving: second and third the same. ROSA ATKIN raced in close pursuit of THIRTY SEVEN from I lie start and. in a terrific drive. oat v tared tbe latter in the final -l rides. THIRTY SEVEN set a fast pace and. after being forced at top speed. Hatched with rare gumeness and hung on tenaciously to the cud. MAYFLOWER closed up ground and finished fast ami close up. CLEAR THE WAY was going fast at the end. and so was PEGGY MARTIN. Scratched— cioit; cicely Kay. 1|2; MM Careea, 112; ftMSS Apple Jack, urn. i fl~t fiifl SECOND RACE— 5 1-2 Turlongs. June 28. 1916— 1:05;,— 3— 118. Purse 00. 3-year-DAUtU olds and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner S350: second. 00; third. S50. . Index Horses AWtPPSt »4 £ =?i Str Fin Jockeys Owners Eqnir. Odds Strt | «I0»-J*SMIL. MAGGIB w J lb 7 4 5* i"i :•- P» H Long Morris Stable MI-MI •ftfttft* HAMILTON A. w 7 112 L 1 li V I" P C Studer H T Palmer RKMHO 1 «10 If* PLANTAGBNT w lo 112 S 7 7 .v; :; P§ T Wilson .1 W Shockley 13M-1M I CldttORLEANS GIRL w ". 11." li :. 4] ::, P 4" P Martinez Thompson ,V Berry •llfiiMOO I ;10.",:? - CHARMANT warn I 1M I :: 2 4H .V 6» P Hum A K Noyes 12M-1M 1 CH 03 Hit DB GLISE ■: «i 117 :: I P iL i- P .1 Hunmer P. M Hollenbeck 4 i-100 i i0!»30 EL SABIO w 1 117 1 1 :" 7 7 7 B McF.wen .1 Kerb 616O-10J I Time. 24. 48. 141%, 1:07"5. Track fast. t2 mi:luels paid. Sunlit Maggie. Sli.OO stiiiight. SI.M place. s.tiO show: Hamilton A.. tSM piace. . LM» show: Plantagenet. s.l.sii show. BqaKaleal I king odd-— Smiling Maggie. LOll to 100 stiMi-iht. ."» to 100 i-lace. 30 to 100 show; Hamilton A.. 40 to loo place, M to loo show ; Plantagenet, M to 100 show. Winne;- - h. m. by Sinih-— Margaret M.. by Woolsthoi rpe trained by X. W. Rurkhart; bred by Mr. Clayton Morris. Weal to lot at 2:24. At Ml 1 minute. Start good and slow. Woa driving; second and third the • sime. SMILINC MAGGIE moved up fa-t after rounding the far turn and. challenging HAMILTON A. midway of the stretch, wore him down and won in the last few strides. HAMILTON A. set a good pace and Inuig on gamely t" tin- end. PLANTAGENET, away slowly and in close quarters, caste fast when r-lear and easily outstayed ORLKANS CIRL. The latter showed speed and bad a clear course. DUG DL" I .1ISi; .--. alw.l.s Olltpaeed. Scratched— WSandHDivlaud, 117: iOSSi; Jack Ledi, 111: BlBM Billy Joe. 112; C008.V:Stiletto, 110; OOOS" ouiciioii. US. . . f*-t £tZ THIRD RACE— 1 Mile. June 17. 1916—1:38—3—95. Purse 00. 3-year-olds and 1 O.JH_lt3 4 upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second. 00: third, 0. Index lloraes AWtPPSt % V2 fi Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt ■1M3 1 . HARPKR m 7 Hi 1 .". P Jl fl p* 1 P Marttaea i- R Ir.vin rM-19 8M 7»BETTIE STUART w 4 ns :i s p -i P :;l "" M Fator s Ckristeaaoa tSM-lia BMM**COL. BNIOER WB Ml 7 I 7 P 4- f :» W Davis Maple Leaf Stable Na-ttj 1 .017 1-M YRTI.i; A. v.si: !M10 I 7 I1 1] 1, l I1 H Long B Irwin il03:S RAPFERTY Wl US :: Z •», T P P •"• C Stader H Walters WMMf*CHOIR MASTEB w 7 112 Z •; 6 .". B; G P* T Wilson J Kern lMt-Htj S1BSS*IXBELIA w s iu s :; gj p 71 P» T J Hanroer 11 I Catea JM Ml c.ftm .1 s. WIGGINS w S M ! I I I s s W 1 Miller .1 Watktm 15P-M I •1B1B*M0NTPBRR1 w i; :, in? I i Lost rider. W Organ J Q Arviu EM-MI. • 1p|ip!ed iu belling as Irwin three, ai.d H. Walters entry. Time. 25. 