Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1923-02-20

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BAIL Y RA CING FORM HANDICAPS JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are Jefferson Part 3fcw Orleans La Feb ¬ ruary 19 1923 1 Bonfire Irene Walton Juno 2 Boy from Home Orcus Whalebone 3 MAY ROBERTS Natural Loveliness 4 Auntie May Elmer K Barracuda 5 Kewpie ONeil Gem The Archer 6 Kennmare Rupee Ghost GhostJ J L Dempscy DempscyNew New York Ilniiilicnii 1 Juno Bonfire Panasain Miss Claire 2 Prince Welles Ablaze Tender Seth Pie trus 3 LITTLE AMMIE May Roberts Loveli ¬ ness May Bodine 4 Auntie May Barracuda Elmer 1C Hid ¬ den Jewel 5 Kewpie ONeil Gem Episode Bridesman 6 Al Stebler Kennmare Irish Pat Ghost GhostChicago Chicago nii I ItitfTnlci Handicap 1 Panasain Doris Nylorac Juno 2 Green Ablaze KirklevingtonAblaze Gold Whalebone Kirklevington 3 Belgian Queen May Roberts May Bodine BodineMoon Moon Winks 4 HIDDEN JEWEL Elmer K Barracuda BarracudaUltimo Ultimo 5 Winneconne Plucky Gem Kewpie ONeil 6 Kennmare Ghost Al Stebler Rupee RupeeObserver Observer II i ml leap 1 Panasain Juno Irene Walton Bonfire 2 Ablaze Orlova Kirklevington Green Gold 3 May Loveliness QueenLoveliness Roberts May Bodine Belgian Queen 4 Anonymous MayElmer Hidden Jewel Auntie May Elmer K 5 WINNECONNE Kewpie ONeill Episode Plucky EpisodePlucky 6 Al Stebler Kennmare Ghost Rupee RupeeCunsciiNti CunsciiNti ut Handicap 1 Panasian Bonfire Juno Irene Walton 2 Boy from Home Prince Welles Green Gold Ablaze 3 MAY ROBERTS Little Ammie Belgian Queen May Bodine 4 Auntie May Hidden Jewel Anonymous Elmer K 5 Kewpie ONeil Winneconne Gem Epi ¬ sode sodeC C Kennmare Al Stebler Ghost Rupee HAVANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are areOriental Oriental Tark Havana Cuba February 19 1923 1 Merry Bells Suzuki ± siack Shasta 2 Tony Sue Who Can Tell Whippoorwill 3 Cisqua Prudential Sweet Cookie 4 Spods Memphis Win or Quit 5 Brennan Puzzle Thos F McMahon C SMART MONEY Coscorron Blazonry BlazonryT T K Lynch LynchNevr Nevr Yuri II am ill on p 1 Claro de Luna Mary Bells Suzuki Auntie Millin 2 Tony Sue Who Can Tell Craincrow Na visco 3 PRUDENTIAL Our Tellie Cisqua Jen ¬ nie C 4 Win or Quit Mary Reigel Spods Toe the Mark Brennan Homam After JCight Troubler 6 Smart Money Hohokus Duke of Welling ¬ ton Blazonry BlazonryChicago Chicago mill Buffalo Handicap 1 Claro de Luna Merry Bells Auntie Mil ¬ lin Suzuki 2 Tony Sue Who Can Tell Jill Nan 3 Cisqua Courtier Our Tellie Prudential 4 Mary Reigel Black TopRuth Wehle Col ¬ ossus 5 Homam Troubler After Night Thos F McMahon 6 SMART MONEY Blazonry Top Rung Coscorron CoscorronObserver Observer Handicap 1 Merry Bells Claro de Luna Auntie Millin Strongman 2 TONY SUE Who Can Tell Jill Navisco 3 CLsqua Courtier Prudential Sweet Cookie SweetCookie 4 Memphis Mark thoMark Mary Reigel Spods Toe tho 5 Puzzle Troubler Perfect Lady Brennan C Roseate Smart Money Blazonry Jap JapMuma Muma MumaCniincnKiiB CniincnKiiB of Handicap 1 Merry Bells Claro dc Luna Suzuki Auntie Millin 2 TONY SUE Who Can Tell Jill Navisco 3 Cisqua Prudential Courtier Our Tellie 4 Spods Win or Quit Mary Reigel Mem ¬ phis 5 Brennan Homam Puzzle Troubler TroublerC C Smart Money Roseate Blazonry Cos TIJUANA Tho horses which seem best In Tuesdays races arc Tijuana Jlex February 19 1923 1 Norford Honey Elmer W Dud 2 Coombs Tabloid French Nurse 3 Cannonball Blanche Myers Counsel 4 Caamano The Vengeance N K Beal 5 Vic Olympus Tawascntha C ABADANE Georgia Fairway 7 Lucky Button Jack Bauer Joella J S Woodie Montgomery Louis Fannie Nail G W Schilling SchillingNeiv Neiv Ycvlc Handicap 1 Trippawa Norford Honey Elmer W Lady Lioness 2 Coombs Jack Pot Bookworm Phyllis K 3 Blanche Meyers Elga Hester H Joe Campbell 4 N K Beal Montona I W Harper Shore acres 5 VIC Laura Cochron Tawasentha Bac ¬ chus 6 Georgie Abadane Ten Buttons Fairway 7 Lucky Button Joella J Coca Cola Jack Bauer 8 Fannie Nail Woodie Montgomery Louis RoistererChicago Roisterer Chicago anil Buffalo Handicap 1 Norford Honey Trippawa Little Smile Elmer W 2 Tabloid American Maid Jack Pot Frcncli Nurse 3 Elga Joe Campbell Onwa Dode Adams 4 The Vengeance Little Dear Caamano Car 5 Bessie Young Vic High Olympus Drift ¬ ing 6 ABADANE Ten Buttons Georgie Fair ¬ way 7 Jack Bauer Joella J Carlos Enrique Herder HerderS S Louis Woodie Montgomery Fannie Nail Roisterer RoistererObservers Observers Handicap 1 Norford Honey Trippawa Dud Elmer W 2 Coombs Tabloid American Maid Jack Pot 3 Big Indian Onwa Elga Cannonball 4 The Vengeance Little Dear Car Mon ¬ tona 5 Plantagenet Bacchus Vic Bessie Young YoungG G ABADANE Ten Buttons Georgie Alle den 7 Lucky Button Jack Bauer Coco Cola Joella J 8 Fannie Nail Charley Boy Wbodie Mont ¬ gomery Anita K KConsensus Consensus of Handicaps 1 Norford Honey Trippawa Elmer W Dud 2 Coombs Tabloid Jack Pot American AmericanMaid Maid 3 Cannonball Blanche Myers Elga Big BigIndian Indian 4 The Vengeance Caamano N K Beal BealLittle Little Dear 5 Vic Bessie Young Plantagenet High Olympus HighOlympus 6 ABADANE Georgie Ten Buttons Fair ¬ way 7 Lucky Button Jack Bauer Joella J Coca CocaCola Cola 8 Fannie Nail Woodie Montgomery Louis LouisRoisterer Roisterer

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