Equine Necrology List: Field of Breeding Hardest Hit in 1923 Death Toll, Daily Racing Form, 1924-01-09


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EQUINE NECROLOGY LIST . Field of Breeding Hardest Hit in 1923 Death Toll. JTnmbcr of Successful and Promising Sires Pass Away Several Famous Jlaco Marcs Among the Departed. - No horses of great celebrity in the immediate racing of the year were called by death in 1923. Quite a number, well known to followers of the royal sport, that were at le.ist useful, have their names enrolled in the following list, but none was in any way near tha first magnitude in turf stardom. It was different in the field of breeding. Such successful sires as Dick Finnell, Fayette, Glen-cairn, Marathon, Sweeper II. and "Von Tromp had their accounts closed and such younger stallicns of high promise as Inchcapc, Orrus and War Cloud passed on untimely. A marked feature in the death list of the year was the inclusion of the names of old mares justly famous in their racing days. Such was Beldame, unquestioned queen of the turl and in her three-year-old days one of the greatest which ever graced the Ameri- j can tur f . Then there was Tokalon, the greatest mare that ever came from Texan breeding and a Brooklyn Handicap winner. Winnie Adams was a tremendously fast filly j and the only one of her sex to win fame as a double Derby winner. Cherryola was a capital racer and the dam of the Itancocas j crack, Purchaser. Tapiola was another of note in ra:ing. As a sister to The Tetrarch, Hoyal Quest would have brought her weight in gold anil her early death was probably a great loss to our breeding. The mortuary list includes the following well-known names : Aeoni. b. g. 0, by Stanhope II. Son, by Hastings. Air Tan, ch. g, 4, by Aeronaut Tan, by St. Leonards II. Al Itlocli. br. b. 13, by Voorhecs Georgia VI., by riambeau. Alameda Girl, b. f, 4, by Jim Gaffney Sonia, by Cunard. Alex ir., cli. c, 4, by Lough Foylc Kitty 31., by Gotham. Alvin T. Ilcrt, b. h, 3, by Brunimcl Mcxilow, by Mexican. American Boy, b. g, C, by Superman Odelinette, by Helton. Annaly, br. f, 3, by The Finn Dolly Iliggins. Autumn II., br. .m, 11, by St. Frusquiu Cornfield, by Isinglass. Away, b. f, 3, by The Manager Caution, by IMa nudes. Basseting, b. m, 23, by Bassetlaw Suscol, by Sir Modred. Rayuda, ch. f, 3, by King Gorin Resignation, by Ben Stromc. Beldame, ch. m, 23, by Octagon Bella Donna, by Hermit. Bencher, br. g, S, by Bassetlaw Jai-Aiai, by Ingoldshy. Big William, b. c, 3, by Jim Gaffney Oasis, by j Commando. Blarney Rose, b. f, 3, by Magic II. Irish Lady II., by Bachelors Double. Blazed Trail, b. g, 4, by Golden Maxim Little Nell, by Codeistronie. Blue Jay, b. g, 13, by Hastings Blue Jacket, by Whistle Jacket. Briand, ch. c, 3, by Atwcll Moselle, by Wads-worth. Brilliant Ray, b. g, 4, by Tennant Sunglow II., by Sundridge. Broompace, b. f, 3, by Broomstick Ethel race. Budaua, b. or br. f, 4, by Zeus Buda, by Sweep. Buttonhole, br. m, 13, by Stalwart Eyelet, by Bt. Andrew. C. A. Reinhart, b. c, 3, by Colonel Vennic Wondawhy, by Sempronius. Cahalan, b. g, 5, by Honeywood Alice Carey, by Trappean. Captain Greet, ch. g, 4, by Ilarrigan Minnolette, . by Miudora. Carmandalc, b. g, C, by Meridian Daruma, by Solitaire II. Cherryola. ch. m, 16, by Tanzmeistcr Last Cherry, by Sir Dixon. Chief Barthell, b. g. 5, by Tony Boncro Bettie Sue, by The Commoner. Cirrus, b. h, 7, by Tracery Morningside, by Meddler. Cotrompa, b. f, 3, by Colin Trompeuse, by Von Tromp. Dandy, ch. g, S, by McGee Mirror, by Sir Dixon. Dark Horse, b. g, 5, by Ballot Incognita, by Disguise. Deckhand, b. g, 9, by Joe Carey Afamada, by Duke of Montrosf. Delhi Maid, ch. f, 4, by Delhi May Maid, by Yankee. Dick Finnell, blk. h, 10, by King Eric