Eligibles for 0,000 Hopeful Stakes, Daily Racing Form, 1922-07-09

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ELIGIBLES FOR 0,000 HOPEFUL STAKES The most valuable race of the Saratoga meeting is the Hopeful Stakes. It has a guaranteel value of 0,000, anil in both 1920 and 1221 paid the winners in excess of that sum. Perhaps never before in the history of this much-coveted juvenile race were the prospects brighter for a large field contesting for this prize than this year, due principally to the fact that there is no one or more outstanding two-year-olds of the yeav, as has been the case in the past. Such being the case, it is certain that no owner with a two-year-old of any promise that is eligible for the Hopeful will overlook this golden opportunity to replenish the stable coffers. The starters will come from the following : THE HOPEITL STAKES Two-year-olds. ?.",0 each. If left in after Mauh 1, 1SI22, a further subscription ot 0 each. If left in after June 1, 10-2, :i further subscription of each. Starters to pay 00 additional. Guarantee:! cross valu? 0,000, of which f 3,500 to the second and ,503 to the thhd. Winners of two races of the value of ,000 each, or one of ,000, to carry three pounds extra; of two of 55,000, or one of ?0.0X. five iiour.ds extra; of three of J3.500, of two of ,,00y, or one of !?7.5O0, eight pounds extra. Other horses, if nonwimicrs of ,000, allowed three pounds; of ,500 seven pounds. Three-quarters mile. Allies Stable -1at Casey, br. c, by Jim Gaffncy Racy, by l!u: gomas.er. Allies .Stable Al Boyd, eh. c, by Great Britain Bonetto, by Maselto. I.aktr, George F. B:c Sapp, eh. c. by Boots and SaiYilo llilgutstortp. by Deutsehland. Bean, James W. Elizabeth Bean, eh. f, by Meridian Sweet Flowers, by Pleasant Day. Belmont, August Oypiry. ch. c, by Fair Play Olymjfia. by Hock Sand. Belmont, August Diagram, b. c, by Tair Play-Dragnet, by Pock Sand. Uelmont, August Mossencer, ch. c, by Fair Play Mission, by Rock Sand. Uelmont. August Metal, blk. c, by Hourless Mone- ta 111., by Spearmint. I.elm.iiit, August How Fair, ch. f, by Fair Play Hour Hand, by Kock Sand. Uelmont, August Mirabelle, ch. f, by Fair Flay Mahtiboli, by Rock Sand. Berryman, C. 1J. Saghonet, ch. c, by Uallot Enterprise, by Balhampion. lienyman, C. II. Senator Ernst, ch. c, by Ballot-- Koyal Dainty, by Royal Flush 111. Ronynisn, C. 11. Spinball, ch. c, by Ballot Spindrift, by Requital. 1 lij-l.lo: t. G. I Golionerost, ch. c, by Meeliek Gehirn Agnes, by Golden Maxim. I!;:kford. !. Ij. Glenlivet, b. c, by Meelick Dona I!:;uiilii. by Donald A. Pluf!.f!;. G. L. Kinsman, h. e, by Prineo llermis -- Lhtl Jhiio. ly "an pus. Block. BonJ-min rninw, b. f, by Fair Play Keystone, by Marajax. Downs, Howard S. Ijuwii Mower, b. or br. c, by Short Grass intrigue, by Kingston. Downs, Howard S. Sir Sidney, b. or br. c, by Hock View Gold M:ne, by Woolsthorpe. Brcwn, J. L. Right on Time. b. c, by Jack Atkin Susan Lenox, by Handsel. Butler, James Mutiny, b. e, by Wrack Desirous by Hamburg. Camden. J. N. Day colt, by Peter Quince or Light Brigade Discipline, by Greenan. Camden. .1. N. 15. ov. n or black gelding, by Light Brigade Casu:.riia. by Plaudit. Ccmden. J. N. Itiown geldtis, by Light Brigade Iloneydew. by