Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-22

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps HAVRE DE GRACE The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Havre de Grace, Md., April 31. 19:4. 1 — Peter Paul. Kunionin, Trigger. 2 — Vicaire. Gold Foyle. Jim Coffroth. 3— YANKEE PRINCESS. Leopardess, Sun-ay r. 4 — Dominique, Lord Granite, Prince of Um-bria. 5 — Wilkes-Barre. Golden Sphere. Clansman. 6 — Attilia. Guelph, The Foreigner. 7— Roseate, Cote dOr, St. Germain. T. J. Lynch. Nfw York Handicap. 1 — Kumonin, Roller, Sea Tide. Crinkle. 2 — Gold Foyle, Jim Coffroth, Bon Garcon, Amstello. 3 — Sunayr, Yankee Princess, Fleet Princess, Jyeopardess. 4 — I,ord Granite, Comixa, Prince of Umbria. Good Times. 5— GOLDEN SPHERE, Opperman, Wilkes- Barre, Fairway. 6— Guelph, Humboldt. Overtake. Attilia. 7 — Majority, Old Faithful, Cote dOr, Rupee. Chicago Handicap. 1— Sea Tide. Roller. Peter Paul, Arbitration. 2 — Gold Foyle, Jim Coffroth, Cavendish, Amstelle. 3 — Leopardess. Yankee Princess, Nancy Langhorne. Sunayr. 4 — Dominique, Lord Granite, Comixa, Good Times. 5— GOLDEN SPHERE, Clansman, Opperman. Wilkes-Barre. 6 — Overtake. Vacuum, Bueado. Humboldt. 7 — May Roberts, Roseate, Superbum, Hickory. Ouscrrers Handicap. 1— Sea Tide, Trigger. Roller. Crinkle. 2 — Gold Foyle, Jim Coffroth, Bon Garcon, Cavendish. 3 — Yankee Princess, Sunayr, Leopardess, Fleet Princess. 4— Dominique, Lord Granite, Good Times. Prince of Umbria. 5— GOLDEN SPHERE, Clansman, Opperman. Wilkes-Barre. G-— Overtake. Guelph. Humboldt. Attilia. I — May Roberts, Roseate, Superbum, Majority. Consensus of Handicaps. 1— Sea Tide. Peter Paul, Kumonin. Roller. 2— Gold Foyle, Vicaire, Jim Coffroth, Amstello. 3— Yankee Princess, Sunayr, Leopardess. Fleet Princess. 4 — Dominique, Lord Granite, Good Times, Prince of Umbia. 5— GOLDEN SPHERE, Wilkes-Barre, Clansman. Opperman. 6— Overtake. Attilia, Guelph, Humboldt. 7— May Roberts, Roseate, Majority, Cote dOr. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : olumbns, Ohio. April 21, 1024. 1 — Ocean Mist. Roekomar. Dora Lutz. 2 — Hysteria, Winchester. Kendall. 3 — Pepper Tea, Dr. Joe. Glenn. 4 — Pearl Boots, Sleigh Blls, Chestnut Girl. 5 — Current Events, She Devil, Horeb. 6 — Dancer, Smart Guy. Tawasentha, 7— MONTILLO, Tamper, Vendor. F. H. Sproule. New York Handicap. 1— Ocean Mist. Roekomar, rardner Jewell, Millie G. 2 — Chow Chow, Kendall, Quincy Ward, Hysteria. 3 — Dr. Joe, Spinaway. Jago, Spicebush. 4— Sleigh Bells. Pearl Boots, Trafalgar, Great Northern. 5 — Drummond, She Devil. Mr. X.. Tomahoi. C — Dancer. Bob Baker, Felix M., Dustman. 7— MONTILLO, H. C. Basch, Tamper, Tulsa. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Ocean Mist. Lady Haldeman, Dora Lutz, Roekomar. 2— Quincy Ward, Hysteria, Mad Nell, Wilton Flanna. 3— PEPPER TEA, Dr. Joe, Get Em, Miss Em. 4 — Somerby, Gold Leaf, Great Northern, Royaline. 5 — She Devil. Horeb. Lank, Current Events. 6— Dancer, Bob Baker. Smart Guy. Waukeag. 7 — Vendor, Montillo, Tamper, Tulsa. Observers Handicap. 1 — Ocean Mist, Dora Lutz, Lady Haldeman, Little Rose. 2 — Hysteria, Quincy Ward, Kendall, Chow Chow. 3— PEPPER TEA. Dr. Joe. Spinaway. Zainer. 4 — Somerby, Gold Leaf, Pearl Boots, Miss Margaret. 5 — She Devil, Drummond, Horeb, King Trojan. 6 — Tawa*entha. Dancer. Bob Baker. Felix M. 7 — Montillo, H. C. Basch, Vendor, Tamper. Conscnsns of Handicaps. 1— OCEAN MIST, Roekomar, Lady Haldeman, Dora Lutz. 2— Hysteria, Chow Chow, Quincy Ward, Kendall. 3 — Pepper Tea, Dr. Joe. Glenn. Get Em. 4 — Somerby, Pearl Boots, Sleigh Bells, Great Northern. 5 — She Devil, Current Events, Drummond, Horeb. C — Dancer, Tawasentha, Bob Baker, Smart Guy. 7 — Montillo, Vendor, Tamper, H. C. Basch.

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