Teas Out, by Hanover. Dimity, b. in, 11, by The Commoner Alpaca, by Treinont. l3de, blk. f, 3. by Celt Mimesis. Dragoon, b. g, 8, by Cunard Mrs. F. G. Hogan, by Sir Dixon. Edgar Allan Poc, b. g, 3, by McGee Maltha, b.y Ogden. Edict, b. f, 3, by Jim Gaffney Royal Message, by Star Shoot. Kdna V., ch. f, 2, by Flying Squirrel Betty Fuller, by McGee. Elmer K., ch. g, C, by Sir Ashton Venora, by Cromwell. Errand Boy, b. c, 3, by Wrack Lady Errant, by Knight Errant.. Essex, b. 2, by Escoha Pitti, by Tlaudit. Fanfare, b. f, .!, by Zeus Frances, by Singleton. Fantasia, ch. f, 2, by Olambala Fantasquc, by Disguise. Faskadale, b. g, 4, by Simon Square Fairy, by St. Angelo. Fayette, ch. h, 17, by Ogden Saratoga Belle, by Henry of Navarcc. Fi7.-Bood!e, eh. g, 3, by Fitz Herbert Lady K. II., by Meddler. Florenza, !. f. 2, by Peter Pan Florence. Flying Fairy, br. m, 13, by Aeronaut Millie A., by Phillip D. Foreground, ch. h, S, by Fugleman Sketches, by rioneer. Frank Keogh, ch. g, 8, by Ben Trovato Mahala, by Carlton Grange. Frank W., b. h. 6. by Marathon Maid of Fortune, by Prince of Monaco. Free Market, b. c, 4, by Edinborough II. Ada N.. by Herald. Gaudy, br. h, 3, by Bryn Mawr Fancy Dress, by Ben Brush. Genie AV., br. m, 3, by Star Shoot Pamela, by Hamburg. Gleam o Gold, ch. f, 2, by Gold Enamel Orbcds List, by Smile. Glen Well, br. g. 5, by Dick Finnell Paradise Won, by Brincc of Monaco. Glencairn, ch. h, 13, by Orby Yankee, by Americus. Goldencrest, ch. c, 3, by Mcclick Golden Agnes, by Go:den Maxim. Gus Bnloe, ch. g, 9, by Flax Spinner Grace Campbell, by Borden. Iladhcrway, ch. in, 3, by Trap Rock Lucky Wave, by Cunard. Ileremon, ch. c. 3, by Ultimus Ollic Belle, by Cliaraxus. High Chief, b. c, 3, by Von Tromp Sain Shot, by Sain. High Vale, b. ni.-8,!-by Hastings Sand Vale, by Rock Sand. HilIliou.se, b. c, 3, by Honeywood Gehcimniss, by Sain. Hobgoblin, br. c, 3, by Luke Mcl.ukc Sprite, by Waterboy. Hoop Skirt, b. m, 8, by Sunstar Waterweed, by Watercress. Hourbel, br. f, 3, by Hourless Belgravia, by lieu Bruh. Huron II., b. g, 7, by Sweeper Zuna, by Hamburg. Inchcapc, ch. h, 5, by Friar Rock Rose of Gold, by Top Gallant. Irish Bachelor, b. g, 2, by Bachelors nope Grecian Bend, by Blues. Janku, ch. g, 4, by Uncle Blakcslcc, by Yankee. Jean Bullant, b. li, G, by Ecoucn Padoue II., by Ajax. .Timmie B., br. g, 4, by King James Dinawick, by Childwick. Joe G., b. c, 4, by Plaudit Queen Land, by Do Beauvoir. Joe S., b. h, 7, by Trcmargo Josic S., by Golden Garter. Josephine IC, ch. m, 3, by Martinet Hostility, by St. Blaise. .Tuba, b. f, 3, by Mentor Maggie Isham, by Ogden. Kadin, ch. f, 3, by Prince Ahmed Samura, by Santoi. Keltie, ch. g, 7, by Charles Edward Kelpie, by Martimas. King Corn, b. g, 4, by Kins James Golden Grain, by Hanover. IEsprit, b. f, 2, by Atwcll The Spirit, by Yankee. Lidy Quicksilver, b. f, 2, by Meridian Azyaidc, by Cactus II. Lirchmont, ch. g, 3, by Wormleighton rirate Tolly, by Pirate of Lexington. Liqucttc, b. in, 11, by Perth Layette, by Carlton. Long Island, ch. g, 4, by Friar Rock Smoothbore, by Ogden. Luxor, b. c, 2, by Luke McLukc Aunt Josie, by Ogden. M. Bert Thnrman, b. g, 10, by Bearcatcher Aimce C, by Water Color. Magneto, ch. h, 14, by Star Shoot Marie Frances, by Sir Dixon. Mambi, b. g. 3, by nessian Yallaha, by Miller. Mannchen. b. g, 9, by Olambala Madchcn, by Knight of the Thistle. Marathon, b. h, 19, by Martagon Ondulee, by St. Sinon. Marjoric A., ch. m, 13, by Prince of Melbourne Raiment, by Henry of Navarre. Masterful, b. g, 10, by Hastings Madcap, by Rock Sand. Mayor Griffin, ch. c, 2, by Flittergold Destine, by Trap Rock. Max Gold, b. g, 4, by Orniondale Sweet Marie, by Ogden. Mazeppa, b. f, 3, by Spanish Prince II. Waina-moinen. by The Commoner. . McKce, b. c, 