lien Brush. Camden, J. X. Golden Apple, ch. g, by Light Brigade Atnlanta. by Uncle Cassatt. E. B. Fairy Winss, br. f, by Cavalcadour Flying Fairy, by Aeronaut. Clancy. W. C Su ny Point, ch. c, by Half Rock Suminerhill. by Stalwart. Clark. P. A. Simplex, b. f, by "Wrack Smilax, by Star Shoot. Chirk. P. A. Marguerite, ch. f, by Celt Fairy Pay. by Radium. Cochran, G if ford A. Foxtail, b. c, by Short Grass --Triple Grown, by Star Shoot. Cochran, Gifford A. Cimhria. b. or br. f, by Ills Majesty Livonia, by Star Shoot. Cockran, Gifford A. Malm :ey. ch. f, by His Majesty Madeira, by Star Shcot. Ccchran, Gifford. A Cimiu, b. f, by Bryn Mawr toronls. by Voter. Cochran. Gifford, A. Warburton. b. or br. c, by His Majesty Qniar. by Orme. Coe, AV. It. Plentycoos, eh. c, by Folymelian Fariraond, by Fariman. Coe W. It. Pony Express, cli. c, by Polymeliar. Moonrise, by Snnstar. Coe, "VV. It. Temlerfoot, l. c, by Polymelian Hassock, by Martinet. Coe, 7. It. Wigwam, b. i, by Polymelian Gr.rner, by Kadium. Coe, W. B. Pow Wow, b. f, by Polymelian Ratify. b3" Swynford. Coe, W. Ii. Seme More, br. f, by Polymelia.-! Kis Again, by Tracery. Coc, W. It. Chestnut filly, by Harmonieon Mavis, by Missel Thrush. Coe, W. R. Bay filly, by HarnivUleon Fair Maid, by Orvieto. Cosden, J. S. Day colt, by Sweep Ballet Girl, by St. Leonards. Cotdcn, J. S. Martingale, b. c, by Martinet Lady Irma, by Serupronius. Cosden, J. S. Knighthood, br. c, by Theo. Cook Cowl, by iJisguisc. Cosden, J. S. Fiulot, b. c, by The Finn Blue Ballot, py Ballot. Cosden, J. S. Doughc.egan, ch. c, by Celt Logis-tilla, by lxcohr. tehee. Cosden, J. S Crochet, br. f, by Celt Network-by Eon. Cosden, J. S. Henna, ch. f. by Celt Red Hair If., by William Rifus. Cosdsn, -J. S. Confederacy, ch. f, by Theo. Cook- r- Dixie, by Ogden. Cosden, J. S. Jigstep, ch. f, by Celt Fox Trot, by Star Shoot. Crown Stable Lew Williams, br. c, by Hourless Brown Eess, by Biitzen. Crown St:. ble Mary 1. Gardner, b. f, by North Star III. Voterina, by Voter. Diamond Stable Idle Toy, ch. c, by Delhi Xada Mas, by Star Shoot. Diamond Stable Palruba, br. f. by Von Tromp .- Dally, by Gigantenm. Dulany, II. Rozier My Own, b. c, by King Jcincs Bettic Landou, by Mentone. Fernbrook Stable Park Hill, b. c, by Zens Edna Collins, by The Commoner. Fisher, II. C Cartoonist, ch. e, by Celt Iloncy Bee, by Hamburg. Fisher, II. C. Keenan, blk. e, by Black Toney Cam Chaser, by Otis. Fisher, n. C. Hyperion, br. c, by Sunstar Mel- rlqce, by Melton. Fisher. If. C. Diamond Dick, blk. c, by Dick Fin- ncll Diamond Grain, by Fowling-piece. Fisher, n. C. Delcadia, ?h. f, by Delhi Starcadla, by Star Shoot. Fisher, H. C. Brocade, 6r. f, by Broomstick Embroidery, by Celt. Fisher, II. C. Adventuress, blk. f, by Sweep Hortensia, by Meddler. Fliher, H. C. Dream Star, b. f, by Star Shcot Dismiss, by Ogden. Flsser, II. C. Black Friday, b. e, by Black Tone? Simona, by Watervale. Vlau, Mrs. Louise Little Celt, ch. c, by Celt Little Flower, by Star Ruby. Gerry, Robert L. Errand Boy, b. c, by "Wrack Lady Errant, by Knight Errant. Gerry, Robert L. William Tell, blk. c, by Rock View Arrowshaft, by Ogden. Gerry, Robert L. Ruddy, b. c, by McGec Rose Leaves, by Ballot. Gerry, Robert L. Prime. Minister, b. c, by