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RALPH KEENE THE WUIUfl WONDER 80 East 11th Street -:- -:- Kew York City ONE HORSE A DAY YESTERDAY S HORSE: DUSTY MARY 3.20- WON Is this not enough proof to yon that I handle nothing bat real live information! This is no surprise to any of my clients because they haTe been receiving this kind of Information since the opening- of the Kentucky meeting. When every angle is well protected the result should never be In doubt. Stop losing your good monej I Get in with one who knows! Monday, no racing at Kentucky; therefore no horse released from my office. WEDNESDAYS HORSE: DONNA SANTA .90- WON TUESDAYS HORSE: WRANGLER 0.70- WON SATURDAYS HORSE: DUTCH GIRL 1.10- WON FRIDAYS HORSE: SUNNY DUCROW 9.50- WON THURSDAYS HORSE: FLYATIT 6.40- WON WEDNESDAYS HORSE WINDING THROUGH 2.60- WON TUESDAYS HORSE: PRINCESS DOREEN $ 9.40- WON i MONDAYS HORSE: BUSTER 0.90- WON SATURDAYS HORSE: OFF SPRING 0.20- WON I FRIDAY S HORSE: JAKIE HAY 1.70- WON ! The above winners should convince the most skeptical player that this is no guesswork, no handicapping or stabbing with a pin, but real, live information is what I release. The reason why I can produce winners: I operate with caution. I do all my business I through private channels. All horses are sent out from Kentucky personally by me through i my New York office. I release horses that are properly placed. I do not deal with favorites 5 as they are public properly and they are best when left alone. MY TERMS— 0.00 FOR ONE WEEKS SUBSCRIPTION NO OTHER PROPOSITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ■ ohicTturf exchange ■ AKRON, OHIO MEDFORD BUILDING -:- -:- Three Specials soon to be released. Terms: 5.00 each. Wire J subscriptions care Postal Telegraph or Western Union. No propositions accepted. Our information comes direct from strongest possible J connections. Only one or two horses weekly. Get on the winning side. CHAS. RAYMOND COMMISSIONER .00 DAILY— 0.00 WEERXY ANOTHER AT LATONIA TODAY Come 03, be cheerful. You know that feeling that comes with a BIG 15-1 SHOT WINNER I have thousands of followers wearing that winning smile BECAUSE I GIVE WINNERS. Yesterdays Commission Special: ANNIE JORDAN 0.40- WON Wednesdays Comnjissxn Special: ROCKLAND PRINCESS 4 80, .43- 2ND Tuesdays Commission Special: CLARENCE 2.20- WON Mondays Commission Special: MARIE MAXIM .25- WON Week of May 26th: WINDING THROUGH 2.80 WON THIRD MODN A SUNNY DUCROW 9.and0- WON PRINCESS DOREEN 2.60- WON Week of May 19th: PRIVILEGE .90- WON HUBB AND PUDD 4.60 WON OPULENT .9»- WON BWAY 1.80- WON Getting back to that 00 WINNING a week average again. Dont you feel that 0 for a week of this service is well spent? Dont delay, wire via Western Union cr Postal NOW. I am handling BIGGER COMMISSIONS NOW than ever. You know what I did in Kentucky last fall, men. Address communications te Boom 338, 206 Broadway NEW YORK CITY . SHIELDS Strictly One Horse Daily. 0.00 WEEKLY— .00 DAILY Yesterdays :00 Track Wire: Annie Jordan 0.40- Won The kind that makes the layers weep. 0- TODAY and that is just what my sure shot .03 Latonia 1 track wire should pay today. Terms, .00, and a winner for your money. BIG 0.00 OCCASIONAL TODAY Terms: 0 for this big Special. Wire Western Union or Postal. 287 Broadway, Room 500 NEW YORK CITY ? VOLUME II. OF Annual Racing form for 1923 NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. I. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT - CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET. NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 3 60 RICHMOND STREET, EAST. TORONTO, ONT. HARVEY AMES; EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT UD STREET, NEHf YORK C1TT i At 12:30 yesterday afternoon this office was notified that the "Harvey Transaction" in question would NOT start and in consequence nothing was advised. Conditions must be as favorable as it is possible to make them and matters cannot be hurried to suit the impulsive or impatient. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY TODAYS "Harvey Transaction" is a well prepared matter and from all reports at hand, the last race is to be entirely ignored. Good odds are assured in view of the last performance. Tomorrow, Saturday, at Belmont Park, should prove a gala day for our followers. Further details in tomorrows issue. Subscription, 00, for today, or 00 for today and tomorrow, should be received in this office early if service is expected. Every "Harvey Transaction" is a separate proposition and must be paid for in advance. Positively no service to anyone unless the amount of the subscription is received. The heavy expense involved to make this service a success makes this imperative. "Harvey Transactions" require no recommendation; past performances speak for themselves. TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. O. