Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-11

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps BOWIE. The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Prince George Tark — Bowie, Md., April It, 1924. 1— Bill Winfrey, Parmachenec Belle, Helen Condon. 2 — Lieutenant Farrell, Normana, Aunt Jane. 3 — Fifty-Fifty. Bucado. Arendal. 4— Golden Billows, Llewellyn, Shamrock. 5— Guelph, Freezy Sneczy, Aggravating Papa. 6 — Owasco, Night Raider, Tody. 7— NORMAL, Scare Crow, Mystic. C. J. Connors. New York Handicap. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmaehenee Belle, Bernice Harrar, Catherine I" ouglas. 2 — Normana, Peggy O., Altissimo, Little Alfred. 3 — Bucado, Care Free, Fifty-Fifty, Captain Costigan. 4— GOLDEN BILLOWS, Eager, Shamrock, Llewellyn. 3 — Freezy Sneezy. Flying Devil, Aggravating Papa, Guelph. 6 — Tody, Night Raider, Hickory, Royal Crown. 7 — Normal, Mystic, Scare Crow, Frosty Boy. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmachenec Belle, Catherine Douglas. Night Shade. 2 — Lieutenant Farrell, Normana, Tropical Water, Fehrah. 3 — Captain Costigan, Bucado, Whalebone, Marble. 4— GOLDEN BILLOWS, Eager, Llewellyn, Shamrock. i — Freezy Sneezy, Guelph, Aggravating Papa, Flyinjr Devil. 6— Tody. Night Raider. Rekab. Day Lilly. 7 — Normal, Doughnut, Scare Crow, MysJc. Observers Handicap. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmachenec Belle, Crinkle, Bernice Harrar. 2 — Lieutenant Farrell, Warren Lynch, Normana, Altissimo. 3 — Bucado, Whalebone, Care Free, Fifty-Fifty. 4 — Golden Billows, Eager, Shamrock, Llewellyn. u — Guelph. Aggravating Papa, Freezy Sneezy, Rupee. 6 — Attorney Muir, Tody, Hickory, Night Raider. 7 — NORMAL, Ashland, Scare Crow, Gourmand. Consensu* of Handicaps. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmaehenee Belle, Catherine Douglas, Bernice Harrar. 2 — Lieutenant Farrell, Normana, Altissimo, Warren Lynch. 3— Bucado, Fifty-Fifty, Captain Costigan, Care Free. 4— GOLDEN BILLOWS, Eager, Llewellyn, Shamrock. 5 — Guelph, Freezy Sneezy, Aggravating Papa, Flying Devil. 6 — Tody, Owasco, Attorney Muir, Night Raider. 7— Normal, Scare Crow, Mystic, Doughnut. HUNTINGTON. The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Huntington, W. Ya., April 10, 1924. 1 — The Plainsman, Black Ruler, Miss America. 2 — Wise Cracker, Kennesaw, Vehement. 3 — Ballynew, Evening Stories, Machiavelli. 4 — Charlie Summy, Lubeck, Hughie. ! 5 — Calcutta, Right on Time, Lorena Marcellia, ! 6— ARCHIE ALEXANDER, Barbara Palmer, Mulciber. 7— Tingling, Fred Kinney, Mr. Beck. F. H Sproule. Xevr York Handicap. I 1 — The Plainsman, M:ss America Black Ruler, Mike Morrissey. 2 — Wise Cracker, Bob, Dissolute, Vehement. 3 — Ballynew, Machiavelli, Mike, Evening Stories. 4 — Charlie Summy, Lubeck, Ruth S., Dont Bother Me. 5— RIGHT ON TIME, Lorena Marcellia, Calcutta. Topango. 6 — Mulciber, Proceeds, Barbara Talmer, Rhinegold. 7 — Tingling, Fred Kinney, Mr. Beck, Johnny OConnell. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Miss America, Bub, The Plainsman, Mount Pleasant. 2 — Copper Head, Bob, Vehement, Kennesaw. . 3 — Ballynew. Machiavelli, Josephine C, Evening Stories. j 4— Hughie. Lubeck, Charlie Summy, Corto. 