Celt Trimula II., by St. Denis. Glen Riddle Farm Demijohn, b. c, by Sweep Flirtations, by Golden Garter. Glen Riddle Farm Ten Minutes, blk. or br. c, by Hourless Pamphyle, by Robert Ie Diable. Grayson, C. T. Mintstick, gr. c, by Broomstick Oalarnint. by Spearmint. Grayson. i. T. Tuxedo, b. or br. c, by Snnstar Togs, by St. FrnsQiiin. Greentree Stable Canaquc. b. c, by Ultimus Marian Casey, by Star Ruby. Greentree Stable Links, b. c, by Short Grass Christophine, by Plaudit. Greentree Stable Romping Home, ch. c, by DisguiseBold Girl, by Ogden. Greentree Stahle Son o Unc, ch. c, by Uncle Idle Tale, by Superman. Greentree Stable -Dustabout, br. or blk. c, by Sweep Kopje, by Kronstad. Greentree Stablc El Astro, br. or blk. c, by Star Shoot Elmaha, by Ogden. Greentree Stable Cherry Pio, b. z, by Chicle Cherry Malotte, by Orlando. Greentree Stable Baibary Bush, ch. c. by Whisk Brocm II. Cardamine, by Sir Archibald. Greentree Stable; Moourakcr, ch. c, by Broomstick Alster Cress, by Watercress. Greentree Stable Untidy, b. f, by Sweep Cafe-au- Lait, by Meddler. Grcentreo Stable Solisa, ch. f, by Spanish Prince II. Fiesnay, by Meddler. Griffith, .1. E. St. Valentine, br. e. by Theo. Cook Katriona, by Woolsthorpe. Headley, Hal Price Certain, b. c, by Ultimus Lady Savoy, by Morion. Hewitt, 17. H. Aspiration, b. c, by George Smith-Inspiration, by Ayrshire. Hewitt, II. II. Banter, ch. c, by Huon Hazzaza, by Cuaard. Hewitt, H. II. Easter Bells, br. c, by Black Toney Mission Bell, by Peep oDay. Hirich, Max Bo McMillan, ch. c, by Ballot Nettie Hastings, by Hastings. Hirsch, Max Xcw Hampshire, b. c, by Granite Annagh, by Broomstick. Uirsch, Max Nars.iu, br. c, by Nassovian Phil- listia, by Isinglass. Idle Hour Stock Farm Blossom Time, br. f, by North Star III. Vaila, by Fariman. Idle Hour Stock Farm Betty Beall, ch. f, by North Star III. Macaroon, by Marco. Idle Hour Stock Farm Body Guard, b. c, by Golden Maxim Melisande, by Disguise. Idle Hour Stock Farm Bright Tomorrow, ch. c, by North Star III. Sweet Alice, by Flying Dutchman. Idle Hour Stock Farm Boys Believe Me, ch. c, by North Star III. Believe Me Boys, by Cunard. Idle Hour Stock Farm Bradleys Toney, br. c, by Black Toney Bandclla, by Kingston. Jcffo;ds, Walter M. Prince Regent, ch. c. by Spanish Prince II. Understudy, by Star Ruby. Jeffords, Walter M. White Rock, b. c, by McGce Lithia, by Ingcldsby. Johnson, Frederick Cape Clear, ch. c, by Celt Sand Dune, by Rock Sand. Jone3, Montfort Black filly, by Black Toney Breathing Spell, by Dark Ronald. Jones, Montfort Sea Wrack, b. c, by Wrack Delfr, by Burgomscter. Jones Montfort The Sage, b. c, by George Smith Chap.ila, by Sir Dixon. Jones, Montfort Cash, ch. c, by Ogden Priscilla, by Star Shoot. Jones, Montfort Dan E. OSullivan, br. c, by Celt Toots, by Top Gallant. Jones, Montfort The Clown, b. c, by Hessian Witfull, by Mirthful. Jones, Montfort Belzonia, b. c, by Hessian Re- cliue, by Ogden. Jones, Montfort Shamrock, br. c, by Rock View Tuscan Red, by William Rufus. Jones, Montfort Xuyaka, ch. c, by Dick Finncll Annie Williams, by Lazzarone. Jones, Montfort Scissors, br. c, by Black Jester Star Emerald, by Sun .tar. Keene, J. O. Flowers of Love, ch. f, by Luke lie- Luke Vvoodlane, by Octagon. Kelley, Frank J. Itencelaw, b. c, by J;ck Atkin Dirty Face, by Sweep. Aeliey, Frank J. Bastinado, b. c, by Assagai Felucca, by Trap Rock. