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Daily Racing Form Handicaps FAIR GROUNDS The horses which seem best in "Wednesdays races are: Fair Grounds New Orleans, La., Jan. 8, 1924. 1 Bit o Honey. Mabel C. W. J. Salmon and R. T. Wilson entry. 2 Baldine, Xanthos, Bigwig. 3 Rinkey, Thorndale, Brilliant Cast. 4 Moonraker, Certain, Best Pal. 5 The Roll Call. Tony Beau, Romany. 6 OLYNTHUS, Polvo. Dustabout. 7 "War Idol, Superlative, Valentia. J. L. Dcmpsey. Xcw Yorlc Ilanillnnp. 1 Mabel C, Evelyn, Neat Girl, Bit of Honey. 2 Tister, Goldmark, Dunoon, Baldine. 3 Brilliant Cast, Thorndale, Rinkey, King ONeill II. 4 CEPwTAIN, Moonrakcr, Best Pal. Oui Oui. 5 Tony Beau, The Roll Call, Deadlock, Romany. G Olynthus, Pclvo, Dustabout, "Winner Take All. 7 Valentia, Lord Herbert, "War Idol, Way-wassamo. Chlcntro II mull on p. 1 Evelyn, Mabel C, Neat Girl, Bit oHoney. 2 Tister, Baldine, Belle K., Vultilla. S Rinkey, Brilliant Cast, Thorndale, King ONeill II. 4 CERTAIN. Oui Oui, Moonrakcr, Best Pal. 5 "Widgeon, Tony Beau, The Roll Call, Dead lock". C Episode, Dustabout, Olynthus, Polvo. 7 Valentia, "War Idol, Nuyaka, "Wessie B. Observers Handicap. 1 Evelyn, Mabel C. Neat Girl, Bit oHoney. 2 Tister, Dunoon, Goldmark, Belle K. 3 King ONeill II., Brilliant Cast, Rinkey, Thorndale. 4 OUI OUT, Certain, Moonraker, Best Pal. 5 Tony Beau, The Roll Call, "Widgeon, Romany. C Polvo, "Winner Take All, Olynthus, Dustabout. 7 War Idol, Lord Herbert, Valentia, Kenn-mare. Consensus of II a ml ion pa. 1 Evelyn, Bit o Honey. Mabel C, Neat Girl. 2 TISTER, Baldine, Goldmark, Dunoon. 3 Rinkey, Brilliant Cast, King ONeill II , Thorndale. 4 Certain, Moonraker, Oui Oui, Best Pal. 5 Tony Beau, The Roll Call, Widgeon, Ro many. 6 Olynthus, Episode, Polvo, Dustabout. 7 War Idol, Valentia, Lord Herbert, Super lative. HAVANA. The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Oriental Tark Havana, Cuba, Jan. 8, 1024. 1 Marmadukc, Suzuki, Myrtle Bilson. 2 Bird Shot. Little Pointer, Happy Buxton. 3 Hullo, Ripcsta, Marie Augustta. 4 Glenlivet, Scissors, Halu. 5 RAPID STRIDE, Laughing Eyes II., Mack Garner. C Eye Bright, Neenah, Sandy II. T. K. Lynch. Xcw Yorlc IIaiuIIap. 1 Suzuki, Marmadukc, Myrtle Bilson, Shafe. 2 Dont Bother Me, Chow Chow, Little Pointer, Milda. 3 Hullo, Riposta, Bona Fide. Ruth Wehle. 4 Scissors, Ancestress, Glenlivet, Stacy Adams. 5 LAUGHING EYES II., Mack Garner, Lank, Jacobean. C Phelan, Shingle Shack, Tamper, Sandy H. Chicago II anil leap. 1 Shafe, Suzuki, Marmaduke, Helioscope. 2 Dont Bother Me, Chow Chow, Pomcrene, Happy Buxton. 3 Riposta, Hullo, Ruth Wehle, Bona Fide. 4 Finday, Ancestress, Jolly, Stacy Adams. 5 MACK GARNER, Lank, Rapid Stride, Jacobean. 