Spinaway Stake Entries: Great Collection of Fillies Named for One of Saratogas Popular Features., Daily Racing Form, 1922-05-19


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P1NAWAY STAKE ENTRIES Ireat Collection of FiUies Named for One of Saratogas Popular Features There la a noble collection of young flllies tho Saratoga Spinaway Stakes entry list hey number 190 and in the list there arc less than 10 per cent that are unnamed Tho youngsters como from all corners of tho land and tho collections from the big stables aro notable ones onesHere Here are the Spinaway Stakes entries Allen G H Rainy ch f by Malatcnon Balnier Balnierby by Sea Sick Allies Stable Paula Shay br f by George Smith Affiance by Clifford Allies Stable Violet Mersereno br f by Short ShortGrasa Grasa Kennyetto by Clifford Aiplesatc O A Dicks Daughter ch f by Dlci DlciJlnnell Jlnnell ilatclietto by Matchmaker Arplegate C A Lady Honmonth ch f by Uncle Anna Kay by Peep oDay Barklis Archibald Miss Belle ch f by Ballot InTtrbelle by Aeronaut BarUe Harry J Rita B ch f by Short Grass Krli Lee by Hindoo Bean James W Elizabeth Bean ch f by Meridian Sweet Flowers by Pleasant Day Bebnont August Mlrabella ch f by Fair Play Mahubah by Boci Sand Belmont August How Fair ch t by Fair Play Hoar Hand by Bock Sand Belnont Augast ITelside ch by Fair Play Felicity by Rock Sand Bclmont Acsust Lnstrons b f by Fair Play Lccfc Stone by Rock Sand Belmont August Amusement b f by Honrlesa Amiclta by Hastlnsa Belmont August Belle Hour b f by Hourless Beldame hy Octagon Block Benjaiala Moimaw b f by Fair Play Keystone by Mamjar Bntler Jsraes Chestnut filly by Pebbles Turf TurfStar Star by Nasturtium NasturtiumBetter Better James Driftwood ch t by Pebbles Nap pin by Peter Pan Butler James Temptress b f by Spur Littlo LittloQueen Queen by Voter Boiler James Merry Maker b f by Spur Jest Jestby by Ben Brush Camdcn J N Brown filly by Light Brigade Muriel by Watercress Caiaden J N Brown filly by Light Brigade Enigma by Ben Brnsh Camdcn J N Fair Ajrncs br f by Light Brigade Five Aces by Disguise Camdcn J N Angella b f by Light Brigade Sard by Bea Brush Camden J N Bis Bertha b t by Light Brigade Hennoca by Alvescot Oanfield D O Flower Shop ch f by Jim Gaffney Ocanya by Ornns Cassatt E B Fairy Wings br f by Cavalcadonr Flying Fairy by Acroaant Clark Mrs F Ambrose Sister Snc b f by Jaci JaciAtkin Atkin Bessie Simpson by Deceiver dark P A Simplex b f by Wrack SmDar SmDarby by Star Scoot Clark P A Marguerite ch f by Celt Fairy FairyBay Bay by Radium Clark P A FildeFcr br f by Wracb Pfl Pflaatc aatc by Sardanspale Clark P A Violet Blue br f by Rock View Votes by Voter Oochran Gifford A Clmbria b or br f by Hla HlaMajesty Majesty Livonia by Star Shoot Cochran Gifford A Malmsey di f by His HisMajesty Majesty Madeira by Star Shoot Cochrcn Gifford A Cisqua b f by Hla Majesty MajestyMarie Marie Odile by Star Shoot Oochran Gifford A Cimra b by Bryn Mawr Coronls by Voter Ooe W R Wigwam b by Polymellaa Garner by Radiimi Coe W R Pow Wow b f by Polymellan Ratify by Swynford Ooe W