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS Our next 0 One Horse Special GOES SATURDAY AT LATONIA— GO THE LIMIT, STRAIGHT ONLY. Next two 0 Specials FREE if it does not win. Our last four 0 One Horse Specials were: June 5— PERSIAN MAID 6.30- WON June 4 — Our Special ran Second; play it next out. May 31— DUTCH GIRL 1.10- WON May 2and— EXODUS 1.90- WON Our 0 Specials consist of one horse only. All onr Specials filed in advance with Racing Form. We do not have them every day. but wait for right spots. ON NO ACCOUNT MISS SATURDAYS SPECIAL We expect 16-1 on tomorrows horse and feel confident of winning. We will protect onr clients by sending them onr next two 0 Specials FREE if Saturdays horse does not win. YES!! We have losers sometimes, but as we deal in big priced horses it is possible for our crowd to pull out after a loser turns up. The following were a few of our recent 0 One Horse Specials, all filed in advance with this paper: BREECHLOADER 6.00- WON MABEL K 4.00- WON DAN BOLLING 1.70- WON SINGLE FOOT 0.70- WON HUMBOLDT 3.30- WON and many other winners at better than 6 to 1. Tomorrows One Horse Spacial should also win at a big price. Those in a position to make even a moderate wager should profit handsomely. Wire at once and avoid delay. WIRE |10 AT ONCE BY WE8TERN UNION NO POSTAL HERE. S. O. SERVICE -:- JAMAICA, N. Y. NOTE — Tell Western Union to send your address; it prevents delay. i I ! I i 5 ■ ■ J J . 1 a ? " : — ■ . BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY .00 DALLY— 0.00 WEEKLY I DECLARE TO WIN with a 0.00 to .00 long shot today with my big Kentucky .00 Occasional, so under no con- sideration should you miss this one today. Re- member, I do not deal in favorites and my three or four long shot winners each week will surely put you way ahead of the game. Terms— .00 Daily or 0.00 Weekly. Wednesdays .00 Star Money Horse: rVkld Prs 4.80-.40- 2nd Tuesdays .00 Ocacsional: Wrangler 0.70- Won Mondays Occasional: C. J. Craigmile. .1.60- Won Saturday* .00 Occasional: Beau Nash . . . .7.95- Won Fridays .00 Occasional: Sunny Ducrow .9.50- Won Thursdays .00 Occasional: Llewellyn 6.90- Won Wednesdays .00 Occasional. Abstract 2.20- Won A 0.00 flat play on the above winners WON ,367.00 Six straight winning .00 Occasionals the past six days. My seventh .00 Occasional starts today. Another winning BIG .00 OCCASIONAL GOES TODAY And it comes from the same winning source as SUNNY DUCROW, 3.50-. WON. Mr. Player, if you can stand prosperity, then get my big .00 Occasional today and know what it means to WIN. TERMS: AND NO PROPOSITIONS STAR MONEY HORSE GOES TODAY This one goes for a group of shrewd turf manip-Z ulaters. Remember, this kind does not go every day, and I advise all Bobby Allen followers that have cleaned up on my one horse daily .00 Decisionals to get my big star money horse today and plunge. Terms, .00. Call at office or wire. BOBBY ALLEN 23 Duane St., Room 605 NEW YORK CITY I. 3 TURF EDITORS WEEKLY TODAYS Ha CODES: LATONIA— Diok- Two-Follow -Be. BLUE BONNETS— Dick- News- The -Be. MACK ROSE Formerly known as the worlds greatest plunger. My service consists of ONE HORSE A DAY. Term*— .00 Daily or 0.00 Weekly. Another sure winner goes today Yesterdays Horse: PERSIAN MAID 6.30- WON Tuesdays late wire: DUGOUT 11-5 WON Mondays Late Special: DECISIVE 10-1 WON Saturdays One Horse: SARKO $ 4.30- WON Fridays horse ran third. Thursdays Winner: MISSIONARY 2-1 WON Wednesdays last -minute sure winner: Winding Through 2.30- Won Tuesdays One Horse: FOREST LORE.. . .30- WON Saturdays One Horse: GREAT LUCK . . 9.10- WON Fridays One Horse: JAKIE HAY 1.70- WON Tuesdays One Horse: ROCKING HORSE 4.70- Won Wednesdays One Horse: POLLYMARA .. . 8.10- WON Tuesdays One Horse: LILT $ 6.40- WON Mondays One Horse: OPPERMAN 8.30- WON Saturdays One Horse: MALAPERT 9.55- WON Today— A LONG SHOT— Today Wire your money and get in on this special today. Now. if you appreciate winning information, send 0 for one weeks service and I will convince you that it will make you a WINNER, as I am doing for all my loyal followers. MACK ROSE 126 MAIDEN LANE. SUITE 203. NEW YORK CITY NOTICE There are several horses in orr stable that are in condition to win. I want three or four substantial parties who can take advantage of the opportunity this presents. I will identify myself fully and require that you do the same. P. O. BOX NO. 61 LATONIA, KY. SPORTING LEADER FREE CODE: Kentucky — Memphis-Lease-Fancy -Fancy -Mount

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