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HARVEY AMES EABLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET ITEW YORK CITT YESTERDAYS Special "Harvey Transaction" Lady Finnell, .00-, Won Yesterdays Special "Harvey Transaction," and the only horse advised, WON easily. Attention had been drawn to this special matter for two days, and the good odds obtained were due to the fact that no telegrams were sent, and the wisdom of this course will be absolutely adhered to in the future. Only those who call us at the time appointed will be. considered, thus preventing return commissions to the track influencing the odds, and "Harvey Transactions" falling into the hands of those considered undesirable. Mr. Ames advised this office after the above horse had WON that another "SPECIAL HARVEY TRANSACTION- is now in preparation. Day of starting will appear in these columns after arrangements have been completed. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 "LUCKY" JOHNNY LYONS AMERICAS PREMIER TURF "WIZARD 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE ROOM 217 3TEW TORK CITY Mv Information on file with Dally Racing Form hours in advance. ONLY ONE IIORSE ADVISED OX ANY DAY I HAVE INFORMATION TO RELEASE. "Wednesdays Horse: LADY FINNELL .00- WON Tuesdays Horse: RONDELLE 6.40- WON Mondays norse: FLYATIT 1.80- WON Saturdays Horse: MENIFEE .60- WON Since opening day 0 straight bet won ,000. At Saratoga meeting 0 straight net won over ,000. At Latonia meeting this spring 0 straight het won OTer ,000. ANOTHER SENSATION PROMISED FOR TODAY SHOULD PAY 10-1 No time to lose. Get in line with me and "WIN. Terms: 0 in advance for todays horse. "Wire money order right now, or If in town call PERSONALLY. TWO HORSES DAILY George Barry TWO HORSES DAILY "Win with $ The man who can make you win $ 17 West 27th St., New York City. Terms, 0.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription, lets you in on all my 0.00 transactions EREE, which so Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Everybody read this Look. LOOK! LOOK! ! Everybody read this. 0.00 for six days includes 2 free 0.00 transactions EREE. AGAIN MY FOLLOWERS CLEANED UP. TODAY MY 0.00 Transaction will be given free to all those that have subscribed to my weekly service. MY TWO HORSES TODAY LOOK A CINCH. Of course I could tell you a whole lot about todays specials, how sweet it looks to me, but I am not going to give you a whole line of talk. Needless to say that all my information is the best obtainable. Wednesday Barry gave Caledon 5.55- Won Lady Finnell ... ..00- Won Tuesdays .00 Transaction Bear Grass 20-1 Won Tuesday Barry gave Caledon 7.70- Won The Badger .....90- Won Monday Barry gave GAD 5-1 "Won SUBTLE 811.30- Won Saturday Barry gave HOTIIER GOOSE 8-1 "Won MENIFEE S9.60-2 Won Friday Barry gave COCKNEY 11-5 Won WEDDING FRINCE .55- Won Thursday Barry gave PEANUTS 5-1 Won TELESCOPE 10-1 Won Wednesday Barry gave PRINCE HAMLET 3-1 Won GEORGIA MAY 7.25-52 Won Rush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph for two horses a day. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. HI PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 1416 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. Wm. K. HODGE 0.00 EOR SIX DAYS OR 0.00 A DAY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY EVERY DAY A WINNING DAY AT ANY TRACK I OPERATE AT I guarantee you a winning week on a straight flat play or the next six days free. All hundred dollar specials must be 6-1 or better. Yesterdays 00 Private Transaction: Barney Google . . .6-1 Won Another 00.00 Private Transaction Goes Today for the Money Name of track not mentioned in order to further protect all subscribers as well as my connections. Terms are 0 in advance and the balance, 0. to be wired to mo after horse wins. This information is absolutely the best obtainable and is intended for big operators only. It is not the every-day kind of turf advice and it is only possible to release these once or twice a week. MY THREE PREVIOUS 00 HORSES: Worthmore 12-1 Won Lithuania 12-1 Won Barney Google . . .6-1 Won Theso are the kind that big operators spend thousands of dollars to perfect and very seldom make a mistake with. Wire your subscription at once and win a big bet today. Tuesdays Latonia One Horse: Plus Ultra ...90- Won Mondays Latonia Horse: Bargain Day .40- Won All my followers are a big winner on a straight flat play for the past year. Todays Latonia One Horse The. 0 daily one horse is all set and will go for the money today. Include" your street address with your subscription. l Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unlets it shows an avenue profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St, Miami Beach, fla. Advertise in Daily Racing Form FRED DAVIS The One Who Makes Layers Become Players With Winning Information TWO HORSES A DAY "THE BEST" OBTAINABLE A .00 Daily Horse and a .00 Paddock Special Both .00 and .00 Specials for Six Days 5.00 Wire 5.00 and net in with my irlnnlae clientele. Address: FRED DAVIS 4 Court Square, Suite 9 Brooklyn, N, Y- Yestcrdays Special: Yesterdays Special: CALEDON 5.00-12 WON BROOMSTER . 