49",. 1:16. 1:44%. Track fast. . inutials paid, Irwin Rros. ;ind H. Waltvl eatrjr, I3.M straight. 2.M place, .L0 show; P.ettie Stuart. S1X10 place. .20 show: Col. Snidr. .M show. Bnairaleal boakiag odd* Irwin Bros, sad II. Walt, i •- entry, so to 100 straight. M to loo place, 10 to Km ahow; Settle smart. o7n to loo place. 11" t loo -how: Col. Balder; M to loo show. Winner— H. g. by .1. I. rowley — PeneUui. by Cov. Ioraker trained by I. R. Irwin; bred by Mr. H. R. .Serim-hi r. Meal to pael at S:M. At past 1 minute. Start good and slow. Won handily: second and third driving. I. V. HARPER, after being fo.-wardly placed, raced up to the leader after entering the stretch 1 and. racing to the front, held his position and won goiny away. BKlllE STlART raced gamely and. savin,- graaad on all the turns, oatftaiahed COL. SNIDER. The latter ran well and made a fast and j game linish. MYRTLE A. Mt a good page to tae streiih ;;nd showed decided improvement. Scratched - IU0J7 Koraia, 104; ilo-U Knight of lythias. 11l. Over weight! John S. Wiggin-. ." pounds. I — rj-g frr Q FOURTH RACE— I 1-16 Miles. June 24. 1916—1:45—3—110. Purse 00. 3-year-olds i vFJL Vft3o and upward. Claiming. Met value to winner 50: second. 00; third, 0. Index Horses AWtPPSt % ,■ % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt ■ BlWl3*CLOVIBR JlNIA W 6 111 I 2 I=J P 1- I1 I1 T Wilson B Orr 70-lX» . I0I.VW IIITI-: HAVEN w l BJ8 - ■ U B1 ol 4 .; C Stucler L Sawyer 700-100 ! MS11 AUDREY K. wsit 7 110 :; 1 4 41 4!:;. P P Hur.i G Hurn 12M-m i 609SR T. URKNRIDGE WR S 112 7 I lJ* 2 PJ P 10 Fator Morris Stable 8M-MI i •Ifjli SHENANDOAH W S 114 •"- 7 .S I P fi; P E Taylor II D Catea I920-M3 I MM?t*8AM IILL vs 7 M7 t. L :;- :: J :: :.- V W Davis C, Kelly 17M-M3 I .1032 »CIG ALL w 1MB I •", 7 71 71 PJ 7i W D Miller .1 livens l i2fl-!00 I StBSl -ZODIAC wsi: 11 10! 1 t i; P s I s .1 Hunmcr J Mays 11M-MI Time. 24%, 49%. |:lf%. lrM%, 1:49%. Track fast. |3 mulii.ls p., id. lover Junia. .3. 10 straight. S2.M place. SLMO aboOr; White Haven. .10 place. fl.oo ahow; Aadrej K. .• .!. t;o ahow. LlUixalenl booking odd-— Clover Junia. 71 to 100 ttialght M to HMI plai e. M to KM show; White H.neii. IM to 100 place. 130 to 100 show: Audiej K.. N to 100 show. Wiancr- Ch. g, h] tlorertoa . Jaala, hjr on Deck traiaed by D. RIair: bred by Mr. I. H. Bitter. Went to post at 3:11. At peal 1 mjiuiie. Start good and slow. Won handily: seeond ami third driving. CI.OVI.R .ICMA raced i LO Hl:i;CKi: Itllx.K to defeat qaickly. then raced into a long lead and. under hard riding, held WHITR HAVES safe in the taal drive. The litter maile up ground and finished I fast and gaining .M DREY K. did her heal and daiahed close up. TKO BRECKENRIDGI ran weU to . the last eighth. SAM HILL quit ■arl.v after showing speed. : r»-g /ICTQ FiriH RACE— 1 1-16 Hfln. June 24. 1916—1:45—3—110. Purse 00. 