R Chestnut filly by Polymellan Laaghnway by Cicero Ooe W IU Some More br t by Polymellan Kiss Again by Tracery Ooe W R Chestnut filly by Harmonlcon Mavis by Missel Thrush Coc W R Chestnut Clly by Harmonlcon Welsh Maid by Llanswm Coe W R Chestnut filly by Harmonlcon Black Eagle by White Eagle Ooe W R Chestnut filly by Harmonleon lacework by Tracery Coc W R Bay filly by Hannonieon Fair Maid Maidby by Orvieto Oosden J S Crochet br t by Celt Network Networkby by Bon Oosden J S Jlgstep ch f by Celt Fox Trot Trotby by Star Shoot Cosdcn J B Henna ch f by Celt Bed Hair HairII II by William Rnfus Cosden J S Confederacy ch f by Theo Cook DLde by Ogdcn Ocaden J S Patchwork blk f by Delhi Mixed MixedColor Color by Hastings Cosaen J S Chestnut filly by North Star HL Bnyberry Candle by Cunard Crown Stable Mary P Gardner b f by North NorthStarr Starr 1IL Yoterina by Voter Diamond Stable Palmba b f by Von Trorap Dally by GIganteuai Diamond Static Trebora ch f by Von Tromp la Borjfia by Brnlua Kiher H 0 Delcadia ch f by Dalhl Star Starkadi kadi a by Star Shoot Fisher H C Brocade b f by Broomstick I abroiuery by Celt Fisher H C Adventuress blk by Sweep Hortcnsla by Meddler MeddlerIlsher Ilsher H C Dream Star b f by Star Shoot Dismiss by Ogdcn Purst Jo ph 0 Iermarco ch f by Ballot Lardella by Lackford Gerry Robert L Spray b f by Wrack Tho ThoReef Reef by Trap Rock RockGerry Gerry Kobert L Heirloom b f by Short Grass Gentlewoman by Sain Glen Riddle Farm Helen Blaze b f by Wrack Blazing Star by Star Klioot i Olea Kiddie Farm Scribble ch f by TJltkan Amaauensls by The Scribe Goodwin byColt Waller L Olga Virginia b or br f by Colt Censure by Star Rcby RcbyGrayson Grayson 0 T Rock Pccket b f by Ogtlen Sand 1 Pocket by IZock Sand SandGreener Greener John TV Catherine 1C ch t by Han bridge MJotcn by My Boy II Grccntres Stable Winner Take All br f by Fair 1 lay Free Love by Chonbcrskl GreciJtrca BtaWc Untidy b f by Sweep Cafean Lait by Meddler Grccnrej Stable Sollsa ch f by Spanish Prince PrinceII II Ircsnay by Meddler Eancctk A B Piecollte b t by North Star HL IVosanella by Cyllcne CyllcneHancock Hancock A B Iavlowa b f by Wrack Tread UsfMly n by Tiedenals Head y Hal Price Pos ible ch f by Ultlmus Lda FlusJi by Royal Flash III IIIHewit Hewit II H Grass Maid b f by Short Grara GraraPan Pan Maid by Peter Pan i Hewitt II H Kindred ch f by Jack Atkln AtklnSistcr Sistcr by Uncle Hewitt H H Avlsack ch f by Jack Atkln AtklnAvls Avls by Ballot Idlo bjKcrlh Hear Stock Farm Blossom Time br f bj Kcrlh Star III Vaila by Farimsn Idle Hoar Stock Fann Betty Bcall ch f by Nortl NortlStar Star III llacaroon by Marco Hlo Hiur Stock Farm Beach Beauty cli f b bCunard Cunard Killcnna by Kllleash Jonc Jlontfort Black filly by Black Toaey Brealhing Spell by Dark Ronald RonaldJones Jones Moatfort Miss Cerina ch t by Sir Jobi JobiJchnson Jchnson Sixx nful by Plaudit Jones Honlfort Oul Oni ch f by Sir John John Johneon eon Parisian by Ogden Jcnc3 Moattortr Hesklluna br J by Hessian HessianICllnna ICllnna by Golden Maxim MaximKocne Kocne J O Alice Bins down