6 Tamper, Eye Bright, Neenah, Shingle Shack. fllwrrcrn II a nil Ion p.- 1 Shafe, Suzuki, Heliscope, Marmaduke. 2 Dont Bother Me, Chow Chow, Little Pointer, Pomerene. 3 Ruth Wehle, Marie Augusta, Bona Fide, Hullo. 4 Scissors, Stacy Adams, Jolly, Finday. 5 LAUGHING EYES II., Mack Garner, Lank, Rapid Stride. G Phelan, Tamper, Shingle Shack, Rita B. CoitKcnsus ot II a ml I cap.. 1 Shafe, Marmaduke, Suzuki, Myrtle Bilson. 2 DONT BOTHER ME, Bird Shot, Chow Chow, Little Pointer. 3 Hullo, Riposta. Ruth Wehle, Bona Fide. 4 Scissors, Glenlivet, Finday, Stacy Adams. 5 Laughing Eyes II., Rapid Stride, Mack Garner, Lank. 6 Phelan, Eye Bright, Tamper, Shingle Shack. TIJUANA. The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Tijuana, Mexico, Jan. S, 1924. 1 Parnell, Edmon, Lahonton. 2 Mint Julip, Bedazzle, Tco Breckenridge. 3 Colonel Lit, The Wag, Marion North. 1 Bills Luck, Dunsandel, Sweet and Low. 5 Sedge, Furious Bill, Wild Thoughts. G KEEGAN, Spanish Rose, First Lady Harding.-7 Herder, Plutrel, Rosa Atkin. S Sunnyland, Zealot, Coffield. G. W. Schilling. Xctr Yorlc IlnuOlrap. 1 -Parnell, Silent Pardner, Chilliwack, All Shot. 2 Flea, Jean Corey, Margaret White, Teo Breckenridge. 3 Marion North, The Wag, Colonel Lit, George Muehlcbach. i Sweet and Low, Dunsandel, Toombeola, Wise Judge. 5 Wild Thoughts. Icon, Sedge, Frank S. G Helen Cook, Keegan, Cypreme, Snooksie Bradley. 7 Madge F., Plutrel, Pie, Canny Lady. S THE FALCONER, Coeur de Lion, Valor, Blarney Stone. Chicago II mnHeu p. 1 Parnell, Silent Pardner, Woodcry, Lahon ton. 2 Jean Corey, Gratian, Flea, Bedazzle. 3 Colonel Lit, Fayelle, Marion North, Ber- nice E. 4 Ace, Toombeola, Sweet and Low, Jay Mac. 5 Icon, Harry D., Lady Le Band, Faber. G Snooksie Bradley, Cypreme, Keegan, Helen Cook. 7 Sophia Goldman, Canny Lady, Herder, Madge F. S COFFIELD, Great Luck, The Falconer, Dorius. Observers Hninllonp. 1 Parnell, Silent Pardner, Woodcry, Mill- wick. 2 Flea, Jean Corey, Gratian, Teo Breck enridge. 3 Marion North, The Wag, Colonel Lit, Flame. 4 Sweet and Low, Ace, Bills Luck, Wise Judge. 5 Wild Thoughts, Icon, Convent, Sedge. G CYPREME, Keegan, Helen Cook, Snooksie Bradley. 7 Plutrel, Madge F., Canny Lady, Herder. S Dorius, Zealot, Coeur de Lion, Coffield. Consensus ot Handicaps. 1 PARNELL, Silent Pardner, Woodcry, La honton. 2 Flea, Mint Julep, Jean Corey, Teo Breck enridge. 3 Marion North, Colonel Lit, The Wag, Fayelle. 4 Sweet and Low, Bills Luck, Ace, Dunsan del. 5 Wild Thoughts, Sedge, Icon. Harry D. G Keegan, Helen Cook, Snooksie Bradley, Cypreme. 7 Herder, Madge F., Sophia Goldman, Plutrel. S Sunnyland, The Falconer, Coffield, Dorius.

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