3-year-olds . OJL Vr«3«L/ and upward. Ciain.ing. Vol value to winner 50: second, 00; third, 0. Index Horses AWtPPSt % M K Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt •BM1*ZETETIC era H 1M - :: ! P V 1., i- T Wilson W L Star.field 70-10,0 Sw9BBxMONTONA waa t 114 ". 7 ?• 7" Cj PS P J Majestic W Ptnkatafl 400-100 iD l! -DAINTY LADY W I ME 1 1 .- 2; pk 3 J 3 J H L. ns C B Irwin COO-lotl 1 iDHHllOT FOOT O/B S 112 I 2 F 1- 1, _■ 4-1. C Thpson $ Kdwards 710-HK 1 MH1 LAV A ;. we. ..11 7 ti Sl «J 4, j:l ::; 11 I! Hwer Blachwell ft Crippen tl4-pH I MMJI * BALAROBA W 111 ; 1 :;j P 51 i:* P C Stader 11 t Calmer 2549-1M MSS9I*MSTRESS POLLYw 7 116 3 8 8 S s s ■• p Hurn D 8 Fountain ;i."J-10o i ;l03:i LOTTA SPEED waa 4 ins x ;, Et •",. 7 - 7. s J Hunmer II Farr-.-U ;:j«0-100 i Time. 24%. 49%. 1:15%. 1:42. 1:43%. TracU fast. s-j nataehi paid, Betetle, |3.M atralght, s:!.ki place, S-.lo show: Montona. S3. 20 place. ?•_ io ahow; Baiaty Lady. W-30 wbow- Bqairaleal boafclai odd* -Eetetic. 70 tn 100 Ktraight. 54 to 100 place, 10 to 100 show: Montona. 00 to 1M pja T, M to Ion ahow; Dainty Lady. M to loo show. Wiiim-i— h in. b. Abe Frank— .lesie". Jewel, l.v Bancocaa trained by W. L. Stantiehl; bred by Mr. John 1". Newman I. Weni to post al 3:4ft, At l«-t 1 iiiina:e Star! good and slew. Wen easily: Meeaai and third driving. 7.Y. V. TIC Waa ridden to peileelion ami. BMTiag up fast while lounding the lat turn, took tlie le:in , with a nadi aftet entering the streieh and won gefag away. MONTONA made up mound steadily and I lawbed wit* ■ great raab. DAINTY LADY ftU her heal aader bard ridtaft. HOT FOOT showed the , mo t tpeed to the atretch, where be tired. aG"fi AfiA SIXTH RACr— 2 Miles. .April 17. 1921— 3:28%— 3— 107. Second Running TIJUANA Ul-Uvv CUP. Veuc J5.C00. 3-ye3r-o!di and upward. Allowances. Net value to winner «.4,000: icr-ond. 1922.sh00; third. 00: lourth, 00. Index Horses AWtPPSt % M % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt dWjM EAST INDIAN ar 5 JM ■ 1 Ill] .; 1 C Stajdejr G J Miller 7M-MI tftftMftBELARIO wi: i, llo I I :.: P P L -IK Donaliue G Alexandra t20ft-tM hlftlfi ■ YHTLRAN vt li % I 7 V I, V P • P Hurn II D Cites 1220-MH 1 00917 ROUEN w fi 101 I . I I ■"■ 4- 1*4 3 Hanmer A Breat Mt-MI i ftMM7YOBMI8T w 7 110 1 1 P V . ■•.■■■ H B I.w-r i; Alexandra ift*ftd4LOUIS !..-H D wap 8 9". 7 s 7 3 4 P P H Lone, l_ Calbraith KMft-MJ ClftlB MNNYI.AND WB 7 113 Sal a| «- 7" 1* li Miller Hronx Stable 780-MO C y63M:i: ;Rh;so araa I MS i I I HI s t J Majestic B frwin 1328-100 I OIOlo OMONP waa i n ■• 4 P 7 Pulled up. T Wilson II Quinn 16u-lu0 i coupled iu betting a« •;. AJeraadia aatry. Time. 23. 51. 1:16%. 1:43%. 2:10. 2:36. 3.02%. 3 29. Track fast. s-j miitie!-. paid. Last ledi. in slii.sn atraigbt, SO. 40 place, ¥."..00 slew: B. Alexandra entry. .40 1 place. s;j,.» how; i-tei-iin. .v."..so show. i; niraleal kiac odd* Ka-t ladiaa. 7to t.. IM utraight, 228 to loo place, IM la loo show: ;. Alexaadra entry. 