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Two Horses Of T XT Two Horses . aDay DUVIV aDay GARRISON The Sensational Turf Advisor 3Iy Service Consists ot Two Horses a Day A DAILY HORSE and a SUPER-SPECIAL SPECIAL OFFER: BOTH AND "SPECIALS" 6 days FOB 525 "AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS WON" Stop losing- your "Good Money." Get In touch vrlth one -who knows and you will . be a "Winner." Give my "Info" a weeks trial and you will be convinced that I will make you a winner at the end of each and every week. I Yesterdays .00 Special: Blue Warbler, 8-1, Won Yesterdays .00 Special: Goldlands, 2.55- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Yesterday "Won 40.00 Saturdays Special: Parthema, 1.75-, Won Saturdays Special: Aga Khan, 18-5, Won A Parlay of 0.00 Saturday Won 57.00 Fridays Special: Fridays Special Sword 10-1 Won Faddist 7-1 Won A Parlay of 0.00 Friday "Won 70.00 Thursdays .00 Special: Thursdays Special: Grace Troxler 20-1 Won Louanna 2.60- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Thursday Won ,150.00 Wednesdays Special: Wednesdays Special: Flames 15-1 Won Marie Dattner ..0.90- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Wednesday Won 80.00 Tuesdays Special: Tuesdays Special: Irene Sweeney 15-1 Won Wych Elm 3.60- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Tuesday Won 90.00 Mondays Special Mondays Special: Gold Stick 16-5 Won Metal 3.70- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Monday Won ,100.00 Saturdays Special: Saturdays Special: Finland -..5-1 Won Wraith 0.15- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Saturday Won 00.00 Fridays Special Fridays Special: Noel 11-5 Won Black Wand ...3.35- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Friday Won S0.0O Thursdays Special: Thursdays Special: Biff Bang 16-5 Won Royden . . 8.60- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Thursday Won 10.50 Wednesdays Special: Wednesdays Special: Bear Grass 15-1 Won Quecreek 1.10- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Wednesday Won 20.00 Tuesdays Special: Tuesdays Special: Hay ward 7-1 Won Thomasine 4.35- Won A Parlay of 0.00 Tuesday Won 40.00 THE ABOVE HORSES were filed with this paper and also released to my private clientele, who have reaped a fortune which they well deserve because thcy kept this information to themselves and In that way protected me and, in the same way, helped to hold un the prices. IF YOU CAT3fO-T HOLD THIS SE11VICE, and cannot be of any support to my followers, I wish that you tvIH not subscribe and avoid any dispute. All clients arc advised, until I am able to arrange proper and more complete facilities for service at my New York office, that I will be unable to render much better service. . ..... Arrangements have been made for installation of plenty of phones and a number of clerks will be engaged to render good, polite and courteous service. All new clients are advised that they will be notified as soon as subscriptions are received, also I have received a number of new clients, who were unable to receive their notices. However, all arrangements will be made to answer same as soon as possible. Buck Garrison ItOOM 121S, LOXGACItE BTJILDIXG, 42D ST. A2fD BROADWAY 2fEW YORK CITY - LONG SHOT BURNS BOOM 303, 23 BUANE STREET NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY What did I tell you men? I said I always hit on Monday YESTERDAYS ONLY HORSE: Blue Warbler 8-1 Won And Oh, how my clients cleaned up and not only that I ALWAYS FOLLOW UP ON TUESDAY with another "winner, just as I did for the past two weeks. Last Monday I save REPULSE, 20-1, WON, and then shot right back with GAD, 4-1, WON. Easy money, men. A LONG SHOT YOU WONT FORGET GOES TODAY And I want each and every man that has followed me to he snre to get down stronger than ever today, and dont wait until the last moment, but call early and get the BIGGEST SURPRISE OF A LIFETIME I TOP THEM ALL 00 WON OVER ,500. Every horse that runs for ms, a winner or one that is beaten, is out for the money. Look at th3 chart of each one given and see for yourself. Thursdays Only Horse BLUE WARBLER 10-1; 4-1 2ND Wednesdays Only Horso MIS8 BELLE 7-2; 1-1 2ND Tuesdays Only Horse SAD 4-1 WON Mondays Only Horse REPULSE ; 20-1 WON Saturdays Only Horse MASTER CHARLIE -. 