cr f by Loke Mxj 1 Icoke Carene by Grey Ley LeyKccnc Kccnc 3 0 Pair Alice b t by Iuko McLuki l Forest Lafly by His Majesty i Kecne 3 Q Flowers of Love ch t by Luke lle lleZiuke Ziuke 7oodlane by Octagon Kclley Frank J Palwln ch t by Brummel GylfJ by Dr Lesco LescoEclley Eclley Frank J Silver Diana ch f by Main i tenon Silver Streak by Halina or Illinois IllinoisKilmer Kilmer Willis Sharpc Sun Fey blk t by Ba i Briar St Fey b St Frus uin Kilmer Willla Sharpo Bnn Mist ch f by Sun SunBriar Briar Misty Lav by Ayrshire Kilmer Willla Sharpe Sun Quest ch f by Sun SunBriar Briar Royal Quest by Rol Herode Kilmer Willis Bharpe San Doll b f by Sun SunBriar Briar War Doll by Sir Geoffrey Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sun Thistle b f by Sun star Sweet Briar II by St Frnsquln Kilmer Willis Shharpe Sallys Alley b f by Alln Allnmcur mcur Salvolatilc by Disguise Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sweep Hawk rn f by bySweep Sweep Hawksora by Hawkswlck Kilmer Willis Sharpe Friary blk f by Friar FriarRock Rock Adoration II by Nell Cow Kilmer Willis Sharpe Jealous Woman ch f by byMagic Magic II Romagnc by Polymelus Loft George W Klppy ch f by Broomstick Seamstress by Star Shoot Loft George W Crugie b or br f by Broomstick Jnlialeon by Helmet Loney William W Ray L b f by Wrack Kil Kilcrea crea by Stalwart Macombcr A K Vesper Bells b f by Hesperus Lathenla by Mortlakc Macomber A K Speedball b f by Hesperus Morthenla by Mortlake Macombcr A K Katinka ch f by Hesperus Fraternity by Mortlake Macomber A K Tramontana ch f by Hesperus Montora by Morthike Madden J B Ethnea b f by Star Shoot Mer Mercadel cadel by The Commoner Madden J B Waterfcather ch f by Star Shoot Watermelon by Watercress Madden J E Feathcredge ch f by Friar Rock Plume by Woolsthorpe Madden J E Whitelcather br f by Hessian Old Squaw by Adam Madden J H Watchful Waiting br f by Hessian The Nnrsa by Yankee YankeeMadden Madden J E Chestnut filly by Tho Finn Eliza ¬ beth D R by Star Shoot Madden J B Chestnut filly by Friar Rock Santa Malta by Sanctuary Madden J E The Kiss b or br f by Disguise Sanctuary by Broomstick BroomstickMadden Madden J E Tornca ch t by The Finn As ¬ trology by Star Shoot Maxwell H W Bay filly by Celt Vistula HL HLby by Flint Rock McDowell Thomas C Bay filly by The Manager ManagerCaution Caution by Planudes McLean H B Cbmixa br f by Colin The Minx MinxIL IL by Irish Lad Milam J C Chestnut Clly by Peter Quince Stick Pin by McGee Milam J C Chestnut filly by Peter Quince Eden Hall by Armeath IL Milam J 0 Polly ch f by Celt Prude by byMeddler Meddler Milam J C Karo b f by Theo Cook Ruche Rucheby by Hastings Milam J C Queen Diana ch f by Hourless Jane Frances by Uncle Moore Charles A Lady Tybar ch f by Disguise Dona Wlnlfreda by Dr Leggo Nevada Stock Farm Evelyn Sawyer ch t by byBallot Ballot Cyllene Cross by Tasso Oak Ridge Stable Sponsor ch f by Sea King Fairy Godmother by Hippodrome Oak Ridge Stable Contact b f by Sea King Bambi by McGee McGeeParrlsh Parrlsh J W Lily M b f by Short Grass Rosewood by Magenta