7u to lint ptaca. M to Kni show: Veteraa. Uft t.i luo ahoa Wlaaer- Br. g, by Delhi — KUUecraakie, by Kilaaar k trained by B. .1. Miller: bred by Mr. James W. Ci.rri.:. in i Wint to po-l at 4:04. At po-i 1 minute. Start fall lad doa MOB eaeily; second and third driving. LAST INDIA.. w.i held in reatraial for the drat m.le aad I half, then moved ap gradually and saving pooad n-M to the rail, raced into ■ loag lead in the atretch and woa eased ap. RtLARlo was ■ g ime and Forward roata after from the atari and. miking a reaolate Balah, easily oatgtayed YKtFBRAh The latter ihaMOed much speed in racing into the lead aad. holding on well after being passed, held RolLN Mfa tor third place. Tha latter chwed ■ gip in the last mile. Yorkist raced dlaa.paailli.lj SC.NNYLAM w.i- dene early. REGRKSO quit badly after raciag well for a mile and a half. Scratched 81044 Bearaaa Breea, ol: oioL". Planet, I0S Oecrareighta Roueu, ■ pound i; thfon/land, 3 ■Q"! Ajril andEVKKTH RACE— 5 1-2 Furlongs. June 28. 1918— 1 :05%— 3—118. Purse S900. 3-year-Cf A"xj-a_ olds and npwaid. Handicap. Net valae to winner 30; second. S180: third. 0. Index Horses AWtPPSt "A % % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt Mt 71GAJU EN CITY v. 4 110 fi 1 2| 1 -1- I .1 .Ilunin.r C [rbj 17d-10i 6P004 - MOTOR Ci|» a 7 L7 : I _• :, P Marttaea C B Irwin 100-108 i ftfttftlCOFKIELD w ti |M .. j« jj ... ; H IftpM Nortft and Kowe 400-JOo i . | 1 I I 1 i I • I . . 1 SftftftS LILLET PROOF wb .". IIS 7 7 H ."i4 f*l L C Thpson Shafer and Conway 900-100 00989 SEDAN wb 8 97 1 2 ::= :! 5a u- T Wilson C B Irwin t «08H7 -BILLY" LANE w 4 107 4 4 P 0" 8« i« E Donaliue G Alexandra 1120-100 60801 WAR GOD W t M» 1 S 7 7 7 7 J Majestic Bronx Stable 8150-100 fCoupled in betting us C. B. Irwin entry. Time, 24. 47. l:00Vi. l:0G=c. Track fast. niutuels paid. Garden City. $."..40 straight. .c.O place, $:M0 show; . B. Irwin entry, .00 place, .28 show: Coflleld. .M show. Kquivalent booking odds— iardeii City. 170 to 100 straight. M to KM place, 20 to KM show; C. B. Irwin entry. 30 to 100 place. 10 to KM show: Cotiield. M to KM show. Winner— Ch. e. by Von Tromp — Jourdain. by Watercress trained by C. Irby; bred by Mr. Edward Cebriun. Went to post at 4:30. At post 4 minutes. Start good and slow. Won handily; seeond and third driving. OARDF.N" CITY forced MOTOR col along at top speed, then took the lead after entering the stretch and gamely held his advantage to the end. MOTOR COP set a great pace after being passed, finished with rare gameness and just managed to earn seeond place. COFFIELD finished with a rush and would have been second in another stride. BILLLT PROOF, away slowly, raced up to a forward position after enteriug the stretch, but tired finally. Scratched— fjbfftf Little Romper. 10: 01000 Indian Prince. 90. ft -d fkf* O EIGHTH RACE— 1 Mile and 70 Yards. Feb. 1. 1320— 1:43V5—G— 122. Purse 00. O l,1IDJ| 3-year-olds and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50; second. 00; third. 0. Index Horsea AWtPPSt M, % % Str Fin Jockeys Owners BqulT. Odd* Strt «1017-*KATH. RANKIN w 6 108 7 : P* 1" 1- 11 li T Wilson 11 D fates 560-100 11002 REVDn w S HI :: 4 B P P V -* J Majestic J Ilumbrecht 2SO-100 098!