30-1 WON Fridays Only Horse SYLVAN SPBJNG 9-2 WON Thursdays Only Horse BEET BANG :.:..-r;..:....r ...18-5 WON Wednesdays Only Horse CLOUDLAND 20-1 WON Tuesdays Only Horse HAYWARD 7-1 WON j POSSIBLY BETTER THAN 15-1 TODAY And arrangements are now being made for long shots every day this week. Better rush 0 immediately cover 1 week and be in on them all. Bear in mind I have added a clocker of world renowned fame to my staff, and from him this horse was obtained. Get in and start on the right foot today. L. BURNS Room 303, 23 Duane St. NEW YORK CITY For Results Advertise in Daily Racing Form AL KENNEDY 55.00 DAILY STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays Strictly One Horse: 3LUE WARBLER , 8-1 WON Satnrdays Strictly One Horse: Thursdays Strictly One Horse: Parthema 1.75- Won Blue Warbler 10-1; 4-1 2nd Fridays Strictly One Horse: Wednesdays Strictly One Horse: Sword , 10-1 Won Flames 10-1 Won A 10-1 LONG SHOT GOES TODAY I hare obligated myself for an enormous amount to obtain the name of todays LONG SHOT. Those in the "KNOW expect 10-1 or better today. Terms: 5.00 Daily or 520.00 Weekly. Call at office or wire. A 0 Subscribers Special goes today and It Trill be given FREE to all weekly subscrib- AL KENNEDY ROOM 504, 237 BROADWAY SEW YORK CITY Charles Raymond TRACK ADVISOR P5.00 DAILY ?20.00 WEEKLY ONE HORSE A DAY TODAY AT CANADA, 0 FOR One that will make the old followers knor they arc doing business with "the advisor," Charles Raymond. Won Over 00.00 Last Week on a 0 Daily Investment ONLY CANADIAN RELEASES Most times one horse daily, excepting on days that I have a 0 FREE SPECIAL for weekly subscribers. Fridays Horse: Gallant Greek ..7.90- Won Thursdays Horse: Carry On 8.50, 9.8Q- 2nd Wednesdays Horse: Seastake 9.00- Won Tuesdays Horse: Sister Josella ..6.50- Won Mondays Horse: Fredericktown .0.4Q- Won Terms are 0 for 6 days, or .00 dally. Be sure to rush a S20 money order now. Use Western Union or Postal money order. Increased office staff will assure prompt attention. LATOjVIA, SEPT. 13TH will be ready with a winner opening day. Start now and get acquainted. Make some money for a big daily plunge when we start Saturday at La-tonia. Dont hesitate; a long shot today; watch my smoke today. I stand supreme. CHARLES RAYMOND Room 338, 206 Broadway New York City "The Boy Plunger from Louisville" Bob "Kid" Harris 245 W. 47th St., Suite 321 New York City 0 Daily ONE HOESE A DAY 0 Weekly Costs More Worth It TODAYS ONE HOESE has been turning: up the track in private and seems to be placed in a soft spot today where we should get a handsome price. His most recent sensational work was six furlongs in 1:13 flat and I feel so confident that unless todays one horse wins and pays at least DT8 TO 1 TODAT-W I will give tomorrows horse absolutely free of charge to all who subscribe for todays horse. Is that fair enough! "The Louisville Kid," who is well known on the race tracks as "the boy plunger from Louisville," gives you all a square deal. Yesterdays One Horse: GOLDLANDS 2.55- WON Saturdays One Horse: BEDSTONE .30-?2 WON Fridays One Horse: GALLANT GREEK 7.90- WON Thursdays One Horse: BLACK WAND 2.60- WON Wednesdays Big Pool Horse: MARIE DATTNER 0.90- WON Wednesdays Regular Daily One Horse: JUDGE FULLER .30- WON Tuesdays Big Pool Horse: TIGER TIM .7.30- WON Tuesdays Regular Daily One Horse: BLACK WAND .90- WON Mondays One Horse: ALICE LANG 0.80 - 2ND The above are positively the only horses sent out by me the past seven racing days. I send strictly one horse a day, oxcept when I have an occasional pool horso, which is seldom more than twice a week. Wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on tho scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla. 5Mi : SUBSCRIBE for DAILY RACING FORM E. SHAW ONE HORSE DAILY .