Pcndergist T J Kennniare ch t by Ballot Illwill by Sir Dixon Rancocas Stable Dode blk f by Celt Mimesis Mimesisby by Ogdcn Rancocas Stable Thessaly br f by Plaudit Fair FairAtalanta Atalanta by Knight of the Thistle Rancocaa Stable Edict b f by Jim Gaffney Royal Message by Star Shoot ShootRancocas Rancocas Stable Annaly br f by Tho Finn Dolly Higgln0 by Migraine Rancocas Stable Hourbel br t by Hourless Belgravia by Ben Brush Rancocas Stable Suweep b f by Sweep Sue SueSmith Smith by Masetto Rancocai Stable Broompace b f by Broomstick Ethel Pnce by Troubadour Rancocas Stable Mazeppn b f by Spanish Prince PrinceII II Wainamolnen by The Commoner Riviera Stable Great Lady ch f by Ultlmus Mollie Kearney by Sir Dlxon Riviera Stable Little Beauty b f by Magic H Cay Polymel by Polymelos Riviera Stable Lady Rose b t by Von Tromp Jourdain by Watercress Rosemont Stable Crystal Isles b t by Great GreatBritain Britain Crystal Maid by Pirate of Penzanco Ross J K I Prismar b f by Marathon Prlsclila Mullens by Armeath II Ross J K L Null Sccttndus blk f by Celt Keadean II by Galliunle GalliunleRoss Ross Samuel Toucana ch by Ultlmus Ton can by Star Ruby Rosa Samuel Insulate br f by Black Jester Electric Fuse by Henry tho First Rossetcr John H Red Clover b or br f by byDisguise Disguise Bluo Grass by Hamburg Rossetcr John H Belle of Wlklup ch t by byFriar Friar Rock Coquette by Celt Salmon Walter J Eldorado ch f by Ultimo Helen Barbec by Peep oDay Salmon Walter J Cherry Court b f by Black BlackJester Jester Dorothy Court by Robert lo Diablo Salmon Walter J Papillion b f by Wrack Butterflies II by Kins Jnmca Sanford John Laccrta b or br f by Sunstar Orcnge Lotiy by William tho Third Banford John Valeria ch f by Tracery Flour FlourdOranse dOranse by William tho Third Sanford John Devlnlere b f by Rabelais Tho Thorcsa rcsa by AJax Sanford John Segovia ch f by Undo Consnelo ConsneloII II by Bradwardine Banford John Barcelona b f by Malntcnoa Lady 7 by AJax Sanford John Balmacara b t by Nassovlan Klldonan by Ladas LadasSchwartz Schwartz Morton L Contour ch f by Celt Pyramid by Hustings Shea Stable Myrtle Belle ch f by Tea Caddy Bluo Grass Belle by Great Heavens Smith James B Monnrdclla b t by Ballot Ghetto Girl by Ben Bruah Smith James B Llwalto ch f by Vulcaln Lotawanna by Trenton Smith James B Belle of Blua Ridgo br f by byVulcain Vulcain Adollnette by Melton Smith James B Lady Inez b f by King James Areopkane by Arizona Smith James B Belphrlsonla b t by Vulcaln Bclphocbo by Orslni Smith James B Silk Tassel ch f by Superman Whlto Silk by Gnlloplns Simon Sprcckcla A B Runellse ch f by Rnnnymedo Hymir by Dr Leggo Sprcckcls A B Runcarol ch f by Runnymedo Salvatrix by Salvation SprcckelJ A B Rnnmnth ch f by Runnyaicdo Olathe by Solitaire II Stoneham O A Marionette br f by Olambala Mauvlcttc by Mexican MexicanStrassburgcr Strassburgcr R II Hcrrmanaut b f by Aero ¬ naut Trua Tcrtle by Gurry Herrmann Triple Springs Kaijn West Pltlston b f by Sweep Santa Maria by Golden Maxim Waterson H Air Bubble b f by El Dincro II Blue Fox by Waterboy