-*!I BURGOYNE ws 7 10! ti ii 33 41 4, II P* M Fator W Younkman :550-l«O P1017 BILL HEAD W S 113 8 1 4- ?M S 3] 4 J Hunmer J McCoole 600-100 0 nMta*SALGBOR GE w 6 102 :. S 7* 7- : l •"• V C Studf-r Suhr and Mansfield SJtifl-loo 6101.»*WALTER DANT w 7 101 I 7 I 8 V 6- «. H Long C B Trw in 500-100 SOaSOIKE MILLS w 7 102 2 L V .".; 7J 7- 71 P Hurn G Kelly 1320-100 60942 -*BASSANO BOY w. 12 10C :» P P S s II B Bwer L T Whitehill 900-100 Time. 23«5. 48c5. l:14i. 1:41. l:45Vi. Track fast. niutuels paid. Katherine Rankin. 3.L0 straight. S..OO place. .40 show: Reydo. S3. 40 place, .60 show : Hairy Rurgoyne. .M show. Kquivalent booking odds — Katherine Rankin. Mft to 100 straight. LSO to 100 place. 70 to 100 show; Reydo. 170 to 100 place. SO to 100 show: Harry Rurgoyne. 50 to KM show. Winner — Ch. m. by Suffragist — Katherine Connor, by Mirthful trained by J. Crofton; bred by Mr. L I. Schreinerl. Went to jiost a* 3:00. At post 1 minute. Start good and slow. Won driving: second and third the s.une. KATH BRINK RANKIN raced IKK MILLS lata early defeat, then took a long lead and. standing a hard stretch drive, held REYDO safe in a fast finish. The latter regained his speed suddenly, saved ground on ail the turns and finished resolutely, but cniilri not quite overhaul the winner. HARRY BUR- OOYNE ran well ami outgaiued RILL IILAD. IKK MILLS quit early. Scratched— li08i Mid in. 100. Overweights -Harry Rurgoyne. 4 pounds. £%.~t tTaaft0 NINTH RACE— 3-4 Mile. Dsc. 20. 1916— 1:11 = 5— 3— 110. Purse 00. 3-year-olds and UlUDu upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second. 00: third. 0. Index Horses AWtPPSt V* Vt % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt _____________________________ 0!71 ARCTIC KING w . 118 0 I V V; I1 1". J Hun mer J Bishop 370-100 ti] 01 7 TOM CRAVEN w ■ H 4 3 5-. PJ 2. P| H Long C B Irwin 700-lfX UDOSO3* LITTLE BEACH w .". 108 2 ■. "," :i3 3" »* C Studer J Pelter SOO-IO* 60928 MANN1KIN II. WB 3 104 6 li 6 ti C -i- W D Miller H A Lott ii/JO-llo 00960 .IOHX JR. era 9 118 U 2 44 P PJ C Thpson V Mannale 190-100 60966-" MISS MANAGE w 6 106 1 1 P tj 4 f M Fator Ballinger and Coffman 400-100 Time. 232, 47V5. 1:13. Track fast. niutuels paid. Arctic King. .40 straight. $.",.•.• place. 82.8a show: Tom Craven, $».•_• place. .40 show: Little Reach. show. Kquivalent booking odds— Arctic King. 370 to KM straight. KK to 100 place, 40 to 100 show: Tom Craven. 310 to 100 place. 70 to 100 show: Little Reach. 40 to 100 show. Winner— R. h, by J. F. Crowley or Shooting Spray — Ranonica. by Ranuockburii trained by .1. Bishop; bred by Mr. W. G. Jenkins. Went to post at " ::;o. At post 1 minute. Start good and slow. Won easily: second and third driv- ing. ARCTIC KING set a great pace from the start and. drawing away after entering the stretch, easily held TOM CRAVEN safe. TOM CRAVEN moved up fast after rounding the hurt turn and ran a good race. LITTLE RKACH slewed niiieh speed. MANNIKIN 11. came from far back. JOHN JR. was pocketed in the stretch. MISS MANAGK ran a fast half. Scratched -liOJW Trusty. 111.

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