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it can The Miracle System 57 o BE EXPLAINS BUT DONE FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PEOTECTED USE pR0YES And Josh Billings as a Prophet on Systems " FACT TALiK NO. X . You mar recall what Josh Hillings had to say about cat?: "The hardest thins in every-dar life iz tnw pik oiita Kood kat, not bekause kats are so skase. az bekause they are so plenty." If this Yankee philosopher of the 70s had been talking about Turf Systems or propositions, ho couldnt have stated the case any better. , . , . - There !;re 50 or so different Systems now before the public. Some artificial ones give surprising results T-E-ii-P-O-E-A-E-I-L-Y. Their BASIC PRINCIPLES, however, are unsound, for they lack CERTAIN NECESSARY and INDISPENSABLE FUNDAMENTALS. Like sand, they arc shifting, unreliable, uncertain. The Miracle System has become the measure of ALL. The Turf Investor now has "something Turf to his notice in which he. doesnt exactly to use a a basis of comparison when any Proposition comes believe. What are the main factors necessary for profitable turf investment? What are the principal dangers to be guarded against? Which tracks offer the best opportunities for the Player? You can have the an--Mver to these questions and many other equally important ones simply for the asking. Write today for complete prospectus of the Miracle System. Our Crystallised Racing Manual, containing 2S pages of the mcst enlightening and valuable Turf data ever published, vitally important racing pointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, result charts, the 21 famous Walter Success Maxims, and a review of the best known systems published, will bo sent you absolutely without charge or obligation. For once you receive something worth while. Postals arc ignored. uci M. P. WALTER and CO., BSgS? CANADA Constructive, Independent, Fearless, Loyal to Our Clients AUSTRALIA Private Lock Box 40F. F. E. ARTHUR. Pnlilie Relations Mgr. Towson, Md. fREE ifliNQiON mil 3- SPECIALS -3 I will, upon receipt of your address, send you my private code and agree to wire you information on three horses at the Lexington meeting. This service is absolutely free and my offer is made simply to prove to ycu that I am worthy of your confidence for comin; race meeting at Latonia. Send address at once, as I positively will send information ty code only. E. F. HAMMOND, ; LELAND HOTEL LEXINGTON, KY. : i 1 I HAVRE DE GRACE I 1 Specials l J ANYONE who appreciates inside informa- T ; X tio:i on 3 to 4 plays weekly can wire or T 2 write for code. Terms: Winnings of ?5. T 2 Among the winners at spring meetings had tT X ono long shot at Bowie, Havre do Grace and IP X Pimlico at 7-1, 10-1 and 15-1. T Will have SPECIAL either WEDNESDAY A and or THUESDAY. i J4MES STEWART 352 PATAPSCO ST. WESTPOET, MD. WONDERFUL WINNING SYSTEM A cool, conservative method wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from tho track, with large or small capital. It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each week that nearly all win. Won big money on a straight FLAT BET. This marvelous method stands out like a MAN 0 WAR. IT IS FAR SUPERIOR. My system gives long-priced winners: Tulare 2.40- Sun Doll 15-1 Killing II. ..7.20-?2 Dandy ...9.90- Delusive .4.30-?2 Wild Flower .513.95-52 Travesty 534.80-S2 Paula V ?11.20-?2 Bright Lights 6-1 Curtis 5-1 Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients showing proof of what my system is doing sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING EIGHT AWAY. Those with honest intentions can get my system on easy terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. Write today for PAETICU-LABS. WATSON CORNELL 341 WEST 45TH ST. NEW YOEK CITY SIX WINNERS FOR .00 HORSEMAN RHOADES has secured the inside information on a certain horse that will give at least bettor than RIB GRASS, 550.20-52, which we gave last week. NO FAVORITES STABLE DOPE ONLY FOR MONDAY 30 TO 1 OR BETTER THIS HOESE IS OUT TO WIN GET IT. This is real HOT STUFF DONT WAIT, RUSH AT ONCE 55 for the name of this horse so that we can wire you this SPECIAL at once, and the names of five other WINNERS, for they are all LONG SHOTS. WRITE OR WIRE AT ONCE. DONT, HESITATE. RUSH and GATHEE IN A BIG FAT BANKEOLL. BRINKE S SERVICE BUREAU ROOM 201, 115 BROAD ST. NEW YOEK CITY FREE ON THUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, I will wire you two horses IS FIT CONDITION TO WIN if you will agree to pay telegraph charges on delivery of message, which should reach you by noon. After this date you can onsrase my services during remainder of LEXINGTON meeting, and during tho 31 days LATONIA meeting to follow, at the rate of 51 fr each ten days. I wire two horses daily by eleven oclock a. m. Send your name and address immediately. ALBERT D. JORDAN, 129 WEST HIGH STREET LEXINGTON, KY. ATTENTION, MR. BETTOIt Will you permit me to give you a lesson in mathematics, showing you how to make one bet a day with consistent profits and the saving of many dollars you have been throwing away I Played with any capital. No progressions. Three complete consecutive meetings fully played and explained, showing overy possible phase. Daily bet advised result of seven years statistics. Price .00. L. L. STALL 216 Breckenridge Street Buffalo, N. Y. DERNIER SOU .40- WON WAS YESTERDAYS LONG SHOT SPECIAL. EASTESIDE .90- 2nd WAS YESTERDAYS BEST BET. We do not give entries like