15— RIGHT ON TIME, Beg Pardon, Lorena Marcellia. Topango. ■ 6— Mulciber. Archie Alexander, Rhinegold, Lucky Run. 7— Fred Kinney, Tingling, Neenah, Johnny OConnell. Observers Handicap. 1— Miss America, Bub, The Plainsman, Black Ruler. 2 -Bob, Wise Cracker, Copper Head, Vehement. 3 — Machiavelli, Ballynew, Josephine C, Whip-poorwill. 4 — Lubeck, Charlie Summy, Hughie, Big Son. E— RIGHT ON TIME, Lorena Marcellia, John Morrill, Topango. C — Mulciber, Proceeds, Archie Alexander, Barbara Palmer. 7 — Mr. Beck. Tingling, Fred Kinney, Johnny OConnell. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 — The Plainsman, Miss America, Black Ruler, Bub. 2 — Wise Cracker, Copper Head, Bob, Vehement. 3 — Ballynew, Machiavelli, Evening Stories, Josephine C. 4 — Charlie Summy, Hughie, Lubeck, Mike. 5— RIGHT ON TIME, Calcutta, Lorena, Marcellia, Topango. C — Mulciber, Archie Alexander, Barbara Palmer, Rhinegold. 7— Tingling, Fred Kinney, Mr. Beck, Johnny OConnell. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Tijuana, Mexico, April It, 1924. 1- Wee Girl, Shasta Rapids, Little Bat. 2 — Babe Ruth, Salton, San Hedron. 3 — Kirkwood, Hartelle, Jack Fountain. 4— Dancing Girl. F. G. Corley, Mayor House. 3 — Furious Bill, Athanna, Lemon Seth. 6 — DOLPH, Fair Orient, Cruzern. 7— Trusty, Turbulent, Mollie R. 8 — Plunger, The Desert, Peter Pierson. • — Bedazzle, Finis Gloriosus, Irish Buzzer. G. W. Schilling. New York Handicap. 1— Runpreserve, Shasta Rapids, Hazel Clare, Little Bat. 2— Salton. San Hedron, Ravenwing, Zinon. 3~ Hartelle, Toombeola, Jack Fountain, Coombs. 4— Redman. F. G. Corley, Mayor House, Dancing Girl. 5— Fireplace. Lemon Seth, Smile Again, Joe Tag. 6— Dolph, Speedball. Cruzern, Fair Orient 7— HARRY MAXIM, Trusty, Contusion, Turbulent. 8— Plunger, The Desert, Yermak, Lawrence Manning. 9— Ask Jessie, Big Indian, Bedazzle, Wild Thoughts. Chicago Handicap. 1— Runpreserve, Oil Lady, Top Side, Shasta Rapids. 2— Salton, Babe Ruth, Ravenwing, San Hedron. 3— Sacramento, Fiesta, Ollie Wood, Toombeola. 4— Mayor House, Chrome, St. Angelina Mildred Ruth. 5— Lemon Seth, Athanna, Joe Tag. Tan him Welles. 6— Dolph, Speedball, Fair Orient, Cruzern 7— TOP O TIP MORNING, Turbulent Trusty, Mollie R. 8— Plunger, Lawrence Manning, Peter Pier-son, The Desert. 9— Joe V., Finis Gloriosus, Bedazzle, Irish Buzzer. Observers Handicap. 1-RUNPRESERVE, Top Side. Shasta Rapids. Myne Moe. 2— Salton, Ravenwing, San Hedron. Zinon. 3— Coombs, Toombeola. Hartelle. Sacramento. 4— F. G. Corley, Red Man, Mavor House Harry Burgoyne. 5— Lemon Seth, Joe Tag, Fireplace, Furious Bill. 6— Speedball, Dolph. Fair Orient. Cruzern 7— Trusty, Top o th Morning, Contusion Harry Maxim. 8— Plunger, The Desert, Lawrence Manning, Peter Pierson. 9— Wild Thoughts, Ask Jessie, Big Indian Joe V. Consensus of Handicaps. 1— Runpreserve, Wee Girl, Shasta Ripid«= Top Side. 2— Salton, Babe Ruth, San Hedron, Ravenwing. 3— Kirkwood, Hartelle. Sacramento. Coomb" 4— Dancing Girl, Red Man, Mayor House F G. Corley. 5— Lemon Seth, Furious Bill, Fireplace Joe Tag. 0— Dolph, Speedball. Fair Orient. Cruzern. 7~ Trusty, Harry Maxim, Top o th Morning, Turbulent. 8— PLUNGER, The Desert, Lawrence Manning, Peter Pierson. 9— Bedazzle, Ask Jessie, Joe V Wild Thoughts.

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