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sun Fey, bit. f, by Sun Briar St. Fey, by St. Frustpjin. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sunfereace, ch. e, by Sun Briar Conference, by Rock Sand. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sunsini, b. c, by Sun Brla Conlessina, Ly Count Schrmberg. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sun dOr, ch. c, by Sun Briar Sabretache II., by Martagcu. Kilmer, Wiliis Sharpe Sun Mist, ch. f, by Sun Briar Misty Law. by Ayrshire. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sun Quest, ch. f, by Sun Briar Uoyal Uue.t, by Roi llerode. Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sweep Hawk, rn. f, by Sweep Hawksjora, by Hawkswick. tvilmcr. Willis Sharpe Sallys Alley, b. f, by A Humour Sal volatile. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Sun Thistle, b. f, by Sun-star Sweet Briar II., by St. Frusquin. Kilmer, Willis Sharpe Snn Do.I, b. f, by Sun liriar War Do!l, by Sir Geoffrey, fy.ft. George W. Kippy, ch. I, by Broomstick- - Seamstress, by Star Shoot. Loft, George W. Crugie, br. f, by Broomstir .lulialeon, by Helmet. Livingston. Jefferson Newmarket, ch. f, by Wormleightot Polly Ccnnelly, by Disguise. Loner, William W. Old Timer, ch. c, by Ballot Nepera, by Star Shoot. Ooney. William W. Ray L., b. f. b7 Wrack Kilcrea. by Stalwart. Lyne, L. A. Larciirront, ch. c, by Wjrmleighton Pirate Polly, by Pirate of Penzcnee. Macombor. A. K. Spread Eagle, b. c, by Hesperus L-i Sierra, by Rey del Sierras. Macomber, A. K. Bayonet, ch. c, by War Star? Sidonia, by Brutus. Macomber. A. R. The Corsair, blk. c, by War Star Cugrail, by Cunard. Madden, J. E. Dozer, ch. c, by Friar Rock Dreaming, by Ben Brush. Madden, J. E. Chesiut colt, by Friar RocL Madden. J. E. Heremon, ch. c, by Ultimus ollie Belle, by Charaxus. Madden, J. E. Chestnut colt, by Ultimus Crazy- qnilt, by Hamburg. Madden, J. E. McKee, b. c, by Ultimus Baliy- rnena, by Adam. Madden, J. E. Praus, b. e, by The Finn His Sister, by Uncle. Madden, J. K. Bay colt, by Sir John Johnson Catherine Carson, by Ben Strome. Madder J. It. Black colt, by Hessian Millinery, by Star Shoot. Madden, J. 17. Curland. ch. c, by Golden Maxim Eva K-, by The Friar. McDowell. Thomas C. Chestnut colt, by Manager Watte I-aton!a, by Ogden. McDowell, Thomas C. Bay or brown colt, by Sweep Star fat, by Star Shoot. McDowell. Thomas 0. Bay colt, by The Manager Affable, by Hastings. McLean, E. B. Noel, b. c, by Broomstick Christmas Star, by Star Shoot. Milam. J. C. King ONeill, b. c, by Sweep Sour-noise, by Verwood. Milam, J. C. Dunlin, ch. c, by Fair Play Dona Roca, by Rock Sand. Milam, J. C. Chestnut filly, by Teter Quince Stick Pin, by Mc-Gee. Milam, J. C ChoEtnut filly, by Teter Quince Eden Hall, by Armealli II. Jouubou rabtail, by Ogden. Nevada Stock Farm General Thatcher, br. c, by Sweep lolisteua, by Poiymelus. Nevada Stock Farm liumboldt, b. c, by Athelicg ii. Ceicsta, by Seinpiomus. Nevada Stock Farm rvirig Cliarniing, ch. c, by Atneling II. Island Queen, by Dick Welles. Oak liidge Stable Droglieda, ch. c, by Ceit Sea Wave, by