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FREE ! ! FREE ! ! Krrrr wtt.t.iam.s won centtmetee -wok TOM HAKE, JR. EnL WOK ALEXANDER HAMILTON SCRATCHED GEEEN GOLD WOK ARCHIE ALEXANDER SECOND are the only horsoa we ever cent oat on our FREE SATURDAY SPECIALS OK SATURDAY, JULY 15, WE EXPECT Two More Extra Good Ones from Windtcr, and just to convince you that cur Saturday Special Service is worth while we will wire thee two Absolutely Free to all who send us .00 beforo Friday, Jaly 14, for a SIX WEEKS STTBSCRIPTIOH TO GALLOPS WEEKLY AND OT7R HANDICAP AKD PARLAY FOE SIX MONDAYS Just send .00 end say, Tor your Special Offer and Froo Saturday Special YiTirc." Be suro and givo your name nu bddrcss plainly. Make all remittances to GALLOPS 210 SOUTH DEA11BORX STIIKKT CHICAGO, ILL. ""NOTICE!! Be Your Own nandicapper By this method any sst of 6 or 7 races car. be handicapped in II- minntee. Weijht is tho reason "not time" that a korre wins today and is last i;cxt out. It will f-how which races to play and also the test tet. This methc-d will toach you more about horse racinp in 15 minutes than you ever dreamed of. To a limited cumber this method is for sale for 5.00. The first payment is 0.00 and if best bet does net win on flat plays tho first wech at any track yon owe no more. I reserve the right to refund any subscriber who I think will noi use tliis method for hie benefit only. P. S. Why pay 5.00 to 00.00 for one tip which may r.ot wis. Addrecs BERT RHODES 211 EAST 60TH ST. NEW YOEK CITY, N. Y. railbirbs "NO TIPS," but GENUINE "STABLE INFO." j SOLD EYEEYWHEEE 50o DAILY j 00 FREE "SPECIAL MONDAY Boys IF YOU let this ret away from YOU. why you nay as weil "QUIT PLAYING EH." This is my BIG XXX SPECIAL. WE OXLT GIYj: 2 Oil 3 A DAY We have 3 GOOD TEINGS MONDAY at Tort Erie These 3 horses are ones that AEE OUT TO WIN and we have rood word on them from our CLOCKEE "EAELBIED." THIS OJfLY COSTS YOU 0c and IF yon paid 50 YOU couldnt ret any better than we give YOU for 50 cents. SPEND 50c AKD CLEAN UP on these 3 GOOD THINGS Monday. READ what our CXOCKEE EATLBIEB" has to say about these 3 and how to play EM. YOU CAN BUY "MONDAYS SHEET" TODAY SUNDAY. Go to any newsstand and ask for "SALLBIEDS" today SUNDAY and EEAD what EAILBIED wants YOU to play for Honday. NOTICE YOU can have EAILBIED S either KATLEB or telegraphed to YOU S3 week. RAILBIRDS 4818 WAYELAKD AYE. CHICAGO WINDSOR RACES J.J.SCHREINER AMEEICAS PEEKIEB CLOCKEE 30 Years Experience as Traincr-Clccker. j YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WOEK FOE YOU. I 2 FOE WINDSOE TEACKS 7 DAYS. 0 FOE WINDSOE AND KENILWOETH WHICH MEANS 14 DAYS IN ALL. OPENING DAY, JULY 13. EUSH YOUE SUBSCBIPTION AT ONCE My many clients wil! vouch for mj marvelous nucftSH at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the came. I wire one or two horses dally at 11 oclock. Telegraph remit-! tance or remit by express order in letter. I Propositions Net Considered. Strictly Cash Only. JACOB KAN OR APARTMENTS 2C27 John E. St. Detroit, Mich. i Nest Celebration Wednesday Another Nations Birthday Wire Name at Once joe Mccarty SARATOGA STEIN GS NEW YOEK WILSONS BIG SPECIALS usually have 2 or 3 gocd ones each week. I have a connection with what I consider some of the shrewdest people in tho business. TEEMS Winnings of a 0 straight play. Eush your name. Dont use postals. L. WILSON 800 GREENWOOD BLDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO STABLE INFORMATION Two or three horses every week, edds 2 to 16 to 1. Next two co JULY 15. Terms, winnings of a straight play for EACH WTNNEE. We want permanent clients. Give permanent address for tele grams. Hail us as guarantee of good faith. KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 16 Brittany Building Cincinnati, Ohio AT LAST A SUCCESSFUL SYSTEM on the