3. by Ultimus Ballymcna, by Adam. MeLane, b. g, 7. by Duval Etta Ray, by Russell. Melvin, b. g, C, by Martinet Lady Esther, by Lord Estcrling. Minnie Adams, b. m, 20, by Cesarion Brctzel, by Galliard. Miss Crittenden, ch. m, 17, by Royal Flush III. Daintcous, by Del Paso. Miss Ida Bird, b. f, 3, by Spanish Prince II. Margaret Roche, by Orimar. Mister Jiggs, b. g, 5, by Short Grass Empty, by Griffon. Musito, ch. g, 7, by Sweeper Musette, by" Juvenal. Musty, ch. g, 3, by Ultimus Divination, by Horoscope. Myora, b. f, 2, by Xassovian Theresa, by Ajax. Mythical, br. g, 9, by Myram Lady Superior, by Bay Ronald or Pontifcx. Nightmare, b. f, 4, by Dick Finnell Martha Palmer, by Sempronius. Oriana, b. m, 9, by Bassetlaw Lady Petz, by Hanover. Orlox, b. c, 2, by McGee Conclusion, by Teep oDny. Paisley, ch. g, 3, by Honeywood Busy Bee, by First Tenor. Paul G. Brown, b. c, 3, by Granite Wanda Pitzcr, by Peep oDny. 1 Passing Shower, b. m, 7, by Ormondalc Passan, by Hamburg. Picardy, ch. f, 2, by Pennant Rose of Roses. Pictons Pride, br. m, 11, by Pictdn Mrs. Bowes, by Matchmaker. Tictor. b. g, 7, by Ficton White Veil, by The White Knight. Port Light, b. g, 10, by Hamburg Morningside, by Meddler. Pravus, b. g, 3, by The Finn His Sister, by Uncle. Private Flag, b. m, 13, by Hamburg Privateer, by Meddler. Prophecy, ch. g, 7, by Astronomer Fleda B., by Falsetto. Quaintj b. c, 3, by Frizzle Oncck Queen, by Ben Strome. Queen Lane, br. f, 2, by Trompe La Mort Lady Hillington, by Garry Herrmann. Rain Song, ch. f, 2, by Honeywood Bells, by Leonid. Ited Man, ch. g, 9, by Abe Frank Alma Gardia, by Rancocas. Rencelaw, b. c, 3, by Jack Atkin Dirty Face, by Sweep. Restraint, b. f, 4, by Jack Atkin Lottie Starr, by Kthelbert. Rhine Maiden, b. in, 11, by Watercress Gold, by Golden Garter. Royal Ensign, b. m, S, by Ultimus Banorella, by Baunockburn. Royal Quest, ch. m, 9, by Roi ncrodc Vahren, by Bona Vista. Sandy Mac, b. g, 6, by Assagai Brief, by Badge. Shelbyville, b. g, 4, by Watervale Miss Metcalf, by Ardiugton. Short Stop, b. g, 8, by Garry Herrmann Little Nell, by Cederstrome. Sidius, b. f, 4, by Zeus Ryola, by Mexican. Sir Thomas Keau, b. g, 5, by Golden Maxim Guion, by Dr. Rice. Stanley, b. g, 5, by Strephon Beth Stanley, by Golden Maxim. Stoto, b. h, 5, by Luke Mcl.ukc Merode, by St. Simonian. Sultan, b. g, 3, by" The Turk Sallie ODay, by Peep oDay. Sun Lassie, b. f, 2, by Sun Briar Palatine Lassie, by Prince Palatine. Susiana, ch. f, 3, by Rock View Stcllata, by Star Shoot. Superb, ch. h, 5, by Superman Virgilis, by Darebin. Suwecp, b. f, 4, by Sweep Iridescence, by Peter Pan. Sweeper II., ch. h, 14, by Broomstick Ravcllp II., by Sir Hugo. Sylvano, b. g, 7, by Magellan La Source, by Stroggi. Tactless II., b. in, 7, by Fitz Herbert Miss Mala-prop, by Meddler. Tapiola, b. m, 22, by The Commoner Catalpa, by Hindoo. Tokalon, b. m, 22, by Tammany Enid, by Sir Modred. Transient, ch. g, 5, by Transvaal Footstool, by Chilton. Transpcro, b. g, 7, by Transvaal Espcro, by Sir Dixon. Vesuvius, ch. g, 3, by Textile Ashes, by Tre-mont. Virginia Nunn, b. in, 13, by Gold Heels Salvia, by Rossington. Von Tromp, b. or br. h, 21, by Ben Brush Cinderella, by Hermit. W. M. Baker, br. g, 7, by Prince Frederick Dene, by Locoha tehee. War Cloud, br. h, S, by rolymclus Dreamy II., by Persimmon. Wayward Lady, b. f, 4, by Black Toncy Wayward Lass, by Sir Dixon. Wedding Cake, blk. in, C, by Rock View Latona, by Sain. Woodtrap, ch. h, 9, by Trap Rock Woodvine, by Magnctizcr. AVorm Wood, ch. g, 3, by Wormleighton Glad, by Bryn Mawr. Wye, b. c, 4, by Assagai Contcssina, by Count Schomberg. Ycwdeu, br. g, 1, by Balscaddin You Two, by Pillow. Zone DArmee, b. g, C, by Bcouen Paradise II., by Adam.

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