Sea Kins. Oak Ridge Stable Sponsor, eh. f, by Sea King Pairy Godmother, by Hippodrome. Oak Ridge Stable Contact, b. f, by Sea King Bam hi, by MeGee. OBrien, Thomas W. All American, ch. c, by Pluvious Margaret Lowry, by Cesarion. Oueck Stable Hobgoblin, br. c, by Luke McLuke Sprite, by Waterboy. Oneck Stable The Gaff, b. or br. c, by Jim Gaff- ney Kaskaskia, by Yankee. Pcndergast, T. J. John Q. Kelly, br. c, by Ultimus Event, by Adam. Pendergast, T. J. First Ward, b. c, by Zeus Nellie Irene, by Ogden. Poison, William F. Pogo, ch. c, by Glcnealm Caraquet, by Bryn Mawr. Price, Ik A.--Primus, ch. c, by Celt Lady Godiva, by Hanover. Quincy Stable Chestnut colt, by Ormondalc Bonnie Carrie, by Ogden. Quiney Stable Frank G., ch. c, by Ultimus Sweet Day, by Peep oDay. j Quiucy Stable Blueraont, blk. c, by Yulcain Xotasnlga, by The Commoner. Quincy Stable The Senior, b. c, by Yulcain Ar-lette, by Robert le Diable. Quincy Stable Caveat Emptor, bile c, by Celt Bobolink II., by Willoynx. Quincy Stable The Gregorian, blk. c, by Star Shoot Fair Louise, by Ogden. Rancocas Stable Stockmar, br. c, by Wrack Star Gift, by Star Shoot. Rancocas Stable Zev, br. c, by The Finn Miss Kearney, by Planudes. Rancocas Stable Whirlwind, eh. c, by Ultimns Sarnia, by Quebec. Rancocas Stable Satellite, ch. c, by Ogden Star of Danube, by Star Shoot. Rancocas Stable Curtis, b. e, by Dick FinneR Glena, by Free Knight. Rancocas Stable Coeur de Lion, ch. c, by Fair Flay Conronne de Laurier. by Verdun. Rancocas Stable Aladdin, br. or blk. c, by Dick Finnell Viola Vail, by Jean Bereaud. Rancocas Stable Uigel, ch. c, by Ballot Pictona Pride, by Picton. Rancocas Stable Pelion. b. c, by Theo. Cock Lottie Darr, by Ethelbert. Rancocas Stable Watchman, b. c, by Theo. Cook-Martha Palmer, by Sempronirrs. Rancocas Stable Chile, b. c, by Dick Finnell Star-land, by Star Shoot. Riviera Stable Lord Celt, blk. c. by Celt Orowoc, Hamburg. Riviera Stable Great Man, b. c, by Great Britain Metric, by Alloway. Riviera Stable Le Tigre, ch. c, by Magic II. Hussy, by Star Shoot. Riviera St-.ble Flying Devil, b. c, by Wrack Sancl, by Eolus. Riviera Stable Great Lady, ch. f, by Ultimus Molly Kearney, by Sir Dixon. Roscmont Stable Crystal Isles, b. f, by Great Britain Crystal Maid, by Pirate of Penzance. Ross, J. K. L. Shadowdale, b. c, by Ormondale Shadow, by Charles Edward. Rosa, J. K. L. Canmore, b. c, by Marathon Janice, by Bridge of Canny. Ross, J. K. L. Ulterior, ch. c, by Ultimus De Luxe Annie, by Ogden. Ross, J. K. L. Flag of Truce, br. e, by Jim Gaff- ney Maltha, by Ogden. Ross. J. K. L. Prismar, b. f, by Marathon Priscilla Mullens, by Anneath II. Ross, Samuel Scotch Brocm, ch. c, by Ultimtis Broom Flower, by Broomstick. Salmon, Walter J. Luminist, b. c, by Hourless Lumineusc, by Samos. Salmon, Walter J. Ghost, b. or br. e, by Sweep-Unseen, by Yankee. Salmon, Walter J. Brushwood, br. c, by Sweep Lcmco, by Ducat. Salmon, Walter J. Mark Twain, b. or br. c, by George Smith Droll, by Dick Welles. Salmon, Walter J. Vigil, ch. c, by Jim Gaffncy Vignola, by Solitaire II. Sanford, John Athcrstone, ch. c, by Marathon Silica, by Rockton. Sanford. John Dalby, b. c, by George Smith Bleusinia, by Isidor. Sanford, John Glcntilt, b. c, by Ecouen