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SPECIAL "Harvey Transaction" TODAY At the request of numerous subscribers, who are steady and heavy investors in "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS," I directed my " associates to uncover an investment, regardless of expense, that would warrant a play which would stand the acid test. As outlined in these columns Sunday, unfavorable track and other conditions prevented action before this. SPECIAL TERMS I Two Hundred Fifty Dollars payable strictly in ad-ance by telegraph or in person. The above is limited to twenty subscriptions and, to protect the odds as well as the principals concerned in this transac- ; ticn, subscription list will be closed as soon as the above number has been reached. WARNING Beware of impostors, "clubs" and others offering wrong horses as "JIARVEY TRANSACTIONS" at reduced rates. Avoid unnecessary regrels by dealing di- rectly with this office. TELEPHONE CIRCLE 5790 J. T. BURNS ROOM G09. 23 DUANE ST. 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