nose, which requires bat small capital. This method of play is for mutnel tracks only and is for play ia hand bocks. Lj just the thing- fox those who are busy, as you can make up your play in ten minutes. If this is what you have been locking for and yon are satisfied to win on dollar per race instead of bettin? oa some tip today send ua ten dollars and receive system complete, SUCCESS METHOD 1836 E. Chase St. Baltimore, MO. You are as wise aa the wisest when, you have a copy of the "Blue Book." 35c at all newsstands. TODAYS FORM SPECIAL: April-Grape-S3-13-73-99 STAND AED TURF GUIDE Boom 403, 22 West Quincy St. Chicago. TO, Subscribe for Daily Racing Form DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT t: CHICAGO, ILL. 187-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YOEK, N. Y. 74 EXCHANGE STREET ;: BUFFALO, V. TA FRIDAY, JULY 14 Empire City Possibilities 10-1 Get in toncho with roe AT ONCE Makes no difference" whether yon are winner or loser, yon cannot afford to miss this exceptional opportunity to cash on a "LONG SHOT." Certain people bet thousands on this very same information. THIS INFORMATION KAY BE WORTH 00 TO YOU AND 5100,000 TO ANOTHER. 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Gray Gables ..S11.30-S2 Tlea 0.45-52 Walk Up 1.10-52 Bessio Leightcn C-l Tliaron .80- Bcljcy fll.45- Oahlawn Belle 5.45-52 Thimbie 3J-1 Lilly -1 Advocate 4.G3- Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients, showing: proof c-f what my system is doing. Sent ycu FEEE. STOP LOSING AND STAET WINNING EIGHT AWAY. Those with honest intentions can got my system on easy terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. Writ today for TREE parti ctdars. WATSON CORNELL S41 Wost 45th Street :: New Ycrk City, N. Y. GRAND OPENBNQ DAY Special at Windsor j This is a real pood thins that was recently shipped j j from Old Kentucky to Canada, and the cennse- I tions are going: to put this ono over at a nice j : price, I will bo on the job opening day and will wire this horso to those who will bet 0 straight I for me. Hy record as a successful jockey, owner I and trainer is my reference. Write or wire at onco and get in lino for some real good things coming1 off in Canada. EX-JOCKEY TED K0ERNER Apt. 4., Liberal Bid?., 6th and John Sts., CINCINNATI, OHIO. FOR 1822 NOW ON SALE The Encyclopedia of Tiioroughbreddom THE 1922 MANUALS Handicap Tables ; have been brought up to date. Instead of divisions , of quarter seconds the three tables have ! all been modernized into fifths. Before the ! tables and their application charts is an intro duction and general directions for handicapping by the late Nin S. Hand, an expert of the ! first class. Engraved diagrams of thirty-two leading , American race courses, with tUcir locations, 1 capacities, chutes, stands, width of tracks and I length of stretches in detail. With thla eminently handy bock any admirer of t racing can readily answer almost any query that I may come up concerning facts of racing In the past. Its equal hao never been printed and, considering the topics It covert. It is an extremely low-priced I book of general and correct turf information. PEICES BY MAIL: Leatherette Bound .60 Paper Bound 1.10 Fall Purchase Price Mnst Accompany Each Order THE AMEEICAN BACTHG MANUAL la a copyrighted publication. Its contents must t not be used without permission. The matter in the s pages of The American Badng Manual is original 1 and has been written and compiled by its editors s and statisticians. Proof of originality is ready in 1 case protection has to be sought against unauthorized copyists. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COUET :: CHICAGO, ILL. 167-169 EAST 82ND STEEET, HEW YOEK, N. Y. . 74 EXQHAXGE STEEEI it BUFFALO, N. X. ,

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