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JOE BRAND Ml W. 58TH ST. NEW YORK CITY EVERYBODY KNOWS ME I have been operating at Kentucky tracks exclusively for a number of years, during which time I have proven my worth. WEDNESDAY I ADVISED: ELIZABETH K .10- Won TUESDAY I ADVISED: MEXICAN TEA 2.20- Won MONDAY I ADVISED: LITTLE JIMMY 3.80- Won NO HORSE WAS ADVISED SATURDAY. TODAY!! OH! BOYS! TODAY!! 10 to 1 AND WHEN I PROMISE A LONG SHOT YOU REST ASSURED THAT IT WILL BE A PRICE. TERMS: 0.00 DAILY. 0 WEEKLY. NOTICE ! These, terms are offered for a limited period. Will cost much more in the near future. Take advantage. Do it now. Telegraph money order to insure qui k action. ! Al McGee | 145 WEST 41ST ST. NEW YORK CITY I 00 DAILY— S20 .00 WEEKLY TODAYS HORSE APPEARS TO BE PLACED IN AN EXTREMELY SOFT SPOT AND I FEEL SO confident that unless todays hcrso wins and pays at least 7 TO 1 TODAY I will give tomorrows horse free. My policy la a square deal to all. YESTERDAY S HORSE: NOEL ....4.40- WON TUESDAY S HORSE. MexinTea2.20- WON MONDAYS HORSE: Little Jimy3.80- WON , Wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. I — 9 CUT CHANCE TO Very Bone! YOU CANT AFFORD TO GUESS I HAVE FOUR TRANSACTIONS During Remaining Days of Lexington Meet. My Kentucky track connections are matchless. First Transaction DUE ON FRIDAY COMPLETE SERVICE FOR REST OF LEXLNGTON MEETING 00 Wire fee Western Union or Postal Telegraph Subscribers limited. We never send scratched horts. Rush subscription and address by 10 a. m. Ill phone in ample time. Remember — tracks best brains working for you. WIRE J. J. CASEY 28 E. 14TH ST.. LATONIA, KENTUCKY Phones— Covington 4170 and Covington 4171 Southern Turf Bureau 218 WEST JEFFERSON ST.. LOUISVILLE, KY. Opening of Western Office We wish to announce to the racing public that we have opened an office in Louisville to serve tin players of the Middle West. All our clients west of Harrisburg, Pa., will please deal direct with this office. The SOUTHERN TURF BUREAU has been the sensation of the East. We have established a record that shcnld stand for a long time. We have representatives on all reputable tracks in the country and notify the office on anything that is worth a play. During the present Kentucky season we will give full card selections on Kentucky races. We do this for the people who wish to play all the races, although we advise very strongly against this, as it cannot be done successfully. We will also give the three best at Kentucky and then the one which we reccmmer.d for a good play. At the other tracks we will give oly one or two. depending on what our representatives wire on. If they do not see anything worth a play, then you will get nothing at that track, as we have warned them that we only want winners if they have to wait a year to get them. We also give a daily parlay, selected from all the information sent. This parlay consists of two and sometimes three horses. Our percentage of winning parlays has been higher than any other concern in this line of business. Weekly- SPECIAL TERMS - Weekly Rush your subscription and take advantage of our special weekly terms that will be given for a limited time only. We are doing this in order to become acquainted with the players of the Middle West. Information Mailed Overnight Our information mailed overnight in a plain scaled envelope and will reach Birmingham. Ala. : Memphis. Tenn. : St. Louis. Mo. : Chicago. 111. ; Detroit. Mich.; Pittsburgh. Pa., and correspondingly distant places in time for tha races. Can be wired if so desired. If special delivery is wanted, send ten cents extra for each day of subscription. Kentucky Turf Bureau Suite 212, No. 1350 Broadway, New York City 0 Pays for One Winner 0 Pays for Six Winners Yesterdays Kentucky Horse: Kitty Troxell .70- WON Yesterdays Maryland 00 Free Special to All Weekly Clients: VJce-Chairman .6.00- WON Tuesdays Kentucky Horse: ROMP 3.80- WON Mondays Kentucky Horse: Ballot Brush... 