Waterscn H Jana Green br t by DicU FInnell Tuncsaasss by Sain Whitney Edward F Zsurcka f by Ecus Kureka by Fair Piay Whitney Edward F Heeltaps ch f by Ultiiaus Queen of tho Water by Waterboy Whitney U P Twaddle ch f by Broomstick BroomstickFoldcrol Foldcrol by Burgomaster Whitney H P Transom ch f by Broomstick Traverse by Tracery Whitney II p Panache b f by Broomstick Panasinc by Peter Pan Whitney H I Quarrel b t by Broomstick Mrs Trulibcl by Hamburg Whitney II P Turbulent ch f b Broomstick Courage by Hamburg Whitney H P Chestnut filly by Broomstick Fly by Night II by Peter Pan Whitney U p Chestnut filly by Broomstick Spun Glass by Roik fiand fiandWhitney Whitney JI P Bay filly by Broomstick Chero ¬ kee Rcso II by Peter Pan Whitney II P Dream Days b f by Whisk WhiskBroom Broom II Rainy Daisy by Hamburg Whitney BrconjII II P Woodland ch f by Whisfc Brconj II Sylvan by Disguise Whitney JJropraII II P Cresta c f ty Whisk JJropra II CreascD by All Gold Whitney H P Juicy Fruit b f by Chicle Frillery by Broomstick ContinncU on twelfth page SPINAWAY STAKE ENTRIES Continued from tenth page Whitney H P Gadfly b f by Chicle Gadiola Gadiolaby by Cylgod Widcner Georga D Equinoctial b f by Ultlaaus Hurnken by Uncle Widcner George D Careless ch f by Celt Workinald by Fatherless Widener J B Chestnut filly by Mont dOr IL Saskla liy Orby Wldencr J K Faith b f by Fair Play Sanl Sanlcula cula by Santry Willetts Samuel Mantokah gr f by Ulthnus Sunshade by Grey Leg LegThe The condensed history of the Splnaway Stakes since Us inception thirty years ago is here pre ¬ sented Year First Jockeys Wt Val Time Time18SI 18SI Memento Ccntello 107 L100 105 1882 Miss Woodford Stoval 103 1800 10314 jl8S3Tolu 10314jl8S3Tolu J McLaughlln 103 t200 103 103ilS84 ilS84 Mission Belle Holloway 103 1500 103 1885 Bisgouet Majnard 100 IG23 103 1 1S8G Grlsctte Miller 103 L073 l03t 1887 Los Angeles West 107 2500 102 i 1 18S8 Gipsy Queen Martin 101 2825 103 103i8S9 i8S9 Daisy F Richcrcck 112i 3750 108 ft 1890 Sallle McClelland Allen 117 2803 103 1S01 Promenade Slinrns 105 25S3 103 1901Hossignol T Burns 112 2G25 110 1002 Duster Shav 1903 Raglan J Hicks 119 10430 112 10W Tanya Shaw 122 10750 107 1905 Edna Jackson F ONeill 119 11750 103 1900 Court Dress Radtke 122 77iiO IOT 1907 Julia Powell W Knapp 112 0170 lOG 1903 Maskette Nottcr 112 8250 103 1909 Ocean Bound Scoville 115 7750 100 1 1910 Bnshti C II Shilling 122 7820 100 100j j 1913 Casuarina B Stcele 113 L393 107 1914 Lady BarbaryA Neylon 122 1705 103 1915 Jacoba M Garner 107 J425 111 1910 Yankee Witch T Davies 113 115 107 1917 Olive Wood E Martin 112 0250 107 1918 Passing ShowerA Johnson 112 0150 103 1919 Constancy T Nolan 100 5S30 103 1920 Prudery H Ambrose 127 5900 105 1921 Miss Joy M Garner 127 0100 l054 Stake discontinued from 1892 to 1901 Distance increased from 58 mile to 5 12 furlongs No ruc ins In 1911 and 1912

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1920s/drf1922051901/drf1922051901_10_1
Local Identifier: drf1922051901_10_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800