Great Array Of Jumpers: Named for ,000 Added Green Springs Valley Steeplechase.; Nominations Total One Hundred and Twenty-One, Including Best of Timber-Toppers in Country., Daily Racing Form, 1924-05-01


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GREAT ARRAY OF JUMPERS » Named for ,000 Added Green Springs Valley Steeplechase. Nominations Total One Hundred and Twenty-One, Including Hest of Timber-Toppers in Country. BALTIMORE, Md., April 30— What is said to be a record-breaking list of entries has been named for the Green Spring Valley Steeplechase. ,000 added, to be run at Pim-lico i n Saturday. May 3, the same day as the Dixie. There are forty-six nominators of one hundred and twenty-one horses, comprising the best collection of jumpers ever brought together in one race. The list is full of imported horses, including many of the International Subscription Steeplechasers, that will have a chance of comparison with the native article on a fair handicap rating. In addition to such stalwart supporters of steeplechasing as A. C Bostwick. General .1. S. Buchanan. J. BL Cosden. Joseph K. Davis. Mrs. T. J- Donahue. Dosoris Stable. Glen Kid- | die Farm. Qncntm Stable. J. T. Gwathmoy. j , Foxhall P. Kciiie. F. S. Von Stade. Mrs. Gorffe W. Left. Ral Parr. Queen City Stable. William A. Read. Samuel Ross. Walter J. Salmon. R II Strassburger. Darry Water-bury and Joseph B. Widenor. a number of new names appear among the subscribers, such as Audloy Farm. R. F. Baker. John HcBowmaa. President United Hunts Racing Ass.xiation : W. R Coe. who is returning to the same after a long lay-off since the retirement f Bet ; Fair Stable, owner of the crack Sarazen ; Robert I.. Gerry, C I*. A. Heiser of Baltimore county, vice-chairman of the Hunts Committee-. W. C Langley, well ktowri in Mcadowbrook Hunt circles; L*ona parm of Illinois, prominent in Horse Show circles; Middle-neck Farm, one of the most valuable of recent recruits to the sport: Mrs. Herbert 1,. Pratt. Somerset Stables, which houses Papyrus" traveling companion. Bar Gold ; James R. Smith, Bayard Warren and C. L Whiting of Genesee Valley. The conditions, condensed history and complete entries for this stake follow: GREEN SPRING TAI-LET STEEPLECHASE HANDICAP For four-year-old* and over. Starter* ti ptiy 00 each to the winner, with |MM added! of which Jl.WO to the second. to the third und to the fourth. Entries closed ; Tuesday. April L Weights to be announced five days he-fore the day named for the running of Uir UN, Tw» miles. FHXVIOTTS nDBI Tear Home.. Wt Jockey. Time. 1907 Dr. Keith Ml G. Archibald 4:JS»:. Ml Goldrieur — L" S Savage 4:J0,:. 1»0V Algie - 140 A. Smith 4:3V;. 1910 Alcie l.r « N. Jackson ~ :0~,*:, 1911 Water-peed 14S Mahon 4:J7"; 1912 cicorge BM 13* W.Allen M 1918 The Welkin 1«3 W. Allen tJO% 1»14 Hay Br.ok ...149 Ml T. Wright ..4££ft l»i:. Weldahip 1«W J. Kermath tmM% 1»17 Itryudur 13S L- Franklin MBit 1»1S Belle or Rryu Mawr ...141 S. Bush 1:50% 1MH Warloc t IM R- H. Crawiord. . 1 «» : Ml Duet time 164 I». Byers 4:01 3921 BullHPVe 135 N. Brooks 4:09 MM Sea» .137 S_ Veitch, Jr. ..3:49 1923 Sea Tab lTil J- J- Kowan 3:j2Vt Ilun at 2 1 4 miles in 191L Not run in 1916. Audiey Kami The Sage_ Baker. B. F. Spousor.. Barry. Mrs.. F. P. Fifteen CentR. Itostwick. A. . tin Trout. Connean, Tassel. Sea Tale, Chuckle. Melru. Fairway. B Amun. J-hu M F. Tiayeen TrisOTph.. Bryson. F.. K. Hocking Horse. Cavendish, TO»eo-dosius. It i-.-hnnau. Gen. X, A. — Monkshood. t ..-. W. K.— Corfie. Council. Gemge Mr. Rnmimel_ OmBm, .T. S. Pan IV_. Sea Master, Bullseye, Adamant. Graylctte.. Datun-r. M;k Heuiy — Henry Pattner. 1 ivis, .1 E.- Rampage. Trcviscot, Bl Kantara. p.inoln.e. Mrv. J. J. - Tonpy Nix, sea Monarch. Dworis Stibl- Vo Poputi 1L. Iiudley. S. JI Own Hoe ONeill. Miss Miami. Pwyer. William V. Regalia, St_ Lawreiioe. Fair Stable Ratlu-owan. Flaherty. Simon Jim CoffrotU. ;.irth. Hugh Sen Serpent. Gerry. Robert I, Back Pasn. Glen Hidille Farm BoBi, John. Brigadier Central. Braca Fruit. Crceiittce Stable Damask. Pirate Cold. Iytternian. Our Boots. South Tipp. Knight of Creenane. .watlimty. .!. Tempi- Jaeky. Heis«r. C. L. A Veilant Valley. K-ene. Foxh.ill IVpi. Verhoteu. Lmgley. W. I terse 1L I eonu Farm paeriint_ 1. ft. Mrs ioif V. -KweppmfTit. Britannic M.dle Neck Farm- Xnphitne. Carabineer, Shall* A it i; -k-iind. BellinL Parr. Hal I: eland. Pending. Richard Hoi Crai£. Shoal. Nonas. Gold r«j le. Pratt. Mts. Heiliert L-- William «f Corotoman. Baehelora Kiss Queen City Stuble- Wliite Rutin. lri«i Jig. Not Much. The Hed Knight. Cuingamp. Jte«l. William A- Cashier. Brown Ittm. Rans Peche, Fraternity II., Pritish Warm, lluonom. Mer- etirius. Herriard. Brother Bill. ICukm. Samuel — l.olli|K p. Bon Gareon. Kauiiou. Walter J - Conrteous. Charlton. Hed CloTer. Paddle. Mark Twain. Woodley II. Rkrtuker. J. H Fort Bliss. Smart, Mrs. K. HummeL Airs. Smith James B- Autumn Bells. Sumervet Stable- Br Cold. Fane Iady. Bean Brum- mel. Kerry Plue. Strassburger. Halph Beaver Brave II.. Calife. tb- Jet dArt. Orions Sword. Skyscraper. Dunks ; recti. M.iriin Sue. Pei k lumen, llonyhnhnm. Ton Stade. K S. Bethany. Waireu. Bayard — Sto kmar. Smiling Meadow, Byng. lie Vignemale. Waterbury. Iorry Ben TaskeT. Whiting. C. I.. Alice yuickthorn. Widenrr. J. K. Houdini. Sea Skipper. Duettiste. Philosopher. Krhepeal Blue, St. Pancras, Purity. ljoyterer. Parlays.

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