Glorita, by Aajx. Sanford, John Charlton, br. c, by Chuctanunda Vantage II., by Rock Sand. Sanford, John Aragon, ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. Mabel Strauss, by Uncle. Sanford, John Klrkaldy, b. or br. c, by Sundridge La Cagoulc, by Cheri. Sanford, John Barcelona, b. f, by Maintenon Lady j., by Ajax. Sanford, John Deviniere, b. f, by Rabelais Theresa, by Ajax. Schwartz, Morton L. Golden Rule, b. c, by Wrack Golding, by Flint Rock. Schwartz, Morton L. Pennon, ch. e, by Pennant Juliette II., by Marco. Schwartz, Morton L. Contour, ch. f, by Celt Pyramid, by Hastings. Smith, James B. Scarlet Bugler, b. c. by Superman Turkey Red II., by William Rufus. Smith, James B. Shower of Gold, blk. c, by Yulcain Disillusion, by Chilton. Smith, James B. Autumn Bells, br. c, by Ballot Autumn II., by St. Frusqain. Spreckels, A. B. Rrnviso, ch. c, by Runnymede Micco, by Star Shoot. Spreckels. A. B. Rungrand, ch. e, by Runnymede Antra, by Solitaire II. Spreckels, A. B. Runleigh, b. c, by Runnymede Solara, by Solitaire II. Spreckels, A. B. Sakah, b. c. by Dr. Leggo Princess Alma, by Solitaire H. Stoneham, C. A. Brown colt, by Ogden Scenery, by Sain. Stoceham, C A. Timeless, b. c, by Hourless Mary Davis, by Watercress. Tripie Springs Farm Wilkes-Barre, eh. c, by Ballot Triad, by Star Shoot. Triple Springs Farm Pittston, br. c, by Sweep Sea Mist, by Fowling-piece. Triple Springs Farm West Pittston, b. f, by Sweep SanVi Maria, bv Golden Maxim. Watcrson, H. Air Bubble, b. f, by El Dinaro II. Blue Fox, by Vatciboy. Waterson, H. Jane Green, br. f, by Dick Fin-cell Tncessassa, by Sain. Whitney, H. P. Blue Peter, b. e, by Pennant Remembrance, by Hamburg. Whitney, II. P. Spot Cash, b. c, by Broomstick Payment, by AH Gold. Whitney, H. P. Flagstaff, ch. c. by Broomstick Inaugural, by Voter. Whitney, H. P. Rialto, b. c, by Chicle Matinee, by Broomstick. Whitney, H. P. Picketer, b. c, by Chicle Pank- hurst, by Voter. Whitney, H. P. Chickvale, b. c, by Chicle Green-vale, by Hamlwrg. Whitney, H. P. Revenge, b. c, by Chicle Regret, by Broomstick. Whitney, II. P. Out and Gone, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Miniato, by Qocrido. Whitney, H. P. Goshawk, blk. c, by Whisk Broom II. Bovelet, by Peter Pan. Whitney, II. P. Enchantment, b. g, by Chicle Enchanting, by St. Victrix. Whitney, H. P. Twaddle, ch. f, by Broomstick Folderol, by Burgomaster. Whitney, II. 1. Panache, b. f, by Broomstick Par.asine, by Peter Ian. Whitney, II. P. Quarrel, b. f, by Broomstick Mrs. Trubbel, by Hamburg. Whitney, II. P. Dream Days. b. f, by Whisk Broom II. Rainy Daisy, by Hamburg. WIdener, J. E. Purity, ch. c, by Fair Play San Tache, by The White Knight. Widener, J. E. Battersea, ch. c, by Mont dOr II. Sunflower, by Rock Sand. Widener, J. E. Hell Gate, b. c, by Friar Rock Swan Song, by Ben Brush. Widener, J. E. Shuffle Along, blk. c, by Luke McLuke Black Brocade, by Neil Gow. Widener, J. D. Raffles, ch. c, by Luke McLuke Phcbe G., by Mazagan. Widener, J. E. Knights Bridge, ch. c, by Bridge of Earn Tibdt, by Mauvezin. Willetts, Samuel Nanlokah, gr. f, by Ultimus Sunshade, by Grey Leg. Wilson, R. T. Wilderness, ch. c, by Campfire Genesta, by Broomstick.

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