some of the others. Remember, we absolutely -give oniy TWO HORSES EACH DAY. 50 cents AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 50 cents. National O. K. Publishing Co. Room 411 Baltimore Bide. Chicago, 111. TO FOLLOWERS OF THE RACES T EXINGTON Information DlittCT FROM TRACK I will personally be at the Lexington meeting and vill be ready to do business with people who want .ho best cf inside information obtainable, and with rears of personal contact with all owners, trainers md dockers I am prepared to furnish you with the lest. Your Honesty Is All I Ask I will start you off with a real live good thing on CUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH. This one looks extra good and has been conditioned jspecially for this race. I expect a gcod price and t am sure that he will come down in front, as I un so assured from the source from, which this information comes. Barring accidents, you will have LOthing to worry you. Now, all that I ask is your word that you will triro me tho winnings of a 0.00 bet after the horso wins. I will be in a position to give you several good things during the entire meetings at Lexington and Latonia, as I will be up early and late to se:ve you. Remember my terms, the winnings of a ten dollar bet. ED HANLON PHOENIX HOTEL LEXINGTON, KY. Lexington Special Ex-Jockey Wilson Goes for the money Saturday, the 23rd. This should be a good investment at a nice price. If you are looking for honest, conscientious service here it is. I also have good advice on the Canada tracks. I want to hear from honest and reliable people only who will pay. Cheaters and welchers ignored. Terms: Winnings of a 0.00 straight play, after you collect. Rush your name. Dont use postals. L WILSON 300 GREENWOOD BLDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO If you want to stop wasting time and money and stop having headaches and want to play your good money on horses that are well meant and, barring accidents, should win, dont hesitate, rush your correct name and address at once. Only absolutely reliable people who can use 2 or 3 good plays weekly need reply. Every special sent out by me is filed by telegraph in advance with this and other reputable newspapers.. Attention: I positively do not send out wires daily, only 2 or 3 weekly. You cannot get my wires from an; one but me. Terms: The winnings of a 0 straight play. I cannot win if you lose. J. F. "Lucky" Baldwin, 1303 Lexington Ave., New York City, N. Y. TWO LONG SHOTS AT LEXTNGTON SEPTEMBER 18TH AND 21ST EXPECT 10 TO 1 Wire winnings of 53.00 straight play. Remit us .00 as guarantee of good faith. KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 16 BRITTANY BLDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO LEXINGTONR ACES J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER. . 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU. 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 a. m. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. PHOENIX HOTEL LEXINGTON, KY. LIVE ONES are what you get in tho Standard. It proves its worth to the most skeptical, 35c at all newsstands. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: April-Grape -14-17-99-97. STANDARD TUEF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, TO. Futurity Special ADVERTISED ALL WEEK WON AT A GOOD PRICE NEXT SPECIAL WEDNESDAY Joe McCarty Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Daily Racing Form Ads Pay Well. The Beacon Copyright, 1922, hy Beason News Service MAILED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING Contains news of interest to horsemen and trainers regarding present form of horses that are expected to win next start, also ratings and intended coups. WE HAVE NO SPECIALS TO SELL YOU When we receive late word on anything good we wire or mail same to subscribers free of charge. RECENT WINNERS GIVEN BY THE BEACON: Sept. 1 BUSTER 511.00-52 WON Sopt. 2 OPULENT 55.50-52 WON Sept. 4 BABY GRAND ...54.70-52 WON Sept.. 5 OUR FREE WIRE 548.60-52 3RD Sept. 6 OUR FREE WIRE .90-?2 3RD Sept. 7 FREEZY SNEEZY 58.10-52 WON Sept. 8 BRAINSTORM 3-1 WON Sept. 9 AUNTIE MAY 518.70-52 WON Sept. 11 OUR FREE WIRE LOST. Sopt. 12 GRAY GABLES 58.20 WON Sept. 13 TROMA -530.40-52 2ND Sept. 14 OUR FREE WIRE LOST. Sept. 15 NICKNAME . 55.50-52 WON Sept. 16 LOTTIE LORAINE 55.10-52 WON Many other winners at good prices also given in THE BEACON, including our Canadian LONG SHOT: ETHEL CLAYTON .58.30-52 WON AND NEW YORK CLOCKERS SPECIAL: . YANKEE STAR . 11-5 WON Be a Beaconite and know when they are trying. The Beacon is filed with Racing Form. All business by mail. Dont miss this weeks free wires. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ONE WEEK 51, FOUR WEEKS 53 Order next weeks Beacon now and we will send 1 you this weeks free, as many gocd ones are yet to go. Make checks and money orders payable to Beacon News Service 1463 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Annual fall Race Meeting OHIO STA TE JOCKEY CLUB Thirteen Days September 30 to October 14 INCLUSIVE MAPLE HEIGHTS MILE TRACK FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ADDRESS Ohio State Jockey Club 458 Hippodrome Annex CLEVELAND, .... OHIO S. N. HOLMAN. MANAGER SALE OF 100 Thoroughbred 100 Yearlings, Weanlings, Horses in Training, Mares LEXINGTON Tuesday, Sept. 26 Catalogs Ready Mailed Only On Application to KENTUCKY SALE CO. LEXINGTON, . . KENTUCKY

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