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY IN FRONT AGAIN: Take Off the Rubber Band And Get This 15-1 Shot Today Today is the bis day that we have been waiting for, and, believe me, I know what I am talking about when I rave over this one. It should be just a casa of by how far he will win and the price should be plenty. FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY There is only one way to get in on this good thing and that is by subscribing for one week of service, which means one horse a day, but a winner. This will be given in addition to my daily horse TODAY ONLY. WINNERS GIVEN LAST WEEK Saturday I Gave Lithuania 12-1 Won Friday I Gave Plough Boy 12-1 Won Thursday I Gave Grace Troxler 20-1 Won Wednesdays One Horse: iPriscilla Ruley 5-1 Won i Tuesdays One Horse: Irene Sweeney 15-1 Won Mondays One Horse: Donnelly 4-1 Won Subscribe by the week and save money, and get in on todays big FREE SPECIAL, which should moro than pay for a weeks subscription. .00 DAILY OR 0.00 WEEKLY. Send all money Western Union or Postal Telegraph. City clients please call at office. 156 FULTON ST., ROOM 430, NEW YORK CITY ft 1416 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. Wm. K. HODGE 0.00 FOR SIX DAYS OR 0.00 A DAY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY EVERY DAY A WINNING DAY AT ANY TRACK I OPERATE AT TODAY AGAIN TODAY Be with me TODAY ABOVE ALL DAYS. I positively know that today is the day. Tho one horse that I have the O. K. on today is as near a sure thing as you ever hot on in your life. Remember, I guarantee you a winning week on a straight flat play or the next six days one week FREE. All information filed in advance with the Daily Racing Form, the Morning Telegraph, the Postal and Western Union Telegraph Co. Yesterdays Dorval One Horse: MISS CLAIRE .25- WON Saturdays One Horse: WANDERLUST ?9.10- WON Saturdays 00.00 Special One Horse: I The first one that I have released this year was at Belmont Park, and was backed from high at 12 to 1 down to closing odds, 6-1, Won. That horse was LITHUANIA 6-1 WON The next 00.00 Special that I release will be announced in these columns. Terms, the same as for Saturdays 00.00 Special see Fridays ad in The Daily Racing Form. This one will be my second 00.00 Special this year. And, as usual, it should win. Wire 0.00 for six days one week and start winning. All clients for the past six weeks, 0.03 weekly, are big winners ! on a flat play. I make others win, why not you! Be sure that you include your correct street address. v- y r . Monthly Racing Form for August Now on Sale In addition lo llc complete clmrli of nil races run on Nor 111 American tracks during llio month, comprehensively and correctly indexed, the August book contains the following: Features: Complete index to Stakes run sines January 1, 1924 Thirty leading owners since January 1. 1924 Thirty leading horses since January 1, 1924 Track records fcr all distances Calendar table of September racing dates. Stake dates for month of September alphabetically arranged. In order to make it possible for 1 lie student of form to ascertain quickly .lie quality of a horse, stake rares are designated by italic face numbers in tlic regular index, which covers all racing since January 1, 1924. Monthly Itncing Form is on sale as usual at this office at .00 per copy. If ordered by mail ten cents additional must be included for registration, as no books can be sent except as registered mail. Daily Racing Form Publishing Co. 441 Plymouth Court, Chicago, 111. 157-159 E. 32nd St.. New York, N. Y. 50 Richmond St., East, Toronto, Ont. 320 E. Third St., Cincinnati, Ohio. I J ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL.

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