2.90- WON Saturdays Kentucky Opening Special: Kitty Troxell .90- WON If von want winninp information, subscribe-to Kentucky Turfs DAILY WIRE SERVICE1 AT KENTUCKY. TODAYS HORSE SHOULD PAY THE LIMIT Remember, you must p t a wiMMT for your ; money, as :i loser is not countd against your suL.sorii tk n. 0 Pays for Todays Horse a Winner 0 Pays for Six Winners BOTH SCRATCHED Mailed in yesterdays sheet and we will send you another FREE. Don t miss todays two live ones. — DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— NATIONAL 0. K. KACING LETTER 411 Baltimore Bldg. Chicago . 111. ! Subscribe to Monthly Form Book and Insure its receipt. Schuyler Floyd Calvert Building:, Broadway at 41»t Street Bryant C333 Nevr York City Saturday, April 26th: THE FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" Rock Bottom . . . 0.50- Woo Saturday, April 12th THE FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" Listen Dearie . . 0.10- Won Tuesday, March 11th: THE FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" Barn Dollar . . . 2.20- Won THE FOURTH GREAT FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" takes place in ANOTHER SENSATIONAL EVENT TODAY THURSDAY AT JAMAICA A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY MAKES YOUR WISHES AGAIN COME TRUE!!! SUBSCRIBE FOR IT THIS MORNING!!! INVEST IN IT THIS AFTERNOON!!! PROFIT BY IT THIS EVENING!!! Subscribers to this supreme "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" are urged to invest not earlier than fifteen minutes before post time. By so doing they will be in a position to act effectively for the protection of their own interests and others concerned. EVERY PRECAUTION HAS BEEN MADE!!! EVERY DETAIL IS COMPLETE!!! SUCCESS IS ABSOLUTELY ASSURED!!! TERMS: FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN ADVANCE The "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS" claim the position of leadership. BECAUSE the only eight "Schuyler Investments" released in April are as follows: ROCK BOTTOM 0.50- WON WARNING 3.10- WON FREEZY SNEEZY $ 5.20- WON HIDDEN JEWEL 3.30- WON A. J. BUJA $ 6.30- WON MOON MAGIC 8.30- WON LISTEN DEARIE 0.10- WON ONE LOSING HORSE, which was subjected to the non-controllable occurrence — interference — finishing second. THE "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS"~ARE LIKE "STERLING" ON SILVER— THE STAMP OF DISTINCTION ED BRADLEY 1819 BROADWAY, GOTHAM BANK TU.DG. MMW YORK CITY New followers daily. Still room for more. Why not you? extrrdan Horse: ROUND ROBIN 2.70-; .70- 2ND My record at Maryland — 17 Winners, 4 seconds in 23 days. One horse a day only. 00 flat bet almost 0,000 winner. My trackman goes to Kentucky tonight. NEXT HORSE GOES SATURDAY AT LEXINGTON This one is a real good thing that has had a careful preparation for this special event and SHOULD PAY 20 TO 1 My fee, 5. in advance. No propositions. Wire subscription by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. f= % IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. 0. S. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS Ol R RIX1 JMO ONK HOHSK GOES WEDNESDAY Vmtcrdajii IflO One Home Special wax: BEATRICE • 6-5 WON MnndajN Slit One Horae Special MMl LEONARD G 2.50- WON NOTHING SENT OUT TODAY OR TUESDAY Our f lO Special* consist of one horse only. All our Special* filed in Advance with Hacina; Form. Wi: DO NOT HAVE THEM EYERY DAY, III T WAIT FOR RIGHT SIOTS TOMORROWS FRIDAYS 0 ONE HORSE SPECIAL SHOULD PAY 20 TO 1 No matter what price you pay, you cannot en.ua! onr Information. Take advantage of our knowledge. YVe will protect you for If lridatM Special doe» not win at IS to 1 or better, our next two Suet-lab* will be vent FREE. Wire f lO at once by Western In ion no IoNtul here. S. 0. S. SERVICE -:- JAMAICA, N. Y. 3 — j*

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