5-1 WON Stop the game of guessing. Let me be yonr advisor and I -will make yon a -winner, as I am doing for all my followers. I will prove to you that I, little Fred Davis, am the peer in my line. Tuesdays Special: Tuesdays Special: Bear Grass . . . 20-1 Won Crest Hill ... . 7-10 Won Mondays .00 Special: Mondays .00 Special: Gad 5-1 Won Georgia May. 0.90- Won Saturdays Special: Saturdays Special: VARIATION . 10-1 WON VICTOIRE 21.40-2 WON The above arc my past performances and should be a good convincer and prove what I will produce for my loyal followers in the future. Dont say Ill wait. You might as well stop your watch and save time. That is exactly what you do if you dont take advantage of this kind of bona fide information. Kentucky Information Only ONE WINNER .00; STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY. SIX WINNERS 0.00, EXCEPT ON DAYS WHEN HAYNES SENDS OUT A 00 HORSE. Kentucky J. Haynes SUITE 201 AND 202 1432 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Kentucky J. Haynes One Horse Yesterday: Lady Finnell . . . ..00- Won Kentucky J. Haynes One Horse Tuesday: The Badger .90- Won Kentucky J. Haynes One Horse Monday: Pure Dee .10- Won Kentucky J. Haynes One Horse Saturday: Victoire 0.40- Won Go as Far as You Like on Todays One Horse There will he a 00 horse today; also Saturday and Monday. ABSOLUTELY GRATIS TO 0.00 SUBSCRIBERS. The offer of 00 horses gratis for 0.00 subscribers stands only until Monday, September 22. After Monday, September 22, 00 horses will he 00 in advance. pays for one winner; 0 pays for six winners, including todays 00 horse; also Saturdays and Mondays 00 horse. If out of town, step into a Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and wire money. j Supreme Flash "WIZARD OF TURFDOM" Two Horses a Day 0.00 Weekly TODAY 10-1 TODAY This is what our Super Supreme Special should win and pay today. Wire 5.09 at once for this Super Special. No. propositona accepted. This Super must win. If Super fails to win, you receivo my next one free. Yesterdays Flash; Result not known at press time. Mondays Super Supreme Special: Beautiful Addie 2.70- Won I Saturdays Supreme Special: Stage Coach ,80- Won j Tuesdays Flash; Wheatstick .15- Won Maibird 3rd Mondays Winning Double Header: Poltova .65- Won Leatherwood . . ..40- Won Saturdays Flash: Dr. 0Mara .65- Won Step Along 3rd Fridays Winning Double Header: Worthmore 8-1 Won Revolt .25- Won Thursdays Winning Double Header: What Is It ...... .50- Won Amber Fly . . . .3.30- Won "SUPREME FLASH" MAKES NO NOISE, BUT PRODUCES WINNERS. Only weekly subscriptions will he accepted. Rush 0 at once BY WIRE for one weeks service 6 days. Dont remit by mail. Wire your correct name and address to avoid delay. SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 1G8 West 23rd Street, Suite 15, New York City POPPYE 16-5 WON Last Special Today: D-33-47-39-25. Book 1033 At All Newsstands, 35 Cents THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Qulncy St. Estab. landM Chicago, HL Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners 0.00 WEEKLY .00 DALLY BILL KENNEDY AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER 1547 Broadway, Suite 506 NEW YORK CITY THE OLD RELIABLE DID IT AGAIN HARRY B. 4.40-, WON Tuesday All Subscribers Received: Rondelle 6.40- Won Monday All Subscribers Received: Beautiful Addie .2.70- Won Saturday All Subscribers Received: Bona Vera 3.80- Won Four Days, Four Winners DO NOT MISS TODAYS 10 TO I PROBABLY A SURE THING You must get a winner for your money. Wire money early Western Union. UNIVERSAL TURF NEWS Suite 615, 39th and Broadway Bldg. NEW YORK CITY 0 Weekly or Daily For our daily track wire. Start with us today. Play winning information daily. Yesterdays Track Wire: 3IEIFEE S4.20-S2 Won Tuesdays Track Wire: ItOTHERMEL .90- "Won Mondays Track Wire: BEAUTIFUL ADDIE ..2.70- "Won Saturdays track wire: 3IESTFEE S9.60-S2 "Won Fridays track wire: PATHAN 20-1 Won Thursdays Track Wire: BARJfET GOOGLE C-l Won Wednesdays Track Wire: LITTLE CHIEF 8-1 "Won Tuesdays Track Wire: SEA FAIltY S-l Won Mondays Track Wire: BLUE WABBLES 8-1 Won Track wires week before last: WANDERLUST .10- WON NT7LAG S10.35-J2 WON STONEWALL 1.00-52 WON MARIE DATTNER 0.90- WON SISTER JOSELLA 6.50- WON TODAYS TRACK WIRE AT LATONIA should be just another hig winner and our advice again is to plunge, all straight. Wire 0.01 for six days. Include your street address with subscription. Monthly Form Book of August Racing NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT ;: CHICAGO, ILL.

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